Christian McCaffrey Meets With The Media Following 27-20 Win Over The Miami Dolphins

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Saturday, August 18th

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They. I was a lot on align or back on the job blocking and John he's. Decree and you know long irons aren't they going to. Absolutely you know. Great Britain and just wanna try to make as many people are. Cardinal Jim I think all I'm an old line. Their guys and our job easier let's get the union loan fees on all the facts. Then spun out there at the ball around and everybody kind of slot. You know I got a lot of work to do think. You know we know how good we can be. And I was I was injured so. I think that's the beauty of it ought to work and men and there'd be taped and took to heart and yet we won games it. You know usually when I played all of. When you didn't run oriented and be on our minds. Coming iron actually learn yeah last year yeah. I don't on lots of everything that's going to get it mechanical and the Internet related either you. As Julianne as my roommate who looked. You know. You know I mean he's gone through players in the green cards and I did you had an unbelievable hands and Andrea and every aspect. Pounds you know really cool to him after bonanno and having a weird. Last year and a giant ash yeah. There's a moment where he ecstatic dance yeah. Elastic enough and that Enron and Marty was channeling that point where they knew how physical he believes in real life. His current lean and mean what you need and I think you are locking him up the audience. Yeah I mean he's always been is now as an. Artist and well and it that I and I'll do it knowing known what to do and dine on. Knowing what to. He's an unbelievable job mainly just picked up to an out and play. You're into that. Alia not exactly and he's got a lot of speed on a lot of good. A great kid you yeah he's doing everything can handle and and not better got to learn from the grid. And good attitude. Is complete with. Left. Yeah absolutely I mean that stuffing. And on and watch him grow Nortel. You know doesn't mean we've got to continue to. They Hungary and not to. And it's an. And yet whenever the coach is the ball more seniors. As they're like yeah. Nine to twelve point nine they're more likely to bury. Them getting as many as. And actually whatever they're for the ball Gonzalez on. And get everything everybody on their hands and was that has caused him. But I think the beauty of getting off at eleven guys yeah many weapons on the scene at the ball off. No there's new Egypt after you know maybe whoever's. Are we want others to do well. Thank you to align. You know Brad I I didn't make slow him. Britney game. You know these are moved the ball north and and in. He's not. Enough. And on the board that held him up lutherans and and I think a big you know Israel it would mean when you spoke and we can do and and a religious community are. You. What we know. They could turn our heroes and there about who we're playing about a week. Out but he couldn't attack in. College we are pleased. I hope around you your football and agree that records are out there. And we.