Clelin Ferrell On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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Go from one side of the clubs and office of water once out of the a lot of scripts to the other. Office the defense claim of fair we're just not a good time a little while an overview it has nothing to say about a lot of room involvement of you're you're good you'll find by the way a product of the data before Richmond didn't deficit there was debate clubs in his element. But this time next year I would imagine they can get a foothold what's I tell you what they start their defensive line. Told that you don't do something as everybody knows that that's not very common still came back for common purpose and international objected to what was that discussion like Obama among that group. I mean to be armed with it wasn't remorse over it wasn't a group decision I mean we talked about it not be in groups as the codes. You've got to understand like yes we come back Leo welcome back. But if you that we are making this isn't leave I mean a united at the same thing so you got to really make the best physically and so you know out of me so but. About a grace a guy. He has I'll come back so those are really really good thing because I was like dagger to do the Gaza came in with my brother's a load in the depths of this is uses the greatest threat that that happened we do. You looked a little while ago but program but let's go what what is it about this program that would make that decision eased home from its paid. That's a resentment Davydenko and he had a talk about it some light the unifil talks about home while so many juniors decidedly. On early and a lot of known is that while I'm pleased we've seen my community that has to leave a lot of guys. And I must not on disparities movement a lot of guys don't like the school that their rent a lot of guys thread being at this school in time that is not in season not a mean bush. As far as Clinton Dakota community that we had made Macy's because we into would be news. You around you know I mean not just the 41 aspect that we sort of the places that would live in the people in the human communities that aren't there more than it would ultimately. That you my want is approximately a week he liked being around. In dabble and we get the slack or there we got that put put golf in the system known a lot of put on us definitely when the baby is where. The group in the I mean you know we I mean it is makes it a very comfortably despite despite we make this is the combat is like you know come back to school come back all right so. I mean that's when it is enough to let me consulate. Replaces comebacks you've had witnesses. You clearly know a lot of guys that that play the SEC honestly an event that's accommodates the robbery SEC vs the ACC and mum how much does that mean you. I would have either guys play with the say. It's not all about the SEC in the ACC we've laid claim to be the best conference in the country years ago and that we figured in a conversation or your. Well you jobs another competitive as in the that you won you feel like with selective the com does that went against him people really understand it because. The SEC. For a long time they were definitely like no doubt like best conference in on me but I feel like over the years from we're right there neck in neck as far as the best confidence on your birdies really big stuff live with the this NASA's jet missive is leading economies of but I feel like you know. We're definitely is is definitely hit him is does not hit and miss woody goes hand in hand you know some years there year's failures are you but I feel like I'm I feel like argue on the the most open. I've talked to Cleveland Ferrell Clemson Tigers to register on radio row and your favorite to win this conference one of the favorites to back the national championship. How was that different I was estimates about this you know you're you're the hunted. You that you have good for a couple of years that's not always been the case you know even back probably to your high school for you probably were always the ultimate woods how do you change your mindset that. Don't say my says you know as the that we embrace members talk you know we've come. The way our program so that we wanna be the model program that model pro world has closed program at that as I was you know I mean. Obviously you have the program like Alabama missed in the house state known as the program and people say wanna be like that out of them and this is our house. Well we won't be the city wanna be like Clemson so. When you do when you want that we have so if you got to embrace their pinnacle with an echo Knoll that's him today and Embree to target missile event. And as far as you know what I mean because when you if you feel like you have the right agrees as far as the players than what there was that's adhesive the right coaches the right system to do it. And you and you expect that that preparation with the dog mentality. Then I mean are you can live with the results that you're from an affluent as we do fill it we do that on the commenting is an uncommon way. And we get the result that we want from me and if we don't I mean we can live with whom you know that we what what game on this at its most. The first one no question I can't wait to start back. I'm on Sunday he was legal firm when accurately my friend. My friend of me it's rapidly for them he he he was Heatley that close of but I deeply for American League what did I fussy if the foreseeable. It begins in these national office I'm I'm I'm trying to knock him a problem. I've away and then I came hit a combat I don't wait and hit him for the longest without problems and ultimately him Powell mark. But yeah the first one man I love every day I don't I don't trying to look for it's in the yeah because the neck in neck in active missile William route they. The first voices don't you agree moment you're back on the news. I similar questions bits a second ago you hate them right way and made an impact of this program that was that you came to act rightly so. That's not always the case for the guys that they lower register a case maybe it takes a while ago field you know you made an impact on this program runway out wise. Home. There's really do this Atlanta though no list because 'cause I'm racer out racism I don't. Our resident who book it buy it from me Communist Starr at the Marissa you're right I was suits me because you know I think that was. I just put my head down with the work and come in in my first year you know I've started. Someone that you through my team is in essence it used to I mean it was amazing but it was this. It was a mobile where it wasn't big move because does that do the work that I put him out I was expecting to count be in this position I mean. Who worked so I was going to be surprised by that would markets can take on it now we have a few with the and that's roughly countless. A spotlight at the season when nor Kelly got better for more reserved for you wouldn't instances of. A little bit that's that's look through this program has right now though they got lucky to. Coming to redshirt do a lot of programs of what you're becoming need to become this big an impact right away that you did redshirt that you came right absolutely right when it I think that's really fascinating bit. As a NATO forces as rich kid. Do you have any NFL only since the you have eighteen people for you this guy you Panthers gallegly what you what you deal that ravens raiders ravens. Yes there ravens' Ray Lewis a read T sizzle the dad back one ray Davis kimono. Mona hopefully I get to play an NFL it was the jokes equally that's going to be my team narcolepsy. So that's it you want to call it oh man our loved that I would love them but really don't really matter than me. Could but I love ravens could Ozzie Newsome. Got the nod to army that was my team growing nobody room it would be really mad at me because I was load but it didn't hit the play abuser because through. As part of that though world at the line I want to. Rate which we come back. Still a lot imported to the line when asked him.