Cat Scratch Reader's Billy Marshall discusses the Panthers off-season

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Friday, March 16th

Cat Scratch Reader's Billy Marshall discusses the Panthers off-season. 


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Let's talk to Billy Marshall all right he's going to talk to us about what this film it shows about guys like Cohen Bree land. As we all sit here you know and get ourselves in nor lather should we. Be excited to be calm down a little bit based on the film Billy what's going on man are you doing. Morning guys thank you up. Chris you deserve that Amanda had the fans need this is that your must follow dude it's great stuff and I said yesterday I guess how many cuts and assays any time I'm quoting a talking about a video clip I saw on Twitter and regarded Panthers it's from Billy marshals account lets just call one it is com. What do you think we'll start with public I'm excited because. I think he's more disruptive at least that we advanced stats show he's you know way more disrupted installer he can you put humans in short next to each other. Managed just seems Nancy seems like the linebackers life's going to be better I mean should be weed we be really excited about just move what do you think. Well absolutely and you could replace star with a better player than. Don't turn pro and I understand it there's little concerned about. Yeah I was production the past couple years but I'm a buddy with really good Atlanta last year but you toward the end of the year when you know they were. Start to pick up their defense that he opens up. A lot of alleys for I think Deion Jones and I'll get there at linebacker in Atlanta so. Palm if you can translate yet that's still in. For guys like two equally at check in Davis then yes it's gonna be a trick exciting time I'm really excited about them. Yeah that that won't it was a surprise I kind of thought there alleged deposition being led Butler alone and maybe add another rotation guys that was a cool surprised. When you look ads Borchard Braylon on tape there's no doubt you look at his career and it's up and down I think any write up I read about him since the trade. It's got up and down or inconsistent in there. What do you think you did I feel like it's an upgrade though in that position what what do you what do you think what do you see on films from Braylon. Yes so Bruin I think it that another brick siding out bush for the money is getting them what they have got a contract that quarterbacks that are receiving in this market it's kind of ridiculous but. Arm yet spot market really good job by you know make sure that different value for. For a little bit per year deal off. Which is below a million guaranteed but. Hewitt won the better our cover corner in the league last year in I think what makes sense. Really get it is. How he's able to use this late in his streak with a one scrimmage can be able to impact. On a lot of pros and kind of disrupt the timing between the quarterback and the wide receiver. I was watching the state game when Washington play in shortly but he did a really good job against Michael promising obviously Thomas doesn't like. The cricket for steeper but he went really well once scrimmage are and I thought brittle and kind of held alone public on that regard and I think it's twice beat here in Carolina well that's certainly. Positive for its protection have a camper Leslie Marshall. Stillman and draft got her cat scratch reader great panther Twitter follow actor Billy Graham underscored 91. What do you think you get to Torrey Smith because I feel like that might be where the odd negativity starts a notch or a mobile site on the second tease that. But what do you think about the safety spot I'm really like to highlight the fact they're bringing in Luke Wilson laminated bring any bronze going to sector and addresses back up tight end thing. But what do you think about the safety spot do you have somebody out there that you think would be a good fit for what we need. Yes so you know traditionally under. Ron Rivera they haven't really that's a lot in that position I've just got back fifty years ago Mike Mitchell. I'm even more Hewitt really expense the when he came albeit with. A disaster. But. I don't really think they're gonna really you know break the state for a guy and I know they're built player like what Carl and read out there could potentially help this team but. Think you know if you don't look for familiarity debuted a bike Majoli and Arnold the initial very dead palm. But I also think the dropped for a lot of options to him and Marty did mention a few times I want to get younger quicker in the back and did pop I think this drafted really. Filled with a lot of young CP well with a couple of them in if they're looking to replace that do that throughout the yup that's certainly an option but. You know you certainly don't wanna go into here was you know good depth chart currently have look Colin Jones and topic Demetris Cox about my cap or cheaply pretty well last year all things considered. But yet they've certainly upgraded. Maybe you bring back it gear or two of the doubt about it pretty good being you know when he was. Rotating with Coleman and well. Yeah I'm I'm not expecting it to make it big watched I think they dropped a lot of good options with regard to. All right Billy what let's go to the the offensive side of the ball and this is where fans are a little nervous prior to get into this a little bit next hour. On the Torrey Smith I mean that looks like that's that may be V veteran free agent wide receiver signing. People were expecting nor hoping I should say at least for things like Al Robinson who watched and stuff like that or now you see the money there willing to spend up against the cap. And you see they could have gone after one of those guys in trying to get in the bidding war it just seems like they wanted to upgrade. The get a wide receiver what do you think about Torrey Smith I feel like I'm on an island with not too many folks. This feel like he can be kind of a reclamation project like Ted Ginn was how do you feel about Torrey Smith. Yes that that certainly and other pertinent been made between them again and opera for I don't really it you know again when he did not college you'd like a novel Utley. You know albeit he did have a lot of struggled producing before it into Carolina. You know if he does what thing really well and that's. He gets vertical and you know he just does it bother. Skill that it well below average in my opinion meaning you look at some of another event Patrick like yards for a run which I think it would really be trouble trading. I'm just how wide receivers do it per count bassist and he was in the bottom absolutely it. Pro football focus and not just one group mr. Hewitt. The third worst why are people optics. Pop but you know watching the tape ruptured heat it really do a good job of getting vertical in the helped out a polished on and pop. Yet Al galore and Kirk they can have opened up the playbook well. The same time I think there appear more like an innovative. Offensive coordinator and I'm not really sure I expect nor the kind of trend in that direction but. I do think you know it's a fine spotting up on the surface but I do I'm not a fan of and five million dollars that's kind of where my ink a bit. You don't think that the five million in comparison to what some of the other wide receiver deals are like does that does that make you feel any better all are now. Well the two guys I had in mind what's created the open where Mike Wallace and bright Butler and neither have been signed yet well armed militants that the update what kind of market it happened. I think those two guys you know do a better job of you know having missed skillful but aren't getting vertical on winning at one scrimmage. It often have a little more diverse they would that there routes well. I Whipple look at what fortunate having potentially you know we each got one that it in the they're marketed. I do agree with you that W feel like mark creek and looking at and a notebook it exported it yesterday but that right agree it just well that was little particular. Both from that perspective yeah I hit the market they'll have been really. That'll get our Madrid the defeat what he'll you know kind of percolate with guys like Schmidt the wall sport and export judgeship but I. I just feel like. For me I thought you know even Bert when they did appoint part of that struggle and a lot dear. I just hope that this and it's funny department prevent that from you know you're receiving what stopped collecting. I understand that they have. Injury issue I can do better younger or potential. We hope that typically think about. And you reminiscing point you know Mardi Mardy pretty darn actor right other athletes urgency with him. Bombs could they did back in that wide receiver marquis kind of in the second base like a Wallace is still out there that does. I think that's interesting question to our ability he killed it man first guest spot for you on the show it's not quite like doing Letterman when we were glad to have yet to come Billy marshalls and on the couch and doing. There was talk to be maxed it ran out of her partner who must follow. Prepared their fans can check out these up Stillman draft stuff a cat's scratch reader at Billy cam underscore 91 on Twitter will have to do this more often brother thanks for coming on. Appreciate it our.