CBS Sports' Prisco On Thomas Davis Hit: "A Lot Of Players & Coaches Around The League Label Thomas Davis As A Dirty Player"

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Friday, December 22nd
Pete Prisco from CBS Sports joins Primetime to discuss Thomas Davis' hit on Davonte Adams. 

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Well any further. Primetime Amanda's familiar with this program. Crisco CBS sports dot com you can follow me at first go CB. BS. He's been awfully Jim Schwartz we have good afternoon sir. It S premier trauma to people are trained as they are a lot of offices and traveling through the Carolinas aware of but it does the Mason may take him to a you are writing. You don't unless we introduced this piece this month because. They that was that is why you call. Article reported player and on the some. It's. Not that they're they ought it is not off at will but that they are what to do that well yeah. She's young. Inherit it could happen over the course of Bubba though or upload a story are. Boot the dirty player the National Football League but our poll of players the coaches and front office people. It's surprisingly enough to see. Comic David name was mentioned several different parts. So how many are right there. Quantify how many players or coaches combined. I didn't I I don't remember exactly targeted for example it's never bay buccaneer double people barrel they should let him. Typically have pointed out to a point to a play. That I went back in this you know what he pulled out you spoke on that that that piece that is by the would be able printed wrote the piece. It's sit there and he blasted the you know who it was checkbook what was shepherd off the field of the crop that are. Clearly. Shepperd let up there's noted back in black that the the dirty white artwork we got beat in every week I've told Don that all hope because a lot of that done. Your guy and yet yet but if they're very different in the pop stole the bike that. I think he's protected that side by several of the people thought all that Coke you're. Players and the dirty player and I are I thought the product of you you'd you know part of the but the good guy all the you'll. But you know what happened that we and it bit you know Jeff you play behavior type integrated died in the world book the hope they learned the upbeat if we don't deal. You'd wanna pop. He's one of the net but that that thought that the rate of because I think there you know you have to order with the Oakmont that would play of the game book Rupert another type of Rupert. It was what it looked riverboat. The opinion of the bottle but he's a good start at all but the other two if they are separate and divide the the body work. Bet it'll jumper that was there were. They hit it didn't grab. Questionable. Borderline being hit the other bet on content. Adequate. We birdie and then it would be another one on top recruiters here so. I mean if it's been an order and it can't hide what he can't run by the go to where it went dead at all. That's where they compliment by the way I did then back there other people would say. I repeat I'm on the list so treasured of them aren't you nice enough to come on an almost in the program for little girls on my go go law but she's. And we protection and a group of former lover I give me as well like. It's just hard to do more than. All principally as movie you have three anyway they can do complicated talk about this team transitioning into the match up what you're so. As a backup active though you look at both played their you don't need a baby out of play. Transplant do not think he was there. Wow so is it. Right you know what our. Here's our content on and on that play I think what got him in trouble was leaving the feet because once you leave this feed that's basically you're a step up in in the targeting realm which is that you can't control your buddies you basing launching yourself it's your money if you receive on the ground they wanted to. In the same light is him watching over them and also I think it's ideal that now we've got a new point where. Every each time there's a type of hit like this it just spread like wildfire that's. He barely afford doesn't absolve the players for that hit by the gonna point now where are almost looking at suspending any color. Anytime there's a physical play EP. We automatically look for flag and if that's where the game continues to turn your I'm concerned about the future to gain. Well I didn't but again you worked out who were in were other patrol. So they're well I I without a doubt but that wasn't bad that all but what they'll buy out there and amp order we all battle out of the people. The cal boy. I get that the Packers in the opening it truly but it red white. Being that we ought to be able to 22 you know we kept being at all picked up so we could do that now we get to that that we get that help. It would not entertained and at that point became the book Peter Burt is that what that people out and would you do about it. You're prepare yourself that it's not that just don't look why don't buy it. At what you thought about what apple was. Quite a darn it what was there a couple of people. Yeah rose. Russell Shepard play I will say to me was much more egregious that were happening just the Montclair I won't give. That one our but our our data moves or no Tom Davis on Sunday is what is going on Sunday after everything and they have. Long bomb here we're ownership. We heard from Cam Newton this week his commentary about the ownership or ownership all that stuff what do you expect to receive from the Carolina Panthers in essentially. Winning European scenario cure on Sunday. I think they've killed a box of weeks. Apart. Different it would happen but what I have to beat doing what a couple of that is what the buffalo or shall we got destroyed what Tampa they put everything had been beaten Atlanta on a modernized. And apparently another critical oil well if you play well without the Dalai I think I think Carolina put all of them are really do I think it's all about the. Sort of look at as the playoffs have you spoken to Winston middle with the playoffs Howell scary of of the team were the tethers to meet in all the parents and on a number one a few plays at the level has been playing out. Almost anyone NFC. Adaptive bit about the end of the year anybody innocent beat anybody yet there it is spoke I spoke power he spoke on the book. I think all reality of the top executives like people refused to help will be based. I'm look being equal if they had went beyond what paper that they don't that they at all. Think you know bit of both is what it really good football being spent well we don't know what a what if it is true that we would come out across our. The rampant part of the duke got the block it and and what they went out but they're both open wrote a book that he spoke. We don't know that it took that good so if a critic for pretty well. It's going to be Carolina it would at all of the Atlantic it would it all they did it but everybody thought the war went bankrupt you know the rest of repeat I think all we can. Intel or that he admitted there are people who wouldn't it I think all speaking at the end of the topic people. More cheers that a paper scroll from CBS sports star com follow him at preschool. CBS. The NFC South Carolina where we are Umbria. List. And in the pre season there was who lives ranking quarterbacks in the NFC south. I believe your memory serves me correctly. What's cam ranked last or mixed to ask an NFC showdown. With a violent. CBS we thought well maybe you had done a bush if things aren't right you're right come. It is what. It. By with a bit of that before the speaker with a Drew Brees brought bought that ought to hit the tree just as well. Oh. Drew Brees or about why you can't do three did it once before. Matt Ryan is betting Cam Newton right now he is a traditionalist with the part of that literally. Going officers speak. So you know you've batted didn't have yet been over there have been. These credit debit. And give Newt this year but what I. Support your by the book book there's standards by the way but I would bet that vital. But look you know one up at the scene in Iowa Iowa it will pay that for formal I think you look up without support. They're number thought you know what the portable or we were both. I would you. You're so so I I'm I'm for valid until about the same so I. One jam who met three. And don't think Iran counselors on hand to pre season idea put Matt had a Campanella look about it no shoulder looked like. Based on the production this year. I think camp called JR you are good it means more to his offense. There Matt does he is yes. And looked. After all are because camp partially because cam has played at their level albeit a consistently. Is that not a case that cam has played better of him this year. Well one complete it beat by repetitive that Villa complete 60% of the fact that they. The significant difference one haven't and Albert were sent this seven point 79 yellow that the 48 war anyone out there reading your. In 85 the other ones that aren't too. One has 3490. Yards the other one had 49 yards. You know 21 putt out of twelve they're an eighteen and eleven so I expect their numbers are compared couple. But in either one of them is that that aspect but I I would just get that right. That's a virtual draw creditor. QB OP but I see chemical seventeenth secure rearm and mad is that seeks so. Conroy told me a fabricated. It's made our best it's a now about a network that we won't mention they set that up. Are you are aware but I just feel like when you add in every picture with him all day because what you have a beverage. I think I kind of grown what's the best one that includes. It's 00 quarterback's ability to rush the football so that's why I drove around to move more to golf but what about tomorrow. Briscoe joining us from CBS sports Docomo white. What do we kitsch. And took on. Oh what is going all warned that the Fran knows when he catches the kids and what the officials are going to room. But it won't rippled malveaux control to the ground. I mean if it is if there's any doubt that it not a tech site I understand that there are part of find out that played Pittsburgh the other parent there. I voted right here without repeat the ball and local mall blue is that from them awake but it's quite an. So it will hold a little bit in on either he had. And then it hit the ground we never really lost control its own and that their point back to the clinic catch. If you go to the ground and they had a wobble out at a European that got out of that I think I think the rule back pretty simple. You know it is. You don't pay white people all over there they go the the ball that all other herbal I expect to pretty simple control now they've made it very controlled all of the lateral like that it. You can do need to be you used to use. Know a mile yeah rule is applied was applied correctly and I just think that I to meet I think he's culpable then decided to go into these are offered you was. He caught the ball as if they touched him down when he is he down. And then the active you're trying to get the ball over in Zurich. After the show after the show and also the same way about a dismal last all time. Calvin Johnson was merely didn't what the ball and formal. If it does to you Tom I'm so irate with the for a while. We're gonna win on the way out your book I sincerely hope the competition committee. And in I was very proud of Mike Tomlin. On that committee says any offseason we've got to address this there's just too many. Rules we've got to simplify this thing because their parents are you Super Bowl or a championship game that's the side about one of those plays. You don't play your greed. What that what the what they are and what how do you see this picture was predictable way. To beat down bought it and that's. To freedom bowl when you kiss whatever happens after that is just after that. No football no football bowl. The other hill watch football move it. If debt it is people have been but the ball popped out after about the yeah. It already have a way to rule where the upper lip on the net and they both vocal at the beer special that. Yeah I kissed the ball any duke and I firmly plant animal I gotta get under bush just the ball from a planet I get blown up ball what to fumble. No difference don't Friday night no different Saturday night to treat and some. You know that people that know that the other value got a bit. Thank you for everything you know still tortured at his peak crystal follow him on track so personal. CBS.