Brendan Mahon On Midday

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Friday, August 10th

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We go onto the deck and come gas line while commander Panthers left guard. So much to get to with him he is Brandon man formerly of Penn State undrafted free agent Brenda while the shelf. Or are. Well amen it's a first off congratulations the first pre season game here career. I have to ask you though. You know you've had is there's been some question exits he's signed it. With the Panthers going from an undrafted guy to being you know a little farther on the depth chart to being last night what was last night like for. It was great. We greater opportunity. To. Get to give the Bill Polian. You out there and amateur. It was all the injuries that have piled up on the offensive line Brendan I mean it seems like you might be thrust into a bigger role more quickly than you expected how you gonna handle that what is your conversations with the closings have been like in the last few days as. As as injuries have taken place. Com you know. Order to assist you currently. Two practice day in really focusing on what below at this. Bring in her and and worker or. You know try. You know a lot of things. Because you know I'll go triple anymore and you know. To meet him and that matter all the little. Well Bernadette I got to ask you I. How would you self assess how would you sell scalp the way you played last night. I think yeah yeah pretty game. In. Are there. Some growing. To. That it is an though. We're promised. Even look at the day's. Where. Brenda does I don't know why did you go out as Kim's bodyguard at midfield yesterday when the whole TV thing went down solid by talking about today. I can't expect I don't want all of the or well my. Socially. So we saw. I'm just gonna keep Megan jokes or because I that's what ideal it was all the Kyle Love challenge earlier this week I'm sure of your own social media saw that the picture of Kyle loves god. Yeah so the so here at the ready decision we've been doing it ourselves of trying to recreated and some of us have done a good job better than others do you feel like you could compete with Kyle lumbered as he does have that a lot. I think he had about a lot. You know our goal to beat that general about it because. How little. I open at all at that around the world feel better so. Brandon man joining us on the segment come gas line Panthers left guard so yesterday I think a lot of us were expecting Ron averted told us you're gonna see you with a first team. You gotta go a little bit later coach was talking really about that's that's more about you see in the other kind of peace see what they're behind you what did you find out days they. The date previous. You know that they are Starker. And you know he's an older guy. Yeah he's. Speaking. They have a little. How exactly Arthur. What are some of the guys you're you're around some veterans having the cool little brother is of course and like you just talked about van rodent what are some of the things you learned so far in camp that may be. You didn't expect it out need to necessarily know technique in your steps and things like that awareness of the things about being a pro or being a part of that NFL offensive line that you're learning here in this the first few weeks as a part of the team. Aren't just really on Larry. Isn't a night can't get away experience. You know bigger stronger guy anymore account and and like. You know something ago. And the year. Ago. Who. Alone now on the heels couldn't control who. And who. You open up. Haven't gotten sick there I'll call her on. Right colonial imperial cobra. Areas where there are. And you know fortunately for. Work or were well it's great tool that. You know for me as they were he had a lot of room. Brandy you're talking about second offensive line coach I I've been around Spartanburg a few times since Canada coming down here and now John Masco gets after an out there on the field. What's it like to to learn from one of the NFL's great offensive line coaches. He's amazing they're Obama than they are currently really. You know he pushes you there early you know. A single day. Brendan I got to ask. Have you had to get up in front of the group and sing and dance Wear a funny outfit like they have to have done something to welcome you to the team and knew what what is the back. I don't wanna say hazing and of that or its toxic but what what have they made you do as a rookie so welcome you to the NFL. I don't think our. How well her. Question and fitness community deals that. Note that you. Better would you sink it grow a little so sure. So you couldn't just go with the ones and twos you couldn't do the simple you you win after it. One after you know or so dispute. And broader. For a little bit loose. The level. Even as the I believe I can fly it earned trapped in the closet like where would our till we talking here. It was. That we brought in. Brandon man joining us on the tech become gas lines show. I know I've I've waited this long to do this I you're talking to somebody who grew up in Ohio State country so I don't want you think upcoming ads here. I know you got your pen state guys go line is this a year Penn State comes up over. Z the Ohio State Buckeyes Michigan State Michigan. To control the Big Ten. I don't know that equip them. C'mon man. I don't know I mean I'd I was gonna ask you about single line I mean it seems like after last night looks and we might even. He's ready better than we thought and the other did you catch is that one highlight plus I. I did. Well yes. Are you missed. This bucket for a pick. So so it seems to me like that may be sick ones the real deal on you or the want is making them look good. Yeah my body is the real deal. Either the group. Am I wish our. I I also wanted to ask you Jews I was looking injured Twitter which people can follow you at big baby man on Twitter. Handle it is when you I looked that your app because I was growing around I saw a new profile pic. Odds from may sixteenth. Was this professionally taken this really good we never get I'm a big man do. I never we never us big guys never get the good action shots this is a really good pick is this staged. Where really did him down did you did you go over the team. Photographer. And let him know what swat like listen you give me a god and on this play I'm going to be at this spot. I'm gonna be giving them I'm gonna be giving you the blue steel look out for. Yeah I give a little necks or to. Massey. Is he might be a rookie but that's a pro move. Well while Brennan it's rarely do we really do appreciate your time buddy but not just that and a great job yesterday in your pre season debut you looked amazing to us here. So that we can only say what that might mean to the coaches we appreciate you damn best like this year. Thank you so much are great great yes.