Boneyard 2.0 Episode 5 .mp3

Travis "T-Bone" Hancock
Friday, April 20th

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He's big enough to reduce error and an on air fixed her for thirteen years but dump people wanted more. You were now entering the bone yard with Tebow. On WFANC. Dot com. And and yeah. Are welcome back to the bone yard podcast episode number five. What a bit different today because our guy Zach normally in your knee is on vacation today so we'll bring an end for the first time in studio. Not our normal studio because I don't want talk about a they got taken by somebody else today. Robredo what my favorite people from Twitter when my Twitter best friend best friend Brent we are best friend Lance Nikki Walt. C yelled Charlotte. Marketing director got the right title. It's technically now at senior community and marketing director that's too many were I just got promoted itself you speak easy when you're just yelled Charlotte. I just come yelled value added what does yup this all was in here at -- 704 on Twitter yes great Twitter follow EC run TV every Friday right. Yes her act here and there is no actually we JV ball yeah sweep Jamie your five hours early today. You are you your fasting person how did you get beat that tells about your path to yell and he's got a promotion did not yes yes is yes. Yes but I'm not leaving ever make you say how dearly they have not gone anywhere that is leads. Title changed arrays which adds I weren't so. I just get title today. I don't feel like I'm Michael in my biggest act they networks the my job could add jobs but it on that money to us and congratulations on you know more money to. Us. Oh era they hear so I minister for fourteen years now. I moved here for a job in TV I used to work in this downing pat I work for WB TV for almost ten years I'll. I used to produce a 5 PM news here and then make. Came in fired our entire marketing department. And move me there and I didn't really know reckoning was so for the first six months of like I don't really know what I'm doing as a I'm glad I can tell that story now I don't work here anymore so you know when they yup job came open. Like ten people sent to me. And I only knew may be to the people that's meant to me the rest for strangers on Twitter or whatnot that follow me and their like you would be perfect for this job. And now they can like grueling what is yell because I honestly I didn't really know I didn't know what it meant what I'd be doing. And that was four and a half years ago I I absolutely love my job it's a first time I've really just been madly passionately in love with. My job awesome it would be finding a job when it doesn't seem like or that's the bats like Sports Radio there are times it can be frustrating but it's you realize I'm not really. In the atom here. I do think having said that there are two people like deal in short when I look at. You're suites in what you do there are two people I'm not saying that I'm digging digits here but they're to be like god that's got to be a fun job you're one of so that what is like to date in like a normal day for you is like one point. So all it's crazy because my days are so different and my weeks or so different depending on what's going on. Yunel some of that the major things are always constant every week as I have my weekly TV segment I have my podcast now. More on that second dad is on that article it yet no that's fine. I rate the local Yelp which is our email and it goes out every Wednesday. I worked with all the local business owners on how to use all the tools on Yelp a big part of my job is I throw events. All shapes and sizes. Might easily be 46 months. While once a year idea that a big event a large scale wind that always has nonprofit beneficiary of some sort that. I'm actually do my biggest Yelp fit club event ever which is my fitness series I'm doing sunset yoga at the ballpark it'll be in the outfield. I will not be there for that come I that you're creating yoga that's one thing I don't I don't attempt you know Alamo I have flexibility on a weight loss program right now. I lost eighteen pounds. For about a but it does involve yoga that that said that the when I see people knew about hot yoga. Scares me I just I have no need for that feel about people that run. Yeah right right now I'm a runner not like on history by being punished on the treadmill. Bring on the tread. That's awful it's really it's it's it's it's tough well I'm doing pretty well for more solid day to Whitewater events a lot of that slot up a lot a lot of night. Food and drink and. Lotta Lotta food and drinking. You know lot. A lot of people what actually they say. So this is isn't like your full time job it is my full time job it's usually it's not a forty hourly jobs like a sixty hour week job because. I do have my own events that I have. Certain events I need to be that. Or right or whatnot but it's a lot of fun it is overwhelming sometimes. I have those days I'm like I and I can get everything done today. I love it late you know when you loves. What you're doing it really does make all the difference in your life. It really dives they have that quality of liable probably don't know this. Stand by Justin you're at an event doesn't mean that it didn't take hours to prep that it that Michael frost and radio. Were not on the year six to ten act right so I guess it's Mac is here for thirty mural but after that. It goes on all day saints just as you what you hear what you see there's a lot that goes into that or does that include. Right now it's at that things leading up to these events to prepare for these you know I it is a lot of work it's a lot of planning. If you've ever thrown an event. When you go to someone else's and that you have an appreciation for that of Matt and things like. Really stupid things you take preaching like I don't event might. This is lay out a so Don while the footprints done well the trash cans and the rest you know the things that you don't think to think about. Are they that's what are some of the keys for that make these events via success. One thing that Mac came in the other day on Twitter he's on Twitter to tell you today and he said. Why is Nikki eating crab legs were wrecked. I wrote that dynamite here I decided I needed to know why re having Kravitz or breakfast like on Tuesday or what are morneau. Yeah it was Wednesday morning a morning Tuesday night seafood connection. Had a median night they wanted people to try their new menu items. And hide so you leftovers with me and I mean. Hannah had to eat crab legs it unit in the morning he had gotten out of that that you not do that. Well we would. We Pat's steaks and lobster 8 in the morning before but I just the united crab I do one avalanche work. It lot of iron and it is so worth it now app and you don't connection water. On the butter sauce that they do is soul ridiculous. I I mean I would eat probably my cellphone that was covered an act that that potter I don't know what that. He's done God's work Ervin there I can't remember the magician the magician knows underwater for awhile he did a whole thing in the RT yes they're Criss Angel wasn't one of the camera which got one to me they're all the same her I like mighty mighty. Probably to sit in some words themselves for what point Broward in the barn and don't get a map. That's my plan that was the best part about the left overs was the crab legs a lot for this trip and the potatoes and corn at all sat and that water. Over and I ain't. We're just plays that CP connection it's over on Albemarle road so hard to say Albemarle Al brown were well worn. But it out they're open on Thursday through Sunday. They'll be a way it's worth it go do it. Few more things before we get to or what were ballgame here. The local tech questions game and get a game he's as junior Yelp podcasts yes you have a big and out figure right today that something's gonna drop on Wednesday. What Charlotte ya B had a big day and you know throw and I copped to yeah you just got here today Entercom building. Who did you have on your podcast guest today drops Wednesday. Agent 89 himself mayor Steve Smith senior Arab guy at the big time away as it was awesome Hammond Gerard I don't have you met Girard I'm. That rents his foundation. We spent the whole morning to gather and an hour and a half coming at you and I don't have gas. And you know a lot of people you know the football on the sports IA as Steve I really want to talk to him about. The Steve Smith part of them so we talk a lot about food fan lame ass and life lessons out of bed that on it's it's awesome you'll you'll love it. Now we know what things were before we. Already you're talking their equipment and I. Steve Smith does Yelp reviews he does he go elsewhere he's the operating numbers now I'm guessing he's a tough critic I'm guessing it's not all five stars or whatever. He's some of these other UNC path we see Jerry site without is a Yelp. Put yells about nothing to. Lose a guy that he be on Silicon Valley TJJ Miller he's the op. Where he was arrested last week for Bob writes now that tells them okay sleep. I'm from undisclosed location right now the other thing that you have a view that war. The tweet about a lot to talk about a lot. You got your hat on right now. I knew it from there I am Nebraska football born and raised my entire family is there except for my mom my mom and I moved to the south when I was in high school. Went to husk are always a house there a I sold this first time been excited about football and a really long time so it feels good to be excited until. You send your your reaction to Scott frost we got hired in like the way you're feeling now but it's coming he's got to be just. You met him outside of what he's got to be not only you cited because he got a guy named you know the guy you know for the past. But it to. My hero but he got what he was my hero I did yeah. It's like a you know Georgetown rob that Patrick Ewing ribbons that we don't know how good he really it right. Scott frost we saw odious performances at that time. You know before we hired Riley. I had a had a in my head that we were gonna hire frosts. And then we hired rioting and I is devastated I was like maybe he doesn't wanna come home and it never gonna happen. And he talked about his press conference when he got announced as a college. Someone asked him if he got offered that job that and he said no he said he he was glad he didn't because he what is said no at the time. So how everything works out for res then. On this is his dream job he's our dream cults. I'm so I've never been this X had about a football season watching him to you know. What he did it down there with his program I mean he's an amazing coach he's an amazing human being. And it. He's what Nebraska needs because he gets Nebraska he gets the program. He's got he's read all the excitement he's bringing all the alumni and old all the old players and which is something that needs to be done and I hope that everyone has realistic expectations. I know one. They're taking years to buddy he to take on such reported though. Yet just that I'm expecting to go out there and you know go play for a Big Ten championship I don't have those expectations I won a split. On back on track where Nebraska is relevant again I mean I grew up and you know. During the ninety's and everything that happened you know. All they beat my team in 9540. Gators all I tell you Tommie Frazier touch I can't watch it to this day when he drags he drags the whole state of Florida down thought I'd like. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Tim Tebow and they were awful he dragged all holes they deported on the front. I have. A great timing Frasor and I'm allowed his talent but I don't know what time constraints that I don't like him and I'm angry yeah. But I I know I met him and I. Army is a friend actually we went zone Osborne our guy upstairs that if you read all large lots of freaking out about that. When we moved to the Big Ten. Year one we played Ohio State Lincoln and then you're two replay at Ohio State which Ohio State she was a bucket list item for me. Not very eagerly I don't know he can tell my bucket list he's probably according to dot Twitter that is true that in the by. My my bucket list is sporting events stadiums what not she was one of them. So Tommy. Had gotten me ticket for the game and I went to the game with him. And later got you a ticket yeah he debt. You got me a ticket Tim Tebow Columbia via by. A this game that just there I went up there with a bunch of friends from here actually but I met Tommy after economic periods as we went to the game to hang out. And we are sitting with a bunch of old players around us and let's ballplayers they've been in an all man kind from their lives. Really don't remember me as I don't know main. And Connie it's very nice and gracious in public you know he gets. It's one thing when you're in Nebraska and you watch him walk us through. Memorial stadium and him getting mop. To see it at the shoe file Ohio State fans because they appreciate football. And while it was really noticing that I know of very great experience up there and I'm shocked that I avenue respects her. I am now where Michigan year it probably yeah that's true and that's and that that emit and so we're sitting there and there and I college jab at him and he's like. You are blob bubble these are your stats there how well let. The so there is this old couple doesn't that he sees in an older couple sitting next to us I would say they are probably and a seven. So the little old me and means not and he looks at Tommy guns. I bet you don't remember me Tommy Tommy would you be Donny and Tommy was you keep how panicked percent and he goes. No mr. I I don't I have we met before and you guys. I was six drones at the Fiesta Bowl when you kick the expletive out of Florida. Every answer as diet Glassman and timing and I thought that was you've. I got out here that. That's a memory that always gonna remember because it was just it was just so cool. And then we went on to get absolutely slaughtered by Ohio State and it was really. The fact that but it Tommie Frazier memories one at the most support that's the most important. We're gonna play this week we play Gamertag question would order a usually it's like for example later on. We'll talk about like UFO's and pick it up this one is going to be a bit askew I believe in I. Did you leave in your possession at the same time and I had a dream about that the. May I ask you. Like best restaurant best practice. I yelled stop pat ease your mind what it that's when aggregate view that Tebow. Answer I I cannot wait for anti it is more wide. Owners though morsel area because I don't really wonder wonder what I wonder. I don't really go uptown as much anymore lump on the boards though I'll give you my ears. These are serious. But sure it can't be good years. Charlotte the best restaurant for watch. My it's my new left for lunch is a place called me gals India is a Mexican place out by the airport on the service wrote it's a little hole in the wall. I say for lunch because every single day and having four dollar and 25 cents. Lunch special of some sort four point five Jack and it's delicious as who's delicious my first one is actually not more. It's on my street here one that brought you recently I don't get up from what what network Maury yet have I eat home a lot yeah and kitchen. I love open kitchen evening as the Italian restaurant morehead. I avoid that I wanted to personally what what is this place like Abu bothering me and I had I brought a grower read by this cheese ravioli. It's amazing I mean I have had the have you gotten take out now okay when you get takeout so I use it take out at least once we and I worked here. They put it in my card board plot really let you go walking out with a cardboard box bed and I do that today just the segment were bought when you get that currently. Brad get inside a mariners past Rio to protect he's ranked. And acid reflux that south Texas Austin. By the authors get really deep and it does get relief that. As a restaurant for dinner Droid in here. Oh. I'm a huge cavernous. And you're in a place that even I didn't always like it to minor predates. However this is in note fried chicken chicken tenders it's a mystery and go in order 12 contenders he won that's and it's. Now it's an order released it is delicious order as many as you want I'd that is one of order on the sides of that sell some nice neat one. Wrote down a couple and no water. Or actually this is worth and and not worse. Like Doug work I actually they're my answer for one day on the is it yeah. I am also white people down their analog we're ever argued statement which I frequent. Outback. Like OK I love outback I just did two events with them when they released their new manual. My month ago maybe I have to say I I do love outback. Have you seen what they've done recently. As with the blooming onion with a cheese fried problem and the ribs and ribs on. Was above its ribs. On top of the keys pride in it but it's gotten older and yet they put the whole appetizers. Ridiculous while my beater tonight I mean if he if he can't pick an appetizer just order that were off old. I'd best breakfast bar. So well okay that's it means is that this is embassy you know people parents in Charlotte. Breakfast I am a flying biscuit percent Lebanon before I like love flying yet. Right here right yak yeah there's about ninety some lessening in the boat that we Whitewater back like at your kids. Back in my prime. And amber is gonna be the most bizarre response you're gonna thing. Love watching the Italian place it's over active mid town is called me in name at all. It. They are products where you can pick two more since. And then there's bloody Mary's in the Moses and the like thirty knots now giving a deal most of them the most manly is during. Among us is our manly and their for every one that won best actress for me. I go to sunup cafe. In like. You know that stat that people thought I was gonna state house. But it is toast in mortal host. History. It was history of the things that if all over the place means and I'm Catholic exit 31 point three and it's pretty yeah I got to go out yet check it out we'll have breakfast absolutely. That's bore. It's. Okay that's pointed that out yeah the story about sixty app but it's like that's more that's more like. I have to say. I love Conley is Conley is is one of my favorite spots and I in there a lot owner is a dear friend. On and you know a lot of his employees work there ever sell its plan as it's kind of like your your home's lot. Honorable mention though very close tilts on trade deal I know I love cell. They don't judge you there at her side I'd like. I I feel like I should send them I'm sorry flowers a lot. You know routes and a judge you that. Nikki. Where place I frequent in many times back in the past decade or so color is his best far you're gonna you're gonna be like how is that that's more of Applebee's. I go to Applebee's all the time I get that they know be there they say they want me there that's it wanna talk. I'd it's a male beer o'clock A concorde. I could survive or die to recover from a hundred tell you Applebee's it concorde was my spot with my game. We got we got thrown out one night reporter appears to be dot com buy new manager so we had to. This is not recently about what it's like oh this is like five years ago this and everywhere I had to go to skip the residents across history. Tell us items noted the whole strip and concordes been all the without a Yelp review five start apple. I mean I gotta check it out you know they just have that article recently about how Applebee's in places like that are dying because of millennium goals but at that time that you're saving Applebee's best burger. I two spots Brooks sabres house and now and a if you had a man Jerry got a gal and I will take you Yemen and then I really like as acts. I hammers down on south boulevard. I have been into post super die TV spots. Mr. Kaye is not possible I do like iced tea hot dogs there used to bring us food for. Free every week if you like yeah really liked like Mike. Boxes of love that's why had to lose thirty pounds at one point because mr. gates I'm gonna say five. That was generic I know it's not like a normal restaurant restaurant about five guys I never had a bad accident. I've even shake shack. There was won't let the Super Bowl Minnesota there was one there because that didn't it was so busy schedules right. Our our senate was in the food cordon every bat media person in history. Was actually checked we have we have a chance ago. You know ours is opening next week you people are losing their minds over shakes act like here best work for. So I say just generic sports watching I say dark horse uptown at work but they have I'd like 210 TV's. Is literally at TV everywhere you look and they have great food I love their Philly cheese eggs in repeats as and I have. It's like all the beer on tap cell. I like that I agree Cameron mentioned that we go to I like Hickory tavern. Ever has sneaky good bar food and the thing you probably wouldn't like. I think to order there. Salads they're built burger don't salad that's the. The ads very get big fan I play and there's a place on my street settlement of the year after the market our gaps. Or can't hurt it displays I think there might be more than one of Hickory may have had. It's god and is it steered the TV set up and there is just. And I'll I need to solidarity it's gotten my pregnancy ash shiner beer rat and I think that's when her camp I've heard her talk about it muscular yet at. When it first opened in which he probably meant that they had way too many weak but it later. There was like a hundred people working here like this is it insane that eventually calmed down like in a bad news is oh that are. I like that there's like. Oh that's. Deserve place. I am a big homilies and never. Homilies while no. Now I totally don't venture out much. You'll hear might intersect. My guys I think and may have seen I think I may have seen an indictment but it's solvent and. Hump yet that immigration dollars and no duck and now they've got. Uptown. Park ten Villa there they can six tally. A salted caramel brownie there. We'll change your life. The matter of going all these places today and in all Tony's place let's go out today Mike has told some Kremer. That got legged guy at smells nice and there it's like it smells like my childhood. And I got on now I could say Cheesecake Factory. But I was so far from cheese factory just actors overwhelming. In their menus like forty pages long I went to rescind that menu is ridiculous every time I've been there and like I was so overwhelmed they don't know what to do it and I went there for like the Kobe beef burger right now I am your eyes as the Reese's peanut butter. All right actually boarded up best nightclub I don't have one. Well again I'm not like nightclub type here I don't really. Trust me we don't have a huge night club does is it seen anymore Daryn good to David Cullen nightclubs they were might like to point five years I think it's called a discotheque. Now that's. This is what it is. Get that if you want to I don't have an answer that you know. We don't have very many I will say that I I think suite is. You know sweet an old groom are our two great ones and they are what they are and you'll find crowds there you'll find. You know DJ's and whatnot from time to time but I'm not a huge nightclub percent Demi at listen strip club isn't nightclub because I do go mr. steele's gaffe affect. I I get too generous to strip club that's when they visit as you don't know what to do with your hands he had got a problem because that that's what's awkward for me I might add up am I supposed to talk TL I don't know and. Also like I don't like like touching is one of the saint Roger I get nervous and like in obvious obvious here to watch the game on a plane is more. Like Gaza as a spectator tonight. Have we all of that friends do that at fault in the lava just it was actually when you're younger but I had one that was my front of like we what's he. One night price of the stock worth imagine there's maybe they'll. Little bit and then it's that it's gone out the lottery points now by threatening all I wanna go there to get here displays that it was like news beat. When he for our opponents beat but he could imagine your rates weeks yeah like I had a friend and at that point and while mr. Connolly had a corner like. We can't we can't get our last one and underrated spot that you'll need to know about one underage. Under rated spot that people need to know about. Known hate about this question is. I I don't like to tell people sometimes I know that's my job to tell people they didn't stem. No one contributed to meet thirteen people a year and I love it hello thirteen people. And need just. Which is a Mexican place down. By York mounts. It's the equivalent of it's it's basically like. Nexus gas station is like you're going to get gas station tacos. I'd like it's ideally get if your doctor it's delicious I love that place. On. I would say hey you Evans is talking about this the other day I Charlotte agent that was our ads that are. Oh boy is down on freedom I agree with her like people do know about and on Yelp it crashes on Yelp. But it doesn't get as much like lava as it shed because if you're really. John Tanner was evident in oh boys go boys hopeless mind is. But a Japanese ways open in bourse fell about eight months ago hope called monsoon. Who is off exit number 33. And take a write it down by there's a Starbucks down there at Texas Starbucks. Are you what you would think it's that great. But it's got this bank bank shrimp appetizer group off to tell me more on believe what it's got a mascot. It's got your typical high Boxee teriyaki chicken and with the shrimp sauce yeah it's a would it really. I can't Italian carrier jolts more than. Goldman's. That's another Japanese restaurant in and in more bill we and it's the same owner he owns three yards so many Japanese restaurants all of more than object it was hobbies. Holes and now once I got its goals I got this guy's got a Japanese restaurant monopoly nor. I mean I like that my friend actually. I used to be up and wears every weekend because of that. She's she's VMware's diary weekend as she was talking about that place she always when you get Abacha there goes now might lack. Now all right great job today we covered a lot of things I love it Mickey Wolfe at Nikki 704. You've got your title one more time Yelp your every now Charlotte senior community a marketing director. He is coming up our guy yelled Charlotte thus we do this soccer or football season that saw them on leopard yes I basically.