Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell: "It's Understandable To Wonder If Steve Clifford's Condition Is Stress-Related" 

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Wednesday, December 6th

Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell joins Primetime to discuss Steve Clifford's leave of absence, as well as the state of the Hornets.


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We're gonna go to the tech becomes a solid big game furthermore it's gonna bring it back to some Panthers conversation and at bottling and our voice of the Panthers in the mix and is gonna join us. And so we'll talk incoming update at 430 Bill Polian is on the call for ESPN. On Sundays for Panthers or vikings he joins us at 530 but we welcome enrichment LP writer for the Charlotte Observer for the hornets is they get ready for hornets and warriors and done no work but I know a stiff curry tonight. And it sounds like no dream on green either but there's not going to be Steve Clifford on the bench for the hornets he sidelined indefinitely deal with some health stuff and I reckon that that I think suddenly a Monday night correct me if I'm wrong for me at least a Monday it was a little worrisome in terms of something seems off here and sort of see this news today it was surprising. Are but maybe not totally out of left field knowing that that cliff was in on the bench on Monday night. Well. Tom crow but one thing I can tell you that that I find relief. It deny the story telling me that this is not our only good into the green and eap. I'm all over same thing from from some stuff for things so. That's important because we don't know I think anybody who knows cliff. Immediately you plant staff to. The first season. When he had kept paying him and when it was hospitalized. He did not have a heart attack this time but he had two stents placed. Tenth place and it's been a person who had a heart attack. That there fine and I'm really really happy to hear that that is not apparently because of what was going on. So it rip and elsewhere this again from beat writer for the hornets for the Charlotte Observer on Twitter it's that Rick underscore. But they also wouldn't it it's not heart related do you know. That the severity of this at all or how serious this is is this just pay it needs maybe could be a weaker Sony's backe just eat some time away or is it more seriously and that there are you aware. So I'm not aware of anything quite frankly. That people who. I know would know. Are not returning my calls. No blitzes you know and and lifted you know of their food personal stuff you know and you know admit it if there. It could get a cult thing we're here in this kind of a situation. As far as the you know how much do you want to you know now when the reporting become pride it becomes a little off. He had an entity you know we I was discussing it in the opening segment Rick about just. You know I think it falls on deaf fearsome Thompson fans what you eat you talk about guys are making millions of dollars anything can lead us into five star hotels and your you know your theory they're great restaurants and all you know you fly first class on projects down private jets all that a charter planes all that stuff but. I think if people just genuinely don't understand the grind. Not just of NBA coach is a mean of coaches in general what. These guys put themselves through and includes plus one of those guys that lives for the grind with the debt. That's something that date you I mean you can just see it we'd literally you could see it wearing on coaches. I'm from night tonight in the NBA and I mean it's it's it's heavy stuff sometimes. You out and Croat grounded out but I think you and I know that. Am I mean everybody who grew up enough of a coach to get to that level you have to be a little tight day. Having said that I think Clinton I think what an anomaly then think that he is you know he's he's. Single. I think it during that the I think you have a lot of but he gets he kind of get. How about that a little bit the off season but I think during the season I think that he is you know just just. I think every waking moment he's. Thinking about some way to make it seem better and the flow chart have to wait on him. I mean you know we don't know I mean don't we know he's candidates aren't we don't know what went on April we know we've got a fair case we'll work something but. I think it it is understandable that both you and I would wonder if this somehow stress related. All right Rick Nelson is he ready for the boys get ready for reported to warriors we've got the call at eight I've got pre game at 730. Right here on WFAN in Solano staff curry he has Kilborn it's historically what he's played here is what I'm into his seven meeting series averaged over thirty points. He's got for forty plus into those games one of those was a loss so so that that was a gruesome ankle injury it stinks for him he's not going to be able to play in his hometown. But for the hornets it's a bit of a break and it it simply no dream on either and I mean you if you're going to probably never gonna get a better shot did to try knockoff the the defending champs and you get tonight. With with today are still loaded team talent wise but but a little banged up tonight. Well all that's true but then again I thought it Batum had awfully good points shoot around today it was somebody that well you know what he how different do you think the words will be without. Staff. And nick miles that last I checked they have another MVP to. That team is that so ridiculously. You know loaded with with Tampa I really like it yet today when Steve and I have been out there that I you know who used to coach with the warriors I said. What would be the ones words that would both come to mind that you can go to war. And he used to work position. And that reassembling it you know we did these guys they're so interchangeable defensively you know I I think Omar I think it's fair about this is somebody who you know really understand. Your steps. Strategic knew what the difference fourth but the idea of being able to which players should that it Green Bay and I'm deep. You know it reports that have become so dependent on the pick and roll and pat is an advantage. But it it's extremely rare I mean the only other team and indeed even come close there would do that if the Celtics and you know committee at it it it's like having such a way that it shut off the job in football was just keep it that that they could get disrupted dramatically. Yeah I mean you're you're exactly right is just this. Suddenly you you can take it because of men and make him a tackle or sent out as a linebacker or or any you know you can accuse the offense so pending and that I think that's understated about the war is the fact that they can guard multiple positions on the in the pick and roll and I mean that's them that you think whether to go rolling you notice obviously. This wanted to make that. This the biggest offensive. You know this game the most ignorant and NBA and they have the best the transport and I built in so that makes him tough mix and tough to be. I mean hey you eat with our screen. Klay Thompson's. You know they can switch so interchangeably in a way that itself. You know if Bob Meyer did a great job of constructing in this piece he crock you don't see her deserve a lot of credit currently club fire that nearly enough credit for division he can't and putting assembling the team. And no doubt Rick but elsewhere this is joining us now on the technical and guess slide out one of the guys they think Rick that is has been you know what obviously very nice surprise for the sorted steam. But I think with what you're talking about where we can't get slotted up a little bit for the warriors tonight to step back incredible players like you're talking about put. You don't when he would go for what your your your starting point guard staff curried your starting point guard being Shaun Livingston your living right if you're the warriors but I think a guy like Jeremy lamb tonight maybe more than ever it is a god it's that's got to have a banner night tonight obviously nick. Dwight income all got a place fantastic as it is your three best players but I think tonight more than ever I feel like we keep saying this with this board it's team but that this benches frank Kaminsky Jeremy Lin this bench he's got a materialize in and bring it tonight if they wanna have a chance. Well Chris I'm sure you'll agree with me but what about that today I thought fit the second half Monday night with encouraging I mean you don't have every time. That those that the second unit comes then you kind of hold your breath. And I thought that getting in the fourth quarter they get a much better golf. Ball holding down before that they have in the past. Maybe that's an encouraging sign the other thing that comes to mind is. You know they're they don't cute they have profanity brief this year they just don't attempt nearly as many as the coast is ideally would like to do I think the only had a 83. Against humanity now you know in some ways that's the good thing because the points in the paint were rated you know anytime you generate 4040. Free throw attempt an NBA game you're doing something right but there. Have to deal fails. And right now for whatever reason. They seemed kind of cheap this to put up three. He had 23 23 inning and be an attempt they're 25 point five and that is skewed by a you know they like you said the last few games that number's not been high at all. And I I get to that that's what things early interest in Steve because Dwight put up. Feel better numbers than anybody probably could be could envision best case scenario but. You know it seems like there ebbs and flows when things are working well with white in and it it's been moving in a positive direction I'd say for about two to three weeks now but still in general. Do you feel like that that first team offense is found its rhythm and identity Pacific still feel it doesn't feel bad it just feels. Off a little bit with that first team and how they want that offense to run. I still think that nick is trying to figure out where he fits into all things. It would you know the morning of the Cleveland game you know that game that did. Nick ms. Tipton making up his elbow and he walked over to me and asked me. Do you think that Jeremy lamb a viable candidate for most improved player and I said yeah I do. He had he got the thick mound they beneath that. He is going to be our secret weapon and I that it neck okay. I think that you brought that stuff a laugh and he said nick said that he thought that he. That there were things that Jeremy filly that didn't play it's going to allow them to do. The Winged Foot deep that he thinks he can be an awful lot of hockey. To see the the fact that there are more different people along the perimeter who you can really count on that step up and take his shots. I think you're gonna see nick. Feed that much more of faith you know what I could organize there and then ever before and and to be honest. You know hip shooting percentages he's been in every sense except for recruitment awful. Yeah I you know if this did this small sample so hopefully it will be a improve. Placed at really needs to be a better shooter that he spent so far. Rick 99 at thirteen and obviously it's it's kind of picked up where they left off last year were B win six out of seven lose seven out of eight went for a dropped five straight and so you you know you you lose six eroding went three straight years you drop a tough back to back in any lose another two so for heroin now they've they've got to turn it Titus feels like maybe. With a win against the magic and eight of these ten or at home right now does this hornets team through the first quarter given everything you're talking about injury wise we're we're do you think they stand over older standing amongst their their Eastern Conference pose right now do you feel like during an okay place to make a run or is it. Time to be worried a little bit. I'm glad you have been there because I really think that the rest this month to some degree make or break. You know I mean he didn't ten of thirteen at home it's huge out of that he bit a team that's going one and ten on the road you know if you don't make hay. In fact from senator you're going to be you know. You know I felt markedly and the white always think of 151000. Foot really well. Yesterday after the fifth when you guys gonna play like defensive team that you portray herself today. And he had well there's still time. What he did not theft what's. In the way he put it to be wise. If you get to February. And you're wondering what you were even going to be in the playoffs draw. You have a big problem. Good point and the hornets you know they around this time. Two years ago they want 48 games they were awesome after the all star record 27 and 73 best record in the NBA that year after the all star break but they they made their push. Going into the all star break and then came out and it pushed it out even further so you're I think you're right on that I think this team's gonna start to find its legs a little bit and big big cold stretch right now to do it in the warriors of the team tonight 8 o'clock we got pregame at 730 right here on SNC Rickles scene a little bit thanks for calling him a friend. Glad to grow at a bit dated Omar yes but I had a better. But there are pretty good track anyways every city must make should had a better season all year we added a year ago with a two year. Don't know mentally I'm I'm I'm a football here. I iPhone okay I was hoping for better things at stake here.