Boneyard Podcast Episode 6

Travis "T-Bone" Hancock
Friday, May 11th

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He's big enough to reduce error and an on air fixed her for thirteen years but dump people want it more and you were now entering the phone yards which Tebow and on WFANC. Dot com. All yes welcome ms. city bone yard podcast episode number. When the lever knows episode number is 449. I'm just making (%expletive) up right now because I've been also the last three weeks. It is Tebow from the Mac attack. Along with. Zach preppy McGee. Perhaps what's going on has been awhile haven't had you here awhile about a month or so what is going on in not Bayside was evident. Nothing just trying to find calico let's get don't know where she went but. So we come back to me says nothing's going on responded well some in joiner now what are you really joined right now bound. How much rose. Yeah and I'll be joined almond joy are able get data momentarily out to join the Yankees right now Omar what is eighteen out it's one nearer they'll last night on the news last night but that's only the second time in. Seventeen or eighteen games I've I've never this was the happy as twenty days stretch I've ever had in my life. And Abd Al I'm being targeted this may have been to have his I've been a long time I was walking on air the last couple weeks alone on eleventh game. I'm I'll throw the BHD Santer and as I hate to be a prior rose. Oh whoa you donated thorough thorough shaded parts like other targets traded away Andrew McCutcheon truly Gary Cole. It seemed like they were trying to tank as people said about my bills also. But on par search silly but gay men have backers of the renowned nano central Brit there with the cubs and cardinals a lot better than I thought we would be great about the cubs. Yes there Harbaugh of the cubs that they were a game and egged point five did you have a game back of the cardinals are now. I'm more surprised by the cubs I thought they might be the best human it's an act the Astra that followed win about a 105 games yet that's how pilot needed Astros. Still cut yeah that comes I thought would bounce back to what they were two years ago and won a championship yeah that's early bed now I don't. As it hasn't com I don't want it I think it's a lot of their pitching I think is. Being a problem you know do Rizzo and Brian haven't heard much about them of playing obviously as good as they once have so. I mean I I expect them turnaround is especially when there's you know weather gets better and everything like but. Let's go to the three team race I mean the brewers are decent but ought to see the reds are more of the worst teams in baseball so that's always nice of them in the division. To some local news the hornets have a new head coach James beret go San Antonio Spurs assistant coach. This one this one has been a tough one try to not figure out. We're just try to get some information on what he's like yeah his style we know as defensive coach your initial reactions leading RJ's parade go. Is the new head coach of the Charl or. My initial reaction was who. That's because that wasn't too sure about me you we hired guy. Well I mean you talked about before say we art a guy like Jerry Stackhouse a Mark Jackson you know we could go Wikipedia has kinda keys on this this business as you know. How to Pena on that guy yeah this guy seems to be who knows not not net him personally but dieters and it's our opinion was higher. Because we just flat out don't know much about the gap I will say. Ovie gets a chance yet it's a homicide a situation where he winced when he games this year point five games are dramatic here. Hopefully gets 34 year run approves up because to me is not about him. It's about Mitch Kupchak. What Guinea doing this roster these moves a feature Kemba Walker to me it didn't matter with your reduction is basketball team is all about Mitch Kupchak in a front office. Patted a six this roster were. Moved guys around draft better to me. A break does not even not even a huge factor at this moment not each factor for me. I agree with you two point I think that cup chicken burger should build its roster are. The players on this roster that fits what Greg is trying to do. Because obviously his system is what they're gonna be running. You know they wanna run the type of offense that might not need to wait hours or who knows what they do what that I just want them to work together. Should be put Ross two players on the roster the break your wants and that Mitch Kupchak feels that wolf that that says I think it. In time your right but now I can't happen because yeah a little room to ad played exactly yeah so he had two or three years and now break go have more to say what it's on right now it's just a matter of trying to figure out who is going to be here who can they move this is this is a daunting task for which doctor they are so. Close to the luxury tax there's so little money. And that's prior to Kemba Walker. Yeah the other outside yeah I got save and a wealth kemba. If you guys know my Yukon Huskies and before duke fans one of your teams. Are so I watched nearly every game at -- his career from college to now just about. So salt for me to say I want him gone that hurts so my did some but I don't know how you fix this staying without moving parts that need to me. Is your biggest asset Dwight Howard could be an asset not just in past but an asset. But I don't know who's got up. Has a lot of money for one year. Yeah you'd sometimes in life and in sports especially got to get knocked down to give back up and be stronger. Our motto my tweets at yesterday was it ethic so he'll reward our house speaker let's start that we that I did I don't but anyway you know you look at the sixers obviously if they can turn around like that though beef Bergen amazing but. I don't see that happening just because. Joseph they had no more picks and continue to get injured so they were to able to get morn number one picks. I don't know if the hornets are gonna be that bad just because they have players that are gonna make them be that bad and armed you know I'm excited for what coach nick hasn't minded do like you said with you loving Kim I've become a walker Jersey. I don't wanna see. I don't wanna see him get traded but then I do because I don't assume Richard because I loved him on the hornets but I do for the purpose of the salary cap. And everything like that for them to eventually be a better than mediocre team which they are right now. We got some other breaking news bottles breaking news but Jason locked in for a put out a piece at 10 o'clock this morning that David tepper. The man the man David tempered lead to financial guide a Mac was the one with the brat the breast implants he throws around a brass balls brass balls on the wall. That David tapper is closing in on possibly the nets owner of the Carolina Panthers. These ownership discussions to me. There's only so much I can say all I can do is read. As I can about these guys. This is not a coaching I yeah I don't know that I will say Al white disguised personality I like him as more. The opposite of Jerry Richardson a guy's going to be you'll aggressive out there mean he's gonna speak a little bit more. So this is this is a deal that they we get behind a David tepper is that got also a very Smart guy. Yeah they're belittle what your billionaire not a dummy yeah but financially dispute he he made himself Mac out while wall for this. Yes and I think an underrated facts about him that people haven't mentioned as much is how he was involved in the steelers' organization talk about a first class organization they don't negotiate with free agents other up and coming Gloucester there's deals. The other day I hate to say because I'm my whole family's Steelers fans besides me and my dad pretty much. Humbly you know they they play no games in the steelers' organization they have they really never have since the seventies so if he's learn from the guys that do it there there is family. Did he knows what he knows how to run a team did you hear about Navarro. And do it seems like other owners don't even want him to be BR the pit so I think tempers the best fit here. And I think that him being in the steelers' organization can help him a lot being the owner here. If you're Ron Rivera you gotta be I thought Ron Rivera. I'm wanting to Steele or guy he yeah. The reason is they don't run do coaches and that's I'll never that's that's three in watts sixty years says there's Chuck Noll the bill cower so might Tom went out now what at this point. That there may be and I mean it's yeah PS whistled past fifteen years or whatever he allowed Thomas vendors as what 2007 to dominate presents a ten years out a series of towers was simple yeah exactly the 2007. And Iran are very ago on this guy this guy concert organization separate disability yeah it's got to be now Marty hurting I don't had a bout you GM know Kevin Colbert that was gonna forever but for a little. At the same time though. Do you feel is right if you're Ron Rivera do you not feel that the owner may be wants his guy doing this his guy doing that and then maybe you have stability and hopefully. Mean Ron's past record there'd be no reason why even at six intense season this year should get him out the door but he's been so successful but I understand. All these owners want their own guy you look at the situation in buffalo few years ago they want their own guys and everything like that so. Attorney would worry more than than Rivera another hurries and a bad job. That's a that's that's a spot there where they could look at his past and it's Canada party more tied in New Jersey area that day and robbers we got the NBA playoffs starting at some point here we've got a little home Sunday and Monday Sunday Monday Celtics cast your take on Celtics cavs. Is best of seven. Easter Arafat is cavs and either five or cavs in six either one I don't know if the Celtics are gonna be able to. You know that says such a young core you have terriers here and he could go up against guys like Eric Bledsoe and go up against those other guys but. I just feel like you know he's gonna go BS LeBron. And LeBron is a slow pace of the game down so much is gonna hold the ball the top of the key. Make a drive and kick with eight seconds left on the shot clock every time. Is Jimmy was slow the pace down and I don't think Boston's it would keep up to be honest with the and they have a lot of young guys in the moments going to be a little bit too big LeBron and five or six. I think is going to be you'll brought in 60 profit dull bronze soldier on like also they are they is so old broads and six or 77. You think so. I I think that you're gonna see through this series the young guys Jalen brown Jason Day don't play well time student but it had to go armored. Yeah overall margins were extended series that don't Wear any although there's a lot of bodies. They're gonna throw abroad is going market Smart yeah it's crazy that sounded at the ever did the kitchen sink Adam yeah. ID Brad Stevens is good enough to get this team six or seven let's remember. The cavaliers looked tremendous against the rappers like I looked at world beater Zia. Was that opponent based. For the cavaliers zagged because remember we're just a few weeks away from that nearly was in the pacer yeah exact same team so. Yet they date oh in the rafters but is that a match up thing. Or how the cavaliers found some I think it was more match up based cavaliers are going to be fine. But JR Smith's shot like 70% from reader and that's what that's that I was gonna say you said more match up you stay in bed anything so I think it is so others will be a tougher match up. Added a season ago I go aways. Yeah no I wouldn't be surprised of a once excel would be surprised it went seven by. You know like you said a if you guys shooting like JR they'd like series in Gaza Korver Korver was also pretty good last series two players it is his. To begin with Kevin Love was out of this yeah exactly now what cable what are you getting. Because that was pretty dominant Kevin Love yeah. You have a better senator that she's gonna go up against Al Horford this time as well so. I saw somebody I think it was neck right the guy that loves LeBron on fox sports put out a stat that he's. LeBron seventeen and one in the last eighteen playoff games against Al Horford so he could not get our house number eleven with his with those talks you know they slept amicable times. All of brawn whenever there's on the cavs and heat so arm yeah I mean I I don't see LeBron losing if you did I'll be very surprised. Bomb but yet when I mean it's going to be an entertaining Sears I think it's gonna be judged a chippy series once again because you know Boston fans. Even back to one or LeBron was on the cavs a first time they hated him. So and LeBron all there's always has got a lot of respect for Boston fence I think a bigot serious. Tuesday's ethos fascinating regards the Boston Celtics number one had a brat Stephen Zack and a coach of the year vote yeah that's ridiculous that's an autumn all. Underwood doing Casey had a great year a doing Casey wins or whatever padded Doc Rivers get a vote over Brad Stevens what they missed a violent surge thing ever agua. Why in the world to breath seems like it's some votes coach I did that debt that boggles me mind yeah. Also it up a couple lucky charms that Saddam with you that's ridiculous 1% the other thing SI assassinating does not only not brats evaluated this is Danny Ainge. So on Tuesday night the draft lottery takes place mourners in case you're wondering have a two point 9% chance to the three pick. Are one point 831 overall pick Cole sought to do so you're telling me there's sits at what this does that in as fast as he about the the Celtics in this. If the lakers get picked pay two with 34 or five. Boston gets that that's that's ridiculous now the saudis one person in the lakers won a lot of games at the end. To their more like an a ten pick range yeah but if they did happen to get 234 or five it is the lakers in the lottery things happen Boston gets that there. So you're okay we'll boss a fight as you get that pick all the there's more. Yes. Boston does not get the lakers pay they get to choose next year Sacramento's pick or Philadelphia is that. Because they moved down last year in the draft for Jason data they had Jason Day don't. And either the lakers to defy tape or Sacramento or Philadelphia's signature Philadelphia probably not a high tech. Either Sacramento is going to be I think that here you know let's say and get boxed becomes stuff carries they can get a top through corporate and draft I don't know the protection on it. This site is protected. I did so there's still a top five were district veteran that maybe aren't. I wouldn't be surprised if that leg actually works out this year for the lakers if it does work out of one be surprised if Danny Ainge just moves that pic for more in the next future he's literally just toying with the league he's got the lead by the balls and he's doing whatever he wants at that. And it's unbelievable honestly Danny Ainge he's been doing this since. Was it like this even their for a long time because I know he made the move for Ray Allen and KG to form the first Big Three back in the day. Note that read our back is a Saudi today he he stepped aside like you know six or so okay so it's like that 0607. That's like whenever was with KG and Ray Allen had no doubt on his hours big moves. And that worked out pretty good. I was at a conference finals he would I have been on here before talk about what other rockets were gonna pick it always that they don't want and large yeah you much agent that now. Yeah I wanna change that com. I think I think this series really really comes down to James Harden if you did if you get really really good James Harden MVP James Harden. Then this thing could go six or seven either way I think he'd be you leaving gay mediocre James Harden this thing may be over for five. I think lawyers are playing and I think the stars the stars in the series and you're right pardons got to put some guys in in these spots gains Cardoso and yeah. The thing about finals against the he played terrible and essays about the role guys as well for he sits about. Mob Bob mood today it's not a it's about eight a dollar in May. I think is who can. What role guys can play can can step up its that they get anything Eric Gordon what do you plan lateral god yes. He's a huge factor reach fifty to give them. A fourth guy but you what she's done a lot this year he gives them a fourth guy with CP three would James Harden with capella. Yeah rabbis I decided the warriors are two good I think that they fought through her finger in the regular season we've we got a bought into the net you know being as good. But it's their time and acted to try to witnessing a five game. Yeah I'll be very surprised I know I mean you if we want back Willis and other podcaster really high in Houston thinking they can beat the warriors that was played great DY off yet that was it's death being out and before the playoff I think those before the playoffs wasn't I'm pretty sure Lester we did the self. I'm I'm not I'm not sold on them anymore just because of what I've seen from the warriors and Howell. Donovan Mitchell was able to win a few games against one game straight against the rockets thumb kind of on self self. I don't know I mean. The warriors you know there's they're just such a legendary team at this point they're so good men like they're just so good. And they get date date they can't sleep walking a flip a switch yeah now this point that's out in the and you know what. The series right here is a reason why I was upset the Durant Wednesday. They go state yeah because of duress on a gold state right now to the series behalf yeah updated real its biggest -- greatest of this the finals now. With the rant there he'd do whatever he wants to do it's fine but. To me this this may such an imbalance that. Yeah no I you know it also going to be a yeah I needed to move from yeah I mean. We could save effort other podcasts or whatever but during a went to the team that beat them you could you compare what him and LeBron did all the time and organ off track a little bit here bound to send I'd I'd hate having her for that but the words are amazing you can't take anything away from and so. As we wrap up your little wife updates headed checkers playoff game tomorrow night clubs. That's that's going to be awesome I want to checkers game about two years ago and I loved it I wanna go back to another game. I'm I am a pure and Osama diehard checkers. Yeah I JL yeah we know he's talking about every day yours to give the updates and yes I'll and I think it seems like I'll play on the team for rebounds. Amanda well they got Bob resign go he's the odd defensive. On yulia resign go receive from Russia or something Willis. We will assist Canadian Murmansk called me right now by the like that he's on the podcast now is monitor declines as we're doing a podcast iPod and also just I had a mental game a ten year. He had not it's it's awesome and the check your drink is nice and I love watching a lot of hockey man I mean on the playoff talk is also fun to watch on TV and everything it's sort of get into like we've talked about before but. But the same time you're gonna have a blast going to be great time. We'll check on my TV change has been yeah its it's it is home a nightmare the deal would know me well I TV is everything to me really. And are trying to fight through this and I'm trying to battle here because my it's my cable bill that 240. To 280 dollars loans are now mad about a hundred county Internet and that you two TV. The man. I'm misses aren't incidents TV yeah you miss dessert I media right now to your messenger there's a home like I miss in double little people big world on TLC. The Viacom channel aren't on the area. So I am I out trying to battle I'll watch in Europe I watched last I'm prone to bad from what. San Andreas. What the Iraq I'll mark Gonzalez that I wanted to get race one of the great bad movements you. I'll diploma then I I can't recommend watching how much they don't want to be yet it is on the ball we believe that he would stop the hazard it's not realistic. And dead daughter of the rock in the movie. Pot jobs. Alexandra did Dario no clue. Scope group or media from the since let's just say could. How I users at a classy way. There are scenes. Where she's running throughout the streets and let's just say date. They picked the right girl to be running from us from earthquake that's all still very team. I think south yeah she's a 31 mineralized OK Ali. The Covert ITV show on YouTube where I've heard all the talk about it I can't say enough. Might have been. No hyperbole. The greatest television program ever created Oca let's check it out don't get right on the buy at the white glove day right there are press now I gotta go talk to my mom here for Mother's Day intent on all the talk of moms up Nextel I settle you said your mom doing. Oh yeah hey mom it's up to try to cumulus and this but I'll tell it to him monologue in that cranberry Brady's yes well on a week for sure yes got you are proud to talk him Monday yes sir assailant noticed that mama loan talk a Mother's Day. Lean on me. Okay. Welcome back to the yard podcast. My next guest is someone I know it's very well. Because she conceived me and for many many years ago. It is Mother's Day on Sunday I've always wanted to do this but he's very busy I'm not sure she writes me but for the first time in the bone yard podcast. I bring in my mother. Sharon Hancock. She goes by mom about she goes by shot shot in some circles. Mob volatile what's happening in your place of business in Greensboro, North Carolina. Good morning honey hello DI TF we made it right yes finally probably Connie I'm in training today so it's kind of our. Exhausting tiring but I'm fine. Big big plans this weekend for you right to get you to see me on Sunday for mother's LB I'll be coming into Winston for the app for the occasion forty cooking meat for your Mother's Day celebration. We are questionnaire to where you're taking me where my taking away that's going to be do you like Denny's or I hop those and those are your wheel house where I don't have to be well that. Tehran district budget right now swift was cut and we've got to make this thing work. I tell people out there you don't you don't don't don't go in the brag Modi I want to be honest. What kind of child was a -- great sale was great if I wasn't you can say that what when you look back at my childhood and everything I accomplished as a as a as a use. What I what comes to mind or tell the team what there will dedicate Dallas. Well actually I UN it was very good kid you not really what he's giving any trouble at all about that we get one. What kind of argued. You know get a little mouth feed but. I would handle it did not kept it under control. But it was it was a little what do you mean you handled outside what I do wrong. Well. Why didn't for an instant comes to mind Glen arm you're in a little stage of being content that's the end by the end of the day I'd rather not but then. I was ready to take our. Below the dog Alex out for a walk and they gal that's open to me. And I said Travis Michael Hancock if you stay one more work. One that's. And and what that's that couple that didn't. I do you under the breath go work. I hate group from my dog around. Walked over do you fit in recliner chair reasonable ice cream to the bone got him out. And I said no you're not tipped spears right now yeah me and asked. But Barack well I mean that's their that's source I can say honey you're great kids I'll thank you I'm so proud of to me that you become our. Bullies is is this a bad you don't get sappy army here and dusty over here Clark a true about a hundred Dario and you know aren't afraid you're my best accomplish here and so a lot of I would guarding your mother that's not that's that's not good try to curb as products. What. Are you surprised. That process if you tee up honesty or. Are you surprised that I'm still in radio did you think that out last this long doing this when he went on what the broadcast is going 2000 forward you a big portals. Help me get there or you subscribe to set a step that's still here doing this right now you got snubbed again. Nobody you know I am honest Cunningham I not surprised because this is bring your calling. Then if you are big enough to hold a fake microphone and start announcing wrestling matches tales such an lifestyle. You don't tell people that I know he's either. As a well I mean these dead arm it's just something you know he'll learn how to read and do the math basic map by leading sports pages and. It's just something if anybody ever had a calling it you know and and and maybe Eric. Wish or dream come true you you're doing exactly what I believe you meant to do. Now there's another guy I'm not that I'm not surprised you know but I am proud of all the effort you put into it. Are you surprised I didn't make the NBA with the Winston-Salem. Native Chris Paul. And you know. Now a lot of people make fun because I bring up a lot that Chris Paul went to my high school right. Right Tom. Beck did tell the people out there just how close Chris Paul and I were friends he was always at the house wasn't. I I. I like what's your favorite Chris Paul memory for him when he was my best friend even wide wide through your teeth on the assist Al. Act like you might Tripoli audio. Your best from memory my best memory as always call me Chris Paul I get to a different beat him out or try wakes you know there you again I'll just make it up just (%expletive) your way through this no worries whatsoever. RY one assay due to his Mother's Day not a non joke with a lot here but you and your rock and you've you've been to a while we've both been through a lot in the last. Year or so but I you you continue to amaze me with. What you're doing for my nephew Jack every day Europe you're. Your inspiration of strength sciele I want you John here and just Alia thank you for helping me. Do this when I was younger and acts continue to today so I appreciate all your sacrifices now's when I was a kid. Everything he do now I love via I think you know we have a wonderful mother's. I'll Harding frank is somewhat trite word future with a lot to me. No problem spiel on Sunday we'll see you Sunday might be Applebee's on that your whole try to find that it broke her heart and two for twenty mile prickly going to be fired quality director spent some time together you've got a mob buzz Isaac joined you'll talk is Sunday all right. You're welcome writing about my back. Welcome back to the bone yard podcasts are back in time feature. All right bring in MacKey we hear stories from the pass of more stories. Storied careers that it can we say that. From our careers but before we start down America has an obsession on its own right now. He's very distracted by his story that he saw all. So prior to this tale we tell. What's gone you're ready all right now now we're source tells story about the old days and maggots IL ERI just I can't help it I need to rant and I have no outlets or read over right away my wife Melissa Meehan I ran against a Monday. This sexuality expert went on our nose in the Daily Mail in London they're talking now on today's show. She believes that parents must ask their babies for permission before changing their dirty diaper fascinating you must. As the baby hey can I change your diaper. Baby doesn't give a duke newer guy got. Apparently according miss sexuality expert you do shouldn't touch and you shouldn't do I think just leave them alone in her own free can PCs and let him stay double house. This world man is crazy we are getting crazier by the day. Couple questions about just what the baby says now. And what the baby declines the other ten you know what he's it says she think she must get consent. Before you. Chickens and a famous I have Bergen how does one become a sexuality expert anywhere will get a job is that now known pretty sure I'm not one but I saw their method that's ahead of a job do we're becoming crazy man becoming freaking crazy I'm telling you at some point in life. We're all gonna be put in our own bubbles and not be able had any. Contact with any other humans man. I don't need at this at all seriously it is wild and a pleasing about a boat is you look at how Syria Diebler so serious about this course there are. This person says. If you leave a space and wait for the body language on the may be your for them to make contact. Then you're letting the child know that there response matters like people are getting so serious in this it's absurd I'd take care my baby Vegas think you Bobo and a diaper. I going to change it man like it's my responsibility why don't we have to turn this into you are violating a baby that you're taking care out. It's crazy but anyway let's talk about missiles. We all know that the main thing here though that's that's the big overall issue here is babies can't talk. Knows we don't know what I. Do it as a big egos are you have permission then you got to prominence and did get a grown man and a diaper then it's like he got boss debut there under and still we front and we got yourself a talking getting the area's lost he's lost maybe that movie day hard anyway it was just we're talking armor or go back to the year what you're resist 20s1426. Team. I'll say 20s16. Probably south maybe some are on their jet what Sheridan matter. It was a so rent a regular show that. Bottom 6 AM Mac attack. You will be your in your seat. I was in my seat Bob doing the call screen and then Colin logger former employee was on the board we did not see yet our guy Jim slightly. We're on the air right audio or just segments stocks and shows started running here now Jim what's awhile maybe it's human it's like us who knows he's he's due miscellaneous. All of a sudden about 615. The door burst open in my studio runner yet and before he even turn around he says I just did someone write a pedestrian. Yells and out in immediately bolts tortilla. Now usually does this has to start with the fact that I was doing my usual routine. Where I make fun of Jim you've been raised yet where pretty BA you can't count on this guy what's wrong when a man he still drunk. Video over sleep pass out what I was doing that already seeing more and Eddie comes in and tells you something so serious like that. He sweaty he's disheveled he says I hit a pedestrian. We don't have time ask what happened to immediately in Jim's mind or is he dealt with us right towards a microphone we're trying to tell when patty. The PC demand there I try to tell you in your ear. I didn't have enough time I said Jim hit somebody he can't hear me I hear what's your sex tonight. Did you right away today I start by like god Jeff about what's your excuse now for being late I hit a pedestrian right on the air he says it actually keep in mind like. There was a possible legal situation of this whole thing like was he responsible will be responsible for. Bomb and all this different stuff right so like she goes on the air. Lagged the thing. Good thing that never got my own legal proud he's okay about a way by yeah. We're a Macy's she'd nothing nothing severe have a Dirk but the two parts of the story that that must be told that that. Closes the hole the earlier number one they had to move him from the scene. 'cause he was down they're trying to help out he was trying to help move the body to the south China helped her move he stepped underneath this. They didn't it did the EMTs in the police are -- moved back came back in his step daughter need injure further you just there was your card didn't I go over instant on and they all my god that's brutal slots Gil has forewoman what happens next so is a reason why tell a story it is won the all time. Mac attack moments when the all time so weighty moment stop the you just can't make out that this is out he's in there are six to one you're so right he's in their own story. Our first traffic report comes out of six Tony fox. And it's officer Brian sickly are there so word I think about the cherry Korea orders were just showing they're trying to. Sobre Jim do what you did. Source saying I hear it's our reporters. Surprise sickly here we have a pedestrian now and our south boulevard repeat pedestrian gather and they Detroit yacht or a solid hit a he made it. Our road traffic report that have an outside of overload yes that's just doesn't have that and also where the radio person caused the wreck that is on the traffic reporter ever repeated person now there is a person data pedestrians they got a bit at doing to drop. He dig his stick could give instruction here he's got a great attitude out there when your when your drive and he made big damn strict in Charlie. Unbelievable unbelievable I couldn't believe he came in ambler battle it out near I had no time or even a time when I mean I think. Didn't think about hey asking us Haitian talk about this on the air not like he didn't even ask you just came in he was so Gil already Celso bath. But he just came and wanted to get off his chest that's what he was diplomats same reason the gym went over and tried to help out he cell I guarantee felt so bad easily anywhere can help you got to move up you move they stepped on our big competitors. You more Colin up like Jim should meet YUN did do valley we had a choice you know time to react how my get a react he also. Did he try to like friend her afterwards did he try to like fight here in the hospital they told not to contact he had just. Contacting her sees she's okay and then the attorneys had to be like now that you -- we can't have you two talking. That's jello dude he might mess up all but negative mistake but he's not sure. How to make it good and sometimes makes it worries. I've never seen naturally quiet before when Jim came in there aborted I cannot put on a rant about your not being there so what Jim says I hit a pedestrian. Mac was just stuck Mac didn't know what this actually makes it feel bad Kazaa a making light of him not be in their earnings and espionage series by the way we I didn't know the extent of the person now was it drugs aren't so you're not a lot like all know how bad you heard our analysis make you lighting up the NSA had as. Solid muscle was in my mouth put. I was crazy man ad that was gym at like the gym you did not know truly. What debt man was gonna do or say you let no trick I think next week we do one more Jim story out our American time. Thanksgiving to. Want to. All these stories and Tony just saying today that GA improved his hands on my radio first regular self for maybe it's our most dogs OK side Jim. Jim if you're near the show. Our 67 year old man the times soiled a stance on my radio and now you know like Kroger wants to do a daily segment with the man he just creates moments that zillow sets differ McEntire.