Chralotte Hornets Sale & Marketing Officer Pete Guelli

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Wednesday, September 13th

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Equally with us on the technique come guess on people what took so long man we go wait a while for this. You know it probably the worst kept secret it's for but we just you know we just couldn't acknowledges. Is something we've been planning out for a long time but we have to wait until the right moment to formally announce it because it's a big transition out of he would Nike coming on board in the Jordan brand. A little later than we want to announce it but some that we had and the work for quite some time well these. They look good I love to see the fact that these -- the steals and in this iteration of the Jersey which was from what from ED seven to 96 and then we got a slight tweak on that the final two years of the hornets but there's this Jersey is that TO you could have gone white there's an alternate purple and their first few years deal with that too but. Why teal on this throwback what was the decision to go with that color in particular. You know from day one Crist keel in the most popular jerseys we rolled out we knew would be and that's one of the reasons we tried reflected. Last year to Delaware and on the home more on the road but it's been our most popular seller are far the most popular Linux and so it seem like everything to do to bring to kill back. There were talking to quell chief marketing officer bonus by the way these are all going to be war three times at home during the year November 15 against Cleveland and averaged 43 against Milwaukee in January 13. Against Oklahoma City I think here's the million dollar question does a lot of people insane okay they. They look almost identical you know the strikes a little bit wider I think on the chested the Jersey but other than that everything else matches up if the eagle the old V crossover collar. Are that are the shorts pleaded Pete what's this what's the deal with the short set. You know that's the big difference so the look is almost exactly the same what were telling people of the chassis. To different you know you're on the Nike slash Jordan brand chassis now sit analogy and you're from is an edit and so much. That's really the big change but. Not really cleats a it's a little bit different than what it was originally we know what war were really pumped about Israel we brought the Jersey back we invest a lot. In the evolution of the new brand so it didn't make sense at that point time. To bring the bring him back even though the fans really want this and how we can kind of unveiling now we've got all you know get this great evolve toward its brand that people have taken to do not anybody who is really enamored with the original brain and the old school brand is there for them. Went to the bodies because I know the defense shoppers still kind of finishing up a final touches you guys a move that in the arena bowing to people start on the Jordan brand stuff. Yes so some of the Jordan ran stuffed going to be is available as soon as September 30 eleven opened practiced with definitely gonna have product available that day what we're still. Working out is making sure this story to actually open there's a very good chance it will be able to preview the team's story on that date September 30 and have a lot of product available and as far as the uniforms go. Some of the jerseys like the associations. The white in the keel Persian may be available the actual class security probably won't be available to more like mid November. Okay and then and then there're still some others to come right this isn't the last of the uniforms for this year now. Now there's going to be five total so there's another one coming out here in the very new future and Stephen Jersey and then there's one. Yet to be named coming up in December and I think people be happy about twelve. All right he's so he we will see if the fifth the fifth and final won't be unveiled until December what you're saying correct correct a temper her. A for the Charlotte hornets and again if there's a throwback to back these things are they look sharp man a great. And did it just of that you know the slightest of details I think is different just in terms of the the strikes on them on the chest look a little bit wider but everything else is just you know cleats as we set up for Pete and everything else is now and again get ticket info. Our bike by calling 1804 NBA ticks or you can always go to hornet's stock number Ticketmaster dot com three dates November 15 December 23 January 13. Cavs box in thunder there's going to be three gear great games to. And you see those throwback uniforms and the story came out yesterday. And my eyes kind of blew up but Doug Golden State into bear. Jersey patch deal reportedly worth sixty million dollars around twenty million dollars per year. Mom I know you've been saying you know you're talking to people this is still in the works in depth it's about finding right fit so what's the update there you have any new news on that or no. Yeah I reacted worried advanced discussions with a number of companies and worse still hopeful that we'll get to the number at the start of the season but again trust is really about how did you know rolling Elvis iconic brand B connector of the Jordan brand Yahoo! we put manager's seat. He's really need to make sense for us. And car owner and for the Jordan brand so it's a little bit more difficult to navigate through them you know some companies are traditionally doing fumble there was some deep discussions right now we feel pretty good about potentially having someone for the start of the season. What is the one interesting thing is I saw the warriors Jersey I think it some. Other the other logo it is it's the red logo any kind of you know kind of stands out in a way where it's okay. That's definitely a sponsor patch that's on there is that something you guys are working with toot you know and how the logo of the sponsor but maybe not have that color be intrusive to the to the uniform itself for now. You know yes in a perfect world that's who we love to do them and we invested so much trying to get the uniform just right now is to bring back the classic. We wanted to match you know as much as humanly possible because of our fans are going to be potentially winning mystery he's got a great look you know they've. Told what they wanna win this thing came back and we'll we want whatever we put managers to be added this. RT it's good to talk do you I don't mean to do this and they keep just the saucer Brendan Dino cats I'll gladly get the mega ball coming up on Sunday sort of spread the most important thing going on in the town rewritten for cancers until she got mixed allegiances here what are you doing. To California are built paid me for eleven years but I've got Stockholm syndrome now some kind of look at it like a winner went out and that's not that's a non answer here you know Switzerland right now are only doing guarantee good to talk to you months into grad subject. I thank god.