Chicago Bears Rookie Cohen: "I Want To Make Plays When My Number Is Called"

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Tuesday, September 12th

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One of the many highlights from a north Carolinians now former North Carolina AT&T Aggie as he made his debut on a Sunday afternoon and I it was a good one against study Atlanta Falcons although DNA in a lost 2317 and a chance to win it. In the final moments we welcome in the rookie and I his. His nice five Cary 66 yards eight receptions for 47 yards he had a TD on the day three Cohen witness on the technique on guess like to reaching grants are you doing man. Under our government so minister talked I I I was aware I knew you went to AT&T I was unaware of your. Your hometown your your from one North Carolina is our right. I am really what we're Byrd are are the scoreboard OK I know I was looking settles it I'm I'm from North Carolina I went to school VCU furrier I have no idea. But North Carolina is I clicked and I think the the population says. Less than 350. People like your from your from a remote area North Carolina it sounds like. He had yet we know that the country out there. And the would have liked what Bob bloody month. So what was it like for you to not only be drafted by the Chicago Bears would then make that a reality. On Sunday afternoon against the falcons and you stepped into that stadium on that stage national TV. I'm not what was that like for you to edited to make your debut on Sunday. Are you know them either so it. Are stepping up the playing their way in uploaded a credit saw the and upload it certainly do biblical moment I loved. Were you nervous going in on Sunday here or no do you get nervous before games or is that not really your thing. Oliver never go to the Sunday I think. I'm probably I was polite the first week in the game developers. They don't count of the the next level type of that but it certain did you without. Should have been playing. Blood all over the got you to that level so a little nervous over there. We're talking to two Ricoh a fourth round draft pick for the bears in and I stay view over a hundred yards total offense TD are for the bears on Sunday as they fell to the falcons. I at Soldier Field and of course former North Carolina. I a NT I need to take this back to college to wreak windy and when did you start to get attention from from scouts and NFL guys that you your skills were we're gonna adjusted to cut it at the next level when did that happen. I had a little reward our. I had a bit of jet that went viral over all those immediate and then like they're great question about global award in the weird. People will be wanted to know about the play football so valuable knowledge is just let it get its so. They're really made every third vehicle in the game and what the end Goodell the artwork. What do you what is the thing that people who you feel like say maybe maybe not now but maybe even still unsure as your rookie but especially when you're going back to those college years and ANC were people. Really just underestimated. Is that part of your football game what was it that it is a dead. I hear a lot of this I was saying this earlier are you are you what do you consider yourself a true running back could you be guided. Gets fifteen Tony Tony five carries and game what was the biggest misconception about your game. Upload integrated with the Christian event the number small bit and I won't be durable enough. I would say no here and what they have they're double B and or how much about what you know how did you get all my life and love and I'm very. I bet I wanna let you for a period of game so I believe that the movie meet in. I do a doorknob old Sundays or say they love toward college and it's going to ball every bit every day. What's what's your fastest 4540 time to wreak what's the fastest you've ever run once. Our reporter Joseph I don't know about you know it almost on protecting. Did you feel like you're the fastest guy in the bears in one of the fastest guys any NFL. That would put a more veteran got a are we. We're talking to recall a former North Carolina ANC idea I said this earlier pummeled. I've got to be honest we victory I'm a little Matty you because side 2013. If you remember. I'm I went after and you guys went up to Kidd brewer and handed the mountaineers and now I'm kind of Matty you until you get a few touches in that game was an all you're doing them. I don't know if I've forgiven you guys gazelle is one of the biggest upsets happen after ever had that was not that was not as a bad loss for us that night. It out Belmont horse out of the game ever and I still think he knows portable living in my life. The good that mr. You know I would never been a statewide and local law school. And yet you always. And like the atmosphere there it was created gonna come out of the way there and did you know they like him who made all sorry that you feel. Let's look now yeah ha ha. You certainly don't they don't Soledad our drink only this. I'll bears. Bears running back in guy he's a North Carolina and TI Helio people in the tech slide says ice yet showing -- Aggie pride in his right now with two recon the on the phones out of would love to go to Rick what are your goals I mean obviously. John Fox wants to run the ball when you guys are gonna run the ball you did it against Atlanta the other day but individually for you what are your goals as a rookie this year. Are living normal there did he get on the field and did I luck cardinal. You know to become a household name. It has been made played a lot England what number is called north and I don't even get help if you were. And talking to two recalling. And if so rookie North Carolina ANC Aggie and you said your from Lewis and all right do you not not bun Lewis holds the place. Hello Bernard Lewis party excuse me are so how much bigger Lewis are out there on the road are what's the difference between Lewis Bergen bun and there's no need to know the difference what's the difference between the two towns. The net and other like our equipment up and a half and I let my body better what's the big what are you doing Lewis Furlan what's the spot where you go to eagle Lewis for what's the place. I got they've operated very kind of get over it. I'm not just sort of revised. Well I meet here and then look at the British source and that no carbon remember it allowed just opened here and there will look even though there is no different girl who. Not to reach its good to talk to him and congrats on the debut on Sunday and I keep working minutes it's fun to see North Carolina ANC I DNA in the NFL rookies making plays man congratulations on the debut. Thank you operator.