Cam On Buffalo Being Panthers North: "I Could Care Less"

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Wednesday, September 13th

Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton talked to the media today from Bank of America Stadium. 


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They're great. They're great. You've got to always room. To prepare. Like you have been prepared. This is rather short week and then last week. But I think with your ego. Here. Movie you can't speak Kia am. Apartments and he's been thinking. Well. You know I'm just focused on you know buffalo right now. No need to look and review Mir won them Playskool. And and things. I hated me that I know I had to just stay on top book you both those are great team that we faired milieu where it because the personnel decision makers. And you know just got to use which is going to be. I'll talk to things that they do and we don't then they can get out of hand foot and pretty true have regress. You guys team when Sean O'Hair and I was probably in my friend you can anybody you'll know because. An advantage or other who has the advantage. Well it just like any other game is about execution so you for us. Did you do that's so different than any other game. This game is the most important game because as the next game and in and we're taking that. Towards where we're going back to look at as much fans possible. And and and trying to find any topic he's. Can give a snitch. Can't respectable. God yeah. What is shown. Well I mean what thing about it just like here. As well as in Buffalo's he has in store at a gas very very thorough defense of Islam. Toppled. Very athletic linebackers that can. You know wreck Havoc if you allow them to very talented. Back in secondary. That we had just known in in just take what they give us. You know for me. You know look familiar news is is this something that we have to use our advantage rather than the uncles yeah. Okay state your time news. Good. Can use them. It was a need to be expanded and the program. I. Well that's one thing that you know we we do need to get better yet there is no need to press the panic and the list that. Up next. Coach who is mentioned in an inning in the keys to win. We have to do that early on give the momentum towards us as well as get our fans of ball extremely early we know that that that that's our it's as well. And then you know everybody's going to be excited to plan BankAmerica including myself been in. No we ridges geared to put agree performers on the front of everybody. Yeah we'll do this she won't. Yeah him. Do. He guys making the most news as soon. So no team this is not the first coach he played against that was here before. And so I'm pretty sure it would be great coaches that we have now is not a complete list so well Iran. Option. What's this for him to be the person that he's capable of being here. You know that's expected. As this. All our offense evolves. You know we have to put the ball and you guys is that allows us. The best opportunity to succeed and allows him to be at their best whatever their sixties from PNG to news CNET news. NGOs that everybody that fun included. He's our next time you. Off the ball adequately well I'll. The news from Republicans. Kim Jones. They're. Or anything because they. It'll hurt. News. Here when it opens the standard and you today. An engineer and planner. Knowing them. Along those dollars are that the local business community here. Are you. I don't care. Who. Just asking. If I could care less what another team to I have all respect for us Sean McDermott and both will do as good. Charles. Their team is being constructed in invade and whatever. Not clear it is our influence in the court records show times. Hole yet here. Well he can we report this. Yeah where where is it where's there's there's this take place. On. Our. What pool. Is. Compared. Yeah. It was that what they're doing. And terror most of what's good issue. And in the end yeah. That's an what people wanna see when he cuts on seemingly Steve mr. And that is there are it's. These security guys just let us. As you guessed they take them there. Katrina if you get bring your body alone. I'll be updated every single person here. Is in the media that over the Panthers in the oval. It is now I think it is not a confirmed permit about it. They'll look into. Their. Yeah. And if listen to music is that even about the past. Look as bad athletic field. I'm favorite Charlotte. You dated Saturday. I am looking at a whole collective. Alone. Orszag you know I was sent to put a lot together. And and write them them nasty rule. Bay. You know little undertones shot them access it again and had you guys treated. The am with you guys out there. Just. You know I have a little roll over. There. Yet there. UK you can't change them these are and they schedule very hectic you know this loser. Educate. Him. If you could iron you can learn. I'd be out there in my little. That putt in business. Am doing career at all. Did it violence in the west yeah. What does that feel it didn't really does suit you're he's we're. What did that feel. Going forward this longstanding relationship. What is backing McCain. Eight is enough because. Calming presence pain knows it is artsy and explain them. When wooden their presence isn't there. Is the question mark vote when. I don't care fees that 80%. Taking anything you did anybody go play that position which is Nolan when you when Uga Uga there. And their Marilyn and then there in their presence alone. You know gives gives that call me. Include those for me I know he's been that you know his shoulder late Euro rotate or whatever. Around his own personal let's have a guy like he's so. You know Martin intellectual content is you know make my job easy. And takes taken below me. And you know is this is for us to have that relationship you know it is great you know be team. Jon Stewart indicating fresh legs. We'll yeah people what does that do yeah. Well you know who's been ultimate pro and I think one thing about it is it's. You know you get so what great players are because they raise the level of play and theirs is America's day here. I think that whole running back core business. Level play has risen. But it is starts his duties leader of that team you see next came on the very low maintenance very hard working. Because the as well as. Cap those guys that just you know taken. Taken the backseat and lit and learning as much as they can it's doing and has been interest in is he his his demeanor his crop his his energy. That he comes out of clay wood and in student has been the same person thorough you know he knows his role and everybody. As of right now these early games in the season and trying to Max our work in trying to define what their role is. As stooges been steadfast knowing that you know he's a workhorse and will continue to be. The workhorse for his name. Can result it's he. Certainly it's. It was on its feet. Throwing his offense right now. Well. It's it's it's pretty excited pretty certain but the onus is still needed to. You know found ways to get the right convertible. And Nolan. You know whatever play call it is I'm still only constant battle internal from me to try to gain coaches stress. As well as my team interest just like his 2000 Ricky. Knowing that our will make them the right decision and most importantly. And prove to myself you know I'm capable of doing certain things about the other quarterbacks do one thing I envision him being and not peak this. And knowing that you know. When this office is at its best. We could care less if the defense that we're playing as activist who has recently. Dimensional but it. And make sure everybody is all together. Yeah. Well. Yes and no. Because you know in years past. Pro but you know now that I believe that Foleo to play call. And for me. Obviously we're hand in hand with that decision making him culture. Both calls. You know for me when I play callers call. It's up to me to you know. Go wherever the deal that defense dictates of Monaco and in that pick any favors not picking any unity any type of you know person that's that it has its session of Bosnia only that the so we have to coach Shula. And you know and and his staff. Well. Who just on that we saw him in defense nothing too classy. I'm just happy that. In Uganda are tuned to go there. Can you do yeah. Yeah and plus ethanol. Classes. That is doing an older player I. Well you know that that in the past you know for me right now is is just. Making sure everything is geared in every entity is this contributed to try to beat them. Look what did you it's. The program. I don't know. It's it's irrelevant. This I don't mean beat David down you know I'm really so focused on. Charlie that you know become one and nobody ended both. But Sunday that's government says he's never we've just when that we get we'll have to be the best team in league you just gotta be the best team on the field that day. And that's what we're worried about.