Cam Newton After 28-23 Loss To Eagles: "We Didn't Have The Right Ingredients To Win Tonight"

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Friday, October 13th

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My evaluation is and you have. Good ingredients to win. Turn the ball over as many times do. Malaysia for scores. It's 222 winning. A game like that you know you just have to you have to protect for Walter and mostly talking too much so what does. The score today at the Kia the you know there in like they were layups for him. In the while it's not that. Not only are lines. A good he might veggies. You know that's that's I had a good ingredients we gotta just found ways to. You know jury you know there are alternate. And you know put our defense in the Indian in there and that sort of is this stuff. It Kimmel live. On the last two drives me kind of ball yeah. They were showing. You know it was terrific coverage zero coverage for a and a lot of honed in you know keep players Angie is loose. He married off. There was a lot of a lot of players and made the mistake early in this alternately no. And you know I'm. New things and move was there. And know where that defenders were. Com. You know with you know economy in the short on the pan. Parties. We had opportunities when he did it would make me and made the most of. And an earth. One he's. And. And adapt it to. They didn't. You just started to communicate better offensively. They're on the same page and and we do. I think things are coming to earth looked at the start there and that's a great team work good in a plant. Playoff caliber football. And I think that was the first those who and we we we'll be better from. Being put in that position. Trying to knock us out of Hugo range trying to knock our momentum off. They did a good job of dead zone you know commando. It's just blew me oh weekend you know come to accurately. Or how OK. Okay. Well we need loot. I know he was out for most most part of the game book you know his presence was news. You would kinda had like Lou let our. Authority to waive. There in the third quarter that we got both her didn't do much with it. Turnovers Meredith and you know isn't any game that there's got to be better that it be better we got to give our fans better you know regular sales better. You know who lost his you know and home. Fit you know we know we're better than the product that we put out there and feel of you know no excuses for short weeks you know coach mentioned laden there is mention. You can through our our citizens and we don't. Yeah got to be better movies there and move forward and that the confidence that I yeah. Score well. We'll I was it is evening we just won on the same page. Very good actually came off from. Another defender. I was trying to go to Bengie. One home page and show. News. That we gotta we always get him going. My guess is that part of it authority news though is that I was a mention. Team. That that heavily favored to run a little ball that in your honest and the football and found ways to get their running game going. And just get to a halt. In languages we'll. I'm an average woman was just yeah. It is often through music we just be better do better. Does personnel as players coach in this remotely you know. You know at times we did take complementary football bullied into an we didn't do enough game like this you know very scrappy various anti. Type game you know third source you have to convert. You know just get that moment emerald that we can blow winnow one out in the three. And you know they they get it down wrong maternal. I can't happen you know we just aren't even understand. Centers and ball had a fondness. Learn from it and into from. So. Oh I think that's the most pressure and apart but this whole thing is. I always use our ages you know in our favor. Right there over at home and and we had him. Costly losses. You know that's and you just got to go back to the drawing board and fix you know progress fans deserve better we deserve better players because a seed preparation. That's going in and you know we don't we don't have nobody to blame but our citizens has got it. I don't know I don't know I don't know. You know on the person I don't know color not like there you know put. Just the whole man you know who really good position right now and we did that was a good team that we that we played tonight. And we got to always when those two games of the these carpet. Tough grind out games. It. She's ourselves in the country. I'm going to go home yeah. I was grown is on his role is gone. But the guys that it did that we are missing but it you know. They know obviously the hole as often as you know we just got to be better you got the Wii and pick up pick up the that alone are following all right now. You got to give our guys involved more. We just got a few more traditional offices often and as a whole team we just gotta take tough raider football. And asking him.