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Friday, April 13th

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Got two other guys in here right now we got garage and we got mark from Charlotte cobras and other brag on you guys for the last. I don't know two to three weeks because you guys have an awesome organization. I you're nonprofit organization your your local charity and you guys play semi pro football right near Charlotte and I would venture to guess. The average sports fan pro it doesn't even know you guys exist in Charlotte so we got to fix that. That's correct we'd we do need six Chris we have a lot of people in Charlotte that actually. You know about a split would like to get even more people come out games supports so Charlotte covers football to the layman give me your like your elevator pitch here like thirty to sixty seconds what is Charlotte co which for ball for people that don't. Don't know. Basically we are awful thumb public safety and police. Where we. We play about a four game schedule each year in the national public safety football league. And we play for its rarity all the money that we raise those scary and it's they it's that time we can come out together in. You know bill relations has one another and other agencies throughout the country Vietnam but it also allows us go out and almost like a stress reliever away and we can go out to be kids again for a little bit of a Saturday. And just have fun doing it. Very competitive though it's is something that we practice. You know about six months out of the year force that was very competitive and. You know it's a great town so you can check some of the stuff up by the way ortho Carolina dot com is got links on that you also go to their website Charlotte congress football dot org and you could actually. I'll find out how to at a donate and get get plugged into that can get ticket info. A schedule it for you guys are having events you guys figure bigger fish and chicken tender fry a few weeks ago who were trying to pump that out for you but. If you guys put real football this is not like oh you guys get out on the field play flag football or seven on seven you guys. Pat up and play legitimate real high level football with a lot of guys who play for your team either now or over the years through. Actually used to play pro football to. That's right and and to drill down into a little bit about what mark said about you know what profession we're in where law enforcement officers were firefighters. Army in and other public safety professionals that their way and so a lot of professional athletes and collision athletes actually. Find their ways into those professions. And so that's how we end up with some of the talent that we do our roster we've had some former you know collegiate NFL players on the roster. And it's also a neat opportunity for the the public to come out. And see sort of a different side of you know the police officers and firefighters that they. Normally count her on not their best days from you know or a circumstance where you know they they might be in need and it's. It's not exactly the most pleasant circumstance. They get to come out and see us and and you know see sort of a side of us that's behind the badge in the uniformed. And realize that you know were people just like they are and they get to come out now some fondness orchard at the same lines. You guys are spur both be your first responders essentially what Raj what you do here. A massive federal agent here in town awhile and colonel in us history no I can't mess around anymore now work with the Charlotte fire department OK so we got market we got garage with us from Charlotte over football against Charlotte gophers football dot org. You can check them out find the schedule and a ticket info I can get plugged in and just learn more about it. Also ortho Carolina dot com who's one of our great sponsors and partners and they've been trying to spread the word we want to spread the word for you guys is I just think it's a loss was Tony guys during. Other debris growth FaceBook live. Detective Miller who comes in the building for WB TV and his crime stoppers. I he said thanks for talking about the talked about the air couple weeks in recent picture talk about Charlotte cobras he could be you know they deserve all the attention. And he said these are real. Like this is high level football and he's like they've won national championships and he settled text you a picture of the rings and sure enough you've got one of a mark like he text me a picture of the rain and I thought. That looks nicer than it can get that on FaceBook that looks nicer than any national championship or not seem like you guys got. You guys you you you play hard and and get some some just desserts for two. Yeah absolutely take a lot of pride in what we do you know this is like you say is real football and if you don't you don't train you know practice you know. You will get hurt and assists that's just part of playing football so we do have great sponsor with ortho Carolina would they kind of look up. Look out for us in case you do get her. But however yeah we. We take a lot of pride in what we do we try to be very good attic is unique of people coming out the white suit and we want to put on the. Show for so what could fade if for example if if listeners are saying man that's also their first responders this is something they do. As kind of an outlet and in a fun thing to do but you guys do need support. So what what are the things you need support for like how could a listener they want to go to your website and donate what are the things that did you guys see helpless. So actually were the world is out opened talking to people about sponsoring the team if they wanted to make a direct admission. To us they can contact us through the web site we have a centralized you know where they could. They can inquire about sponsoring the team they can actually donate directly through the web site. Somewhere on all of the social media platforms FaceBook instrument what are they wanted to reach out to us that way or follow us and see. What's going wrong with the team. Additionally one of those things we've been talking about is new fundraising efforts we're going to be rolling out announcing. Via our website and via all of our social media accounts. And so. When those fundraising opportunities come about we'd like for them to support us out way too I think we're gonna have some really interest in things coming up. Tom one of things we've been talking about it the last couple weeks. Is basically. Raffle that we're we're going to organize where we're gonna pay for. No matter what kind of sports fan. Are you might be whether it's basketball football soccer baseball. We're gonna pay for you to you go watch your favorite team. Are in their hometown. During a regular season game. And and go watch your team and we're going to burn if that's gonna do well. Arm so it's going to be two tickets two nights and hotel and airfare. And we're gonna raffle these offer for twenty dollars ops for twenty dollars. You can do receive your favorite team. In in in your favorite state. And and you guys need I mean just the basic staples right we're talking pads. Cleats jerseys helmets and you're talking equipment. Travel cost to rikers you guys go on the road to go plays games. That's right. You know if it actually takes a lot of money to your answer to run a football team and to and to do it at this level. Are all of the things that you just mentioned the travel cost being one of the bigger things and and replacement of equipment things like that we've we've actually received some help from the Panthers recently been donating cleats and things like that it they haven't surplus and were very appreciative of that. Arm but we. We have to buy replacement uniforms every couple years we have to do you know by knee pads after. Picture of our helmets are today and things like that so. There's a lot of expense involved with with running a team that's what position do you play grudge. Well I used to play defensive and I'm retired. So I actually on my ACL about five hours ago and so. That was the end of that my my wife who I think is listening right now told me on the way to the Burgess said that you're done you're finished at the end years couriers the end of that that's unceremoniously and so now I just I I help these guys can't manage that team and now get them in a position where they can succeed on the field and and now as an organization. Rushed to be able to go out and do things that affect our community and mark do you still play. I do I am currently in the starting quarterback. Now out that's big time. So now I've Mansour get a federal agent in here. And a firefighter and starting quarterback like that is a slice of Americana right there absolutely is out on man. We really preached a everything that people do for us that we. You know daily jobs trying to help people less weekend in and they come and the us and a whole different slightly rusted and he knows he has bonded that is like. Filling it. I'm just when we interact with community and actually you know. When we meet each other and we we've played together on the team were were helping organize things in and get an opportunity to meet people around town and they can help you in just in a different different types of people that's. That's been one of the most rewarding things for me I've been involved with the cobras for for over ten years and down in a lot of people ask me. That worked you know how is it you know somebody everywhere you go and run into people like out of the state. And it's actually through football it. People that I've met and people have been introduced new. Your through the. So people can check out you guys have your home opener April 28 correct that's true that's a Saturday at its New York City boldest. Are you guys are gonna place that'll be home it's in north MacKey does or when both your own games in north meant. That's correct and thank you to North America for their support of us and letting us where home games optimist because that's part of it series you guys are kind of bounced around looking for venues to play you got have a spot to play. That's right and you guys have played all over the place so. You people can come out tickets I you can buy tickets on line. Our cricket from what is a twelve dollars for tickets it's actually ten dollars for tickets ten dollars for tickets for anyone who's twelve are over water. I'm dollar should think it's thirteen or older thirteen or twelve and under tree if they ornament desperate so you know it's it's a great way to. Mountain C I equality you know sporting event with your family because your kids are gonna get in free you're only gonna pay for the adults. Or concessions. Or great we usually have you know all of your regular fare for concessions bust. You know some barbecue that worker to write their own spot and dumb and you know we keep our concession prices cheaper and so you can come out there you Washington football. You cannot eat to your heart's content and down you know have a great time and our our kick offs or 1 o'clock. That's greatest days. It is a great time here to just get outside and be outside and sit in the stands and enjoy some some good good concessions a wash of football do its. Especially if you're football as you know you you have you have the drafting you have spring games and things like that coming out. But if you wanna see real football arm it's a good time to come out and sort of you know feed them. Well we got we got some people you know we've attacks like people to listen in and respond in real time normally truly nasty and they send they say just terrible horrendous things mostly about me. But we a lot of people sand. This is great you know some reason or not these guys selling great guys and thank you for your service and I appreciate everything for you you guys do for us and Bob I agree thank you guys for everything you do for our city. For your service and line of duty but also. This is this is great and we're gonna keep spread the word and April 28 the home opener north Mac ten dollars if they're twelve and under come out. Offer free get out there and and support these guys Charlotte congress football semi pro football. I would our first responders in this area. Our guys like Roger marketing can get ticket info at Charlotte cobbers football dot org if you just wanna donate let's find out how you can help these guys your business owner or operator. Or maybe your somebody that works and equipment field whatever that stuff you guys wanna get plugged in. I sure look over football dot org to be greatly appreciate it guys it's a pleasure to talk to you final thanks for coming and thanks rescue operation.