Boneyard Podcast: MLB Preview Edition; Meet Listener Amber

Travis "T-Bone" Hancock
Friday, March 30th

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He's been up to reduce error and an on air fixture for thirteen years but dump people want it more. You were now entering the bone yard with Tebow. On WFANC. Dot com. Oh that is right welcome into the boat yards studios here at her top for the longest running episodic podcast. It WS indeed history. This is episode number. Tim alongside me right now is preppy from the Mac attack. In this episode you will meet one of my favorite new listeners amber in our get to know feature that men and I previewed the MLB season. With some over islanders and Panthers fans ran Joseph Allen's. Once before. Discussed. Okay which comes up on June 2. As mentioned we bring in preppy from big Mac attack 6 AM to 10 AM here at WF and preppy was known as act of this morning. When we found out he was named after Zack Morris. From saved by the bell and we changes name. Because that's what we did of my of my full name is not Tebow I didn't know that what I would never Travis is I never did that I don't have an answer that people like Travis about why are all that's us that's not his real name. How do you feel about finally getting a radio name as good as preppy. Armed that's fine with me I don't really mind it com. You know preppy is. Pretty much the last story you would use to describe me as a person to settle dressed epic preppy I don't I preppy my parents are rich I don't you know get everything off of them everything like that that is literally the last where you used to describe his Internet. The normal millennial meant no not at all that's gonna not at all not even a little bit you know that before I work with Mac. He had an intern I would drive around a mustn't do is show. You know what is interns name was one intern debt. Because he wanted to be able to sit on the radio I mean that's that's mass stop. Because he called the guy that. I thought it was like Israel names don't think Unita must feel like an older man now he was like twenty the Mac just wanted to comment our deck so athletic all that. That's pretty mean America's seat of the guy's name was Richard or something but that's just mean that sounds like Mac though. Our let's get this on sports stuff final four weekend for some reason I don't know why. It doesn't feel like my heart is it elated normal B position why is that like and what could have possibly gone wrong. Last Sunday could it have something to do with Chris announced thanks and are going in you could just say duke lose again gets a specific to these act moment could have something to do with that charging call yet been charged golf vows pretty doused pretty rough and it's still act that was gonna haunt me for awhile. I thought I handled myself you you've seen me before when I come in after two losses yeah there's this today. Wausau on Sunday night basically. To coming to you to show Monday. Did you see me before during night games come in and it's a train wreck yes this is normally when that that's the Madison normally get in life. Is when duke loses I thoughts. On Monday I handled myself pretty well. Yeah I mean your damn mad I mean I think one major not that mad was that. Not that they didn't lose to a lesser team you know I'm guessing Lehigh you were probably more mad at. Kansas is a lesser team to do give yes me in my opinion but that doesn't mean we are not AA Lehigh they're not Mercer. My question is unit around to keep stabbed me in that very much Michael Steele is how did you handle the loss what did you do after duke loss Agee who are trying to corner did you talk in the turn the lights hovering go to bed what do Judeo. I don't cry why do trial I cried yes or two days ago as a matter of fact nor cried two days ago for what. That damn what I love dogs yeah I can even watch TV shows were dog is going to be I can't. Yeah he'd have his to a dog loves dogs to humans yet but dogs that sums got to do a dog anywhere our TV I'm out. The only problem Sara McLaughlin come out almost episode of house of cards. But that dog is doing mountain I don't see it though you don't I was out you're out like I it's still ally if they're gonna dead dogs in this job out. So I'll played a dead the other day that's what I do in the afternoons of my life. And did the commercial for the ASPCA comes on you know like a three minute want them and they'll last forever didn't have the remote near me no warning. All the sudden it's like halfway third I've got to sponsor. I'm holding my dogs are god has a lot a bad news I decry the Bastogne I did not cry though after the duke game I I went more any. 34 year old grown man goes to. Strip club not not Ottawa it's a browser and be too nervous I don't know I gotta pay an adult might be a touch funds out of this whole thing happen. I went to chili's bar girl. In Morrisville would you UT I got Dodd the sliders holes I was under the without onions to get a deer. Had a beer walk sit down and yet get ourselves me in the sky idea to bark. At the wait staff caught sugardaddies. I think he must be there all the time to restore app and it ended up with a guy named slam. On Friday night. At a bar and I Gregory tavern and insulin next to me you put up with a guy named sugar daddy. On Sunday night them amid talk about mores alt pop and this week Solomon sugardaddies. Tutored true story I don't know that's a one waitress alternates at your sugardaddies so I figured that's what they go what they call them so that that's what I have going under and then preppy. Handled it well speaking of plans old tunnel for what's about that. Who do you who do you think ultimately wins this thing. I think it's gonna be loyal and Villanova and then Villanova wins by Tony you think war heating oil was gonna play Villanova yes speeches you and Mac both earlier on the show today. Saw the Michigan was gonna win and you should know by now to pick against Mac because then you'll be right. I feel pretty confident in this one I don't they who I think oil was Ron stops so there Mac curse less. They can't be cursed by Mac in other words as I got a Mac person sister Jean we got a problem and we don't it progress goes bigger and wider than we realize yeah no I mean I can continue chair for Michigan you want the ratings or whatever but a love story cure all and let him get to the final game. There's no nobody in this final fourth meeting don't know I just don't see it I don't zero I don't see how John Bronson too good there as it seems too good and says. Surging this is great story don't get me delegates whereas it is a great story in it I think has been the biggest story this final four. However I think it's taking away a little bit of what I think is a bigger story. Which is the dominance of don't know yeah if they were Kentucky for UNC. Or duke or Kansas or UCLA. We will be trying to rank where this raw end of the last five years yeah ranks because really go to the numbers. They have the winningest program for four year a dead the winningest. Stretch for four years. In the history of college basketball and people don't realize that and that's a sad about it the past 9701 duke. They have not lost back to back games just when he thirteen another conference is a great. But their back date I think they're going to win their second championship in three years to get it right right now as a vesco to talk basketball. In what can be a lesson to Virginia fans and Tony Bennett. He had just a unique style for awhile where he had four guards all the time. And yet really good teams but it couldn't break through in March and he wouldn't adapt and get bigger players on the team that was his palaces all lot of guards. Rain and debates got in trouble. He the last couple years really adapted to bigger bodies nasty Spellman on the team a chess who won a championship team he's adapted. In its war they start with Jay Wright. They believed in him he adapted his plan and he's got the winningest program in four years. And there's your college basketball Tony Bennett in May not be next year what do adapting. Would old tweaks here and heir to the system and I think Tony Bennett may be a nice dinner. That's a bold save him begun talking about a guy just Austin sixteen seed putt on don't say the united don't know what are you rushing Tony better now about more tea question. Jay Wright the Sam Nunn on the set I am right there with you I think Jay Wright. Com what every broke through that shot by Christian against any UNC fans listening at there you know exactly what I'm talking about that shot. President to Jenkins for the championship you know Jim Nantz and everybody at the same and we're certainly closed my eyes. Nor time. Passed back to Chris Jenkins. For the championship big and I feel like it's full of Earl Boyd tried to what Cinemax and it's (%expletive) up. I'm so excited I just got yes no late my point was Jay Wright needed aid a moment like that if we in my headset just out of the saddle up let's look at. By Jerry needed that I mean it really need that moment of how they wanted to image of a doubt that he needed to win the championship and then maybe that's what Tony Bennett needs. Obviously to wash with a loss but to just show that he can dominate the turn make Z hasn't done that yet that's the Tony Bennett needs doing maggert you could be him but yet Jared Devlin discussion Carter now. Now the big college basketball news of the week not involving final fourteen why is your Pittsburgh Panthers yes. Getting dubious as a coach George duke my Dube assistant Coach Jeff Capel yes that's a big time hire from Pittsburg how senator you for rock hold mr. capes. And I am I am elated to you know we got turned down by the same Bonaventure coach attempting his name right now whatever he is mark Schmidt that's right. And then we Paterno my buffaloes coach Nate notes which you know a guy that I liked a lot we talk about this on the part of his last hours before yeah and cable they yeah. And then. Jon Scheyer turned us down loan LC they were really talked to where he turned down whatever. Sean Miller turn us down I'm thinking and K we're gonna go to the banner Vanderbilt and find another Kevin Stallings is going to be another awful year run for net. Couple years Iran. And then we did just cable and he is more than excited take on this recruiting role which is an after crude odd players we had a guy yesterday. Ku would he committed it is now reback committed because just cables coached necessary at three players we have three players we can almost go to starting five. But no you know they'll get some grad transfer yeah get some guys you do what will happen here is rough first year. Well much like Kevin Keats and NC state since firing plans may be transfers. Will then guys had to sit out a year. Will start to commit forget it's not about next year slams about the recruits and what players can you get that's a Kevin keep sad that your water transfers dominant yet you'll see it Akamai present. And you could pry talked to this topic more than I can about Jeff Capel being the head recruiter for duke. Obviously he's not gonna get to do to recruits he's not donor to the Marin bag least. And get them at some kids on his jet due to name cells that for more than just Jeff Capel does but these players are for awhile but we don't want and they don't know which players to target to aware. Did don't fit the right system and they'll be as successful team I don't know weren't around the ACC but it. I wanna be like you know I think he's gonna be like Kevin Keats type of coach where he's going to be good and a few years is going to be great. As far as the duke angle of it losing you can't sit here assail losing cable doesn't hurt yeah. You have to know don't understand the dynamics of all that happens it's not just kicked cables not the met only recruiter. Shire is gotten. As a main recruiter for 55 stars in the last year year and a half did you work on Zion Williamson has seven Danica I'm not saying there's no impact to get me wrong. But the system is they're for duke to have Jon Scheyer. I think Jon Scheyer is going to be staff for everything I hear. He has risen up so quickly this year next coach to coach or charge it's hard to say ours Capel. There's cable come back and it depends on Capel a debt cable turns Pittsburg around. In case about to retire and he's doing some work. Absolutely but it cable goes to pits for really can't turn it around the cables probably awful but we got to still pay attention to what Joseph did a Collins did Hurley. Know what to really take grads since Dan brown and coach any other name they continue to tell people. About. Duke and Carolina going forward and whatever that whatever happens with Roy and K. I think at some point Billy Donovan come back to college basketball you don't I didn't IDs today does it eventually. Withdraw what Westbrook. There's there's got their there'll be a coaching change at some what they don't reach the levels look Westport that Westbrook really wants to reach. Don't they're gonna what get to act I'm not saying he's doing a terrible job yeah I just think if he does leave Oklahoma City. And NATO is ready college basketball I think he becomes. I'm not saying he's Nick Saban but I have it would be he'd get paid a lot you get paid as maybe maybe the highest take out to god that we'll also be interesting to see where he would land. If cal goes. To the NBA it's a boy Kentucky's open. Yes that's because he's already started Somalia has definite possibility and are we're gonna go Mac in time right now with our story says America is not here. Because me trying to corral Mac. For an extra ten minutes it's like. It's difficult yeah but last week this is our MacIntyre feature is little different this we wanted to add on to something. From a story I told last week. 'cause never the story told about how I got lost yet for gas CA I got dumped by the girl. There's a second part to that story. That takes place in 2007. That basically sums up everything I was back there and they're trying to wait to hear this it probably am now. All right so remember dubbed the 2006 that was a fall 2006. We fast forward to what I think was. The fall of 2007. Into the summer somewhere in that neighborhood and we had we had any communication award of like talk it through currently we refine it we are friends agree. What I nasty breakup is not how I mean it wasn't first and then my friend that died we ended up why have mutual friend that died so it wasn't detentions. I thought something was happening melanoma away piazza mail us who. I'm feel like it's about our butt but they might move yet but the real in this big recruit the about the that we saw it and ice center this lengthy MySpace message. MySpace days I got our laws must based and is this is 2007 so FaceBook was there but it. Twitter wasn't really there yet MySpace said that particular moment was was the daddy was the due to Russell's agent yeah yeah compared to Europe today so like I consider this a white T MySpace to this story is unbelievable I said this this. Mike Dee MySpace message poured out my heart what a public health. I don't know the exact words didn't reciprocate. This US assailant that she wasn't Fiona and I was crushed them and nobody gets crushed. It's it's tough yet as you can tell by looking at me guys haven't quite a bit ballot. So I want to work the next day we Eddie sales guys that wrote crazy at the time. Like the party we I was in the afternoon be mid day show when I'm done they kind of knew I was going to do something or whatever I don't. They say both see we're taking out for some drinks. Are they throwing the back of the car like blue from old school and I'll YR I on the we're going. These fools I don't know they might event I don't know they were driving all round ups are on the wild in the backseat kind of scared what about a might he's got. And that date and keep in mind. I said last week. That the girl that got me work that rock bottom brewery in this is blessed and 24 hours. Since I sent the message and she replied saying no sure yeah whatever she said it wasn't until that there wasn't courts. So they're trying to be all around uptown we saw the one place and then we end up going through a side door somewhere. And I sit down in these two these two crazy salesforce. Say hey we'll get the drinks. As it always right here I don't know where I am bottle that I know the I didn't. Don't even know where I am that the I sit down. What is four hours since the message. Don't know or I am waitress comes over. It was the waitress her it's not a big it's our oh my god you talk about a wanna get away moments. Uptight so she takes that I'm there or on purpose to come allied become a stalker yeah you're not you're not that big of a creep but I didn't made it look like it keep in mind I'm by myself what the table these guys again drink that wherever you America. And they're they know your stories are right you told a debit they go to bed I don't know that they don't know that she worked there to give you all about the faced at a certain yet you don't get a MySpace they knew about it appointing a meek. They see me hug though waitress. And you know we're friendly death in their point a new test public go he had. In the end they come over in my head is just on the table when they had these juries in their right. Body. What happened. I'm like you turn. There rights Israel might they're girl I've message last night it's her. They're like and what do what sales guy goes meant parent. What are the odds are not a secret ballot laughing yeah sure they got to feel that one was the last figure one was like smiling like what the hell just have to and no one goes. I never forget that one guy goes. She's pretty hot. At Toulouse act. Doesn't that sum it all out. A lot and has nice and that's shots of the heart not this close and a month later. What and a week later ideal back on MySpace that night inside. Hello again I was screaming that just happens to know that I ended up going to his side door and I ended up there I didn't meet him. Unbelievable that sums up everything now I am while was she cool about it is she's just she knew you weren't trying to creep governor I don't know if I don't I mean hey I couldn't tell. I just know that it was very awkward. Index that sums up my previous dating life man. All right I got here rather it's all right coming up next on the bone yard podcast MLB preview. With my boss the girl the legend. Tony what job man's Tony to hit man to jot about clocked in baseball all week how come up next. All right welcome back to the bone yard podcast episode number two of the re watch. As I mentioned people from around a radius takes a lot different roles in this podcast or baseball insider he's going to be up to death. Thank you know that last word loosely is gonna be the managed charge the esteemed boss. Tony did doc tomorrow that hit man welcome to your first. Visit inside. The boat yards studio what are the reference to you go out to be here this is this is a big day for me. To be part of the the bone yard podcasts into basically a little inside your very few people watch baseball around us and also there are few people. This time of the day were taping this could do this but nonetheless he were my mate choice in my dad. Yes so you have first choice and only job is hopefully an odd thanks man it's it's cool beyond baseball season and on the corner starts enough this weekend and it's gonna be awesome man I can't wait. From a cubs this year especially coming off of the National League Championship Series lost the Dodgers economies and time away they need extra resonate got an added to their team is gonna be great seasons ago could afford to. Hopefully maybe it comes Yankee World Series medical. That's reverend down and it's not just because I got a cubs' fan here on the Yankees and I think that. Is where it's headed I think the Astros could play a major factor in the Yankees possibly getting there. But I think for your team as we go through we picked out about. Twelve to thirteen teams this year to discuss we're gonna go over and over under mounds. And we get to the cubs and he has a lot more positive for the cubs and it was a year we'll start off though. With the Atlanta Braves and Al least they want 72 games last year their overall underwent total right now 74 and a tax. So not much difference from a year ago some young players come and ups Watson's getting you know more at the news. Do you think to brace can go over 74 and a half or understand for now. It SA under look at our lineup but their roster Dave Devin as a piece of their very young man you know side of Freddie Freeman and mark jacares. And in CR today that's a very young baseball team still and any time to grow. Was wants to be a great really good player absolutely when they're just just be really good in the future yes. Tehran I think is an ace I think will be that that way for a long time. But will they be able to keep him in the future I think the Braves on the right path. I do believe this team will kick the eighty sued 85 win plateau in a couple of years but not this year I still believe 174 and a half and I do. Unlike debt division I think it's always improve the Mets have improved. The malls will be what they were last year and then you know that this is a division that is gonna keep the race when a lot of baseball games are going to be 174. I got 174. And a half as well when now pile up. But they did practice every two wins last year. Probably about to say I don't see enough difference from one year to the next to say they can get to the eighty wins you matches so I think they might be really competitive. In their building. But they're not ready to make that we've just as well anchored in my Wednesday may go over but be violate one games probably go under. Probably around 72 wins. And I want to Donna suntrust. Ballpark recital that that's a beautiful. Baseball stadium I do want to Donna this year. Hopefully for a raise Cain always is raising cubs but a great team turned the corner that they'll be in the thick of it. Years from now but not yet still Dion. I'll be a good was your trip at some point and I we also in the summer and absolutely put that on your list of 75 days. Or this over under the next one is the Baltimore Orioles I think it might be. Three Alex top signing no because they want 75 a year ago under at 73 on this thing I thought there were T want your today. That I thought were obvious overs. If this 73 is the over actual over for the Orioles. They're going way over acts we don't have Adam Jones against Davis and Mancini. And scope and much shot though he added outs Cobb. And Andrew Cashner to jazzy add an end in the latest preview issues out there right now they've got. DO you jumped to 77 and a half I still believe that's stood over optical wonder are I said because the Red Sox improved the Yankees improved. A division is gonna be tough man and the American League got a lot better. This year than it was last year angels' Al west the Rangers those teams are merely good the rays will be good. You know so. I aides traded off I think too many parts are they didn't let a hunk tells the am I think they would you lose the amount of players they lost Dickerson and SuSE and Longoria and a day had a fire cited to raise my view on the world team and they seek here I think don't Orioles can compete for the third the second wildcard. Here's what they get me on a Dell is that they may no notable moves outside their pitching staffs and I do believe cash or gobble help. But a lot of the same as it was last year might have struggled from a year ago. So you this about the same Orioles team from two years goal in the ALCS against the against the blue jays. But it Abuja eighteen to also got a little bit better boxing is that they also got a little better so. Donaldson's going to be healthy was soon yeah in a contract here yeah I don't does that. Help them or eventually by the trade deadline. Does Donaldson and get traded Woolsey about that they both Morgan is over I think Baltimore is in contention for third place and elites would Toronto. I think they get it I think Buck Showalter will bounce back this year normally plug shoulder gets the most out of his teams last year for summaries and they falter the next one a team now what you don't laugh now we don't want it all he Boston Red Sox. 93 wins a year ago won the jail least. 91 and a half this year. You give me your thoughts on Boston I'll give you my very bias take on the Reza CI. I felt like I like this team a lot of what's working in their favor to his edition of by JD Martinez. Especially in that division. And not only did they add that night and him I think Chris sales and have a bounce back year. I think they're lineup mystical soul route so damn good. In this deal and young and young and young and they're hungry. And this is a team that last year got a taste the players Ozzie being somebody Astros left a bad taste in the mouth and edited that and Eddie JD Martinez. Did very no beginning of training camp basically. Spring training. It'll take a by a month to do it really is swinging down and and get real active. The plate and Al Pacino is a big pull hitter. So that that could help on merit at Stanley the I would just. It's our team a lot out of all over 91 and half I think is a 95 win team. Many ghosts slightly under probably 809090. Here's a question marks abs are about the lineup one of his greatest are about Craig Kimbrel we know he is. The pitching staff is my question just pour souls awful last year because he bounced back to the Cy Young performer serves were for so. More of who we was before it lies here is more like we was in the past dated right to see stay healthy. Palmer and Chris Sale for as great as he can be does not finish seasons well he's historically the last three or four years every September. Source I don't know if it's the the way he pitches he gets worn down and then the three starters behind apple TV the two starters behind force LO the last Quezon Johnson. Some nondescript but I mean it's and some young pieces. I don't know that stacks David Price goes out in force that was not picky when he's supposed to pitch two years ago. Well like Chris sales I think that they the Yankees are better equipped for 28. We're I think you might be you might have a case for that under nine you have for right and I am have as a blue jays will be better. When al-Qaeda Baltimore remember Kent and exactly any points you know those teams nineteen dimes so. You can you can look at you know eight or nine losses to burn you all three of those teams yea if you just go 500. You know eight or nine loss is the all those teams which already puts you in in you know around Tony some losses in the. Vision so keep in mind Boston last year despite the not they had 93 wins. They were great last year and they got hot glue when they got yet they got half like eleven of twelve wins or some day did lieutenant get in and got a little doubt that solve that so wool will see were worthy to block the balls and you're ago. Your mushy shot shows just had Yu Darvish to the mix. I think. I'm not stunned by the results of the cubs last year that was really you noticed this as. Coming off the emotion of what they went through in the World Series here to expect him to bounce back as the same team last year all the way through. Was probably. Fool's gold that day I didn't think they're going to be able to duplicate that. But we seem teams before after a down year comeback NB a dominant team we mean there's going to be. There over under right now Tony is ninety soared past 94 half I'm going way over. I'm well aware that he is a Hahnemann baseball team again I'll tell you except and I tell you lie you Yu Darvish is your third starter right now and you Darvish will not be asked to. Win twenty games like bird he needed to win twenty games. And Hendrix the car is gonna have a prospect here I believe. And you've got in Toronto who you'll get a for a full season now. Not in the National League and he dominated stretch of the season in the National League and the slide up dot rest you know. Zobrist needed rest Bryant needed rest. Rizzo swing was lazy and that in that don't get doubters Hayward was all over the air and and don't and break up player Ian have to do is secure from Cincinnati. Humorous is any debt. That stead either Miley baseball two years ago the cubs called the mark Lester had a really. Good season platform to be even better and lead off. And let's not forget decals Warburg. Lost a total weight he was not. Happy with this season lasted a demotion in the minor leagues to boy I'll up. Really got Amanda stung them and he vowed to give better shape and hasn't lost twenty pounds and gained it in case of an abductor muscle but now he's more athletic. Now the color more balls in the outfield and now it still basic Q even more so look framed a big diagnostic seizing deepen our brand immoral. A moral set up every game last your from offer Janssen in the in the NLCS he did and the World Series and was damn near unhittable. Does the first time he's going to be. Legitimate closer. But they got a lot of guys to pay just drilled. Guys that can kind of close if they need to sell. I love the cubs went on a games or more of the divisions over his junior still around her to write yet I was in an Elmore is still on the team and at a really deep roster. They got some good job a bench players and some durable bench players so there's a lot of team and a division that is just not going to be area as good as it was last shouted the brewers the brewers and added the bulls are five. Brewers or cardinals broke back death and you got Pittsburgh Cincinnati are Harold member a couple of years ago when errors almost 300 win teams that what's different with the gas goes to get as close to an iPad anymore Reza personal damn near lose deny any gains or more. We'll toast he's today's rather rushed to the center envision a walk he's one of those middle tier teams that Nacchio either direction we're gonna fly through some of these Australia in a Connecticut man I go quickly and Indians over under. Is 94 and a half. They want a hundred this is interesting Tony. They want a 102 games a year ago. In Vegas has them act 94 and half with not much change. I'm gonna go over because I don't white did teams in the central besides Minnesota being. Competitive really. But I don't know the Indians will be as good as last year I don't know. Their pitchers I fought pitched over their heads a little bit last you're not Gruber yet so the other guys whether beamed our efforts will be go to cast. Heidi they're going to be really good I don't think Cleveland is going to be on the level the Yankees. Almaty and that's in their house still has a big reason why cheers and hall. In right field. You got. A slimmer Brantley words Brandt we aren't yet ready Zimmer center field and you've got Michael Brown if you're not Giorgio that's not without a little bit dead I'll still can't produce stable now win 94 games to ditch just could still really get closed are really good. In a Cody Alan if you Jose Ramirez yet when it wore off flashy and it's he'd app player yet. Or does he come back to earth I want you and ideologues or first they've got to other out this is a really good baseball team and of the 94 and a half when deemed. No I say nine. Or at least essential we better world for better or what doesn't better. They'll they'll push is a division title I believe the divisional lead down and that Indians won ninety games a win the division but under any sort half. What suffer Minnesota in their compete with the U cycles but this was one that I thought was way out way under Colorado Rockies 82. 87 wins a year ago I go over Colorado lineups to go to court. I did you do lose some pieces they'd lost chairman of the 'cause the last couple other guys over under is 82 I like the over now on as well. This is an 8587. Win team could hit nine B but there won't be enough and NL west. I believe the dot. Or so Houston Astros a 101 wins a year ago 96 and a half I'm going over that one yeah outs I don't see why they're going to be under underwent. I don't seems company today did an American League west want to get a little better is still the American League last. Astros dominated the American League last year dominated the American League as a underwent baseball team again on an error on add your goal egg your call is honored on home mum baseball team to compete. All with the Yankees to play in mocked the in my prediction the cubs in the World Series one of those two teams will face the cubs as on a baseball team. Here's an under for me to dodgers' 104 games last year threaten 96 and a half I thought that day. They've got some young talent is Seger M Ballinger obviously Clayton Kershaw I thought a 104. Was all smoke and mere slash us David they've played above their talent level I'm going under 96. Meet you and you're asking chill out woody Chris Taylor who had career years last you to have careers again to get over 96 and F I don't see that happening. Distributed officials in turner being off for a while it hurt them in the first month you know pod back in mid may. I just believe that is a under 96 have a team they bull in the west. But the west and down this year in my opinion has an idea at a ninety win division like Gayle sensual these so I think under and six and have. They've got doctors they've got a major competitor to argue that once again the Mets. That's a tough one they are eighty wants a bloody wound mess the better team they were last year their managers and get down ten more wins and they get a better manager I think in Terry Collins hi I was like I said under a brief violence by a couple because. I can't until I see it pitching staffs are healthy for them I can't I can't make any guarantees on the Mets I think they're going to be improve. From their seventy when the year ago 81 just under that my team to New York Yankees 91 wins a year ago 94 and a half. We know they added Stanton we know that their date they Beasley got to have everything in terms of position well I didn't do so many things. They've got guys in the minors that are that are senile not even up there Greg Berger gets her. He's got sixty weeks they can overcome that I think now I think ultimately to win a championship demeaning grabber that breeze out all the time. Heidi they go over tied to the lineup I think that got enough starting pitching and don't forget that bullpen is completely nasty that's the biggest they don't need their starters to go seven innings walked. And another big key to reserve and its fragile Lester was on ohs plus 198. Yes there should have got to 98 wins if a 99 if you look at it that way. Adding Staten Neil Walker other piece serious injury manager this is eight is the home in baseball team. So look and act Cutler get a cubs yankees Astros as hunter when baseball teams this year makes a baseball I believe all three will do that I'm all over 93 have three yanks. Is a couple woman escape my my major over here we go to the cardinals broke quick cardinals 85 and has this site said. Over because I always just tend to go over with them I always think they're gonna Max out normally. More than they do use I'm gonna go over because again that division. If Milwaukee falters and dedicated to Cardoza boards are there in the middle after the cubs. One of those two teams I think will be really good one might falter I think you might be the cardinals out of it sees. Are part but the cart as it did Ozuna this'll really good lineup formal deer really good the operator for them. But they need Carlos Martinez a nuclear to perform and if they don't do that. This team will not get to 85 and half Wenzel falls short again the cubs will be on her when baseball team the brewers will be better. I would divert to go over 84 Africa is legal under 85 and half only because I believe the brewers. Ed pieces that are going to be a lot better in you know yet. Your Jason Jason Anderson. You got yellow it's the other ends okay inept offense is better than it was last year and brought literally did year they added pieces not to beat the cubs the vision. But they'll be right significant bloc our race. Mob better in the cardinals I go over brewers under cardinals 85 and half. All right last two Washington Nationals won 97 last year 92 and a half this year. That division I know while the nationals. Had division now I'm going over 92 and had I taken feast on the Mets take us Airways of raising the moral. And don't be surprised if they Martinez's manager of the year Dave Martinez is a good job my job man disciple don't matter for years in Tampa and the cubs and is a really good really good detail the attention he Telecom manager red eye so he was bullpen coach us ice bench coach you've. Any took a lot of minutes philosophies is spring training. But a camel too it's a Wednesday to training camp you'll from day so he looked easy it loosened their team up. What I believe happened and has a lesser literally typed the playoffs and you saw it. In green and I realize Dustin Dusty Baker NetApp date it and and I think Dave much it'll keep them loose this is a very good baseball team. This is the following year by Zobrist project with the nationals. Harbors he'll look for break out and you talk to get a better before I can't get better I believe he gets better this year I believe NASA and a division. And will push the cubs four. The nationally crown. Strasburg it's gotta say healthy yet and last year they were carried a while by Ryan Zimmerman who went off does he have a sim warrior today had to fight production and Arnold now Woolsey about. Other guys produce a big Zimmerman still has a really good year armed and I believe that's an overnight you have when team name and I push honored. W 9597 the day when their they when he sees these unease like you said. I guess that's a really good baseball team to compete. Indiana with the cups. Here's my last one essay forty to meet this was the most obvious. Over. On the west days. This team I think in guilt all the way I don't know but what a World Series. But this is a team with a rich history. Today. They had a terrible terrible terrible year last year and they added. Pieces. I think they can challenge the Dodgers and you know I know where your goal is San Francisco giant is a giant. The arrest 81 and a half after 64 last year. I think Dallas he stepped into the giants normalized. Data McCutcheon they added Longoria and look at them on paper shall we were the weaknesses are distasteful to many across for all. Do you here's here's my only thought I love what your goal what does there's my only concern about the giants. Is you McCutcheon and longer on the downside of their careers you dating elm. At that point in their careers where you gonna ascent QB change dangers in your lineup to push you over 81 and have to to give me death kind of team. That to get DES daughters in the NL west and for the NL crowned. Bob and is gonna be off for awhile with his injury and as betraying no big deal to be back they'd always find. They got a great they are really get close or some margin obviously heard you guys gonna be off a lot of great infield great infield they get a really good defensive ballclub. When you're asked to McCutcheon. And Longoria to be what they were in the past I don't know if those two guys have that anymore. You know eight Lotta time never always undefeated is spotted dot. So as they've gotten older. Their production declined in the Kutcher was in the clutch player he was. In the past last couple years. You're not Gloria just has about Longoria of the past either so you're digging out sat idly the DOS and their career they need big years to go over 81 and half I believe. It is right at 81 or write under is an eighty went team. I don't see any more than 808180. They say could win ninety. Here's why. We've seen the giants the for the lesser guys in the lineup. That we clearly but it giants' championship teams and they had guys our journey mean guys are on the downside and they won championships but you don't need a whole lot. So does McCutcheon Longoria have to be what they were five years ago now know what to get to October date is true they date they sort of maxed out their talent that. It's haunted the giants in October has been able. And it solar bullpen. Can chill consistent season the giants even if they do get their lives in the first thought because they can't. They can't their bullpen can't hold leads you sought against the cubs two years ago you saw it three years ago India analysts the match the match right or whoever was nip in the adult. But DS help your diplomats and up in the play on a night in it. The play and yet playing game but the may struggle to get to the World Series so that's just you know I think the giants' bullpen has always been a a question mark you will remain the same way that your and I just don't believe Andrew McCutcheon a Longoria give them. The 95 when you look at fours an 81 and half eighty when team. But around eighty man. The better but not I don't know that it should be. -- back during the season Lester you're out just to lay off its quarterly baloney let's do the eight and June won all star break and we'll do one in August before the last got. I'm a tremendous job guys buy into that are so much though our point here. Yeah you still got we went about ten minutes over Leo that's okay though and I need to make sure you are our baseball insider across all the brands. At W I think he's got it about. Welcome back to the bone yard podcast of outside of my next guest to join me she is what I have called EWS frenzy rookie of the year. For listeners and 2018. She is dedicated daily very active on Twitter now wanna give people what chance and I actually to actually hear her. Not just see the tweets she is amber makes data not Twitter she is at eight MB ER. ELL pay act and morale up 06. Amber thanks for joining us for the first time here on the bone yard podcast. Now I am surprised that you got my name I'll have to interact. I did have to I didn't have to sort of look it up to make sure. I did I did they there was a chance that I butchered about the Quetta right correct there yeah it hurt. Car he started listening to this show likable leads towards the end of football season right. Yeah it be and threaten black area I know you're a die hard you're diehard diehard football fan. Panda and how did you hear. How how this great show called the Mac attack and what draws league I guess I gotta ask like why or why he was into us every day. Well I'm I would a lot of the people that I follow a lot of my friends. I remember they debate here thank treating about ER. Oddly I can't ever let the Sports Radio. I can you or carelessly. Music. But I repeat intriguing about it at Al edit ink by a Q did you want and I've been hooked ever spent. The Mac and as Inge is interest being. Hey he'd get his take on things I mean he gets back and forth and every day it seems like a lack of who his favorite team as they only floor. Yeah I had a very good they're pretty entertaining and I like that you interact with electric fan of the people will withstand. I'm just make sure if I'm a couple of hours. Do you worry you're being kind he said MacKey what does it could decrease and that was interesting. I don't I call him certifiably insane but that's just our entire furlong we Mick stick together it directly Alex at. And we react it's picked it up a little bit. Well we do appreciate you listening to calm as I mentioned football fan. Where do you stand right now on how the Kantor's offseason has gone I know that you are big into the hash tag steal my Hearn Marty Ernie but he's still feel apparently Sophie and her right now what's going down. You know I am. I'm react excitement and a lot of it it's opting out there are going to be hungry area that act which is good. I'm still looking forward to do a good track we have the spots to fill. I just don't Cilic where he really thirsty for it which can itself. Act I'm definitely feel a turn on my team Marty not ever worry that he you have to do is Marty people you know felt I'm I'm here for. I think he's done a pretty good job within the post signing was big tile that people get dollar enough credit that that guy's gonna. That guy's an upgrade over star and much cheaper than star I think that's that's his best madrassa there's been very few more removes. That's question I wasn't big on you know I thought that's a spot you could save money act but it did if you're just gonna rip the GM for the kicker than he's done a pretty good job. You're out I imagine you know the old Braylon issue back ballot that would have been Currie finding if you have a whole medical issue came on aren't. Good. You know I think Marty isn't a good job. Sog NFL they heat up their work and. He is he still on his own turn. Then I don't exactly know that even means helped edit that part out I guess let's Stabenow I'm talking about. I'm still stuck you what let's let's be transparent here for so I got to on the line. Your first time here. And and I said hold on perhaps I can hear you. Got a technical problems are brought in our engineer who's gonna punch you in the face one day. And I said this is enough because it happens all the time in this or less I can't here we got to fix this problem and he came down here and you're listening to the whole thing happen. My headset my headset was appointed. To. Yet I wondered if earlier protect our way to doing a thirteen years he's the third cardiac and once I have been doing this thirteen years at a high level. This is a setback though and that that's embarrassing zero like my year I got talked into a row here. I was gonna go gray Nike employee in my damn heads let him at Gary thank act contract extension yeah now there's a reason there's an opt out after two years. They wanna make sure that if they. I I did dad died this year I did sign a contract etc. do I don't know and it hasn't opt out after two years. I don't think that's my opt out I think that's neurotic definitely what I'm an immunity was talking at dodger after a quick. I can't really myself pinpoint one player I like dumb all over the place I like die here Alexander Louisville corner. Josh Jackson from Iowa how I Calvin Ridley bodies falling I know that you. In the beginning you talk about Billy Pryce of Ohio State in Europe Ohio State and you know what last day. It has AM from a high very I guess that's MacBook. Caught holder I think and he he did talk you got out there is provided at. It was your current draft crush on number 24 for the Panthers. I'm play out let's take pride I think you at a C block that much value I think he'll be at the Cadillac who actually are. I don't wanna quit now and I'm sure he won't be they'll all I 24. You know I thought that our look back Arab. Check it out DJ who turn the other day and you know Vienna we look at desire to tell you yeah yeah I need to look at me like he would say he's he's there aren't that. Goes let argument you have be allowed than 300 ZDJ Moore outlook. And you are treating sleep on it I don't know. Yeah I hit it he hit it like Canada. Like the other day I was excited for Calvin Ridley and match like now we're gonna look we want DJ Moore might call me and so now I gotta now I gotta invest myself indeed I just eventually we'll get to a point we all have our guy. That we want her right now it's like it's like drafts in your dislike or anybody right now. Yeah exactly. I mean I'm a bit pick on each better. And mr. And I'm a little you'd take your running back after extract a lot of people say model. Out of the community can trash. I think I would because it's a different GM I'll I don't think it GM. Should take a running back twice himself in a row what is different GM is there curry didn't drop McCaffery Sama did Amman a Sony express I don't know that'll be. That'll happen now you wedge somewhere like two weeks ago her sorrow. That's unbelievable like Gabby you're such a football fan your word Philadelphia on vacation. And you ended up. Greg cosell. Yeah yeah I'm a huge panic because now. You know I finally think it's. From your show actually an ally. Yeah. You follow them all over the country really because he's if he's on one station near you doubt your listener so you Europe yeah Greco soft and you hit a mop and he said Greg I'd love to meet you. Greg cosell says come on by you go to and that's Dell failed and you watch the man do work how in the hell did that Kodak tumbleweed. Yes and often let me just locking it might you know bellow back to our ever have a particularly good Pratt and that tactic channel so. I realized that it helped found that and it just ran across the river it's just thirty minutes occurred you know ride over the over the river. And go ahead and not that he actually were not edit yeah I don't attack ad out now a couple of black belt. It's crazy I went by on Friday at the he was watching tape that there are literally just walked in the door and Apple's so it was just an evening. On their huge picture as he's stable and a stat that allows you say well it's yeah and I'm in their like a hole all I was. Laura and I took pictures and that it is just amazing and just to kind of watch crank on and go through the film study that he put out party to any. I believe it was on some college. College film he was watching and we were lucky. Well. Main pirate prey goal. So I'd never heard on. It actually seems pretty neat thing multiply. It was that high school this is a receiver from Kansas State are yes and then he'd be pretty pretty breath. But I I walked away from my experience. Feeling much smarter. And honestly looking at football a lot differently than I look at it. That's a and it about them. That's quite a spears now I compared it to like going this is like Willy Wonka inviting Linda Vista chocolate factory and hit it. I actor David. Yes there have been there and you're really cool I felt really out. Really honored and excited that I was able to eat. Are a couple things before what she goes I know your your busy on a workday here odd you're duke you're duke fan edition Ohio State. Yeah how did how did you react last week to the I came to say without getting emotional how did you feel last week Latvians Porsche incident apple Kansas. Yeah how the bomber I mean I I extended battery disintegrate the ball didn't go ahead and how long. Little crowded room hello and that they go ahead and America and I had a really bad she clearly watching what about Trent did you experience. Can't do it. It interestingly enough merit to appear cheap and I would actually hurt about tag isn't he gave but yes it is that did that albeit at. Then I guess you could still. So we were gonna have a tough time and then at some time. We went up about that. Questionable charge call and you. Are you can you even go ahead and say Dow's (%expletive) you can go I. Get you to Kasai nearby annoyed at told I am. I get beyond that I could do that with the duke meg in one of our friends find out she draws on the yet. I don't know how. Yeah I was totally acting like treated like there like Eric and once or when Dell was so big and getting them back in the game you can kind of just steal that. That was I just knew enact a word and I end up that I end up drinking alone a Chile says the Rand about but I hit it. I handled myself pretty good out I was worst or in the Lehigh Mercer losses when I. Contemplated everything in my life are troubled not hear a lot about more mature now mom very mature manner via yet. Couple more two things that are not sports. One person that you have nets. It's taking a liking to as a friend is more from gas don't. You have this this three in mesquite the three letter of legend MFG explain where you had him. Your reaction to meeting him in person and just overall your general sense of what this a loon is Alba. Yeah I mean on a plane had only had interactions with them via Twitter and it actually I think he found out it Bob that he didn't let. They added basically just kind of what everyone else has been saying about half man. I'm I went into. Yeah a bit here's the situation I think WBQ party like a pancake per. Like a month ago I think. Ask for charity and island by tea and can be as good had to pick my daughter for pancakes here. This is granted this is where we we teamed up and told mark that he had different as a maple syrup any day. A need I need it took part market where bury him. As stale tired feet. And people literally brought. Aaron Cook who went everywhere and units and Alicia. I mean he's you know he PP actually world that he had heart and that he did. Laura and I I think. You know he made his persona bigger online. You really sweet guy I think he's really funny. And I he has all the best intentions I think. And it it was a it was a problem. He gets nervous around a lot of people. Mikey have an active activity that computer and actually it quiet do you I would just say because he makes me he makes me terrorists around a lot of people. Pay act you hear it driving around Asia people realize did you see the video were how we turn on the radio station with a bungee cord can see. And I thought his car I thought it was like got to go to minus grab pages videos of Marc Dreier stupid decision a much more. After the year of the car was that looked like it's like 1990. I don't know I just love it and find anything that has been out with you like taped appetite that's what you are to operate the radio. I was 2011 I said mark how was this carted out it's so banged up he told me he's got a perfect driving record. And then he explained how many accidents he's been and so my hope. He's like mr. men do with no vision are two more things were out here here we are to obsessions that we share and it's not eating vegetables. One is at HQ trivia. Explain to people that don't know why this game so addicted. Goksel I could to. I love the yeah yeah what happened that I got train really play a lot of people and talking about and I think I've downloaded around I think probably it. It is it that they can hit this little clip showed that you are all questions and you can actually are real body age. For it and I can't think it prompts question sick I think maybe packet to any. It is and it sister Lorraine and Reagan random trivia. And it it and it's just an incredible life and I'm addicted to that. I don't know I'm glad for punishment I got off to a 1000002 million people are playing every night it's had every night and they edit played quite cater a week at 3 PM I can't you know every every night at IKEA. Black last night was last night was probably the low point for for the whole my whole Twitter spam way because your question was. What. I talk about this on the air today at the question was what's in Manning stepped. Cal what she or more chicken I didn't confused that sick and mad angst. So of course neither obviously now that you say that you or what would you read exerted regs are Manning is like Holliday got me I thought it was towel my always got to be some part of callous manner. Sure enough there I don't I promised everyone a Twitter trip to Bermuda we won last I would fortunately actress not happen. Well and good really and that you know I ask myself and Clarke are brought back question right now. That's the worse because we aren't they can't see to it when a plane so when I go back to Jack. It's nice every single time I see mark Dell com how and it's on the same question come out on that's well and good buddy and I think that we can pretty relaxing you and I had been out that they actually I would batter or accurate like panicky you got what you do everything that's I get a lot of people wonder why isn't going well everything's going smooth I come along the canary got one more saying he'd done a great job today. Why TV tonight your site is not eager you'd like beat out. Gosh that's my that's my camera there I have always been huge cop and the show cop yeah. And I asked they'll like I was the only person and I and I watched it forever and as I think exceed every. And that's why Pete Campbell I didn't want to prolong her name outlook that I just didn't and I thought oh I got the best things for cops it's like cops on steroids it's and they. The first episode that I saw I'll never forget it was during the UNC organ final four game last year. And I was so nervous and pissed off that UNC was about the wind I had to make an alternative program to go back to once in awhile. And I kept going back to the showing what does that show what buy dot football studio crew. Next thing you now I'm white skirt the UNC game eyeball on the show that they're for a year I love it twice up. Twice a weekend nine to midnight and AMD got to check it out it really is the remark show. Yes Opsound and then I have to really be an apron on his feet deep gratitude. Because then he's got great you know joke then he got sick to play the Holocaust and call. I'm not not an idea stick Schneider I how Obama secure man. Are our talk about Greg Olsen on the European into the demand for I don't like Eric. Sticks Larkin. On paper have. Unlike TV I'm sorry that's silver fox that's a do the demand right down like a library exactly how I added I love fashion and recently we have a watch party we will break actually workers that follows that we should do it in and Pasco County Florida this technical crude on the energy. Florida never disappoint you never are amber mix that in tremendous job on your debut year on the bone yard podcast again give out your Twitter handle multi billion default. Yet amber around lacquered bureau affixed AM BE RE LA bureau this looks like Cinderella ball like amber. I amber LA at its. And act at a nicknamed plan Iowa like 1990. Okay we won't talk about all I have out better than long time ago that is right we did that really don't know what should imagine we went to high school here. Yeah our effort by we did we yeah it BP cherry creek all air. While we did we although I thought all the legends which are myself Chris Paul you mean we all went there it's great that you're right yeah. All right amber thank you so much we'll do this again soon okay daycare every weekend staying power they'll. Welcome back to the bone yard podcast we now bring in someone has become a friend to make. In many other and the fans on Twitter over the years she is Joan Allison on Twitter she is act Jones PLC assets at Joseph. PL CSI want greater odds because she has a team in need keep pounding five K June 2. The team his girl gang and their big free agent signings last week get this was me. I have joined teen girl gang. For this event Jones first of all I appreciate all of your wife's advice lately been dot. Thanks for join us here and abroad and our pockets are you today. I'm doing great avatar and that is Adam work at a golf clap. But if it didn't it provides a trustee you dig out I don't get the applause dissolve all that goes straight to my head. Now what they'll lose the buzz about teen girl gang it's not just girls right it's it's. Anyway in Canada Canada it's just it's just that I they agree to let folks that miles give up on Twitter and you know it started as a group girls. Women ladies everywhere columns and but no we have a you have a lot to got his stead are teen girl gang. Now did you did you have ball a lot of meetings and a lot of almost like scouting did you what what did you add meted this squad to this this is big time this is a big time acquisition that girl gang made. I ice then maybe it's a pain in and then in the universe which seemed to force. I heard you talk about gauntlet jam that is sure and get help me out like you know less. We need to keep an eye on our team let's let's do this. And you did give me he gave me a lot of our. Cooking advice yesterday yes. I don't know if ball stop nerdy chickens. In now what ripping back toward the correct address to a lot of vegetables which are which are I have a problem west. What I treat you last night tell the people he gave all his great advice what did I Kamal what's for dinner last night. I guess. I go waffles split there blueberry editors move if you don't obviously. Blueberry Kolb or waffles. So you do all this war you're such a great friend you try to help me out what do I do I don't get walls so it's like your your try and now I know you walk to keep. I've I've I've been one that I've been bandied Cheerios for dinner I felt. Absolutely give us some details on that they keep pounding size KR imagine June 2. How do people and how do people sign up where is it had to get involved and join team girl gang. So if it's an event that it's put on by eight look into the hospital and ability cancer institute at. It is trying to. Raise money to. Eradicate childhood TM third. So much I can then that passes just. It's bad saying let's just get rid of it and it can get seated just Google. Can keep pounding five K 2018 making Guinness. They're picky right for the event page. They do cafe at. Thousand. Walker's flash runners. I'm glad he said nobody said he's got a thank you don't I don't make your title directly idol locker Kathy walker we are in contact. Yes. More than half of those last year worth I think we have twelve. Or fourteen maybe amber are looking last year and only maybe five or six he actually ran. The whole thing that's that's walked Aaron. And I am it's thirty dollars to register they do you ask everybody. Am trying to raise you know at least 51 dollars then that he viewed. Our paint or paint you know why that number 51 a significant. Ams and milk number but BM. Last year I think our goal was straight about the dollar as a team and we raised over 2000 dollars while I was really proud. And has really proud of that and that was. You know to the people on Twitter can I would treat out. You know things. In people who have never met you I just interact with the official media. Burst sending me messages I was getting emails can I do get. And as a team captain I do get email suddenly get done donations or not. And it was it was really humbling it was very. You know it was. It's something that you know I was proud of that we you know kid it was very like it the lack them like holy crap like your person to raise money for those things. And number that might you know fire six days of leave it you know exceeded our little goal. And them it was a you know. More just to get girls together our interface together as a unit as a parent together Arafat for all the kids here are people for their lives so boring. Am but you know to raise money for you know LCI OPH is right that you have icing on the cake. Well you've got the power of radio behind your team now so. I certainly we we as a show this is not a backpack maintain this is a credit to our listeners. Four. Disease foundation we did an event in 2016. We race 5000 dollars as a show. So yeah I would I would what are those he had he had yet so you we we we have the power here in the in the would be. The generosity of our listeners are reaches no as I wanna say a personal note my best friend when my best friend of our two best friends and died. Before Iowa before there were 23 won an accident my other best friend. He had colon cancer in high school her car any media wants. And he came back again in 20042. Years leaders are about a friend that died. From colon cancer so I seen. Taught how cancer affects families and young people wanted to see young person when they go through so decide this means a lot to me out all kidding aside I'm I'm glad to be part of this and knocked. Potter might my friend that got passed away. Well you know I hope people at that in the air registrations. Registry can stay near Rangoon are spreading trash talking. In honor of someone. Going to be duplicate name there if you thought that somebody noticed that little. Yeah I gotta go I got to do one more thing before which again we do appreciate you coming on what has been to react some course of my teammate Sierra where they. They are they worried about me in my what does my expectations your eyes as the has a big free age on the spot. The only is only worry I think he says Aaron is that he might bring along we are burned home might look these are remarks. My side I might that she means mark from gas stony he. To Joseph and is trying Joan is trying I feel. Jonas trying to understand market's been a battle but I think she's trying to understand more what a better he did put out a hard sell message. He wants when he did he did I did already Hannity it hit its nuclear. Limits mr. Burke talked to us and the if I could tell your intelligence certainly you know it is actors just tired pennies add you know. I can't yard is now that's a big concern is that numbering in my son along all right Joseph we do. Appreciate again one more time give the website out there doesn't sign up. Pretty stoked it keep pounding five K be at the Carolinas healthcare Foundation's. At this Google keeps counting the five K 82018. Now take you right there. Registration Atlanta about the people that get by that team current T. Can't serve the girl gang 2018 president of our team. All right again this is Joan Alice pat Joan Alice add Joan to P. l.'s ES on Twitter PUCL error when I say PL CS. Yes he's my maiden name at peace the American Dallas TV Arab easy Aleks. So our our student eating PD popular easy easy SR completely screwed that up anyway but that just Fieger somewhere on social media she's a great person that are right John thank you will be out will be excited for its second thank you Barbara.