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Thursday, May 17th

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Welcome on the Pentagon got signed Chris but solar ESPN college basketball analyst Sirius XM ACC radio host catch him at 3 o'clock today on Syria's sects and ACC today would Jack Collins worth. Chris how are you. Are you don't. Oh well man good to hear from you and outlook we go a lot of different directions what the conversation today I guess. We'll start with the NBA in the mall tenant off to the draft in the hornet's specifically but just your impressions of last night's game between the rockets and the warriors and Houston and the really responding in an emphatic blame game to. Yeah you know it made these guys and we're looking at two of the most explosive most efficient. Most on the watch all that this we've seen in the legal law got it to look at it too. All its is that at revolutionize. The game. Both from an extra note strategic standpoint from personnel used standpoint. If it's it's a lot of fun to watch it it's so I think. I think what we're seeing it in the first two games that is its particular series is that he securities he'd get it going. They can obviously explode and I think he could become demoralized in what you holding it in that. You know both these he's got the clicking they're making shots there incredibly hard and it sort of takes. What are sort of energy or momentum at that either he's and I like it or buy gold stayed there. They're recollection other one it's some strategic breakdown that are better I just think. You had it rolling and ending game one goal date at a calling. And you know sometimes it over State's. Being stooges sort of break it down anything more about it too incredible all it to them at all really stop. Looking at Stefan curry last night obviously he did not look like himself and even in game one there were moments where he didn't look like the stuff grow we obviously know. I said earlier in the show I understand that that carries such as the role he plays in the gravity did he has an on offense but. Even if curry is not a 100% or even close I still think the lawyers of the team to beat me in the in the entire NBA. Do you agree or do you think that they're gonna need more Adam Curry to get past used in the series. They are guide it out here that they too about all those means and what are all the civic curry you can beat Becker liability in the week we're seeing that. Really in the playoffs or anything else are you argue your go back to. Play ought to get that's that's exactly what it wanted to period yet stepped curry and switch and you. Drive the match and force. Step current app the the band Berry burst or Golden State. Sort of provide help behind or or. Come up with something different it to try to mitigate. It agencies but no it's the same thing I know it. It's remarkable that both these teens have been is good all at that we had they. I think I've consistently that they have because their perimeter shooting scene been and they are there are some by more light so all that dot. Which is the remarkable thing about them. Where they're gonna be hit shots but there and I'd rather not and again like they indicate curry is out there stretching to eat that's making perimeter shots. We have seen play all you guys where he had not. That not happen and sometimes it is because of injury and I think you go back a couple of your body you sir and well here. I don't know completely help your not but I do know that he if he steps of pressure that is why in those switches. I think her development and so I think that. In particular collapsed I think that's kind of what we saw. It's going to be tough for them I mean did I I think again. Even just the threat of having curry on the court I think is enough. To at least put a threaten a defense is and keep the warriors spacing. It yet that that that's the key is is having him on the floor so. We do to move all we wanna talk about the hornets and the NBA draft here close to home here in Charlotte so. We've been talking all week long I've been told him for Chris Grover since Monday about what the hornets should do what their future and is there a guy in the draft in that ten to fourteen range I mean where the hornets are obviously picking eleven that you think would make a significant impact for Charlotte next season we've seen. Either of the bridges have been mentioned on May be a guy like if Colin sexton were to fall and they wanted to move on from kemba I mean there's obviously a lot like a different direction the hornets can go for the guys that you think the shoah should be looking at is people who could. And packed thirteen immediately this season. Yeah I mean I think. My refute it if you have a chance to stick out like that they thought they need. They think somebody could put the ball on the back to the big you know and it sure they need somebody with that sort of typical brain might think. That tech guys sort of fits into the bowl that. That personal and play three different types of decision in each type of guy. And I I I don't while reduced for awhile I think he extra year C being. Some have seen it here he added as a negative innocent thought I'd stick side. It's our. You know it's sort staying directory here and not being don't want it done. But I I take it out here it take you are those guys a full circle until riches. And it has bet that when he pedigree which. I don't if you can understate. I utilities shooting. I'd be still a developing shooter so I don't BQ trap or that. But I Morton Cadillac ID if you have a chance I'll Bridget I think that day a spectacular yet. Because I think I think you gotta tricked out there I think it will make them for what it. But those two guys you mention I. I don't think there's any question indeed that died. I love I do blow this year he added I I bought an eight under achieve a little bit which some would say is not caught you know. But now I miles per. Chris one guy being kind of curious about ANC in this process unfold after the lottery is and I'm just gonna have to throw myself at the mercy of the court the Kentucky point guard with the three names in the long arms. Yeah saint floor employees. A typical profile how good a player yeah it at that DeShea. There are better guard in India strap it likely. I'm making gala brought before a ticket Jake he'll just out there and yet here's what you read a like we. All that thing on the circuit that we all patchy but we know. Like a lot of teams. I don't shot at the top at long about Malcolm right brought in would be about a particular in that trap and and I. Well basically kind of background and me he he just got a bit throughout it all think they kind of want. He's talking about throughout athletically. But but look at the body work every day there aren't they cute. All caught and you cannot pick the book on what you were brought to our college. And again I thought Malcolm Clark in collapse was not a would not very good and so the rookie of the year battle was waged. What was not a competitive but if you had a great year I think you experience helped them adjust quickly to that level. I think anything that but that being that happened that you'd get past stray beyond the outset the expense economic guy. I apps and Alec wants him to take someone like (%expletive) out under because here. One in Doherty is. Equipment throughout it all the Welker. Probably more what it I just think you're you're crazy like I think you are that they need to help the team. Right away while on that point guard position. Staying on the point guard position you just talked about a guy wanted to ask you about Trey young. Obviously was the biggest star in college basketball throughout the season and the stock started to fall towards the end of the year that in play as well Oklahoma obviously struggled down the stretch. Where do you see him fitting into this NBA do you think he's he's going to be able to live up to the expectations that have been placed upon them fairly or unfairly. Sure. You know a great question. It's hurt our work it's because expectations. Went a little bit it it it's great it made a good ones but I think we sort of all law op play. To beat expectations but not nearly what it will or perhaps earlier in the eastern. What thing if outspoken in Ichi yen and I attitude too much trade on a lot this year. You know yet what he. Lot of really good wake courts. A lot of really are the big twelve. And I think part of the recent hit a reduced drop off and drop all relatively speaking it's. You know it again relatively speaking by. Part of drop well I think that to do with it out to court that we India wedding in the app what is to come. That was sort of displayed by a lot of those guys who create displayed by the guys. Are so that would be a concern uptight you what man. I interviewed the other day at the top line. And I Geithner a better scorer or passer. Got that look at her. And part you know finding it in my shot selection it was well is he figuring out what and I'm still young player. But I think I'm in the right situation right there are a couple better absurd. And I got nickel back to you can't they are in the nation is scoring hit that about four minutes. I began. At the back to step curry compare like with what's curry it idiots they try to respect your they like lightning in the bottle. That guy who is destined to be a really good NBA player at the same about trade off. Chris I got to ask you. Is grace and Allen and NBA player. You know it's not it's going to be a bit I don't wanna say oh outright. Because I I I think you know it is the pain that we expect it now directly or somebody sure. And he's not nearly yet and I think guys are complexion would be Eric right now or what it. But get this straight line guy. A rule you wet I choir. Not a re all amber is not enough but the point guard position what you it may well make it is he played in stretches. All. He don't get that out I would be shocked if he'd Betty well it's great. And it did he not great that's late now part like we so much in their struggle this year a lot of which are now and it great Alley. At that point of attack them so. I know throughout the year. I would probably they'll say it's gonna be I am but it liquidate put a premium on shooting sir we. So any Coke or aren't about Carolina they are for good pedigree and people who are they wire. Well I would say more likely that not. You are we not been latched onto it as somebody out there with you. And saying get in LA to invite to the come by and bomb. This week do you almost see him and I've always thought a tense and as a guy who might almost fit in better at TN BA level than he did in college because. Yeah how he it seems like he can defend a lot of different positions and maybe. You know the versatility the showed a Carolina while he's a good player I don't know that. Maybe maximize that. I yet you know at that point. And I think if we need to go with what you were somebody who you eat I eat that special the other thing he is indeed incredibly Smart. Any incredibly aging. He he really good and lock rule EP you know any console a pedigree he's the well coached he'd he'd been around they are program. Each he's been art national championship. You know I I think that was part of these sort waited issue out. Look he's he's never going to be diet can help you all that's simply not apply. The audit if it's but not impair the duke Carolina got I think you'll it's that they much better if it yet yea and a break out would be just because. What equate basically eat at oracle while. And if you give you'll. You know if you're talking about page. You're either talking about guys are committed just make perimeter shots like Alcoa which I don't think great now. Order talking about that app what equating to become any court multiple position in understand how to play. And it is a good culture I think he'll he'll pitch in at all though. Be interesting to see where he fits him in a lot of guys in the NBA you can carve out a specific role. A lot of times that works and in the NBA is evolving today where you do one guys who reversible depends and is a versatile player Ronnie and Carnell a different position so Chris we got to go to this man I'm sorry I appreciate all the time to talk basketball with you forever man but. Be sure to turn into his show 3 o'clock today on Sirius XM radio ACC today. President desolate we'll talk to you soon. Yeah I got a great expand.