CBS Sports' Swin Cash breaks down the NCAA Tournament

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Wednesday, March 14th

CBS Sports' Swin Cash breaks down the NCAA Tournament. 


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Let's talk about some of these brackets what might happen and some of these matchups with our next guest she's doing an awesome job. A bomb on CBS sports as an analyst and for the men's and women's game she joins us here talk a little whoop swing cash joins us. On the Mac attacks when I was going on how you doing. Name that cavs don't love and strategy. Thanks for coming on you do a really good job we wanna get John talk a little tubes here talk about some of the local teams with Shia. Let's start first all star wins. The Virginia injuries though DR Andre Conner this is probably their most athletic players you know sixth man of the year in the conference. He's real personal to a defensively. Actually this is a big blow is this something you would look at and say. Should Tippett who maybe like I was debating Arizona Virginia announced thinking of going to Arizona to the final four or should I chill out about this DR Andre Carter injury. Well we're meet personally just. Beforehand I had already had aired. Hack urging access. But it in your somebody that had bridging etiquette how we are or check chippy they want our read your bracket. At a no disrespect of the yanks get what you look at my bed at about. The on your and what he invented that keen. Yet I think about it this way when typically game situation and that you look at people here are 46. Year. Keeping out gain them. And if you look at a number of what you think don't want it to get yet you're still technically improved in every category. So saying that big of somebody that the that thought people would mean going into hot seat and I think you're great at bat it. They're difficult to figure out approaching it came to not use it quite a lot of we're at that point they're gonna come out. There's no doubt he's a bucket getter specially big shots had they were crazy ridiculous Louisville game they want easily won us throughout the the game winner there at the end to win that one. I'd let's move down as sort of their south side south region let's go down lower left. And talk about UNC we allowed tar heel fans listen here. I'm at the point where. I'm almost overlooking Xavier I don't know if you think it's a mistake and I'm kind of looking to heal saying if they can get past Michigan and then may begins Agha. They can gets in a final four imam making a mistake overlook and Xavier who who do you like in this region. You're not making a mistake at all. Invade your hat and getting all the week. The Beatty before he knocked out by UNC and I'm like yeah we actually it okay this is racked. What it's Reid actually say out at a lot of ballot and you look at seem like it might think that they'll. We have to prepare they need to have a imports are. So Barry I think he needs to be adequately level outboard them I think they have not the other piece it that way it's made their client. I'll had been on op option and Acme Packet not ought to be right now they're out how by how bad. The scene. What they need that new leadership. And that went carpet issue they need pointing need production. And I think if they get that out of there should be your right baker outwit Oprah book that Nat. Or are they OK I think a lot of people it racquet or oh okay. Can back up but you've ever I don't get our apple. What code what. For yet you know ego are up to the final four. I'd let's let's see your swing cashed in with a CBS CBS sports net we're talking some brackets. On let's go to that lower right over there are armed that is duke. It and and I look at duke in that region was Kansas in the midwest. And man it's hard to meet a Michigan State matchups although duke I think is for the coach case for one against Izzo Michigan State in the turning in their careers. But that matchups a tough one it. It's really tough for me didn't pass like looking past Kansas Michigan State or duke I that's a power trio what do you think of that region. You have me neither you look at this region that it had. The cream of the crop. Our current dock. Donald lots CNET talked about how at this every vote for a look see because it think about McCain is like the brand and hurt he can they do. I mean movie if it's unbelievable to think about a possible. Michigan State and duke. People we think it's you know typically sixteen but I don't like to act in this read in the Michigan State activity because. Look we don't got app that they and what they're battling all in debt but they can bring not that they didn't come at you don't wait. And I think that the rocket meant Bridget had a plea well I expected to be one of the exciting albeit it's eager pat that the ability to go off. But on this point it's not rocket that failed it short because that think they buy or at the but haven't a packet came that the Euro would go the way though can't they pull it together can add belt because they can't beat younger guy. Be able to step up it's that right by and what I like is back bright and well what what. It's going to be a big question we have a lot of NC state Tansu NC state so they're neo in that little area with Kansas. First of all the NBC saw all teams got good guards Delgado is a big old you know obese to deal with upfront. What do you think about NC state can they win that game and can they you know make life tough on Kansas sore or you're not the only NC state. I have. Not accountable packing atoms are about the band out there. But it is out of but that the I could not but because of epic action because of their ticket but I want our back up a lot of action and C hall is pat there by your. Mean they're balanced across the board or diet epic thirteen point two rebound it was a lot right at pre people. You Albert because they're that. They make great atropine an acting obviously. That for a damn plane in the big east that's volley. Our. Thought if I get that brand name like yeah like you come out they all right. A lot of people aren't you the plane bound air but it believe it or any action packed get the hot is it gonna go buy. It. But as your final final four team of Villanova. It seems like the easiest region for a one seed of them all to me do you agree would you got that region. Well again our own their reject it because that car at the cut key beat yet but I like that. Up you did that eat at you have. Don't account at a bat in because I don't think they're really expect that but it that they expect erotic a picnic picnic at a bit like that but they may running not beat at. But until they get the possibly being the spot up for her to get eighteen or can't it very it is to come about it. Cards win before we let you go bomb I got to ask your question a guy and you can. You can agree with me he's not listen all right you know he's working right now to my coach REM you know he's working on his own stuff right now trying to win like a 700 national title to something and I think he seems like a jerk he was your coach you've done. Do you want agree with me and say Max I can't tell yelled desperately was a jerk or you want defendant. That's a lot being I think anybody. Had might expect that they give back there you book out. Eat you know I went to really use that word they're. They've but that was and I. You know yet he had this ability to get in at best player but a law that. Get the can't keep it for the battle. I'm not out that look different but at the end of the day he very oh coach oh became an action. What he had that activity like. Either love or are you hate. I think I'm on the inside. I think have got to donate to your party your Yukon woman's basketball you're tired and the haters. I want to ask you this was there a moment a particular where you were playing and he was really hard on you and it was like. It was a remote you got Amanda stabbed him ever. Yeah I can't think of for me. He we got I think everybody put people but there is an out anybody on it would be able to handle it on. He put app but so are not always be. More. Out or different outlook about this guy is a joke that great because he could never dealt well with. I like trot out won't quit at their out. It back and greedy self respect where you're back is well. Us use our tables on him like debt. Did you push the button pushes buttons right back some drama unlike you I'm a UConn fan I apologize to my friend here for college did. Ecology we did Thursday is our year after year after its we will settle this one more time. I could accept. I don't does seem like Jesse got understood where it was coming from the glass will will talk about this once wins off here. All right well hey keep up the good work CBS breaking new stamp thanks for join us we appreciate it. There. Were.