CBS Sports' Will Brinson: "The Panthers Lack Of A Run Game Is A Concern"

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Wednesday, October 11th

CBS Sports' Will Brinson joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers win over the Lions, as well as their upcoming game against Philadelphia on Thursday night. 


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We welcome in on the tech could come guess on what Branson for his is soccer knowledge it is a soccer tape will we listen to how. What are are rewarded for spiritual and very. Julie what we do I thought about thought it would be to be popular internationally. Well when I was rigidity and its citizens. Are very articulate hard my perjured herself well on the military have been on America's borders problems. Hello dog and stroller remember it was a boy oh our turtle or reduce your foundation boon for Miller soccer and cross country return better. Our facilities assassinated on a tax on that that people can text back at at at we can tell you they can text us and then we we as an actual. Amazing what's going on you don't need to know that there's often 2011. Differences with the CBS sports CBS sports dot com you know your follow twitters that will bridge since sold are aware of these pitchers come from the last two weeks will. We are caught in order server. Or are you recovered about that forces close our column. Didn't so much between local time they a couple of site bottoms. I think when you look at what happens is. You know after a week three game against this hate Sarah did appear to have the offense was stopped and rod. And not click here in camp Morton healthy and then all of a sudden explode over two weeks. But it's sort of murder comparable to a couple events. Why can't a healthy universe from a doubt I had about that after watching him play that we export reviving his earned run and an historic. True I think the my short sort of got a little more creative with your offense. Hey didn't have to do with him. Veer a little practice here and there were put yourself do you restore your departure of what a bunch formations. That really work well or considering under the execution of our tax record before the first three weeks. Basically here asking quarterback Kurt. He's a hundred different factors through follow their side it's more closely and they don't do it didn't condone or coverage didn't have the same time. Creating an easier read the quarterback in particular help Camelot as do your job for to have all. And they go to your garden again for more pressure the reds are virtually the whole market that we refuse to hold seems. 300 days sales sailor cam as a weapon McDougall Eric. Don't put whoever's going to be consistent record contained in the red during an estimated stop. And limited basic stuff portrait crucial to capturing their first we hear of their purported forty port sort. Very got hurt Saturday desperate to get him involved in it don't go over here but still trying to you're going to resonate through war and scored pastor. And and it didn't hurt you know they figure they're very fair here in Europe there's a hustler has just. I think I think you think they can eject from enforcing a little bit has also been a short culminating. Did you what and an impressive offensive the last two weeks. Well and the others it will breaks through this again by the way CBS for CBS for stock come on Twitter at will Bernsen and again he's got that piece up on the Panthers right now some issue I checked it out his sights on the sweater page. At will Princeton. I just think about McCaffery to the Panthers dot Rosie saw the staff painters PR staff tweeted this out earlier that right now McCaffery. With where he's at so far on the year is leading the NFL. Regardless of position among rookies right now in receiving yards and receptions with 23727. If I told you apple for the season would you believe that or no. Well role if you. Oh lead and then. Gone on so we've got people who reach out and he receivers were a caricature total B yeah yeah yeah I would believe it. Very little progress. Yeah I would have credibility would have popped up what he I think I think it's unfair how we're sort of treated Christian or every because we we expect this. You know after a lot of expectations were too high brightness. Or the other and yeah. I mean yeah but he'd. He went eighth overall mean there's an affair. I'm. There are all of our expectations. Think he's good I think he's been good but he had a bit trade center and I think people thought you'd be trade center out of the gates. A guy you put your foot to a foot I feel alone and special teams and I do. Which was jailbreak games. Bar here of criticism and wrong that about what he just hadn't done I think eventually very nearly guys who. There were a rookie either it's not like he's. This got a yen not not the limit for net bridge but look for that job is. Gupta and hand ball actually have very and any future political different what are you look at rejected yours in terms of you are here for comment and be a receiver and yes slot here and lie about why he. They're great at his government reported book regardless. Of criminal Tripoli. And I don't think it I think there's a little bush transition. But I think we could see him pop as the future goes along also addicted you can hear concerted effort by the editors. Pretty you're pretty good hotel or opinions I look at him I could have a purple voters put. You have they've really reduced the number of rushing down the Christian averaged them on and so. You almost wonder if there's different every healthcare for every shot out there he'd do to clear sign that they're running. Featured future Schwarzenegger he eagle a couple of for Thursday but I think there are attributable to come away his workload he. And that's you have met. Should not ideal for a popular guy. We'll do what general principle this joining us right now on the tech become just like doesn't function SEC York's he's minus a year and BP should this team through five weeks are now. Our. Little debt though under steady and good however interpreted. But did you know who won the most fearless and so contribute. Very that you heard and especially the last few weeks. It or not even. I read about it trying to be here pretty good physical there could have had a Press Secretary is really good and sort of being developed on on all of a pretty different factors. Using his brain and his side he and his skill. Dominate on the big play your I think. He's here you see this is the first type situation here got voted get a break out last year but are lighter just go fear of just how. Can't see we get about being viewed casuals. That allows third that now we're happy you're everywhere you Jeter's third year or yeah. Just tells you the big money up front when you drafted early but. This question if you take one of these peace that is offers to the still like. The pieces that they have worked really well together. It and you don't they're stars and other offices on the other teams where you it won't you know without the other players he'd be trying you know he still mall allow us to like these pieces weren't so won't again. Did you remove when it just doesn't work the same for some reason it isn't safe to say that. If you don't without kill him and you know when differences without. Chris McCaffery when tell you mention and did you think this office were like that or is it just tends to their money ball literate don't really make a difference. Yeah TPC. Is just as. That is until an affidavit Russia but out of here this is yeah. You know. And if they're good question because if you actually believe we here were born here or here I would go to Gretel there you know I would I would respectable birdie. And and that he could dissident. Basically if they get decent fairly solid coming to the White House. I mean here's what you this wouldn't you wouldn't expect him to be got involved. To play really well. I just I I would trigger open I also wonder if the answer. Question assuming we're not we're pretty camels the table border to answer questions for Stewart. Because when you look at their results and they're predicated on establishing New Orleans and they're being out of grip the ball would still critical here I think you really underrated in terms of how he's performed this season and I don't know how that office would look if you were forced to. On the ball only person McCaffery Olmert would argue Whitaker not again I'm not unload there's just didn't think it would. Serbia trop all and stupid really moved to Asia there seems. In a year where you know we'll we'll see anywhere marker fifty proud of if you just. Peter just object to our Google could look at it and I think if you can run the ball either you believe you can. Bolt can't thrown in there as well it makes it more dangerous and that it makes you think if you can tell a digital way. Horses could still predominantly if you trip or just the way he could still see television a couple of and a ticket to get figured also interest predictions of of the offense exploded without. We'll total and there are clearly they would prefer to have all the news. That position. All right well we gotta we gotta go quick with like some lightning round stuff here you ready. There are it would start with right now some concerns. I'll this team there there are also all running the ball they're committed to a but they're also run the ball one of the bottom five teams in the NFL in terms of productivity. I'd running the ball that or the fact that they're one of the worst at forcing turnovers and turn over margin right now what's more concerning long term turnovers are sensitive ground game is and actually during good right now. It's pretty grounder conservative posters who are good side. You're 200 heroic war actually I think there's probably. A portion of the offensive line thumb that you respect we will get curses you go along. I think that's what they're concerned observers are random and pushing and this is that you have coordinators are different orders circuit. All right so as we look to this game tomorrow night should be a good Thursday night football game is this the equal challenge harder challenge are not as big challenges the lines last week on the road. Are much harder challenge this community would cover it up the line this course seven for the Eagles is. It is I think an independent Eagles would be my two hey it's your beer in terms of in SG teams that are there were behind defined the Packers and COK to play really well put yourself. Source of bush tree and he'd ever. She's do you see BC defensive line that leadership to that you agree to hear the temperature better linebackers particularly struggle over the secretary. And it could be fun to watch the birds. Or publicity. And there's been prepared to do the job you either abilities. So pressured well. Actually ever in Asia but it did give a different candidate for breach predictable course we're all really surprise you would defeat what he's pressured. And also interpret rhetorical path of secondary. All right guys here's another one really quickly here shock inside and I didn't really interested in this they could be a game and pass down in the standings after Arthur tonight as the dancers get away and I you're looking at after their home game against the dolphins also by which is also lost. Are stored there next I'm after better than the other road road games against the patriots cantor Seahawks and cowboys game at home sandwiched in between so in about five to six weeks we're gonna know whether the Super Bowl hangovers for real analysis are construe or false. Are all I don't think there's terrific record low enough mediocre fighter of all matter I will say they're. This game we get to golf and I would affect your camcorder without refused to cover. He let it at all I look at that next game but did have to pay a tree is you don't think those guys. Are tying their gains coming out of your preference for there. For the patriots coming out of why you're not yet they continue to order this definition of a trap game show be very curious. You know the falcons handle very bad golf and he had come from out of the side very do this sort of look at her there but you look at how could you come out of it stretched. Water authority and that figure I better get a little bit of panic grandma orders issued brokers would say quite well observers are lost. All right last thing this is the most important part how much of that a big CBS money's gonna do endorse new contract. Yeah. You negative I'm on he's tough so. This could have elevated legal guardian of our audio cards I did sort of those. Betrayed or so yeah besides. Well well not very original riveted attention because. Ship ship everything breaks through to weigh and interstate. And look park your car they're going to be converted confers it is just the yeah goodbye after particular carrier Notre Dame here Dave ever gave him a cause and they've heard exploration writing Dave don't win enough games. Not having him lockdown over contract. Could result of their leader that you go to WW definite program offers largely because of lions. Vulnerability that way gradually bring great Bradley jobless tribute can draft pick on up through. Plus large contract situation be different or similar happens by the garbage guys. Since CBS sports story does work CBS sports dot com we love the studio is the best and skit that daddy would bother you now thanks to make it somebody. What are your.