Boneyard Podcast: The Relaunch Episode

Travis "T-Bone" Hancock
Friday, March 23rd
After a long hiatus the Boneyard Podcast featuring T-Bone returned today.  Listen in to get to know Mac Attack cast member Zach McGee, " A Mac In Time" feature where Mac and Bone discuss tales of the shows past, and T-Bone's best friend from 20 years Chubbs dropped in to discuss the Virginia loss and some High School stories 

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He's been up to reduce or and an on air fixed her for thirteen years but dump people want it more you were now entering the bone yard which T bone. On WFANC. Dot com. So we doubt welcome just don't really watch this vision of the boat yards podcast. The longest running episodic podcasts and history plus WS I. Well we have a don't want any year before we're back now every single Friday. You'll go inside my world the people around me the people around a radio station it's got to be job. What can promise a lot of fun. That seems like it's a strong promise for gonna talk sports we're gonna talk Weis. We're gonna talk about whatever you guys ask me to talk about and as you guys now. Osborne. Got an opportunity. Osborne not Osbourne Gil land was a guy that did the podcast with me. For the ten episodes last year he now has moved on to produce saying and doing a great job for Garcia in daily. Tended to cure WS frenzy so we can't do that podcast with me anymore. Sweaty go out there I'm gonna find different people. It today I wanted to introduce. The new guy on our show who's doing fantastic work behind the scenes. He's on the air sometimes but behind the scenes he's crushing debt please welcome Zach McGee. Claws thank you Tom Carter go to you on that studio audience just don't nuts Zach welcome not only to the Mac attack but. To be bone yard I guess I wanna get to a your first because I want if you would maybe get to know young see easy that I got all young. He's he's young's Acco like all the nick Benji does give me answer question number one who the hell or he thought the Zachary. Pittsburgh slash buffalo. Yeah Sam Levin buffalo mailer from Pittsburg. Big buffalo sports fan currently live in Nam war's earlier cited sound. We knew we do live near each other in outlets each other and I just I've not yet I might need you here same thought in Motown when I called Motown goes out they're great great nickname so Sports Radio you're in Sports Radio now get opportunities. What what drew you to sports right how all you wanted to do this. What jury here in how old are hurt or you so accord with CY dot day in day out wide. Well. Wolf first of all by myself when the other guy yeah I'm so honored from the world famous TV on in the world felt as I please yes. No bomb this Dylan Taylor wanna do is talk sports I can't remember ever wanted to be. You know firemen or policemen like you know other young kids you only really ever won the talks ports and I didn't know whether that would be. Bombed you know writing sports is which is what I didn't high school I was write stories about sports I was the sports reporter for my newspaper in high school I just knew. Wherever I would be doing what I Norman high story yes it's like Norris who knows always. Trying to make a coin do something about sports so I never really wanna do anything else. What is less. You're doing a fantastic job you know you're a buffalo stands yes GM mark for a lot right where security larger intruder before I am dead or signed or order about to sign haven't seen the latest earmarks so much. To Norris or seek. Defensive back you know well from buffalo what's your reaction to. To him as a player and you think that he states in a year in the tender secondary that the rumors out there that he's going to sign it but I tell you hear this a mighty dog or. Nod on but as of now that's the talks are glad. M he's very meant to mean I don't wanna. You know down here and is that a Buffalo's turner. Billionaire and whatever you know just just a guy and he's not a gays this guy's not a dumb is not a bad player democracy's about player he's. Great tackling safety. Armies of bigger and you know as he sees billed as a bigger safety come up and stuff the run for sure cure him from ever being beaten deep though you know he's not the fastest guy. Can't remember him ever being like all that's yours again beating Gagnon I don't I can't remember saying that so a deathly solid player I don't think Zimmerman a pro bowler thing like DeVon just correlate. You know the glue the your team needs to stick now one of the highest paid guys and your team or anything like that but you know a deathly solid player I would say. He he's sort of remind you when they cycle Coleman yes you did you recall Kirk almost not a pro war when he signed here in Carolina is sort of who is this going to lose Ohio State and we knew worried band but to expect a lot from Kurt Coleman was probably. Not gonna happen and of course he turned out pretty good player yeah I think these this is of value signing. I don't think he's a safety forever they're gonna draft wander they're gonna bring in the young guy so I don't I don't hate it high it's not add to meet. There air greed is is the polite when there's so many factors there agreed that to a that's why you know that right now did you get on the showed that com. Do you like to their thirst like you do. I do bomb. Whenever I moved here wasn't really the biggest fan you know they were just always on TV whenever there was no Sunday ticket back in 05060. On the you have I'm becoming more of a but I understand I mean we talk about Meredith so it's kind of hard not to like them bomb vegetables and ten displayed I would cheer for the bills but any other time that the bills and others don't play each other which actually is only once every four years. Archived the -- of the vendors do well. Yeah I mean like Ron Rivera like I like cam lysine can give the balls to kids in the stands at the guts kind of an awesome thing that it does so yeah definitely cheer for the Panthers I think it's. I think it's got a good to have two teams as you would know as you have like seventeen selfless guys. You guys are just a -- the mere thought that they had to do what the deal when your don't know about my Israelites so that's the you're also a guy I don't mean to bring up sore subject here draw the the Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Panthers guys use youth to eat you joined the show. At a bad time to very bad time even if you're on the show the Pitt Panthers were gonna be a joke of a lot of things do happen to sit right between. Imagine myself earnest joy how many pet dander jokes did you hear during the course to talk about. Forces bombed for Father's Day at least I'm in which is which is well deserved it in winning game in the ACC they went on nineteen if you include disarmament. Let's just say there's been better days the DeJuan Blair days with you know events fields and all of Jermaine Dixon this up because there's been way better days we had a number one seed I think it's two out of three years of want or a one time dressing not a long go to doesn't send 2011. Ash and gives days you remember him he was oversee great player in college from the end there's been better days but hopefully it. There will be those days come around again hide the always thought that we can do better than Jamie Dixon has coached obviously not since then so. Who do you want me to head coach and lose I don't he said Sean Miller about like not it doesn't appear that's gonna happen who realistically. Our d.s they've been Pittsburgh Panthers are just. Bomb I do would love Sean Miller I don't think that's the thing that's come up my dream I don't think that's gonna happen why give up the Arizona job policies forced out bomb which I think that he would take the job a few what's. Forced out as he's forced out of up with a lot of pressure on the Pittsburgh eight yeah just exactly what your problem that hey this guy might be in trouble so yes there's so many factors that you have to go younger. Younger yeah a younger a young guy that is our name has been mentioned as Buffalo's coach Nate notes which is guy like a lot mentally I was getting good coach bring him man. Big name guys that I would like to see would be sad motto he was the coach for a house say for awhile casinos that area recruits that are very well so I would take it. Either one of those guys. In a heartbeat calm. You know it's just interesting to see I just want them to be competitive again I'm not saying we need to win the ACC this year that be awesome but how much to start with maybe five wins in the ACC next year you know. The questions I got a steep steep it. A steep what hormone before Steve climb steep collide that's right it's far it's been a long week that the case he can't he's a hundred or climb from Taylor swept that is exactly Matilda let's get to the goodies you'll move on from some of the sport so that you don't really care about the problem. North I see it is a disaster if I know there are going teams I didn't play our Ahmet jets fans are understandably it bombs. What is once saying. That you born from Mac so far this story get to see here's the deal. Mac doesn't listen I guess he doesn't we'll use just gonna go he's young he'll never once and for all we do have Stanley would match yes sure go ahead what is something that. That you're more from Max of hard be mean about it he ducked enough. Homilies I don't know five anything mean for Mac if I don't think I thought what do by learn about Mac disease very he's kind of hyper. People may not notice its radio is not on TV but he's right constantly jerking back and forth and his seat. Not really like staying still he's always move his hands in. It's kind of funny to watch sometimes Mike is he about to have a heart attacks URI but I'm guessing you sing measures normal Tuesday right when I. I assume heart attack most of the time I guess in Las Vegas we have meg going out by heart attack guys shots. What do you war troubled bones he broke a bone or what does the Botha is a. Uncle bonus taught me that it's okay have more than one team I think that if you look at it that way what are the blood type weather radio business what do I. But we're in my guided G data right hum Cecil far. Put also blown me being your assistant producer I would say the use taught me. Did it's always good to throw funny drop in there because I think that brings a little live elicit the show and I think I constantly laughed my head every time you do that whether it's drop means sound sad yeah fat bastard ones realize it. Among Democrats call the thing that owns us everywhere every throw and then there's pretty hilarious from having is that when this we need a one night in soup because that's always making fun of Mac two which is always hilarious. I don't know this is not a op are back patting situation may be why didn't they may wonder what. For the roles during the show yeah Zach is tremendous kind of scenes where it's. Zach now podcast show afterwards he does a lot of the Internet type stuff for the show is that it's is the phones. Zach does a lot of the stuff you don't see the other stuff that I had to do for a long time but my roles changed yourself during the show I got I got close of Mac. I run the board. Then die a producer for the shots I got by Richard I guess our god and any production elements of that so there are a lot of stick it there are a lot of bodies under shops yeah so don't be amount of jobs that we have individually is off. It is com. It's a lot but that's on double the sound effects via Bob are you or you would match. So does I forget that I have played a hundred SATA that's a nice that the need to remind your wife you this fat bastard. No no those are all done those are always hilarious to me because. It's always like unwarranted you know stuff the Mac is set in the past that maybe just people forget about that. You know whether it's speed up his voice made in selling into a bunker whatever it is they're always hilarious to me slow. Always trying to find my dad next sound sad yeah I so they whenever out there hears anything. It says I that's a great dropped yeah they just don't and whenever I can make you were right I've got some Panetta makes no sense whatsoever but. Any moment like we're talking about diamonds out of baton what got scared they was talking about joining me -- be better go abroad James up there's stuff that may not asked it for that moment. But it warts and all I know what more saying you witnessed. Or just about. Two weeks ago he says had smack dab in the middle of the biggest blow up. Now Mac and I had biggest low cover eligibility. Usually America now are you doesn't go anywhere yeah we will while the air we wanted to mention some type will move on quickly from that one there. The roster LA I got jumped early in the show yeah that was a battle are right like that it was at the senior IE high praise Joseph Barry. And I said EZ EC player of the year which of course he did going to be Napa. I said the amount of games this guy has. One down the stretch or a little almost one that is right it's ridiculous I gave you awards are afraid the crap out of Joseph Barry yeah Amanda got matters so that's why have them going. Yeah typical Mac fashion yeah he did that's why they're gonna go further they do to determine that this is this a doubt that's eyesight now. That's the time I was crazy UNC player that's Dietz and that's out like us. I got attacked for just how they're ready to fight yet it's it's a 5 in the morning via UEUEU I don't think you knew was gonna happen he would. No I had no idea on this was probably the middle of February so it's a month ago now. And dom needing someone knew the show I started full time with you guys middle of January so just about there being the year but I wasn't sure if this was day. Every couple weeks I've been saying and NRC does is like Logan back and forth like Mac do you go to. Where are they serious are they about to throw hands are there might have the refereeing this thing out. This is off the air about a dog is layoffs theaters on the airy got a guy he also the year he was shaky Alia he was grinning at me he was shaking. Because what happened was I I said that he hates duke yeah he said he hates duke and he didn't I decide that I he doesn't hate you put in that moment I saw like he was. The anti duke and I. I had in DOS I enough of that he hit it to be he hits. The table in front did not appear on the net yeah it did turn. The monitor off on the computer that I use so I know on your crack the table he's done it. He had his hands so horrid yeah it's kind of ignited our debt and I think one of the things you also mentioned that not trying to say anybody is right or wrong but. Mac at this point was very under the weather and she was saying how he doesn't feel good in the tribute to all us of the stuff I don't know effect injury I would say it would contribute a lot of that though. Yeah he had missed shows before that you just say I didn't Jeff and I completed advantage of it did I don't think by the way that my voice has been a set aside that. I think I blew my voice out yelling Javier we moved on makes without. He did draws about his state dinner without any GC apologize guys thoroughly bad the next segment there is upon exiles there is apologizing actually got on my nerves don't fight I don't need your statement I don't mistake in your food price to stop just don't do that ever again just stop with that are exact there was one very voting today on give out your rot Twitter information how did you get all these. Thumb at the zags ZACK don't spell your name Z a CH by the way if your name and kids act if you naymick did Zach was UCH. His name is action not exactly so exact ZCJW offense is my Twitter and all. You know what ever come haven't. Alright Zach guys are joining us appreciate and us are gonna do MacIntyre. Or americanize share some tales. Of Mac attack past don't wanna miss. Yeah. All right welcome back to the bone yard podcast the real watch episode in wisp. This new podcast for it try out many new features in one. That I wanted to try. Was there a segment called. Mac in time. Right bring in hosted an architect Chris McClain my dog. My. My sense say for the last thirteen years where we're gonna what the listeners vote Mac. On May be a story from our past that maybe you don't know bass maybe there's David if ordered him passing. But we're gonna go more into a bit of thirty for thirty. But don't stay for like two hours without doubt LeRoy want dark. Eating out sabres do our little you know today I barely got your an extra thirty minutes today so this story says the fuel could vote on war. The Secret Service and today. That's old school that's an old school once from our producer Bakken and AJ are gobbling a Secret Service that came to the radio station but we're ready to veto the mall's stores. Our American dog coddling. I got the what was most vital one and 70% of us table at a meeting here don't need to hear boat bursts many. One the cons are when the votes just for sex that's all sinners a secret story from 2006. That you're not even aware. Had a knack in 2006. Change my life. You're curious aren't low interest we might do both peace and hello is going to both I would end up holding each other that's the story is those dog and I can go coddling number two might be on the way you look at what we're gonna start with blow reverse many. From 2000 left Alia when I when you say don't be blown verse midi CU from 2011 back. What's your first thought we'll leave we'll be tell yours ago wallboard what's the what's the source saying I don't see nearby I'd like to know how dirty your drawers or when you encounter the moss I did I didn't say go down my way or America. Steve is Manny was mad and he. Please bad it's just scary like you're likely keep delete mantis you don't wanna be in a position so let's set the scene it was what odds rather cam got drafted. Right around like a week or two later yes. I'm Muhsin Mohammad was part of our radio station he had a charity doc taco eating contest uptown big big event Garcia was involved. A lot of people were involved when that date on the air I don't think we do we knows that he was now involved and not on our members we got out there we were let go now. So many was managed showed today and now he's here in your ear and warrior. Yeah so the back story is. It was also us. There was 2011 so we're off the 2010 season right very rough season of the discussions about the Panthers after 2010. He wasn't a pretty side right were taught by Jimmy Claussen and first came and they were talking about. See mideast. Because the quarterbacks didn't have the best hero of his career pointer obvious houses worse because of that in how they De'Angelo had a great ereader to topic that you brought up wise. If you get rid of dean at York city. Which one would you vause for those and how you blame it on May not know is a topic but you went he went De'Angelo. And I sit while sound garrison the year. You know I suggested that they traced at least that was problem right there has allowed the best choice problem number one multiple way I didn't know about his. Issues with since animal house. I didn't know that that was a thing already because the draft class. 'cause of Reid decides it right there's a lot of he's been compared to Santana Moss we have so much better than we are so then you can would you say you said I said why don't they get rid of media bring it Santana Moss yes. You know the heat of the show I'm not I'm not thinking about millions videos it was a of the shelves last. I'll not say listen lust and I think in on us midi. He's gonna hear this and as soon as I was talking to solve rates. In a guy does introduce himself he just says a watcher rack. Or whatever six watcher backer be careful we care for someone that. It's very. Here at the thought you know it was many million injuries so light I ads are taught him and often solves out and go right now. I knew I I I do voice sounds album didn't didn't boys. Are pretty close we will durst sits fifth. Did it coral way that he might be part of docket this is these are saying that death this is these are like three hours later weren't arguing our best. So at that time. Probably even nervous or get out there wasn't thinking about anything. So member Thomas Davis was a part of our show he's feeling a lot back and yes ominous little white convenience area inside the building and Chicago ED goddess is outside of when the building. And Thomas Davis walks I don't know it's him. In this huge hand grabbed him by the shoulder and update myself. Called VoIP. There's Thomas Davis these are it is very on either subnet that moment they ought to be glad to hear it. I think it's really my wanna be yuppies are here today city gusts what to do us a so why I suggest a trade for Santana mossy wet. Oh no. I don't look at the series Thomas Davis's eyes and a wasn't the greatest linebackers ever seen wet bulb. Hedo did he knew there was trouble so is the contest goes down in the days ago that I'm actually sitting year's video of the judging miss he patted me on the back so hard. You know I get her a much now. If I don't think didn't. Public I didn't say what was gonna happen next would advertise whiskey describe. But there was Erik Jim Reza buck here he had to come over and intervene he she was trying to intervene on both of us he's Bobby no like somebody had to back parties are was aboard there was nearly all talk that. In that block mirror decide not cutting all. So was meet you left on an island. In the middle this courtyard played a schoolyard fight describe the scene magnet have a. That's how it was in their two wells funny Levy. I was in there obviously talks Steve damn you to know me out that'd hosts a talk that I told him. It's only time I ever told somebody stop listening to our show maybe you should listen like outsell anybody man I'd carry out at a dinner we are right you try to get Charles Manson the app but it does not matter so. But I was talking image his whole thing is come drive their car like this you guys just flatter which is cool what he always has been a big supporter of this nation keep in mind during this scene he's in my face. Yeah but keep in mind he's like two inches away from Australia he got up in your face and then I think we got him step Mac outshot talk to a cop through there and he was Scalia cops are looking and watching. Not doing anything mind you they were his arms of protecting America but I was like he's like hey I got my kids and Clark they're here and as they don't want your daddy talk about that way and that's the only some ever said wolf. May need to show you should listen to have some like that but. At one point. I stepped back he was like in your face given you have met Johnny and that's a degree he's cussing each and then I realized at work he said where you from. I said Connecticut's. It's narrowing the same thing I'm guessing you don't need realizing that I think you know that is just like everywhere that he's giving his raspberry hire illegal polo shirt I tell you Smith we know how bad as you law it didn't matter where you're from you would whip Tebow has asked my ask anybody's asked. Look there is credit many years on the about a week later once our person why it's not like. Though he goes on social media and by discos that our defense true etc. you know I mean it's in the years or so about somebody got to own up to an eye. The I look around and I realize. Data all the local mascot outfit just talking or eating contest. They are all standing there watching like just very Anderson of course they can't say I guess mascot long arguments are all watching kind of nodding their head as each of you say something it was just. It was a bizarre scene. We had died Chubby Checker was out there from the checkered yeah why not was buried on the speed that I Norman niner Serb party know what to do at W there's all guys here and scrapped. Probably the funniest part about that it would northern Iowa's upset I get what get a core I believe more than I don't you tell him he was shaking his head doing this moves. Because two days later my best friend that died was distraught baseball but he's a legend lives and depressed boxer named after his death. And they did it does that format there's allows out there two days later at UNC Charlotte. It in the press box and it's named after him when norv comes Utley with a handler. The handler was there to lead the event yeah otherwise someone goes. Hi norm Bob Norton are secured talking on his behalf he's very sorry about the hazards of plays on our Arthurs as a norm had just bad or NORAD but there are values that NORAD has sought the day's over this knowledge that is a the other guy that was bear like man we gotta gotta work your name rob Fred Jackson. You are shows that the armories part of our station gas a year they're trying to toss maybe there we'll never forget I got bridges it over my right shoulder agreeing with me. I'll just not right body is that dog got new job they myself if it's midi tries to punch me in I doc. He not sobre jets it. America may have once public access satellite won't get my back Jensen what he's doing here yeah I was trying to intervene and help man outside the house they just had to stand on you know I know my house. Was that mayor Dave brother Tommy or dating each other while this is like too much editor dating here. Credited to colored nicer guy. I got confronted by Steve Smith he said while watched a to point the deep. To get money for us and so we people set up by the way. What did you take one I said Kyle Moore mania volleying he wanted to punch adopts a lot of lot of wet season Randall UK I saw so many months later. He gave us a thousand dollars a Toys for Tots and oh yes I what is lingered icu and a hallway at the station before he dabbing away it's not so it's more funny on my end. That I had to pee my parents can season. Cease fire like they're still Milken had damn story for entertainment the army lagged because yet nothing's happened since say he's been great. But yet I was I could labels happen demand could not believe what was happening. And what else is going on older kids there kids were trying to get ought to rest of their parents and Steve Ellis unit Agassi the parents won by I want lag. Khalilzad is that we gotta get those data isn't a good time Steve Murray came up to be for Nate with the Indians are or Z that Sebring I'd be guessing gazette. He wasn't eap yet again came up to me afterwards fighting terror someday either very media guiding its Niagara art and bumped. One of the club man known dryers are like yeah I thought while governor Mike hey guys I reveal their right. Well that's a trip nanos ago when know about and yes. Unfortunately we are still melting this right now they're viewed you know that. For for days apropos to over my shoulder no matter where Wes. Just like Freddy Krueger was in years against recurrence and here's a neat he sport now ball in my head for probably a year so I thought. There's join the club on that one probably right amused by a bunch defensive backs about that after they got done was interest to get double that. I have a Fred Smoot you gets Elvis Presley one looking around level there's not a bad debt Lebow celebrations. Do you have time Brooklyn will give a bonus story here the story from 2006. Minute they're not trying to dig of like what stories we entertain people nap or. And I told the story that America may not be fully aware of that Mac may have all the the Mac's presence. May have altered the course of mile walk forever be Glavine did downs and I've no idea what this is all beautiful you need county North Carolina now guys I'm garrison did September 2006 we just. Change to show around to where are our host at the time said he Penner had last. Yes so was meeting you basically in a guy named JR got so do you remember we went to. Our boss that I DJ stout had a college football viewing party on Saturday. Number we came out there and we watched game detour talk about the show instead that why does that make you write your how do you live near him. I mean it's like death yesterday your house I had a girlfriend at the time named Kate who want to in my first live right he had just moved here. To live near me college and we were stories separate what a bit because of trying to find. And actually now 21 years old. We're trying to find that balance of being a producer for show and that. Dealing with a girlfriend that's only two years or net and tried so what it was it was going down that path right. We have been dickering anyway so this is free. Really great GPS stuff right pre apps on the phone so you live out there. You have got there and do it. From B from concorde. They're there hat's off well that's this is your world it is you don't know where your long way so if you don't know where your galway and EU could end up you can hit a pretty won't I got lost in unique the other day I was a detour to lost my daughter yelled and Ambac lost disclosed though I know what you same as it is like 10 o'clock at night and she's she gets what she was Morgan uptown at all. Rock bottom Maria's Armitage. And I had to go pick her up a like a wet eleven or why the camera but some parts. So like I west your house allied Paramount's parent and our dirty test we should give you sunny it's time to get up to tailgate they should be. Bob and Bob Mack I I got so lost. I didn't I didn't end up getting out of meaning carried about 1 in the morning. I drove in silverlight three hours I we're learning Kelli I get out in circles and circle I W driving by I I got so lost. I ended up I could figure out. It she's freaking out about it so I couldn't figure out ready on the outs right now I'm circle and you carry a game basically when she still is he's a great person or not. I think her her new husband wasn't to the show I don't get it up to us who saw that about her is on me. I got so lost and so frustrated I drove around you counties until like 1230. I could not fight gas stations as is all back roads probably. It was all black girls like him driving down the same backers over Maria it's hard to again this is free GPS stuff so I do not call me out. My phone was starting oh my god you're a mess and it also by the way on the way out he said he needed direction bonus I do adopt. I got this man of the door should then we all he never used erections and I are glad I Al night all I tell that it now for twelve years because here's what happened. It all came to a head the next day she was serious. Conduct figure out what happened next American. She dump me the next she dumped you know he's obviously you never told me he told me that that happened that you never that was like the final hole the final thing right. I doubt we'll see you man every like man smacked a little way out there I mean what's it made it probably would it wasn't a guy. Destiny was on my socks some of them and having you with screwed idol on Harry I drove around for so I was about to cry. I had to go to a GAAP mullahs are at a gas death. Buy my gas you finally found a gas station sounds like an old run down gas station that the public organize it up like finally getting to why the stallings area. Right and of finding anything like gas station there is outside he was still then. It wasn't like we had I GPS on my thoughts of the guys are Diego here you're here and there is up I actually got lost once had to come back the same guy get a deal I. He's I still walked smack you see guys are so that that moment there in time really change the course of my history rarely. Now one night and she got to have met she's she said it's over just treasure does this guy I would say it was probably over anyway let's be honest once you realize she's too good stories just Raila nurseries and being a CN IC moved to Charlotte realized how. It's a pretty cool place that I was I was I was I was strong house trying to do the war balancing anyway I just it was a drug that was the moment there where. It ended. And she is free can thank me she doesn't tell me yet I'm very upset by that we don't. That's that is not Macintosh we went along there we got two stories at this an example once a while. We'll bring back in here we got probably totally story town south join a football game Secret Service story we do that the reserves on shirt is on look if you know the story out there that we. You were in passing gas will you want to hold most certainly won't will be geared up. But so do we get a lot of new listeners knew blisters constantly see you know they haven't heard a lot of these old stories about us I even know that story right there. So that's pretty freaking cool but so yeah I saw nice feature like it might my first love Bob went away because I got lost in the macro that the new cap hush no wonder you never wanna go anywhere near my house against. Any time I know it's a hole today it's album like Beckham overhang well I have heard Batman again I have posttraumatic you need county disorder. Collected I still I still steal the moment when I was driving around. But there's like the big guys are water tank out there. To be jurors has a my stallings I think right exact I I circled some water tank like over a murder and I I got so lost in you even if I called you. I don't think I could of about what to do to solve a man and yeah some guy goes to die like that. I yourself so when I first our date my wife's I was one of the latest people ever get self owning a cell phone in 2004. Like he did test of 2000 Nader so I'll tell you Texans at mile fascinates you I was like eleven to react out of the call you wanna call I think there's nothing says. I'm out now get our borders close Baghdad on ought to be like a man there stuck here and ideas come up my house to be naked and bad news come up ended up pretty much seeing you naked in hotel room in well that's enough and that's. More stories next I'd recommend here enjoyed it. Pod moral of the story. Don't talk about some idiot Santana Moss and they'll go to Union County driver ever three hours of my Ruder rob on there you go well that's good lessons. That's that's Iraq I'm. Yeah. As I mentioned at the beginning here of the re watched episode of the bone yard podcast you're gonna get a look inside. My world. My life. Some people that matter to me so do I may not matter to me like Mac but he was on earlier. We're not gonna bring in my best friends of the last forty years a guy whose name used to be on the radio all the time. Because he was my roommate when I got in the radio and he was my roommate until we got married in. What does that 2000. In 2008 dollar nine that area. We bring in my best friend Ryan. Jobs Danny jobs here are my American. I don't hear people on what's going on beside really saddens me to call you on this off Friday afternoon. I did a pretty American along we caught up and you know what better way than her own little world about our catch up storage absolutely and I sort do it I thought or viewed as I brought Giovanni -- the other day. You're a die hard for a full Weiss Virginia Cavaliers fan. Yep it. Ever spent guys played well late eighties grown up with a kid in central Virginia mean that was the community there you're. Orange and blue or are you her and sort of decided your fan base there and that there had been it's been a long road and a bunch but. Option down surely get into that could from the. You can therefrom that Bennett from the George Welsh days as big nose. But you use GQ you made it through the sweaty PO in years. The Dave played O years Al groh you've had a lot of puck. A lot of ups and downs where. I told you last what white last easier Wednesday that's a disaster but that's dirty guys op play Carolina facing Jimmy Jimmy and I said. Jobs. No need to fear. This is your year. This is this here. Virginia breaks through to the final slot on the much championship goes the harder injury but this is your year to release rate due to the final four. Two days later three days later try to explain to the odds and the listeners exactly what happened to Virginia basketball your Charl. Well I think coming from a guy who has. Multiple teams that are power out in the basketball department telling me that this is my year like I don't know what to expect should believe this guy get he's been. Black. Year after year the year of successful. Passing well I'd I'd been blasts except for UConn is now bogs you cut is now on the bottom regulated did you know you're saying. Conroy had a backup plane you're going to look really good to always have a back up when jobs. Yeah that I've been my problem I don't have a backup player. Oh yeah this this either was magical I mean I tell you what just coming into this season invigorate. You know expectations were kinda low but you just sort of look at the roster and little I don't know. And things started to look really really good and then. You know we've we've been avoided injury bug pretty much all year couple scared sure they're down the road. With Kyle from me and they're numb because they had to back issues coming down the stretch but you know for the most part unscathed and then. No we get into march. Into looking really good comment public like you're waiting for that let down the Virginia expanded you know there's going to be a couple games. That you matchup might be a problem or just an off lake should be because you know that defense is gonna be there 95% as time. It's just who can step up and converted it hasn't really had even a Malkin brought in days has not had that go to shoot guy. If you you're relying on one or two guys to care get through the evening it could be anybody. But there's always that chance where nobody's clicking. And it happened a couple times throughout the course this year but. You know it's always there to find a way I can make up by. Boston College earlier this year and how many people even remember that little one point. Win at home. Back in early January I believe the first place he even this season. They could very easily lost that game and that was sort of created a completely different path for the team but they found a way to win Atlanta. They have the Louisville game as well so. There was a lot of gaelic are gone either way but. Just knowing from Virginia fans. You know you can put together that many games to zero in the current setting is going to be tough. And and under injury I think in round trip today. I think that's psychologically messed with the mortal battle no they would of won what's gone because the waiting game went down but I thought they didn't have time. To. Sort of get done so they have a week or two weeks or months to play Nadal potter I thought they were not such a high after winning the ACC. Can they get the harder news I doubt on a Monday or Tuesday I thought psychologically that really wounded Virginia the the last Friday. Well I was you know are out of context like dad are brother and it was like. This is a massive blow to the team coming Connor was that expected there was no you know backup plan for hunter and he was 67. Doubt if you longest wingspan who could. You know he did this fail on his best NBA talent on the team really. Yeah he is he's yeah he's the best bet is she the next got to go green paper and and you don't have a permanently apparently he's that he's the guy most promising that. Having him go down with just you could just feel. It was a massive blow any idea if you could sort of peel from. When they had media day I'm going into the tournament you're talking with some of the players you saw the stuff online and he just. The first question that every people well everyone is asking an immediate declared it was you know how are you going to deal with the law to drain. And you know you could help just by their notion that it would definitely affecting them and so just having to give up that quickly for the next opponent. You know taking your fourth leading scorer off the team. I'm an it guy he's been you know come up attention you give me twenty minutes how it's helped play it he was that spark and do. Game meanwhile Cameron and this is the second time you guys have that he led to Justin Anderson injury employee fifteen. So where he doesn't of these tremendous seasons just he railed by unfortunate injuries at the wrong time. I think three of our left for. And give interment appearances Ali Hannity Anthony deal had a significant. Engel and Brian you know for years ago and then last year they awoken at the mystery. Debilitating illness. In the last couple of these right here until you can look at you know. I guess four seasons and the last five or six that emerging as put together solid seasons I'm with just. Bad luck. And then just be the absolute nightmare. Black Friday night. I mentioned Wayne good to this podcast today and here. That we have been best friends what twenty years now. I did a good group across street from you and think it was 99 yeah we are both players. You grow we drove across the street in high school and pressure high school Charles Moose Taro. How would become best friends in high school we was across the street we par weigh that in a movie in the Charlotte together we were roommates we basically live together. You know whatever from like 99 to 2009 because you're across the street were to get their all the time so we have about a ten year. Stop bond there'll be near each other what dot. When you think a grown up with the old bones a year what does a story that comes to mind what really what's the first thing you think WTO this guy over here. I figured we might shock embodied drive my. They are in the 1982. Grand caravan and the standard and variant not a great monster first car. Avenues sort of drive around town Ecuador first you know despite a crap about. You're like god it was always gonna push me out of parking spot. In and out your driveway every morning. School year you had this old and I wouldn't go in reverse so we ever gotten a situation where you have to back up the car I had a job out of pushed up house push is an all around town for years. But then there was the incident when we decided that we are gonna exact house. How bad decision out from the other credit town yes and the car was working great are sure that it band so slippery all evening. We decided to do little he'll miss just activity in. On on the way home our getaway vehicle decided this not get out of first gear that we drew all the way across town that has actually got to was fourteen miles an hour. And we were just waiting for a carpet collect next door open. I don't know the throw made me throw rocks. Or even worse than us but we Buckley made it home but there are certain. Couldn't look for the good times and they're right along all around the neighborhood we did run lawn mowers on there and histories driving them to my house. That's right yeah I haven't. Actually we had so many you're the bracket poker every march we go to your have to. With a dry erase board up and here's all that game was so they literally not move or maybe six hours. No we see we would stay in one room from Thursday it's so by the end of Sunday. For our media why we had snack cynical or we wouldn't we wouldn't go to this the kitchen. I don't know I think they were the same pants reporting going to get changed. Todd and I was even wearing pants by the end of Sunday not two point you're number one back to egging the cars earlier in the house story. It did the reasons we did stuff growing up was with us aren't. We egg this guy's house. Because he had for some reason we are upset that he sold counterfeit tickets to one of the dance contest at school. It's so true so white I don't know someone had a girl that was in the dance to add something was there was a connection to the contest to work. Someone was mad that he get this guy try to sell counterfeit tickets to a high school dance competition. And we got mad instead we will show this young man not to set a counterfeit dancing gets it also one more thing. I think might I was I was so cool to be like your shotgun guire I'm right no matter and in my body here right gore were cruising through the neighborhood. Do you know when that my life changed dealt to where I was a coin. I think it was at that time you know what that my band blew up. And I got my yeah my Nissan Altima or driving around town and I got pulled over and you got pulled out the cost. Give us thought I was doing drugs. And I had to go beyond in the big is your big New York Giants starter Garrett did I did. And they said put your got you here I Soledad at Saint Louis and manage the maps right I am not hi I promise you right. I was born with these wood these eyes that day were they some hi I'm not hide these are my odds. There will be ducks did do that tiny change for me Childs was less. When the songs no scrubs came up. When was our 2001 are so 2000 don't want. Because the lyrics were. I don't want no scrub hanging out the passenger side of his best friend right. In I would from cool to people go and scrub. I don't I went I went from the core call guy. To a guy or they went that songs about Jimmy's day it literally hanging outside the passenger side of his best friend ride to meet that that altered my wife forever. I can see you know it when your your shoes or your seat. Tom how that could be very impact opponent. Of figuring out where you go from here. And that's the next big question you may get so we figure out a way to get you down or Charlotte's. Art I'm PX I don't know like maybe at the other problem that I had to humorous what I talk about this one every Valentine's Day. Member I made up I made a play for a girl. With de. Please remember this or not I gave her a Slough work in I gave her I was Nasser CD that I burned. And I asked. Pastor to the problem. And we still sit here in 2018. She has not answered me yet. I think you know we're talking Netanyahu not sure what your answer to that beat you have been the perfect date maybe she. Maybe that preceded or I don't know. I gave her on the CD there's only one song on the CD about already know what's on LS. Actually in his supplier rose by seal. It could fix it but it's she told me might act she actually did reach out eventually in say that her. Girl her dad wouldn't winner go to the prom right. Jesse some of the trauma to date her she'd get. Me and. So while there she knows she knows to see if you buy listens to debts that you probably was an essential realized that big prime piece of me I could had is off the market glut that. If treatment and girl lost. All right so who appreciate you talking Virginia talking about stories from the past we'll do it against you can become a six you're on the job bone yard podcast. Appreciate your body dies everything. What do it rare card that's got to do what they are since the about.