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Friday, May 25th

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VP Charlotte 49ers legend Celtics radio network it is a big game 6 in the Eastern Conference finals tonight and all the pressure. He saw the Cleveland Cavaliers right or wrong Max all the pressure on the Cleveland cut cavaliers tonight for game six at the Q. But you know bet that is that is true if you want to be I mean you pick up that way the trophy is in the field tonight it was. Old you know Liu quit being completely different site and network BB cavaliers. Though the puzzle and then spend pressure was felt that the series because. You know who broke the court not to create the cavalier abroad saying it would be to quote legal or two at the eighth straight time. Max if I take you all the way back got to go to the first five minutes of the season and I you were in the building I was watching at home on my couch I mean like most of America we were all just. In complete shock of what happened to Gordon Hayward and his ankle. And that injury if I told you in that very moment we were fast forward all the way until. Late may and it would be a game six Celtics up three games to two going to Cleveland to maybe go to the NBA finals not only would have Gordon Hayward. What you would also be without Tyree Irving you would've told me what if I told you all. Way that got that all the way back in October. Wolf we're dealt with that note that the cut off half a did you think at that point the expectation was. Well. You know you is that now pollute because when you Ludwick out like Gordon Haywood YouTube thing you have to players like carrier you. Those are around in between them be a good game but you didn't see them hate and hate that it's banned in the weight you care. Galen brown and fancy we have and get them to carry your team and not have to you're born that the play into yet. You want gave away from that spot. Might he give you just couldn't write that you know you can read it feel like it go that night that you know out there in doubt they they haven't sorted out that list. But it is also a testimony jays to date has been incredible wanna talk about him dissect it Cedric cornbread Maxwell is what this. Celtics radio network Charlotte 49ers legend and an NBA finals MVPs with this right now. On the technique come gas line item off Al Horford gotten enough credit Max may be Boston I think he has but nationally. Throughout the season and especially throughout these playoffs subtlety gal Horford got enough credit for how Brady Smith. Well look out the Mike with the group Coke here in middle aircraft. And he fit Al Horford is a standup guy. And that was done just that you know that was small gap beneath that he's being worked out chemically thing cruise control. And what they didn't miss Sweeney point they're bad or what's wrong with Alf what veteran players behind the curtain on that the Ian. And held them I believe what double scoring the basketball rebounding blocking shots and clearly he's the leader. And the cat licked coordinate young basketball left they'd look at your statement kilogram block. Could you say he's the Cedric Maxwell of the sting. That would be a little stretch right there it's a little strong the cancer and I thought that goes too far after her fifth. Click goes too far. Albert businesses code and call itself and you know Alan duke with you right now appeared out 25 redevelopment your though. It that you're ranked I have to cover date back what I worked the crowd out there it's. Oh man corporate. Corporate to a list right now on the tech because guess like Celtics radio network and of course I Celtics great he is an NBA finals MVP Charlotte 49ers legend. And Eastern Conference finals game six tonight up three games to two it is inexplicable. This Celtics team go to Cleveland with the lead and they can go to punch their ticket be the first team to do it for the NBA finals and it looks like. Maybe they could see used to we'll talk to Max about that. In a sec I I would love to know corn bread because I was reading Ian Thompson's latest book. I just a few weeks ago and there were a lot of really interesting quotes in the air from from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And from Doc Rivers and about Danny change and about just everything that's been built organizationally Boston but more than anything just this. Mr. cool mythical or that is being a Boston Celtic what is that because so many teams talk about all history lineage. But there is something to Boston and the great not only being great but always sticking around in passing that on. To the next generation of players how many teams truly have what Boston has in the NBA the way the U guys do. I think one of the feed recruit look at and I hate to see it by. How critical upgrade to a fake that look great they would be that the debt you know I would they would be good clue who they. To the bathroom stall the quick you know the naked he had a clear. Although they thought affiliate it is you're acutely. You know they have ended the. What the company itself. That led you to pick would be a map all. And outlook give up from the so I wanted to go to Atlanta did not feel that old thing about Paul who spoke. It would be draft this and its partner didn't sell the and to win multiple championships they're labeled great live you know rape where we will be like Larry Bird. Cabin. And and you know although gas near dark involved Robert there. Think it would it was a wonderful wonderful let me blatantly. Now we're we're right now they're cracked well Bob looked very weird problem on the sitcom get. Hard to guess the million that would. Yes well what. Do you have a story Max is Paul Pierce Hussein in this book he remembered very early on I think it was his rookie season read our back. I'll pull them aside one day and just wanted to talk to wanted to talk to for like thirty minutes and he was just blown away that red hour back. Not only knew who he was but it watched his college games it knew everything about his game. And he said he will never forget that even to this day that's something that every Tommy took the court he remembered that specific conversation with red do you have any memories of that in your career where. A former Celtic great told you to decide in and you guys had a conversation or somebody said something like that do you have any memories of stuff like that. I remember all look at that lately you know mop virtue leak was John Pavlik get plant here. One in my lot dirtier leaked out put out the red bit at that year I did a repeat them but America. And now it would do it it was it was real because people play within it a little bit in the end you know and Bowen taught third year when we when the thought he won the championship. Armor Berkeley. They have to mean any secret breakfast that we could match I want lecture notes that mr. we beat them. I'm Gary could retire the wacky things you've said that warned that doubt about that in which took a lot of money back that day. They're that important thing is not gonna change my bank account and that was the day you walk the way it out that though happy to actually know now. I bet that story and network. They're bird and myself. AMP prayer retreat on the court during nick pitching getting. And Europe every prayer the ball in the Larry. The man came down the Pope looking Larry and an air force that got him he came back to Britain golf crap about people in Britain that. Larry I got it can't move the ball you know keeping it looking like that. And Larry what about the bit that you looked every bit that they're you pretty damn good it would be publicly released. And can. Put it up. Tough tough tough tough and. But it did do not their words. Vowed to fight out of your logo wait wait Larry Kantor had their wrath agreed to put both Blair the old hopefully elect there. But what about they might as well what this particular point did it that way. Oh my gosh that's cold blooded. All set candles are curious do you think too much has been made of the impact Brad Stevens himself has had on the Celtics seemed to seems like as a play else has gone on you've gotten a lot of that. Brad Stevens is a young genius but the thing I'm curious about it him as. What is it he's done specifically to make the transition from great college coach do great NBA coach. And haven't found that this year. Puckett hit an outlet and at at. Answered the first book I asked in the question have you heard any of grant even players complained about your being called the change. That would be no. Yeah not that to mean he. We treat the coup and and you got on that and others you know you can and it could give that big cricket that Brit who. And and they ought to be rid of it. Labor anything that you put out there there's Serb live how that that he'd been out. For content with the players that obviously they're not think that the typical she strategy where he would be here and and you're below the radar he would not try to that they court he would not. Portion repeated polling data that the and at the Ole notebook unclear of living are accountable. And you don't know who's called to though you look great opposite. Not like that who you know yellow book Pitt beat it must resist I'll bet on that battle lab. Cracked secret that yeah Tuesday in the third new millennium what you could meet her new millennium coat them and it worked in the. Third. Just felt that they're very well and well served him very well so far Condit go out and the public later complete punter. Max I heard Robert Parish just the other day say that he thinks Brad Stevens is getting too much credit. They're Robert person completely soaked. Right now. And I think that's where people look but he's not and that's what I did it at you hurt anybody who has. Police are perking up you know. That weight quitting right now currently any players pray if you're hurt our REIT I didn't think here you heard Al Horford. You go down the line albeit at low would you not IQ in the spam by it meet Robert Perry security and that you know let it be an inordinate right after the knicks ripped. Net debt they black. You know he anthem when the champion here. But clearly people on the pan out. The weight people. It's you know if things go the way they go you know kicked carrier be back next year scored chaebol come back the next year you know use there patent what you would have. You could be in the mix right now with the nick cup league year. So far that's next bout the seven years to win the championship for the players that you. Are we talking to set your cornerback sort of let go of the moment finals MVP an NBA champion. Celtics radio network he's with this right now detect the count yes and I also feel like Max. Part of that is to. Odds are people that have started a conversation heck ESPN did it not shockingly. Would you rather have a superstar like LeBron James or Kevin Durant for Brad Stevens and that's a silly conversation in the NBA right now that's not that that locally. Is so that's part of the problem right. Yeah you're right with the world with not one ability situation what didn't happen superstar players that the that the U you know what you have to be the work with thump. If you if you work but right now I go out right now called the team maybe not do as well that for apple when your name go to get my dad. You know LeBron gay and that it you know you can you can get. You know essentially you know that the that we got more in depth yet these big right now they come up with a pretty good talking with you ever if you add that to start it up. May actually go to six days from where we are right now game wine. Of the NBA finals who were the two teams that are going to be on the floor. Out added that that that I would pick up the question if you add new that it would prompt yet black. Hockey puck out what you eat at what options that they would have beat the Celtics and I'm probably don't you quit it's Calgary achievement that battle the Booker albeit. Call late. I think he's the Detroit beat your book might be viewed that and itself. Election is that you make do we you know would it be if you didn't you guys who are part of the fact if the fact that felt to win the game here. In wiggled that night. Who beat that you point would be giving the trophy the candle would reveal what do you think you plop the that's threat to beat me they're. One bright. Philip don't mean to hit it over to the older though. Outfield actually repeated now you might get a yep yep is the that this putt well. You've got repeated that Mike Ryder Cup and only about the only gap the book out that remark you. But my people talk to your people Max Smart people talk to your people have met some here menu at some may have you do act couple odds. An article for them help out strongly copy of the problem he'll sleep how to tell them that they're all part of what we hear me. Shocking and hey Brad and have a great call we showed tonight it will be watching a man that's a lot of next. Got. Not because they know sooner or read backstroke.