Charlotte Observers Joe Person: "The Defense Was The Biggest Takeaway From Sunday"

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Tuesday, September 12th

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We really class the place up we welcome in Joseph person from the Charlotte Observer to enter the Ryder hi Joseph how you doing man. What are are not much shot it is interesting right we mentioned just opened the show it's so interesting how one game one win changes your bureau perception in steel. And died even calm some things down for little bit end up Panthers opened up wanna know compared to only one a year ago and also on the outlook feels different for 2017 after just one game. Yeah you know I guess the map and it's only one game aren't I guess. You know she's game went potentially if you look at it that way. But but you're right it's built differently especially the way in the mayor what's the standard lost we won last year apps out there. Going to Denver being so close says it's kind of bank which I think that's Super Bowl memory. And then to lose the way they did so to get. Pretty convincing win. And and we didn't you know we considered argue whether Sampras says good good good or frankly I don't think they are so I don't know that they're going to be good this year but. That doesn't matter they'd ever won a game that you know they were supposed to do and and they did so sensibly. In very convincing fashion and showed a lot of promise. Isn't that does does that take away Dojo I've been sinister about 24 hours not for the fact you could beat one of the worst teams in the NFL. I'm in a way were you really did not play well. Outside of one phase may be even that was kind of slow out of the gates the first quarter the defense really wasn't looking always dominant as they did the second half and yet you win by 23 to three and you allow the fewest points in franchise history in a season opener like that's the take away to me is me and they really didn't play that well yeah I think played well and it makes you wonder what's this thing a look like if they get everything falling into place. He yeah I agree and you know we I remember when the schedule that we all kind of circle city these first three games only okay this this three winnable games and gored to going to be. Get that degree you know go to New England. I think. What's important about and and I do I do think that's currently there are no guarantees you guys know there's no lay out this link but. First off. And and confer quarterback in Cam Newton that has that little work in the pre season. I think it's the fact that they open as San Francisco rather than at New England or yell at green there are Green Bay here but not quite being. Better this could face its seem like that and it's you know and a burst your coaching Kyle Shanahan. They give pro primarily talking about candidly give him got a chance. They go you know kind of have a bowl game speed practice more or less after not getting any all preceded I think that was beneficial. I think Mike truly use that game. To really got to see what he has increased McCaffery. I don't think there's any doubt that he was running a lot of that look at McCaffrey does this set any doubt we're down the road Decourt kind of things so I'll at all definitely. You know I. Good vibes coming out of us deficit. Now we're talking to Joseph person Charlotte Observer Panthers beat reporter of course you can always follow Joseph on Twitter you go into an already I don't know what you're wasting your time on that Joseph person is where you can follow him. I he's with this right now in the tech become guess lined hat how mean what you expected. Firfer Cam Newton going into that game Sunday compared to what actually happened Joseph. The host Arnold on the buffalo right at about that today and old both those guys but you know. Am dead about what I expected I'd. I don't think I don't think we could have ever expected them to go out and be just aren't always right out of the gate. He drew do passes in the crease feed for all intents and purposes. Brought Rivera can talk about you know get the practice squad defense did deploy a little harder that's got to be as. To beat faster and try to emulated and in the states that game speed. It doesn't happen does not on anyone's practice squad that's just not not the way it goes. So he's hurt him to be erected for candor reroute the early on. As the end and clearly was see you guys saw a lot of you saw the replay. But I thought he really got comfortable late that second half. If we had thought the road album Benjamin on the ES skinny post game kind of he gave cans and confidence that he took into the second half now what they throw the ball over all over the field and second half. Obviously not but. See you basically. Completed not a glass but is final night passes now there's one in there that would despite killed quad. But to go you know for all intents and purposes not for nine. At the end of the game I think was I think you'll take that. Take that momentum from him and more than anything I've good since we can get to talk to him after the game I thought Ron Rivera yesterday saying good things about camps. Status of this shoulder might have been more important than anything we've salt added at. Yeah and and obviously we're not doctors Joseph that goes without saying but you know watching you're in the press box us watching at home you know there were moments were look like cam was almost. You know lowering in the shoulder out a little bidders wincing a little bit after a couple of Derosa stretching it out into me you know you'll be just given the situation was wonderment as ever seen is that okay so. I he he did appear to loosen up bottle that's the right medical term to use here but it appeared like that actually happened as the game went on Sunday. Look like it to me for sure and and an even though as it's set I mean they were grown sixty yard bombs. Did you know it's youth premier burger or two cursed handled by. Guess even the current at some of the underneath throws he made there was you know probably got a bit intermediate level broad grade also that he made the second half. All of those were right on point I mean they were they wore down over the it if they're not you know they see it got to me was sitting guys square in the chest. And so he Canada never going to be a 65%. Completion guy. But it but I think we've solved science and you know I know it or I'm only going towards that animate beauty gives them reason to. At times. But I side. Given a guy it was coming off major shoulder surgery in its first game with very little preceded or outside it was a pretty decent day. Our Joseph before talk buffalo are less thing on the game to me biggest takeaway most impressive stat is that the offensive line pitched a clean sheet zero sacks allowed that happened twice all of last year what's the thing for you is it that there is it something else. Well and and let me follow that Cuba saying that's what the offensive line first in law of supply and didn't give up the second free again small sample size. But they're built and also been here. Yeah my take away it was probably the defense. I mean you got elicit a yes and and more specifically. The played a lot of factors well we know they're good that we get it. But the way that Thomas Davis Pete's run around. You know they've been niners. You'll remember last year without CNN. He has different person now I get it. But the falcons exposed standard on the edge. They exposed the linebackers I guess we brought safely Dana Evan Coleman match double on all one primarily with with father. And doubt you know receive wandered expanding it was gonna try to be that I guess he did it. But but Davis and deeply and Shaq are so bad fly out to the head. That even if it's not even if Iran beds are perfect outside. Most of them aren't those guys are negating any kind of about momentum especially again and again on those got up wide zone runs. Just by the airspeed and the the way they've got a ball so that that was to me. Was impressive I mean there wasn't surprising necessarily. At dissect constitute especially the first step very active very involved getting into the fact. Aren't talking to Joseph person Charlotte Observer he's with us right now on the tech become a slot on Twitter said Joseph person. All right so an icon a similar story line it's a last week Joseph where you know the Panthers are better. Overall from a talent perspective this time there at home to open up a for the home schedule this year but. You know you get Sean McDermott okay former defense of coordinator he's familiar grabbed Barbara and him being familiar is a former personnel guy here. Joseph Webb's up there Mike Tolbert is up there but this just feels similar to me last week Joseph were you know that they know you but you know them every bit as much and you just got better players than them self I don't notably it'll be as easy as last week but this seems like they should be gain the painters. Should just line up and take your business. This should be it should be and and your right I mean the death match is fascinating. Sure and and Sean McDermott not only knows this game fear. You know he knows the personnel they're well and so he is going to look. As is great Dennis Dennis is off the court and they're going to they're bet based on what's gonna grant a Boehner saying. They're gonna try to find the best matches that are gonna try to find what what you're considered the weak link on this deep. I don't know what shopping that is. And and same thing water with Tyrod Taylor. I do think Kyra they realize that if Serb and still not being real policy in terms of the pursuit ambassador. I think he's more danger despite an order sought so. Let me just say that I see your your point about them being similar no doubt about it I just think Tyrod is more explosive. As Lou obviously way more potential as over water just to make that happen so. They've got out into the Panthers have to put it seat oil's got to put a good. Game plan in place for Marat. It debuted yet you can sure bet the way that does Goodwin got behind grad very couple sides address that defense. They're gonna take some shots clay buffalo well down the field. Tried you know it will probably not not that there were Jordan Matthews but maybe what these Carolina. Guys they go on. I try to make a big play go and try to say get behind this Brad Garrett city gonna have to step up his game as well this. All right down last thing here is we're gonna get in this and a little bit but interesting to look at the box corny secrecy McCaffrey's five receptions and I agree with you I think they were trying to put a lot of stuff out there on T eight in week one but five for him also and Kelvin in DeVon combined for five receptions this. If we see that again this week is that a good or bad thing for the Panthers offense. DNA yeah I think they got to get more ballots that as I definitely do and not systematically. By you know you've got to keep. Think right if you gotta keep chemistry right in the locker room silk. And no one's gonna complain after a game like that would you quit Coke if he got good locker room guys which I think it's still. But but yeah you gotta you gotta feed everyone they're going to want all I guess. Again I did think we were seeing Mike Shula trying to set itself the stuff up or down the road and interestingly he made a point yesterday Hewlett dead. And any even that he said you know I'm gonna get put this message out. Just in my garage beneath that in and it but I gotta wanna hear there's one Debbie here through the media here. They all played a big global game and ayello quite a global victory at all but well worth some of those guys are gonna expect a little bigger role we go. Our Joseph go Lagos on a double ITA you know I'll see you tomorrow okay thanks for the time. They care about.