Briauna Jones On Primetime

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Monday, January 29th

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No we're go to the technique come dislike is this is a really awesome local story and I wanna I want to learn a thing or two here and hopefully cancer we talk to former Charlotte forty niners track star and down member. Of the US Olympic team bring on a Jones is gonna be on a bobsled team she's an alternative though and so we're gonna we're gonna learn a lot about all this stuff she goes out to pee on Chang prix on how you doing congratulations and I think she'll make a time force. I'm very nothing's happened area that day it. Okay so what I indeed the question in in the room obviously probably get this all the time how wonder do you go from being a track star to you in it especially from from Charlotte, North Carolina. Two getting involved with the bobsled team what what's the story here. There are a thing about it is. Charlotte. Going yeah you would be Charlotte wreck effect you'll be sorry. If I'd never and that act probably would not be here it's called my I tract and it up folks that you would be Charlotte Bob Hope that. Jeanne what the track athlete that within corporate. He also tried Bob or that and the ID and what's litigating and 98 in prepared. And competed at an format what are well. So Derek graduated out of the training. I attract that we hope things make up our summer Olympic Games in Rio. They're calling sort of bought back folks out there. I would be inconsistent so I felt like stop button I'd probably be get added excitement about both wet or set up not very. Bonds. But are willing to take serious and it's one thing I've ever done before. So. I input we have been somewhat being on the ball up but what I want. Did it silent I won't Wear that separates our voting reform. That's interest they were talking embryonic Jones former Charlotte forty niner member of this US Olympic team going to be in the 2018. When her Olympic she's an alternate door to talk about that to finish US bobsled team so you're from. Your from Summerville South Carolina I would wonder. Odd growing up did you web her. Did you ever go to the mountains in in here in North Carolina and do any like do we skiing or snowboarding or chewing did you ever do anything with winter sports. Are growing up or was this all new to you after you got out of college. I want ball buried in the belt and a pilot all of fair. Most of my life in Texas which. You know. Nowhere near about there. Hadn't been poke kaine right walk started more. You know what the ball a little. I cannot do. What I can decide that we competed. Okay I'll bet app states Utah and I. Into the mountain area but I never actually. Went aren't aren't any way you that we'll see. What or be. Anything like that so well. I really let it actually string bought it from. Never seeing it never experienced yet to. Jumping retinal or. So your for your -- embryonic Jones with a C get Charlotte forty niner alarm and don't former track star she's on this US Olympic squad as a as a member of the bobsled team your first time because I'm sure you do training right where you're. You're just learning technique before you actually ever go down the course but the first time you ever went down the course. What was going through your head the moment for you job jumped in a bobsled. Well that how do you know what we expect but. There's nothing they can really prepare you for a week or something you never experience. You could and that won't what it's like. You know car. The entire way out to see our home than it used Matt wants wall going to all see. All of my Jeep sport there are clicking out for the moment where. You can't see anything you can barely read. And being a rookie you don't know where you are trapped but no way to Coke and we go over. Oh. What this spirit this pathetic for immediate but we've not met it could be more than what. Are. Something about it was exhilarating and I went right at the top of the mountain and did you get out flat broke the. Will you won rookie of the year correct so what what what when did you start getting like affirmation from your coaches and teammates. Where you are thinking because your I mean we all understand how self doubt works in times re probably think it. Man I don't know phone cut out for this or I don't know how good I am at this but then you start getting some feedback and clearly you are so when did that when did that start to happen for you where that light bulb went off of ma'am I might have found them might MF found my calling after after my track life. Well that's good start and act there are being advice is to Calgary. Canada where they are. Quote carpet hit then that we have there are also better athletes. Q did the respect in competing. Few making rules that now not team. Or are asking what they pop or so are. I say about a rookie camp the week before that that aren't learning it even out. Every that the outage Apple's fourth category had a question let. And I think while there I want our assistant there and went out invited to come back against the veteran. Hollywood not with respect that's because most people commit to this you know expect a lot by. You know you can't just started before I expect that they'll threaten it that way but I don't I don't its plan. So I went there competed with weight. Five in the foot championship. All that was what I really bad apple made this format so while the iPhone is that. This what I was born to people. While we're talking embryonic Jones member for this US bobsled team. Get ready to head over enough for these 2018 Winter Olympic Games former Charlotte forty uniter track star. As well but EU said you were disappointed Rihanna because. You are an alternate right so how does how does this work in mobile always when you got the call and found that you made the team but. You you are an alternate what how did data due process all that stuff. When you sacrificed so much to be eaten. Up at the level that you are. Eating it always. A little bit heartening to know what you're actually going to see. So while competing potentially. Making medical court getting them battle. The fact that I came in with at least about a theory has always been be in the sport for a little over here. I had eat out. Former island yeah well and people to be able to make the team. What an honor it felt so I think I'm as the disappointment of not being able to physically. I have seen. Where it's been overshadowed. More pride of being able say you know. I'm here for a reason and by hard work you know go about it. And I would imagine I mean this is this is a sport where. Four years are now you can you could find yourself back in this in this very same situation correct or actually not being an alternate book being on on the team itself correct for your sir you you can beat this could end up being valuable experience for you. Well absolutely and that's the way that I have used. Look at Peyton because not only 25 I definitely have. Another forty years in the plan to cut back even stronger and never well. Having an Olympic experience under my belt it's only won't you help me in the long run. Even though that would be competing known Powell. Olympic team profit warrants then they athletes' village. The end that atmosphere. At all so you make me that was more prepared in the next four years. Hmmm hey we are obviously we're we're watching and and dumb. For you I know it's an it's an odd space Olympic is a series you actually are are in an event I mean some thin some that went wrong so you ga if you never need to. To root for something like that but you never know what what tell what the future holds Rihanna soul. I have fund over Jian Chang and we'll be Rick you guys on thanks for making some time force. They keep some. And you back up at once and now.