Broadcaster Ian Eagle: "Carolina Seems To Have Some Of It's 15-1 Swagger Back"

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Thursday, October 12th

CBS & Westwood One broadcaster Ian Eagle joins Primetime to discuss tonights Eagles-Panthers game and which team he gives the edge too. 


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Let's go to the technical guess lover while committed man. On the call for Westwood One tonight I need eagle for Thursday night football Panthers and Eagles late thirty kick off. On national TV tonight the only show in town I good to talk demand you don't. And there were some guy it's great to argue. Not much showed great this surprises were just talking about only two weeks ago we thought came it was Lester did a left for dead we thought this there's there's different contests are dead and now. This so where does this rank about surprises and the NFL's pretty crazy the turnaround that they've the last few weeks. You I would agree and I think it's funny when he's matchup come up for the year I know that I'm calling these games you start to circle some problem. You put a check mark next others I can't say it actually Carolina stood out. As necessarily for the better matchups on paper is considering what to change coming off last year but. One thing that stood out in the NFL you guys notice every single years seemingly. There's a worst to first scenario thirteen the last fourteen years that the last place team in the division that's won the division the next year and these two teams. Would call find that category so there's a big reason why the NFL has this parity going forward every single year. And I think these two teams are great examples not just from two weeks to go court. From a season ago considering. That they are now the talk of the NFC along with Green Bay and the winner here to not have the best record in the NRC is truly how much it's changed a short period of time. We're talking I vehicle on the call tonight Westwood One and you'll hear Panthers and Eagles on Thursday night football also see it on nationally televised. Broadcasts are on CBS NFL network. And also on Amazon boy you really wanna do note no disrespect an answer roll all you you turn on the TV and you crank up what's the what you'll hear on track. All right we look those guys a look Tony Tony's thought but we'll talk to talk about that moment. Our first in general we were we were discussing this is well why it. Which when when I heard the pitchers wanna to retool the fall that became the buzz word around here this authenticate a game. I get serious doubts if only for I've never seen it offense changed fundamentally go out the way to wanna play without actually making any changes on the offensive coaching staff. I'll what was your reaction pre season what did you think of the ideals what they were trying to do before they actually played any games. I didn't know that was based on certain the physical status of cam trying to deal with the shoulder issues there and gestational what they need particular space. If there was a year or seven they felt that this was a point where maybe they need to reassess how they were running offense. Look to me I just watching the film and then going back on. On some of the things that have watched this past week from this year I don't even think they played their best yet I think we've seen flashes of them. Offensively. That you mention it spreading it around. But this running game hasn't gotten going yet they haven't turned McCaffrey lose he's been. Impressive in the passing game but he hasn't been a huge factor necessarily on the ground Jonathan Stewart right now at 3.3 yards for carry that's the worst he's ever averaged in his career I don't think it'll keep up that way I believe they'll be an object. But. Without Greg Olsen and with that Dixon stepping forward with strong interest taking on a bigger role than we saw a year ago. As to meet this business development this is an evolution. And I think there's gonna come a time or Cam Newton will need to run the football more just based on the way the future playing him. And based on his instinct kicking in at certain points when they have to go lot of make apply. I eagle at this Westwood One if you could explain to people maybe have just kind of its Xeon highlight shows on Sunday that all the Eagles won again. I Howard they afford one and leading the NFC east for people have been watching how could you explain that tool. I would store where of course and lancet the real deal he has looked incredibly comfortable. And we've had this debate through the years in the NFL when you get a high traffic at the quarterback position. Could Jewish don't two's development by playing him right away Carolina with Cam Newton there was really no debate he was gonna play right away to get to talent. And the transition wall. I'm may not appear in as some movement that is as some would have expected to look back at his rookie year. The guy got it done but I proved we belong to the league and he was the leader of the offense. Carson went last year. I dealt with the ups and downs of being a rookie quarterback I think it's benefited him greatly in year two that he now has that experience under his belt. And and he just has a certain presence about him the team this feeding off of them. The chemistry with Jack Kirch is off to charge church is putting up the best numbers are very tight end. In the NFL this year they don't have necessarily big name running backs but they're doing it by committee they've got guys that bring a little something different to the field. With blonde so small with a different kind of player hasn't been healthy recently Corey Clementi was surprising training camp they brought back. Kenyan border former Carolina Panthers so they can mix and match there and they've upgraded their wide receiving court they're better a deposition. In the war a year ago. I defensively. I think it's still a little bit of work in progress by. You're seeing some signs that Jim Schwartz is willing to blitz a bit more. And I think there's just a confidence. About this thing they look at their division with Dallas Washington the giants and they've looked at one another inch and why not us and so far they're proving that that they've been the best doing in the NFC. I in a year ago the Eagles got off to a hot start laying Johnson gets suspended for a second PD violation and they promptly go to dominate over their next in. Is that confidence that we NC showing enough to overcome that or is it team better equipped. You know since plains not here tonight because the concussion to withstand something like them. He had a great question they're not into wood Johnson in the lineup over the last two seasons there to donate without him. But you don't like to just point to the one position on the option to monitor all of jet which can't win the game. I'm sure they talked about that they'll scheme that. They'd believe that that fight Ty can step into a serviceable enough job at that spot clearly he's been the difference maker for them. And it's a question that they're they're gonna have to deal with until the numbers are approved and along with people are gonna continue to stick whether this is a challenge tonight going on the road. Prime time game Carolina also playing with a swagger right now battle of division leaders. And the quarterback look I don't put it all on the QB I'm not a huge fan though looking at records and assigning them to cork back. It's it's just not care about starting pitcher he's quarterback he's part of between two players that are out there play in the play out by. With that said the you still have to look at numbers to some degree and he's three and eight as a starting quarterback on the road in his young NFL career so that's still a melt in the fiesta climb. Dealing we have the adversity of being on the road dealing with the crowd. I dealing with circumstances. And he'll trichet to didactic this crowd is going to be really into I fell on two years ago I came here that. That the home crowd was raucous was. Highly engaged. And then the sad part coming back a year ago on a Thursday night game. It is not used intensity based on the record the record often times in this town will will dictate. The crowd reaction and the record shows you that the crowd is this going to be fully immersed. I and speaking of adversity and I wouldn't ask you this if you weren't one of the absolute best broadcasters in the game per announced the first name up by title you'd let down. I wasn't subtle bottle I noticed what you did Conan just fight tie you so you completely he stepped out of the way of his first name there's show I noticed that by the way they'll don't think that it go unnoticed. Hopefully poppy that's where you're saying you're saying I wouldn't put these on today. And it's only luck evil that's. It's like Chris will not do not follow you to doctors say it with and it just shouldn't. Would you rather say a name like that during a broadcaster say Jim Bob cooter is many times as policy crack up that's. Really any any really painless is always fought for play by play guy applied. Where and when you going to mono soleil bridge that's where you used separate yourself to support it split. I think what who it was this is a fun track we can go on your like my favorite name in college football right now I like people who all around me from UCLA UCLA who so you got a favorite name out there in the sports world right now what's your favorite name. Move I don't know what. I have always been a big fan know of one it is a mock the combo. Pack that's always been a go to like Dutch are familiar with and knocked out of Orlando now. But I I always enjoys saying it because you could change in collection. I'm the last name based on the result of blocked by B combo you get stressed the BR. And then so you know flying with the ball at the end of it it it's whatever you can use in your favor when when you're calling these games due to get you motivated. That's what he's the best night he always on the call tonight Panthers and Eagles violate the at the fight social media folks are Westwood are are suggesting. Maybe we paction DOS but oracle just for some thoughts for good measure interview would. But also under straighter very good points and our goal. So great aren't I at all will will will let you go I think I think this is gonna be a great game right I'd be shocked if this game doesn't turn out to be decided in the final few minutes tonight I think. He had it the only problem in doing exercise football for her about nine years I've said that before and I but also learnt. Not to say that yet. Oh my god problem. The block of north south and yet mark that that don't say final few minutes Thursday night football. We're real hole and got Charlotte of this is this a great city love coming here everywhere where you would ebitda of a man about town the last 24 hours or where you bet we have been don't. Yeah you know I I'm just sold openly in the epicenter it's not a great sign when the hotel you're staying in gives you your clothes when you check in not. Not ideals in the in the traveling circus that is broadcasting. Our guys talked event have a great caught we will end up thanks Rebecca tots or subject. Diabetic so I'm very talkative.