Charlotte Observer's Joe Person: "I would draft a Receiver at 24 if I'm Marty Hurney"

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Tuesday, March 13th

Charlotte Observer's Joe Person joins the Mac Attack to discuss the Panthers off-season. 


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Joseph person Charlotte Observer all over though got the Andrew Noel to Jacksonville story their jokes what time your phone start going off this morning because I thought free agency was 4 o'clock tomorrow but this there's a legal tampering thing has changed everything. He had no it is not that that kind of wonder why did you don't start treatment beyond Monday quite frankly. Is it kind of billet. But that was interesting because that was not the C a quicker so much. Do you know we've done. Directed back to uncle Dave tell limited that in happened. Now I now and then there is talk about Elia is. What we knew he was gonna have a big market I mean it. Well and everybody. Only. At all grow seat that he or anyone like you batted for three seed than Peter if I don't work up to it and and and good printer go well. That the camp there's kind of made there that it can you not talk about that or the paper that there are number one they create straight there. Ten million bucks here they're just that's just not a position that most teams we're gonna do that and patriot guard enact that that twenty million dollar. And of course you've written about all this in advance that he would end up somewhere else Taylor mode and next man up you think of the Tyler Larson more than back to trying clue leased out of the gate and we'll see what they do obviously free agency draft lies and as we sit here today is that kind of how looks at the moment. I think all. I had bad do you think it is gonna there it is not a dark. Senator Ted guys. But you know I don't obvious with the let Nenad and as we just talked about why what we know what very. Nor will fall where. But the quality of both bought for that might as well. You know out of the wind we know we were Ronald. Often talked about position flexibility. Mardy very big believer that too so. You get a guy that you can maybe play guard one here and and whether Taylor Lautner not be 60 etiquette get a first crack at. Depending on who they've done but but you know we use is the candidate I think about rightfully so you do. And you know men have a guy that may become quite guard one here than that for the better would be the. So at wide receiver and you know I've talked about this before that that's the number one priority this off season although they've done some addressing that was Torrey Smith as we see this morning. Alan Robinson to the bears for 42 million over three years Sammy Watkins to Kansas City for 48 million dollars over three years do you like for lack of an ovaries termed the globe and more money ball approach at the Panthers are taking at the moment a deposition turns out being that the biggest buyer for the biggest contracts that are going out there receiver and a. I've on a play that I think I do it with this particular. Why he's the quite frankly I think it was you know other than a couple guys you just that you. I think it was a bit underwhelming. I have talked about it. Now signing it slot receiver and and and frankly that's not. Big you know head turning clad either. When you talk about guys like Taylor Gabriel who really had one good beat the Atlanta. But you know it does feel that he hit the kind of got. I think that you know if if if I've Marty Ernie regret in locker Weaver was 24 bit. Because it is maybe. Receiver draft. You know you've got a guy like tech is they have no question Kurt who might be there DJ Moore from Maryland. Vote would look really good in my opinion in the slot in many it and then we would talk about surrounding cam knew what web. We sit back and look what you dad and they've figured they're gonna find another site and all so it's not that they. And you get old and you've got well with second I didn't. You declaration happily. When you get quote you've got David Blunkett and first round Brad Pitt but why are people that that's been out there and I think that it that way to go. It and they got to the mousetrap for the running back you would think somewhere in one of the higher rounds not just a seventh round pick right because it's a good deep running back draft but McCaffery something of a specialist Julie should be used as something of a specials right Fuzzy Whitaker is for sure and we don't know what Cameron artist pain is it to make the team or to become a great player this year so that's got to be a big part of the draft plan is obviously one of these running backs right. Agreed and it. We have very it is it is. You know wait on. Well let that we it seemed like Jacksonville it's a big black it would create the bad years there about why you're at it. But you know I did it it feel like Yale yet there are a lot of and bringing them out if they're bad. Sure you're unit on Twitter we deal. If I what Marty or is that we put that we owe us. There aren't a lot of moderate. In our apple went on the toll may feel of it you're gonna get a seat in app though but so it's not like last year. Would get over it had a good bit of money and a one out you sit and you know you go backwards in black on Leo at Motorola and and right on that might get out. You know they were outside the guy is not you know it is doesn't feel like it's going to be in this for way about it well. But but there's some value vying to be had out there whether they're running back. Eight and and I agree with you maybe it might make more bad is that this should all know mr. although they are they're. He said the value I think I would make if it's a little bit. And are able to scare me more symptomatic back yeah well have a depth art up there but but as well. It is bigger backyard bigger bigger act. On that now you're talking about that I euphoric. That they need and it didn't have a bunch of great separate and they're like there aren't well. It is and I think couple years ago that might have made. But I don't think it out there. Joseph if your time lines like mind this morning in your match in zombie careful check your mentions this morning because. The fans are hot because there are mad about Robinson. And there are methods they were that dot nor well now they're mad about why give as you just explained it spewed a slate. What money do they have to spend on all these players that's the issue don't. And they all I mean they've got a ton of money last year. You've got guys like Luke he wearing Cam Newton at new NORAD a beat up there are tracked them and make it a lot of money. And that it you know it is. And and I get a Lotta that yet they use. About you know while while they were there are politically Oprah. You know that's a lot at these the year that the is tricky situation you know what it's gentlemen wet. Dorgan growth to restructure. Is basically. Cause growth retiree herbal or it was going. So. Article you'll already that it would require a bit. Yeah I mean you can go by the way you can go cut rot will shepherd that I want everyone you know Paula all we spoke with our route that. On Twitter what they want is widely in. If that fact is all of that is it going to be when they're prep. It's picture is what which is it going to be a year would Bear Bryant he wore value. In the big. Glad they've made black. The traditional philosophy here -- been draft bill to the draft plug holes in free agency not the other way around a so one more than named it to bounce off view us starlet to allay what what he's hearing that mean we just saw what Andrew Norwood didn't know he didn't benefit Jackson adults we do you end up somewhere else but what you're not starlet to elect. Well it into they had there was not a lot of it is. Its name did not get and it about marched yesterday. Well if you know what it is quiet on the cancer front. I think they want to see what the market will bear the dark. I know that like to have them back Ron Rivera mode equally that it much. But they're not getting into a bidding war. Ed. It's star. He hit markets weird because you know we've we've always. Debate about our. We says it you know should he be more productive than it's that. You know you're you're you know we know what they have their outlook he you know he saying that you don't see occupy blockers they. People got off he who. But you know that but. They're they're party other that the apple patent it's that what the bell stop. Do do do you know thing at all so like it though. It albeit this thing to see what our mark you know me I would think it's dropped or more yet they were what we've been news to you if it becomes available. Well. Clearly advances would like to have back the rights for. And not to stop there analysts ago if Kyle loved and ethics Vanilla undervalued I think you can actually do more snaps and he does and at some point. He got zero what is Burnham Butler who's heading into your three writes we got to see was this first round draft pick is made out of. He adaptive and the first round you know made its turn that the people were colloquial but. Then so be it but you're right I don't think there's been an up of the sample but that determined yet who put him on the field you know I get the practice and that it that neither of signing people up there at these positions. What I had been impressive stat like Bernard Butler and there are pain even a minute ago. Are gonna get the chance. What Barney very you know broaden it and now he needed just exactly if they beat them order. On Twitter he's at the more formal and Joseph person of course rate among the Charlotte Observer a web page and the newspaper itself Joseph obviously huge busy morning already for yeah. I don't and be used as I know some probably go right through the night but I know you enjoyed deliver this kind of time of the year enjoy and have fun when. All right thank regular.