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Thursday, April 5th

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Starr at Wisconsin. Played for the San Francisco 49ers retired after one year. What are you doing right now Chris what's keeping you busy these days. Bradley on. Start the company last summer we we did a study meditation all believe it or not. With former NFL players and I've started companies do not think curriculum acted we. It's gone really well at the fun environment to work and I beautiful being in years ago I was doing meditation or work on call you crazy that Billy about it. How does that work. Well at this short of that is paying attention to your Brett and I know that sounds pretty woo woo but. Would have been a lot of research that has come out. I'm over the past decade or so that that's showing all the help that that that shorthand you can just consider it exercise for your mind. Interest thing it's now do you work with current NFL players or anybody like that. Right now that all university. Seller to anybody personally it's been more programmatic but I think there's huge potential and it. What warriors do it go to back then you know out of my opponent's coach with the bulls and lakers. He opera then got the next but I try to leave that out when I'm when I'm told people on it but. Yeah it's gonna catch on. I think you know and it even picked it we didn't really do weight training and I think that's the third. I think in ten or fifteen years we'll look back and and he shocked we can train athlete's mind. Chris what is it about the mind of an athlete that makes him naturally resistant to any new. Thing I mean at I have heard a lot of guys talk about all the progress they can make him pain management if you could use. Marijuana treatment and and which are talking about with meditation how difficult is it to convince an athlete there's a better way to do this. But I pushed back a little bit on that. We introduced meditation Michigan's football team. Last target than I had before we started Russia and through that experience with that. Almost a third of hands went up so. I'm I think athletes that may be initially skeptical but the moment something is proven to be effective. Bill embraced it because. Particularly the high level we know. How much of an advantage in 1% better and be. I think athletes they're open to it I think culturally. Were becoming more and more open to it may be meditation kind of where yoga work this 2000. Peace former NFL and Wisconsin player Chris Borland joins us here on prime time. Is there anything beyond performance. That is helped out by meditation Chris. There's a wide variety of things that it helped out quit and honestly guys friend at the colleges. That's something that's good for the athlete that the person not really in terms of performance they think we gain on the field recorder wrestling mat. Is gravy that summit helped put that in a positive outlook with resiliency. Now I can get an a little bit of the science that'll inaudible Dave. Are kind of default network it is still what it was when they produced tigers were chasing around so. People are on it a lot and they don't need to be and it is felt. Relax the mind and an evocative of the things I'm Jewish blatantly than paradoxical. Chris says as a person and and obviously dipping your. Known foreign football circles is being willing to walk away or over concerns about head injuries what was your reaction. Odd to the league passing a set of rules as they say. With the stated goal to take to head out of the game do you think if there was a football that was played without a head if you could. Eliminate a lot of these kind of hits do you think you instantly find. Well I guess I don't think you can do that. I think it is a positive step overall but the reality of football that it's dangerous game. You know I'm emblematic of the fact that players that the needed information you can. Find out what you need to. Make a choice one way or the other even if you don't get information from the league I'm cool like that really what it about because. Not care about the long champion of the game and longevity players out. However when he onus on. Players that you know engage in a violent act. Basically. Really compare not to the. Better health care guaranteed contracts things of that nature that are more substantive I think what will happen they'll burn the flag on it. You know by the guys that repeat offender make an example of elements that the game paper because they do that but. In reality it's all the little that that caught he'd he'd. How I mean what's your best guess Chris 'cause we're all just taking guesses. How games are going to be officiated this year in light of this new rule do you expect there to be a ton of penalties called there do you think it's going to be just the egregious ones. I think you have to be the egregious one. I really you know the reality of of playing football playing middle linebacker and pulpit to compete at the line ample back is that. Your head attached to your body in the game's about bodies colliding a book life. I don't know out. It will be officiated at the great question. You know be I don't know but. And I hope that. I imagine what they'll do is put effort that the TV and whatever most entertaining will be out the initiated it they can't afford that lacked the crowd you know what the draft. Chris beyond how the game will be impacted in the short term body's rules changes do you think there will be football. When he years from now. All right do you thank. People are not keeping me on the football. It's premature at best and just foolish it at worst. Football will be around my I think there's got the phone earlier today live with the people. Making an effort to wait until my school and nodded back and people that play football won't play beyond type schools so. Yeah I think three or four years bound with a different rules in practice techniques and maybe we change into the college and pro level. Not every player. Will suffer and it could a lot of improvements can be made I think it'll be around for quite. Where you mentioned the high school thing there is a story couple weeks ago Corey Widmer former giants linebacker played 89 years in the league. He recently turned down a chance to go into the Montana. Sports hall of fame because he didn't wanna celebrate football because he felt like it was too dangerous and that was when his things he. You know maybe we should keep guys out of contact until there are seniors in high school until their bodies are ready. Or better able to withstand these candidates I mean I I just wonder when I hear or do you talk about you. Your experiences when I hear a guy like that you know I all I often wonder how long would it take for those kinds of attitudes and mind sets to catch up. Well I wasn't familiar with that that story but I agree with them I think you. If you look at the history of a pop Warner it initially it was an incentive for kids the youngest and which it clearly says that put out kids that young off on the field and but body armor autumn and up at one another. You're nothing but waiting like at that earlier. We can reduce the exposure for 95% of people who ever played football. Just three or four years instead of you know over ten. You're also I think it's always been ironic that the people who aren't getting their education paid for it and aren't being compensated. Get the most. They're the most lax rules about contact since he's and it had a heated for high school. I think you know would be wise to adopt. College and pro rules of high school level. He's Chris Borland former Wisconsin and NFL player you know I thought about it before the show we knew we're gonna interview you Chris. And my first thought was he played one year for the 49ers and unlike. I'm probably feels fine and I paused for a second building up for what you just said plane high school ball playing college ball all of that stuff adds up. How do you feel these days health wise. Well I'm doing well you're right there that they making the struggled. No symptoms at least overtly and you know unfortunately the nature that he he and other issues that they kind of creep and slowly but right now I'm feeling great. And cherish the time I spent playing football I I think sometimes publicly people are under the impression that. Gotten disgruntled and some way but. Loved my time and high school and and I would cop and a with the 49ers. How'd how do you feel now Chris in terms of I just. You know he's got friends that were at Wisconsin with you that are currently in the NFL. If you talk to him on the phone if you bump into Juan. Is there any thing where you can elect the bug in the year of a retire early or is it you just don't go down that road with them. I don't go down that road. You know my friends understand. The decision I made. Type of course ram that they ever need help Obama someone to talk to. They understand it's an open door about. They made their decisions and it's not likely tell anybody what to do. Have a lot of friends and not and other players reach out. And even that hey I'm not as I'm not a merit by a bit and I haven't been in the game for three years so I try to just. Share with an information that was informative to me and that happens speak people I know doing research that it's not my place. And I think people would be refreshed now how. Apple hasn't ended the month players I mean it essentially had mutual respect meant just that it is agreement on on how to go about life but it particularly price went up an awkward. Chris one of the things have always being curious about the and as the NFL has at least said they're more concerned about player safety and head injuries in that kind of thing. And you get the natural reaction from players father taken all of his county out of the game. Do you ever worry or wonder. If there will be a league that is reflexively more violent. That we'll get you know whether it's an ex FL where becomes a Debbie Debbie style circus and the people who want to. Violent football will have some degree about what. I don't worry about that the professional or collegiate level but if the NFL potentially a monopoly and but should. You know the world and into our cultural fabric that. It'll be the only ticket in town. I am. I am concerned. I am concerned it is me about. You levels because that we've reform game. Privately make prop not pop up where. They are more violent go out hit it in that's more concerning me in the professional and college level. They Chris great stuff today man it was good catching up with you. Likewise. And I didn't you can't mention it here but it and it and it your listeners our interest at I'm running a charity rate next month. For athletes in veterans struggling with mental well so it can be found it after the impact on dot or. Nice how many miles are we talking here. Well it's not Arafat Helmand. Four point two. That's cool. Yeah it's really the order Erica. Yeah I'm not not a long before. Stretch of the imagination but excellently well absolutely they just as Chris Borland former Wisconsin star played with DF forty niners for a year.