Boneyard Podcast: Mac-Bone Cuddle, WM Preview, MFG Uncensored

Travis "T-Bone" Hancock
Friday, April 6th

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He's been up to reduce or and an on air fixed her for thirteen years but dump people want it more. You were now entering the bone yard with Tebow. On WFANC. Dot com. Oh yes welcome to the longest running episodic podcast in WS in the history. Episode number three of the bone yard podcast 2.0. Today we go back in time for a story involving match tonight because. Carolina in 2008. Former W happens he hosted friend not Edwards joins me for a four wrestle mania recap pursued. Former W Evans V host and friend Donna Edwards joins me for a full wrestle mania preview and I bring on a very special guest. In our get to know teacher for so we bring in preppy from the Mac attack perhaps. How are we this week was Obama friend. Doing great the parts of the US team in baseball right now not really that they're five and one along with some other teams that were undefeated so they lost the other day but it's going good I didn't really they would be this except from I'll leave the parts are you might want though India defeated by the time. It's a long baseball season just that's how old eventually things play out normally the way you think you will the regular season yankees foreign story. Not a wonderful story that had moments of greatness talk about the Yankees and their bad moments of just Shearer. Don't mastery. That word and guys made up on the fly pretty good Daryn good bowling game the other day that was. He's young as a manager he's hoarding so it's about I forgot he was your manager. Well because does he really make that big of a difference to this so analytical driven not really just days just. Did the guys in charge or the GM and what the numbers say so he's gonna get it especially a guy in his first year he's gonna go by the numbers put aside about MLB to start with today. It's about the masters. O'Reilly I go where I can go. In depth because this whole run all next week so we don't wanna be out dated for next week but how what is your general feel on golf in America and you're a golf guy. All of a big golf guy I wouldn't say that I really I don't really watch much outside of the major tournaments but I'm a big masters guys masters Sunday. One of my favorite events in sports and whenever they go around amen corner of the leaders do. It's always must see TV you know what I like about the masters that's actually undervalued. I like it when a guy winds this has never won before because you could just tell how much this really means to them like Adam Scott when he won about four years ago when he was crying and everything I. I like those moments in sports because of how big the masters is. Compared to everything else is just the granddaddy of mall as they like to say about the rose. Now this week on the so one of the big topics especially yesterday it was Max hatred for Tiger Woods there was smack used to be a Tiger Woods guy he bailed now he. Immediately just you know turned into a Jordan's speech guy just went from. One great to another and you you're Jordan speed guy yourself or are you. Now that Mac is not here in the room that's a do you want to admit dad that maybe sucked up America was that this week and you are indeed Tiger Woods. No because that was true feelings I remembered the lows of four years ago now that George speed won the master was in contention at the masters with Bubba Watson right. And I remember looking up and hold Jordan's beat was and is actually only a month older than me so that's I was like oh he's warning until morning. He's a way about traffic and all resets conical organic Colorado at this currency where it goes that it just turn and into a superstar. And I've always kind of been a fan ever since tiger I've always thought it's cool whenever he wins but I I've just never bend the big let's go tiger guys just never have and I Mac kind of brought some points to light about how is a journey and. Bring points don't like the audio I'd move anymore it he never listens to this deal won't know as a yacht is being truthful. You can you can turn on Mac here I don't I can't and do act is a giant ass. They'll and ask he is definitely an ass but I gotta be honest I'm I've just never been a big tiger guy I don't know why I would just rather see the young guy. You know up and comer I'd rather see Rory when this than tiger I'd rather see. You know Mac future one and I'd just like to see this start like I like tiger NN armor like storyline but Rory winning the masters would be also you have to admit that. I wasn't a big tiger guy at first when he first are dominating in the late nineties early two thousands but in the mid two thousands. 20042005. I just accepted what he was house like Bastia and then of course the he got he got to knock induced with a 119 women and everything spirals from there that I became a Jason Day fan had to find somebody. Yes solos out about five years ago Felix Jason Day than. He hasn't been around no longer a couple years ago did when he got really hot that's that's that's not not not Australian economy and I got the net and he's good looking guy though yeah he is of it must. And I'm not afraid don't know I know a good looking guy just days ago the Australia advanced. Possibly ask so now I'm stock it ever makes on me from a multiple teams seem to have what do I do here because I was a tiger guy tiger comes back I got Jason Day I got to golf. What in golf you're allowed to have we talked about this off the air the other day you're allowed out more than one golf guy you know we talk about how golf and NASCAR similar in the it doesn't matter who wins he's gonna get cheered anyway you know there's gonna appreciate the sport in the job that they've done you know NASCAR fans that's a great race are got to draw our. Our our you know the red necks on the bill. But my apologies to that he rednecks we have we think and I'm just kidding they know I'm kidding but you know send I don't know that. They all the same thing with golf though is like they just appreciate. A good. No tournament of golf especially the masters. When's it gonna be cheered on so yes you're allowed to have twenty golfers if you want. And I'm allowed to not like tiger if I want. Has that is a fair you are allowed to do it every one day we got an Allen moving on to the NBA Tyreke Irving out for the season. Which is huge news acting not only for this season. Because the Celtics had a chance with him in the lineup DO that I don't have court carrier ring Gordon hey order courses out so. I avert our eyes say virtually no chance now without those two guys being there in the playoffs to me to question or is less. Tyree Irving's long term future. Because the injuries are starting to add up he soared to become. A big concern though yeah he's saying that not a number one. You probably Greece others in trouble this year no doubt about it yeah would you worry about carrier ring long term. Com yet the Celtic Cephalon trouble I worry about them and if they have to play the wizards in the first round of the Oslo the now that they have terrorists here and some other people being backup point guard John wall's back healthy now wizards put Sedona last year yelled and a different team but I they India. But no idea I do worry about carrier ring long term he's such a phenomenal talent. Bomb I honestly thought it was a stretch for the Celtics this year to make it to the finals Gordon were not fun next year was the real year that they would push. But Tom yeah I mean he did would it be aggravate the same knee that he heard for the finals a few years ago wasn't. You know I didn't really I didn't really pay attention to what the exact Neil was but I think our our annual talking yesterday I think it was. Yeah I mean Charlie's contract now he's got all he's got a expire soon does not I think it's at the end of next year pretty sure if I'd come to Oklahoma on that is not a 100% sure but as a UST here's what's gonna happen here's the bony projection Brody predictions are that this his knee will fall. It'll be. It'll be dangling. He'll be a sell them south dinner Cobbs the New York Knicks my lord Colorado diary I know you're from Jersey by the same thing someone home. But you know you know we have seen within players like Derrick Rose. How much injuries can affect a career you know like Derrick Rose less from the MVP unstoppable don't go and you point guard. To leaving getting on a team this year he was a free agent for what like a couple months before the Minnesota Charles picked him up by a oh and I think we're Derrick Rose I think he got mentally taken as much as yes say yes for sure and I think it you know the who's and who knows decking up an inquiry to I mean. You know you look at the cavs as they saw had tire read really well OK I mean I think that this on the chancellor's they have LeBron but the so they have zero chance I'd I think fit. They're deathly Gaby mother raptors ministers are now and Millwood because what they're raptors yeah. Nobody at all gives them a chance they'd they. Are when discount their chances yeah I wouldn't pick him right now but I think if they. I don't know and I don't have the seating here in front of me you know rappers and cows would meet up to this point both that's that's not easy series Rick asked the rather threat that point words do or die. For their core yet it's going to happen. Boston. Yeah is is desk on the angels Cleveland has been up and down all season they're basically new basketball team if Toronto is gonna root. Get that core to the finals would flowery and DeRozan invalid tunis and in a box connect gore. It's gonna happen right now it does ours not in any younger Larry's like not fourth my eighty's yeah 3233. Yes he's old army put on the rockets for a few years it went on some other teams for awhile just on don't know little far yet so that's a long time time yet no bull I was actually looking at this earlier today deceiving right now it goes. Bomb Toronto number one Boston number two. Travelers number three and seven sixers number forefront and be correct so. You'll have who was three armed caps the cavs are three in Boston to that it had a cap they're gonna. Gathered around if they played a cakewalk yet there are no cakewalk to meeting the raptors so I don't see the Celtics and raptors really meeting up analyst. Something crazy happens but. Yeah I mean 76ers honestly if they half of them and they won't play Boston and must do you know they beat. You know they're both went but at the same time I mean yeah I would say Boston is. Yeah I mean I would say that they could lose Indiana you know like any team that they would face in the first Orszag around I don't know a team that. I would say that there are favored against I mean you have guys like Marcus smarter heard Jalen brown hurt. You know all their guys are almost hurt so they got a they gotta look over their shoulder here there's not going to be easy for them at all. Now real quick with the will spend about thirty seconds on the west and west as fascinating UCL yeah we'll do more do you. I think Matsch disagreed helping mag realizes that talked about the about it how good the rockets are Australia. How old they are are are Moret talking about this are not long ago I might minute frame when he said it was one that you either set of verbally or Brett. The rockets are one of the only teams in the league. That has accepted the challenge of the warriors and how to build their team the rockets said we're not in Iran from nest we are building our team. To challenge the warriors where I can deny the regulated area every piece we do is to challenge them couldn't. If you don't challenge then you have no chance so it's not just hoarded. It's not just Chris Paul. It's Eric Gordon is Ryan Anderson it's capella it's so many guys I think the rockets with injuries to the warriors the way the rockets are building their team. I think the rockets have a legitimate chance to win the championship this year in I'm actually rooting for them to do it and I want my guy my high school best friend. My high school. Classmate. The guy that out with the high school where the Chris Paul I want him to finally get a taste of success of the highest level east. There's such a great player yeah he hasn't had playoff success I want Chris Paul to at least get to an NBA final. Yeah no I'm with you there and dom did is April 6 are now about. 10:40 in the morning April by the whenever there was incidents where. I'll make and it makes a prediction right now I think the rockets will beat the warriors in the Western Conference finals this will be the first time Chris falls ever made it took conference finals. And I think the day of the team to do this year my question to you was prone do you think you're a mom my predictions the rockets I mean who knows amusement or right. Because the last time staff curry got injured yes similar to this yet. He wasn't the same down stretch it was good to he got he got worn down I wonder is he going to and defiant in the playoffs west is tough. Is not just the rockets are meant to go through. Yeah who knows who pour wonder somebody along the way acts yeah that's Oklahoma City beat him up a couple years ago I know yeah he wasn't the same. In the NBA far. Dallas is gonna be my question you. It is do you give the cavs a somewhat chants. Two when the fire was because of how beat up either one of those teams will be coming out of the west or do you just think they're so good it won't matter. I don't put anything past LeBron James yeah. I'm meat is it's a it's crazy that the older he gets the better that he get the better one of the best seasons he's had his career and it's year fifteen that's amazing to me it's it's remarkable. Pot trouble import things here. Connor McGregor we touched on the show beaten and how can go in depth just wrote Greg gestured out. The incidents state you're not stage yes 100%. Yeah I don't think they met for him to get arrested yeah and to assault people. But I think Carter said OK I got to Boston that he probably does what what's that do fourth. Yet no Dana White was probably just off the rails on summary recording this we need to headliners take over the W we like to point you made Bol law and the cars like. And says it all go grab the door early and throw it at the boss you know that's that's a great otter is front and not us but write that down for the show at some point out well but yet he'd probably just thought his head. Dana tell me to go crazy okay I'll show you crazy and it was just like our disposal senior of the break anything or heard anybody and that's exactly what he did he broke things are people. Jersey Shore back last night he said he only wanted for twenty minutes I went. Hour and twenty minutes hour hour toward an hour east tournament what he minutes now because a start date I want to nine Lawny whenever Dina started talking Iran about how she was mad that you need to reach out to or be covered at. I try to kind of check out I was a site. All right wall. It's just it's just not the same from anymore I was a freshman in high school whenever that show started in 2008. 2007 whichever one it was so I always had five year old man how is always bigger on the show I loved it I loved every second of the first. I think was so when they went they went Jersey and then they want Miami and then they way it Italy was it yeah so I was all of for those tree season but it just became repetitive. They're running out of scripts to write anymore I felt like but the first season was awesome the first season was the best whenever you got to know the characters. In every tag that now it's just a look at Snooki and jwoww are Mike. Look what you did you bought your face look at your lips look in your face looking here. Everything your fake everything I just I'd I can't get past looking at them and thinking about when they were younger and still get the proof issues actually funny and now on the site. I can do is our. Now there'll Starks so it's gone from you know unknown. Summer vacation personalities to. Living in a mansion. Yeah Miami at that so far away from what the jerseys were what exactly now I still watched all two hours and then I watched some of it again. Because I love it I mean I know it's it's carried it wants a retrospective last week on it they did a whole look back and it was so organic. It's so real when they first started yeah and then today over time just got more and more and more. Yeah and is it Sam think one ought now I think that's some was real artist we like. Some of the stuff that went on and they did a last night T with. You know Stuckey goes and finds a docs from behind. Teach your voters back is I was idea what you just walked in there and just have phones right there by itself you're so many things but. It's still it's still brings back so many fond memories of me from 10510 years ago. So I don't fund and now we're the season. Get old really could will miss out to Wear off to a this situation who now is a reformed man yeah Abbott receives a from the highlights that he gets into a fight somebody is somewhat. No I'd have the series recorded actually wanna go home and watch the rest of it to be honest with you because he gets good the last night I just got too tired I was just like I can't I can I gotta check out I'm too tired I can step anymore or watch this. And I fell asleep so the domino. My check in I wanna see what they do I wanna I wanna see how it goes for sure how I'm intrigued by it I can't say that I mean it's an hours and an hourlong every week or it's going to be two hours. I think it's an hour oh yeah because I can check in for our I can't do two hours straight. Bob though the Vienna last night gets pretty OK guys don't reform Karl watching on tablets Stuckey. Gets involved in some some issue there are not just some is showing that I did say (%expletive) on here wanna know they air shuttle enough with the free to cuss on. All right last thing here all weekend points. Aria which he got going on as we did that yes. I don't have. Anything going on all my girlfriends come in town I think we might receive movies tonight or something I don't have any I don't know I definitely. It was a lot of Netflix additional. Human. Now I will be none of that I will be Netflix and showing this evening. I'll relish however not showing it just Netflix does Netflix X what are are supposed to snow or some than Pat's right now rumours are that wrestle mania on Sunday for seven how does a seven hour hi I I have nothing. To view the entire weekend in I don't like when that happens I only saw the look forward to tonight. I have I have the Yankees and a master and I didn't mean like. Personal personal media. I got nothing go up I got nothing to do man we can sleep then and we wake up early everyday Alex I was like man I get boards of and it was a citizen you wanna hang out though bogey. Unveiled wolf would probably say you're you're big ex boss job its list. I do at all. You're your PlayStation Xbox characterization for we need a place to (%expletive) for they each start and imagine team. There's draft a new players you could take up fridge you can do some like that that's what I used to do whenever I have nothing dumb idea that this weak direction kind of just had nothing new to a tunnel under that. Don't play on why does that kid from Iowa was talking on the governor's guys quarterly teacher asked he's. I can be part forty boards that all right perhaps states are coming although they humans initially. All right welcome back to the bone yard podcasts once again our feature. That we have installed for the bone yard podcast 2.0. Is a little thing we call Mac in time. Mac was here couple weeks ago we talked about it dating mishap I had that is all driving back from Mac's house. Today this one involves not a dating mishap. Just a grown man that sat. We go to 2008 and we'd dubbed this one the the infamous. Coddling it's at it as a result yet and called you and are they sound worse was that puts us at the back story. You and I on a Saturday. Afternoon we went through Saturday evening or should to the game once we went to Columbia, South Carolina. For LSU South Carolina. Little back story here before we get into the coddling part of things are never forget that day vividly. Because my twenties that worked at forty was a day before a ditzy tapper. And boy do we throw down that day we thought the boy do we throw down Mac. Bride did anyway I was carried out there I don't know how I got all carried out I was I was awed by our nerve and that drug in my life the next day. Was the biggest hang over I'd ever acts. House on the bathroom for an hour our promise that day as an I'll never be hung over ever again that is out of bed. Ten years ago I have been hello Roy doesn't really know so that I hate I hate hangovers. So I said from this moment on I will never. Get to that point ever got to remember that you're hung over on this trip. Yep toys that were deported out during the Brett Favre jets years. And I was screaming about Brett Favre normal I'm always had a Dick c.s or caregiver over someone's shoulder as being carried out ya about Brett Favre but that's how vessel the next morning we met like. What are run a levered herself to death near the radio station in one of our listeners bomb your friend. Shelley shows going with game got Shelly drove us down the mavs are first Columbia experience the gap in L. We tailgate like does so what you're tailgating or you're like I -- you do we don't even drink right now you don't remember I was Ambac Jane I didn't start to feel better to about three in the afternoon I believe I was drinking you have a heavily asked I've ever ask then that's okay it was a blast every time some with the alcohol on go out art he argued that that sense you're all it was a rough day for you and yet to hang out what I let's get drunk at Taiwan fund. So what are not even a South Carolina or LSU fan I'm just don't for the the experience of being in now Williams Brice. So. What what do we Wear that day down there at October October 16 was a date my birthdays if it. I've worked out to us you know birthday today before I assume it's like to sixteenth or whatever to something in that neck of the senate seats on its its mid October. In dot 45 years old your 35 source for young kids at the time what is you Wear down their fellow dialect teach yourself and you did take out. Yet he shares of polo or something yes it is starting to get to that time of the year when he and nighttime. You know it gets down he gets chilly it's chili that we can even think about that we have so we will just one tailgate with Franzen. Listeners that are down there and then the game start to Wear you out roosters are crow Indian. South Carolina is doing whatever they do down there for font to return to football against. It gets a sandstorm in play to get a little chilly out there. It is just me and you together and we have our bureau in a row at that point out lighters like nowhere near us more on your behavior merit a second loss of the unseeded Agnes and others were. I've had a week so there is how we get a blanket. I don't remember that ordered the boy you come planeload appeared magically as is like a manna from heaven is a different gods converse shaken. So we're shaken they were Rosa Jack got Titanic like we're. We here in match where we're dying we think it was freezing this silly store and give us a blanket as your mother give us one moment and maybe bristle when nearest field our authorities to sort of bad for embodies the heiress we didn't even know gives us yeah I think it was but there's only one blanket. Yeah. So mechanized. Boat all four of our arms together for. Do grown men no qualms about it. Shared a blighted that day we had to move inside because a blank it wasn't that big 11 as real long Blanton now it was like a two person blank. Maybe it's I loved her blanket if it's small we had to get up in tight. They were looking around go to city we get a notice of BP RO IQ what can Addison were white or let's call it it's her survival. I believe silly for the reason the story got out did you Dyer are manly man we don't want that's way out there's. I think Shelley thorn in the wanted to use down there I think she came up there to see it's like an Aztec goddess they were black were under the white almost hold each up. Forever we had to say this is for safety purposes it is not for is about sexual and they frostbite frostbite is about to occur alright folks okay man it was a decision we would choose a life or death. Even though that life had us under one blankets together we chose. Parity had the rumors Baghdad of Myanmar remain child's being gay gather cern had to deal all back door on that I'm Connolly would view on there. Are the other part of this story that I thought was fascinating was there is a family in front of us. In view hopper. They got up together as one at some point during the game and left the soda. In you Bob use our senior thirsty man. I wanna watch on alcohol beverages that dad also was drug bust up those points or seem like a good idea so again we're young kids off 45 east 35 yeah. No certify the 725. Or ten years old and I am he said it was ten years via a star before. 34 we are ready to Europe your birthday is near mine now so you're almost had been so obvious I had just turned 25 and a father yet at that point phone itself dads all your dog he did in every 34 domain to be a pretty better it's silent about yet so this family -- build your family gets up our watch this man here. What climb over the CE grabbed a Soto up I thought that they I didn't wanna run as freeze edit or Iran alta and go down in the concourse and all this be freeze and other ads that are blanket. So I got the soda. Because I thought they were leaving act like it's a simple little bit of a soda and I have to go down a bias in half and actually met because. Mac is simply on the soda and and he goes oh (%expletive) here they come back up your stick God's. You're got this whole game got Stanley back up there so Mac plates is a soda back in this family one of the failure is a drink the soda but nothing ever happened. I was set out more fight so hard nosed out mortified by the fact that you did is that now the Stanley comes back for their sewed up. And I don't know what are populated Iraq's you're out ahead mark my friend your direct. My bod like anybody here drag yourself what stated noted heart about everybody is happy I got a little whether the whistle and they got this. You know and that is why American I had never been invited back to Columbia, South Carolina whenever that was back for I did go back for a Pearl Jam concert once Jacqueline back for Pearl Jam concert in the what's next are placed colonial life and death great show me a great show but now they're back to a game tax game after that. Gamecocks fans never advise that surely they never said hey you wanna come down to know it will idle admitted they talk to us anymore I think they have our picture up these two matter wanna do not allow them backing it. Although I'm a little chilly got to want to act now. Right smack it's I'm right they're for this week. Welcome back to the bone yards Sunday one of the great days on the sports calendar with when he eighteen. Yeah the final round of the masters now the same time hopefully Tiger Woods is making a charge. It will be wrestle mania authority for kick off time down into war ones joining me for a preview his former ref in the host. A close friend not and towards the bottom might make good at talking how he's going. All hit it big they are going wild things are going well the beautiful day at the ticket and what they've they've put beautiful thing at Charlotte. Hopefully people get out enjoy the weather. I mean I I don't know about you. I'm going out in the way probably featured in the public good weekend. Don't know where. I'm Bob Hope and enjoyed being helpful but it probably go a weird to be named after all network on the pick the watch look at me like. But it's. Athlete and amazing time. A man to go out to like. Video watch quack like it but by when I'm gonna don't all right this coordinate. It didn't it it took awhile for wrestle me edict to come again and if you heard rumors of what the matches were I think ultimately. It came together as a nice chord with a big matches lot of controversy we'll talk about so far. Just your general sense of the car as a whole and are you in that for all seven hours 5 PM to midnight on Sunday. I'm down for all that out back and got it right got rid of them are alt rock. Probably during that belt out again only like a little lot in the network. At the beat probably need to at least the poster you brought rock. Or I'll I have only in on this score there are certain things that I wish we. We made our tool spotlight. We've gotten better stop Ollie being probably the biggest one would probably be IE being that I wish. That would that would condemn the Democrat Howard are down I mean that hog got me. You mentioned occurs right Mac we're gonna skip over that know what that's on the that's on the pre show also on the pre show we have the women to battle loyal. Which I don't have a steel at all final Hubble wiz really double the people I know some of them have a sense of who might win that women's battle royal at all if you don't. Going to be a setup I think I honestly I think it's not a bail out. Epic I do know that the Bailey option arms. Quite frankly I I barely budget but what I do think that they could put together. Really not sure one. And gave a slumping forward. I didn't get to build toward it now Walt is beat Bailey doctor 10. On the main court. It did not act at a speed but a late autumn meetings stage. That would be something beat because quite frankly out of what beat Baylor not the title that night Jack what it would do nothing or. You might might predicted when not my winner but I think someone that's gonna chill out of the women's battle royal I think it would gals force Sony Devale. And a bill that absolutely. Calm won't be right it's and other like that writes why. You me a lot of hope we get lit org. Figured back again all of those all important Tuesday night rights watch out of my favorite female wrestlers right now. In in the main court. We have the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal now this. The last couple years has gone to you guys on the on the rise. Guys are trying to push and I haven't done up. Corbin and and wrote Joseph Molly they haven't really. And taken the ball and run with a do you think this'll be a up and comer this year reaching a veteran may be returning surprise guy getting some more. I have no idea like on either one of the artists won the figure out quite frankly because it's the field all ball like Hitler alone. And I don't. I look back at you basically 1993. Michael about the charisma. And I bet you 93. Michael about the group does mean that he's the Bayer. I think the suit that was the Lou I think if it is unfortunately. Just one of those things where. I get that no one acted like literally. We needed one guy that would that wouldn't surprise me back in one at the vote so the point Somalia. The mode Joseph the one guy that he comes back. I get you been cleared either here or. Maybe catcher. You know they're gonna change their border changing big cast is naming gimmick. So he's going to be here they trademarked the name Colin Cassidy is a real name so they're trying to they're trying to. Get him away from the ends no more so I think we talked about this enticement to I think that. Either being cast is good enough team to adult ziglar attack team where I think it is going to be the mazes bodyguards I think he's gonna have a role. That's completely different that he had before the guide everyone thinks may win them Andre the Giant memorial about a royal. Is my guy who wants to walk with a lives. That's seems to be the guy that they're going through the pushing stopped Saddam before who's getting the polish O'Donnell localized needs to win this thing I think he's already hot enough as it is. I exactly what did that eat at the big met all of a lot to do it all I don't need it. And that we're being a guy like big cat would like Mo here oh. I'd like that it would need bet all of the other the other route I get out and argue it seemed all that the media back there a light that book or. In god or. I didn't see that have you heard about the the rumor to ally is showdown that they squash but I wouldn't be surprised at the deer might return for allies. Are there might be there might be a cots or a rock concert. With that Dwyane job. All alliance and in Jeff Jarrett. There's Jeff Jarrett into the hall of fame this week it's a lot of some sort of small role on the show and he said it's not gonna happen because the rock is you know. To be easy but the rock is always to be an actor announced the rocket at a time so he does Witten. That would be a rocket ally yet. Quite honestly I get as. Well as well what did the WW. All forgot what that that we need to be like that W document yet you are broken housing. It's sort never draw down though the white side he would Jeff Jarrett that bet quite. I was goes through some of these matches now on the main card. We have the fatal four way for the WW WWT. United States championship. Randy Orton Bobby rude gender mall halt and Ruth set any for far away you know your interest level in your projected winner. For all these. Level low that the break back at that one of the matches. I would almost say. You when it because they. Open. The over. All it. Did in the title. Eight interest being because quite rightly rated or or Bobby. Yeah. That title at the bank yeah. And again you're all I take currently not. This is heartened some of these matches are hard to project a winner because I could see Russa winning menus added Soweto the match. I wonder if he was of an initially even thought to be in this match or just in the battle royal. You dorm hall I think that Roy is coming to when and hot when he had. Earlier this year torture and last year dom Wharton rude I know that Bobby roots and tree it is going to be spectacular wrestle mania that's going to be fun won a glorious. That's going to be I'll be more and expect that we're not getting in ballots being. Entrants this year I would think that I bet. I think that rainy or in Winston I think they need to remind people of the great it's a rainy or. I think that he's kinda gotten lost in the shuffle is kind of got kind of boring he doesn't do much but I think giving ready or yet another wrestle mania moment global. Project team for for the rest of 2018 to bigger better things are a flexible listen I Jacqui mentioned earlier not big on night Jack's in this match I'm pretty interested in this consolidate Alexa was and not because of what you looks like like expert. But about where he is the other guys are out of electable as spam almond eyed jacks and this to me screams like. Set up for digest. It's quite a bit but I think I'm I can easily be ignored I. All statements that the black eyed during the night one night they'd bury their base he said they're under utilizing night Jack I do believe. The bank is. If I did Jack. I've ever it basically it usually best served on raw as the log be awed the world champion and I'm not necessarily so sure. We've seen so many time with you so many times Alexa was a look like it's not gonna be her night to win and she does I think on this stage. This is where she she gets what he deserves the bullying angle this is proving a point the women that you could overcome sup this just. This to me is almost obvious wins on the corridors Niger. Yeah it is it is it it'd probably over I have I've strange though. That night night loses a big continue wasting our and they put on smackdown to get bad news. I because they have they need someone to basically prove that someone can opt out arbitrarily. Because Bieber can remember would get gonna get another superstar show poll probably. This week again Monday night we're a running it if not all week they're war. I immediately senile losing and they're putting out. You mentioned smack down in Moscow for the women's smacked down championship. Charlotte burst Oscar. Could be one of the best matches on the cord as far as the winner goes I think that. A win would do more for Moscow and your street ready Charles player. He say federal role she's a stall idle Detroit needs to win this thing how to just as Oscars Mac your thoughts. Absolutely absolutely I do believe. On I think the proper match Chia Wachtel war. Or if you include some of the other Mac I believe. That I didn't need the I think they're building toward our. Route B which I'm not sure as a good right yup. Well I'd you light the fact that they're putting it altogether I think if the operated a big property out what match and I yet. Again this will have more it quite. Yeah I am pretty sure that this match is gonna not a show stealer that battle you if you were put money down a lot match you can guarantees you'll be pretty good as a couple on here. That's what we have. Costa sorrow and shame as the Barbara brought strong within TBD. That's the interesting part of this matches who will be brought us from his Porter. I've got three guys in mind you tell me if you agree that these guys as you roster was part of the big show. Bad. You know. In that came out at about twelve hours to go on Twitter. At you looks like better than me drilling that's not a good day. Parasite that's all that's all that's a long shot I mean I just figured they may throw me in their as a as a as a thing with brought also I think read mr. Goodyear might be an option. Outlook he would likely be the map that would be important problems be either and forging belt l.s work. Ellsworth as oh here's another one because. They was to try to work in something that has to deal with the hall of fame which is tonight hoping weekend right. So when that went in or someone that's associate there will be some. All over the show there's something that has to do with the hall fame right. Yeah so I I wouldn't be surprised if more Henry could be art. Outlook and market to be I wanna go one guy out there you have ball up with that. Being bogged. These body's not rested I have you seen Miley. Are not being. Obviously can't wrestle anymore he's gained like fifty pound note it would be bubble probably not be on. A diva on Avon's dog he's our rest and anymore. Com and out of public built like one of the Douglas got particular was got the concussion thing tees are on the what he can do I think it might be. That's why when mark and re not. And how it could be just here for all we you know I don't know I could you tell everybody you're warming but yeah. We are anybody. Like being me you know you know anybody another another option for the not. Goldberg. Cool okay. He was a barrel like oh he wasn't there and along the only could probably do a quick tag team match. Exactly is it he indifferent to get into a trip to admit that basically been the span of MacKey for most of his career and 09. They'll vote again Goldberg are. We're gonna keep flying duties I don't have much interest really it'll be a fine Mac we're gonna skip through the triple threat for the smackdown tag titles a new day birthday I don't find Mac I don't know that if this were talking about here. Was get out what's get to be out war and two. 35 big matches on the court that things are going to be great you amazed were Seth Rollins horse in Bal lark to meet. I won't be the main event of course that right there will steal the show. That again number tactic about it I think it might be about maps on the court I think it'll be. Or your money work which is all of ten dollars or more paper for being on able. What are where your money that it matched on the court and slopes and and I think Seth Rollins wins. I think ballot because I think they need to do they've been double dip this smack now for obvious reasons. To your Kweisi I just say they've been. They've been sort of teasing the greatness of Seth Rollins I want or this is a massive wrestle me anymore another massive moment for him was keep going through these things here. What's next. AJ styles worst Sheehan skate Nakamura. For the WWE championship. Nakamura is partly paper and make all of the bay is but the main route he's gonna he's not my least favorite guys. You might you not be my favorite and could be quite honest it's good if not the award winning year he's not winning it. I think I can be pretty much beat Gary you you're not winning it now there's no way that you win big and I think for everything it is they'll need to be back. A good bit about it but it's actually because they knew they're gonna need someone comport Waldman a guarantor mind how good use and make. I I agree I think that we you have to do. Be able to relate to the champion I want I worry about knock them or if he wins the title. Does he have enough for almost cozy Izzy relatable and off to the average stand to be a great champion I don't see that happening. I think he's been sort of underwhelming. In a double W week. I think you'll have a great matches AJ styles. I think Nakamura does win now because I think AJ styles d.'s arrest of one of these injure. Are they not yet or is gonna win and eventually he AJ styles of a point riders don't know how healthy styles it's he's gonna compete. I just kind of worried about him. I think Nakamura might take the title for awhile AJ kind of re ages been phenomenal that's his nickname. But I I think it might be a little bit of time here before an arrest. The big matches. Daniel Bryan Shane McMahon burst Kevin Ellison Sandy's. Your thoughts on this. This watermark. Shouldn't be an. I would probably put the under the output. They're all good for is one the ball. And one that though and it is that big wash and at what more can change the surprised look. I think we're gonna be healed by either one all either change or games. And I don't think you can do with being abroad because there's no way you're gonna receive Daniel Brian in 2018 if you there's no way you can absolutely and. There's no doubt someone's storing heal the way they tease it on on Tuesday it. You've watched wrestling your entire life you get Theo he'll turn coming I think it is they can't turned in a bright you know there's no white. Eyes go to court is going to be Shane McMahon and that they shaving man. I guess he'll wines now with a went insane mediums I don't know what the storyline would be. But I think I think make posse but man does turn in the Brian yeah who knows maybe that. I don't know maybe that's that's a blow. A struggle of maybe John Sina. It's that chain demanding it has to defend his brother and you know Jimmy there's a lot of ways you can go. There's a lot of weight you can go one would and there are quite frankly if it bit that gulf war all in a were not immoral. First being. It is going to be against either all in campaign. In its first real title and at the net Draper that would be the break bad probably. Because that way you not that way you are not war and you. Eight by 88. That may. And it may set Irsay to have a guy again. That is unique and get more overt no better to do. And they'd. Arnold and we have. Kurt angle and the and arouse the burst of voice yeah deafening demanded this one is once fascinating to me for many levels not good levels. I think the most hurting in the matches I always trust the boy to put on performance of Pennsylvania he'll be fine. Stephanie she'll do what she dies I worry about the us the other team not only rock it out but. Kurt angle right now walks like he's the chick filet count. They kept it it is sort of scares because I know we still wrestling from time to time but I just. He's not the same I worry about her now I've got Ron and the figure is a scenario here at all. In this in this whole bank Dak Kurt angle gets jumped from behind it doesn't make the match it somewhere else for takes his place. And I don't remember the rumor to. A match originally was the rock and rob rob yeah so I just wonder is going to be one worker doesn't wrestle 'cause curtain wanted to gather. That's that scares you wanted to just just from a health point of view. On the other arrests Earth's. Exactly and could be quite it would be quite I don't know if you don't care. I don't know I like all the media got it he's got nothing to do actor Russell may want to air those. Would be my you're big you're gonna need somebody. On the like the belt out a lot better than what Bigby. And to be quite as all being with bared all got nothing to do actor. Russell may rock. And compared them at least one of them but not old. And I'm hoping there's a baby alive in the light it up to be all right and under route against triple H. It definitely got a lot of work. Can actually work. Do you think there's a potential he'll turn here by Iran aroused gawker angle we seen it before what what did. The boys and Stephanie bad days that they do some power was behind the scenes do you think that may be that they paid off Rhonda. And she's gonna be that are girl she's gonna turn occurring. That would be interesting. Because then you could be as you can actually at at some point the old one or whomever the women's title holder whether it. Night Jack because they knew what would you do that it be that want to be able to take all night Jack that and setting up summer slam where Rhonda person not. Here's my hit it might here's my story line it all ties together. Rob it turns out Kurt angle Kurtz got to go find the best in the business to get back Iran to arouse the and there are. Henceforth. Sets up Charlotte slayer coming to roll. If you lost the title to Oscar and Oscar goes to smack down Charlotte's a raw all of a sudden you've got Charlotte with Kurt angle. Taken on. The job. The power to. All right the last two while the last actual match on the card that we don't want right now is Brock Lesnar verse Roman rains. The district attorney yesterday when Dana White announced that Brock Lesnar returned to USC. So it's it's kind of spoil things here I am so darned if so tired of Brock Lesnar I wanna I wanna nowhere near. WW we wanna on this or I'm I'm Don it's the same story line over and over and over if I'm mr. man. Remember what Goldberg. Did you have to Brock Lesnar. I I prove a point here I have Roman range B this disaster about 22 and move on. Exactly Indy quite likely output at the opening court a political opening. Was supposed to be the last that would do whatever change is now. I. That they would rockets he could actually fight back at some point. So that's the heck knows about just I just a big Roman wins I'm happy for idol eight Roman these are back to. I don't Roman epic in April and back Archie made immediately just like the guy and you try. You put it get you put overbought and I hear you may brought means they'd grown trauma in the. He's got needed app is from a skills are better that I think he asked the played the cool guy I think is promised as a better then he leads on at times artsy thing they Romans. Robin where I hope that thirty at the beginning. And then the last thing that we have here is. This just go away match just Sina mercy undertaker. Dot scene is going to be a pain in the stands and there's no doubt organizational. All through the caller and my sense here is that so first let me give me your take on this argue Margaret what do you think's gonna happen in actual match. Those taker so op is or nothing going on here it's either get it is seen again up in a different match here it's he's seen a broad stroke with Porter what things are happening. I honestly think beam is going to show I think I think the initial ultimately we have an impromptu match. I think being a goals. You fortune chicken debate me you again you make the all bought directly hit the ball and everything like. And in acre come out to stone them 123 in October payment acre get the proper farewell to WW. I think that the all the way to match goes down because you can't add anything longer that it seems one minute because. We don't know what kind of shape acres right. Here's vote. Here's what I think happens I got. I think scenic calls him out. I think taker comes out they go face to face. They both stare up at the flag. In the wrestle mania 35 Boehner drops down. I think they're sad I think they're setting up one year in advance audited proceed in Iraq. I don't they they'll be able act I think they're teasing us for next here this year's New York City as an. It is it is edited they're gonna need a massive match I think that's what happened there to get the undertaker one more year to get his body right. They're gonna get seen all because here's the thing would best. A match in advance for Sina heating go do whatever he wants to be perhaps the year not to worry about a story mark. So well he he just films movies and just TV and he comes back ever estimated time when it's time that promote the match was seen can now have a built in match. To prepare for an along the way come back and do we stop but also. Have a flexible schedules are bigger setting up for a estimated 35. Bit our I hope not because that it did you wait a lot of good probable what are the thing I'm maple. They never they never advertised a match either that's the thing back they never publicly said as the match so it wouldn't be right there what the fans candidate teased at that there's not a match so. Gonna be a thaw and fourteen hour show on Sunday night not you or the man he's a great job today we'll see. We'll see on Twitter how are wrestle mania. 34 predictions are prejudgment. Appreciate it. India a billion Libya might just say 1212. Area police say you say might check once or. Might sit articulate do all right we're gonna start is there. I don't listen and I don't know what you just did on Twitter but I gala night tweets about you right now I can't figure out what value just dead but I'll. I'm trying to figure out layers above by jagr someone like or about a right now. All right we're gonna count down and you count down and thought you got down from SARS. For. Hillary. Do well. Joining me now on the bone yard podcast is up on our sites are over to do it again. It. Over. Hillary. Do. It. Joining me now on the bone yard podcast is a man who has made many appearances on the show he's basically might admit man that's why I call and admit mustn't. Please welcome in our get to know segment mark from Estonia AKA MF GA. KA the three wetter hot take assassin. Marco welcome back to the bone yards that a long time I've for a while hasn't been a long time because you treated me three minutes ago but. It's been a long time on the bone yard welcome back buddy. Thank you can go pictured every year you welcome housewives earning good. I'm pentagon and yet to sit here they'll wait but my way to give me a cup Carolina public and but we did at the border that it. Is that these generic name. Yeah you're looking at the word you're looking at the birds and the bees right there and see it. Sounds like you need to have a talk with your parents. When we what we were doing what's next legal why are we going out again. Yeah what you would very long day we got out of the blue baby we gotta gotta gotta tackle Dan Italian place again. OK okay I'll Marty good at the open kitchen over here on more home like Josh. We talk about you talk about a hidden gem. Oh god that garlic very hard and I cannot Eric de eulogized dude are you are my goal right now and leads the league by yourself for awhile. I don't don't don't there. It is now lead I'm pretty. Our guys you want for a special segments called ten questions. I'm gonna ask you know don't go into too much detail your game even when the first thing that pops to mind but I ask you these questions and catch. An annuity got a he'd go off on rain to not take this is a very serious discussion that. Question number one. And SG's favorite movie. Well it got to be a limited time. When MI two that's a good movie and it. I got my high school at the mice do whatever my eyes was called titan so that they played. Gas so yet the we've played a lot of their stuff like on the loudspeakers the I got I didn't American interests. And that's g.'s favorite TV show question to you. Movement favorite teacher and boom. Micro. Our third need growing up for now whatever makes you question you did you take in order you know. That it he would did you. Yeah. Who was your favorite character on that show. Green strip dark periscope discrete screech was on 902 and Al you have saved by the bell. I don't read it bill after all the only now. Hold my guess crushed not even I mean the only the only thing that was insane was to reimburse the east and what are you doing over there I. It. Occurred just about a winter. Yeah it was like the burden Mariner's game yesterday. All right question number three we've only got seven more to yelled god bless. The question is three favorite musician. They match Dave Matthews are you just you just. You just heard yesterday on the show that's why he said he had no clue what your favorite musician when. Number that you're used number four this is from Dave on Twitter can I ask for people there to submit questions. Notice the most important quality you look forward a woman. No Crowley yet steady ever. But do you what do you look for in a we've got the look for something and personality. And no I understand what about the personality. Nothing you can she got to be clearly how can funny the funny establish one thing you look for funny nick. Could learn more at all right number five this is dangerous and this'll probably end my career. Boobs or booty. Both got big Halladay I'm sorry say a lot. Better all the oldies that that. I'll be using that for a sound effect on the show at some point boobs all bag are your boobs guy that was a that was a quick as they enter the alternate. I don't know I don't I'm not saying you're wrong on that I'm just saying that you know these. Yet a very quick answer. Number that. Port report they'll be Davey Casey Nat Nat I didn't need detailed. This is just what you did I give you one question you cross the line appreciate it. Number number number six favorite restaurant. Director. About her record high stores across street from browsers. You were there not out at all now. I went there others do it once once we must rank decade data Applebee's we had to bail Wii and about ramseys so that's what I've been there before. We report our own Beers and Applebee's and made its way so we had to go some route the burial for awhile with the ramseys. But not a question numbers it's true story number seven have you ever been a while before. Yeah the back in 1980. 1989 it's a long yellows the way. Certainly it is talk. What's your what's your what's your hottest slayings are the one that really really set the war the boys. Oldest girl thing breweries. We dated for two years really. Yeah see Eli Hughes. The issue today she saluted the FT CH. After loudly stood in there for a little bit to get the beauty. Can hit and hopeful that these are former missile what where she now. There you could include New Yorkers. Is it possible that we get her on the podcast here at some point. Probably and learn how to get older crowd you are we did he trust inspector melody over here I'll go find his Ariza was it ever get. Larry Marie I'll go slide I'll go slightest Dixon named Marie for an I'll get back to your wife Margot. Number number eight will go pretty quick your favorite person on Twitter. You can only talk a one person on Twitter doing it. That it would see you back then now now now and besides me don't Adobe suck up to the post it in the rough and besides me. If you come out dark. Is your favorite person in a matter in the studio by talking to honor. It's popular a lot of people all right screw that I. Military matters and it was it was a dumb question is too much stink it for you. Question number nine boxers or briefs what do you like to Wear. Oh boxer and the debris there and here you have made your boxers got. Yea and a traffic Ladouceur we've got guys that are good. I'll tell you why he's our necessarily brief priests and he'd have boxer briefs of the combination of both. Do we know what you know the power of the word nowadays become directors that's what they count now than you do that now. He had a special love pro account of his mind. And so one person or one person our calls and I knew what was it. But if you sort of how much of a boxer restart the aids accommodation is the best of both worlds. You can you can at least not he can be snug Emery did say die was a very very tough more than eleven. Well. Sparks are very easy to get to particularly for the ladies you know. I admit I hear I don't really have understood what you're talking about number ten the last question thank the lord. Do you believe in UFOs or bigfoot. Properly that you so to our. As a matter of fact I've seen about three or four my wife Donna noted the bullies. We're we're here you don't care. Yeah I there was a time I told him on the year before how's that my apartment in 2006 and there were something weird over head flying around a walk in from. My former to my friends and I went to reference us as a leader someone on up there I am not a UFO tablet are like als. But there's nothing to do some going on up there and they're responsible. It's baloney and I told that the next day he mocked me in office sure W over the newspaper and it says he UFO sightings in concorde. Yeah I sort of I sort of got it was in the paper other people sought as well so I tell you that night in 2006 I saw a UFO Anwar will go down to my grave today. Dallas or as big thought he was a big foot. I don't I don't yet have started well with a court order school rocket. We saw big slowdown he saw. I swear it did ML when where and when was this. We live we were ordered school pride day we were we dedicated to just learn in. I don't bureaucratic yet there was so far up as it was in advance or was it a bearer bigfoot. I think it would be that it Dicey I think I don't believe it's. They added I do does your guys' names to deal why he can't. Here's leaking out it was elementary east King Kong was indeed got the once the Japan was a new trees. Yeah without him I was scared. After I want to you know what should really daring attack between Kirk. It in my tree I would do it no more out of two. Here's my budget here's my problem bigfoot. How old is he now. When you saw what gets somewhat based what's gonna die off is an. Mike it would put a gold also hundreds of years he can be stow women. Did put added diet they took died bigfoot like Elvis into populate the needle why bigfoot died. Big blows it by a Boston 1974. It's darn big foot is dead I'm telling you right now bigfoot does not exist. I'm not brilliantly they had baby studio right so there's a miss is they fought. Yeah at a later it was a big but it sold yet there's there's more than there's all bigfoot family out there yeah I think the topic. I missed my opportunity. That's that's a start the stakes there might get it and that's for the next time all right Marco great job we found out. Entirely too much information about Cuba we loved it. We appreciate you buddy tell you how to fight you on Twitter. Art baker. 6060. Our humanity murder and yet they're in it we love you buddy it's a coming up now are just ridiculous you do. A great job by.