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He's big enough to reduce error and an on air fixed her for thirteen years but dump people want it more. You were now entering the bone yard with Tebow. On WFANC. Dot com. Welcome into the boat yard podcast 2.0 episode number four. Where we'll start by talking about keep breaking news here Friday morning. Both Steve cook for being fired by the Charlotte hornets also talked to the fourth palladium W rapids he Diana about a number of TV shows. And we both we both men watcher. We figured out our FaceBook while last week we have a lot in common when it comes sort TV shows it will play get team. It will play a game of get to know. Joseph Bruno. WS those CTV reporter anchor extraordinaire. We'll talk to Joseph here as we close out this episode of the bone yard but first as mentioned Zach. Friday morning Ted await. Steve Clifford fired by the Charlotte port it's your initial reaction to this news not shocking. Still. Well yeah it is very newsworthy. It's almost like you kinda knew this was coming but I did a sudden wanted to have and I feel bad for close he just was in a lose lose situation. Com. I mean he just didn't have the players around in the compete he didn't think Molly Pont was ready as a rookie showed flashes at the end but I think that. Connor was in games that didn't matter but at the same Thomas filibuster cliff I blame this on Michael Jordan enriched show. Steve Clifford. You know we've seen what he can do with a good roster room Mike delete like the year that we had corny legion mailing you know talking about the a year. Com yeah I just feel bad for cliff I wish him the best I think he's gonna have success hopefully somewhere else. Or according to Chris managed from Yahoo! is probably going to be up for some head coaching jobs right away you mentioned that he might be competing with Stephen Silas. For some head coaching jobs are seems I was could be candidate to get the job. Here in Charlotte I don't think any of this falls like Clifford nominated or when you fire the GM. For the lack of success the team is having that tells the world we got a talent problem. Then you fire the coach. If you fire the coach and the GM. Where is all the words the problem why that I think I guess he had to for him because I got the answers the owners via CBS to fire the coach and GM. Yeah I think it might be the owner's part of the problem here. And I think that I mean I wish the best but I really hope that. You know Michael Jordan isn't given coach Eric too much free rein right now he's led him. You know I was to be the GM linked to control of everything and get a new coach. I mean let's hope he can get the best I mean it. Putting higher in Los energy guard Byron Scott Mike dent Tony velocity are there. The poverty Tom Jarvis yet he had a bunch of yet a bunch of crap. We tend to Joseph Jackson era that you project set to stance. Not a lot of good there Rudy T came in dirty T west frank Hamlin came and as they. That into Mike Brown wasn't asked her. Still Jackson but it wasn't gut especially wait did he got closer it is an in LA you get seated trending downward spiral of Mitch Kupchak. Both in team performance. In coaching hires like when you've got Shaq and Kobe instilled you can look like on all world GM yeah so what it was just Toby. Yeah I distill what things around them and find the right coach for Kobe. It wasn't good now Bates. With the mas golf what's 72 million dollars or something like that Al Gore then yeah. Every four million dollars in some of the draft choices we saw no about some of them some were traded. Just. Cleveland. A few months ago I said a year ago when I saw Mitch Kupchak was let go. I tweeted out or he's gonna end up being the GM for the hornets yeah it was so obvious and so easy to call you are not bragging it was just that eases. So if you were able to take to GM that click who's a who's the next coach I'll said this season. Dad Jerry Stackhouse is Dana come off the movies the geely coach for the raptors he's a geely coach of the year last year. He's gotten rave reviews. So immediately I thought. Well Wycliffe goes. This is another obvious the hornets will go obvious obvious and its with its subject. Now does Jerry wanna coach here. Fortis he's got ties all over the place Orlando's New York he's going to be a hot name but certainly I think that he will least talk. Tan jacket and cup check in bust Peterson and ramseys and Sean May and Raymond Scott whoever's in the front office dot I feel like ever look Carolina players write ramseys had a fax machine right now waiting for a further up the faster you or the trainer is here with some work right now. So are they stack also be the name. We we know that Dell curry not only is he and it was for the team but he's also has an ambassador role once free agents come to town like Gordon Hayward he'll show them around town. During a game this year is a very subtle say that I picked up on and I questioned. Is there more to it than meets CI. Dell during a game said he was the night before he was in Greensboro. Check out the swarm. And he saw Jerry Stackhouse the raptors Dili coach. I thought I was kind of odd that the analyst for the hornets who sees a lot of geely players anyway whether be Marcus page in math Iain. Would be up there in as the ambassador and the guidance is sort of the welcoming committee if you will Hamas and he did he nefarious I just wonder if the heat. Was he there to kind of the old Jerry out to try and ABC Jerry's coaching staff sees what they did maybe scouting Gerri what about this wonder why it was delta air. Do you think that Mike maybe ask don't abuse their taxi about Jerry Stackhouse to see a CD it is maybe just watches the maybe I want to coach remind my question is though. Would do this. Firing of Steve Clifford would this make a guy like Jerry Stackhouse or a potential head coach look at the team be like okay we'll even if the GM doesn't give me any thing. I can still get to hammer because. If final when games even with the crappy roster they can all come down on me even with an awful salary cap team that they have right now. It can also come down on me even if I do the best possible job I can't which is I think blacklisted. But yet what member of the trends in sports right now is to get guys fresh out of the game all so yeah so Jason Kidd yeah officer Gary Fisher in it with. Aaron Boone desire fresh out of the game the guys that don't have a lot of experience almost. They're running it's hysteria Steve Kerr so I wonder if Luke Walton yeah had assisted. Experience but yeah he's younger guys that are not for removed from playing the game in his generation. Are starting get some water so I think stack also being named as far as other names go. I don't know I don't how has so what it's so fresh to this podcast. I have I have trouble thinking of all the names that the most seems I would certainly be a name Patrick Ewing would be named. If you are stuck around one more year but of course he went to salt water at Georgetown so going to be fascinating to watch this offseason for the horizontally to coach. The destruction it's got so much more to do roster wise I would be surprised. If there. Any better next year. Yeah I would say that. They should give from. You know it just depends on what they do this offseason we don't know that. How bad that Mitch coach or maybe try to pushed to trade Campbell or trade any of these big salary guys because it has to match up so we're gonna get a big salary in return you know anything like that. But I you know I just think that he wants to comment and changed the whole aspect to this organization and at least try to. You know maybe get some young players in near new face of the franchise may be kemba goes I don't know but. I think that he just wants to make it his baby and take and run with and you know I mean. Why and a whole plan here to talking about like fifty different things whether it's. Are more from guest on his birthday coming out that there actually was yesterday. Fox than mark pot shots and mores nobody coming to drive thru to the most re watchable movie of all ties some baseball fights Steve Clifford. Has sort of taken over that. Yeah planned right now last few NFL draft how big of a draft guy or you there are you juice up for this track is back is cranked up for the draft hobbled a bill like. I'm getting there. But I mortal draft talk out at the moment are doing have been spewing the same nonsense now for weeks or you aim for the draft or you might be right now. I am. Kind of like great in the middle eyes feel both of view is both of yours fresh perspectives because. The officer like I'm a bills fans I've been following them in the end there's like very closely you know it's hard doubly hard for Panthers mandatory for to be like all really excited we're gonna get this guy. I am really camps for the bills just because we know that they're gonna take a first quarter wreck for the first time and a long time since EJ Manuel but I know the were gonna try to trade up it's going to be earlier than you know fifteen or what are we took him out obviously. But I mean yeah I mean it's hard to BM third pick Tony for but armed IM. At the point which you were I wish to draft was tomorrow so that we can just talk about the players that enters the bills Dodd and instead of just like what do they got him know what are they gonna wanna they trade this pick for this in this and as you know I wish. I wish it was the Friday of the draft so we can be talking about the first round picks from last night you know I mean. I think there's too many options right now prepared to France did it. Tobacco bring up one name were an analyst Bruce of one name and all of a sudden you shift your mindset to that lawyer exactly yeah all over the place we haven't narrowed anything down that they get when you're in the twenties hard to do that yeah you're when you're in the twenties with as many needs. There's not one specific. Position right well there rally discussing two or three guys in that position. That's as a harboring outsource I go as a fan. This just in our catalog team is that a lot of teams in this draft at the top of the draft yeah but even atop the drop of the giants and the jets it's been a little bit like. I don't really ma I'll get there eventually I'm just not there yet with the jets I always assume the worst. Like even if Josh Allen etc. maybe get rave reviews today plus draft pick and some other would still messed up so mortal soured on the jets in general. Hell I know why I'm still a jets fans got a dozen other similar to ride it out so we so what do Super Bowl or get to a simple. Yeah let's hope that happens from both our teams in our lifetime right NBA playoffs this weekend are you amp up. 4 days I am I am because looking down at the match ups. Palm there's a lot of interesting match up you got the box and the Celtics I'm really cipher that's serious justice I think dec go to six or seven just depending on. You know they said degree trick was an MVP candidate this year like five or six on the thing if he's that good policies he can take out inquiry less Celtics team. Jazz thunder series that's it right now I'm really excited for that here's a thing that's going to be good one gambling on pelicans blazers pelicans gonna be good. I mean the one to the 18 match ups on both sides are kind of like and but calm you know the other series are gonna be good I think that they're gonna go five to six to seven games so yeah I love NBA playoffs because it's like. You know I mean talked about this before with the March Madness on the Thursday Friday as word games all day right but the NBA players is like but it's every night where there's three games a night when this the first and second rounds that's all along about that is just every night you know. I think diesel is pretty easy to handicap although he I could say Toronto. But neither one bit underrated but I don't think they're ready for the caps they'll yeah. And they're probably gonna lose the castle I think it's going to be. Cleveland. Actually to make a case that both. Conference's. When a team makes that lead to the playoffs sometimes it's a civil over the time but with the injury retiree. Is Milwaukee ready to go. I just think Philadelphia gets to the conference finals and builds from there are going forward look abroad there's probably. And it sees it is the flood there is it but so I think cavaliers in Philly in the east as the conference finals cavaliers too much for them to do what. Too much too soon and that's an error so much experience that's too much too soon for the sixers yeah in the west how do you not pay. Though the warriors in the rockets although this year I think there's going to be a script change we talked about a last time and this is a year that the rockets ultimately. I just don't know back days the warriors to flip that switch I think year's classic good. I think Mac and the other people are really under selling underestimating. Shall we how good this rockets team is they are better. In the warriors this year they might they might. Have taken a very healthy warriors team to the Max. Yeah no I think that was Doug did he made about the health was I mean if the warriors were going into the playoffs on a ten game winning streak and everybody was healthy I think that'd be a different story but. You know with Kevin Durant and having minor injuries to our dream on having minor injuries and clay also having minor minor injuries to the mr. three games not in March but. Stuff being out for a whole series is a lot bigger impact. Than people give credit for just because. You know you look at two years ago Milosevic has in the finals steps ankle was all messed up he can naming get by Kevin Love at the end of the exit the finals game seven. Try to shoot three over from Kevin Lowe was able to indium operate their healthy stuff one of may be made Kevin Love fall so. I just think that they both things he said right about the rockets are better than everybody thinks and though the health of the warriors is a bigger impact than people really think it is. All right appreciate you joining what's your weekend plans are quick check. Go on top Gholston nine and then I don't really know areas so trying to figure it all out so. Well you know I'll be act top golf with mark from Estonia tomorrow or next to be that'll be fun actually experienced first birthday I've also got 1 PM tomorrow. Olympic high school on taking part in the mascot Olympics I'll relatively mascot from local mascots and but the 49ers met not not normal Obama the San Francisco 49ers mascot really always now Howard oh Sammy something. It's all of that does our benefits of any dreams foundation for Thomas Davis Tony asked meted out. They said yeah you're just jealous arts find you out there make an appearance via turns out I taught its its its its talked about a comedies on can I call who runs economies are. He then says no you're in the gates. I ask you like a sack race and relay let here's the problem as our major. Yeah IV as you know you you thought you have a stress fracture tight seeing what everyone thought about what. It started to really feel great the last couple days if I go I they're getting injured again in that mascot Olympics. I might be serious I'd like to got a mascot are you gonna ask a mask does you can borrow a suit. I know because Tony told us all Boston man said. Bring mark out there are more from Estonia have dresses Dale Junior in his suit. And have a mingle with the other mascots how much would you call the other when he's not our mascot YE mailing with each other mask. I don't know I don't know how much would Tony have to pay you to Wear marks Dale Junior suit. I would pass to get a citizen or. How do a lot of things but I won't do that has this song was that alright Zach predicament thank you manage or join us on the blog are coming up next our First Lady. Our TV insider. Diana joins us as we go over some TV shows that we both watch. So this is doppler radar. Welcome back to the bone yard podcast 2.0 episode number four. As mentioned every week everybody has a role on the show and that includes W have been easy for lady Diana. She is our TV insider she liked me as a TV addict. I guess a do we caller asked I asked yeah. You know what he goes through my list of TV shows to see how or. Various. Shows match up tomorrow I'm afraid based off our FaceBook live last week we got a lot of support television shows that might not be good for meat. But we do have a lot of some more shows here we needed this. Us and we do read the Abu every week we find out that we like more and more of the same things that Europe cord cutters I am accord cutter I AM. I don't come about I used to work at Time Warner Cable and I didn't pay cable Dell for five years wow and then when I started my job here. And talks sued Time Warner Cable and found out how much they charge for cable I basically said no on guys. And I have and it came on her cents. I need is he's out but I it's hard for me because of all the sports stuff you should seize and I'm not proud of what I pay you think he did cable on shark. My my cable bill can get up to 285 mark with Internet four watts. The NBA packages. Baseball packages. Now however this is aggregates we are a guy. I can have direct TV in my apartment. But the hangover but the hangover hot hot hot. Taleo you're angry are you are away today that debt overhang yet. To overhang got the hang over. So I have I was a DirecTV customer until two weeks ago still I mean just for the NFL package moves Rouse takes forty dollars a month just to keep them. Account alive. Just so during football season I could get on the line. The and that's also it is streaming package I was paying 700 dollars a year total for. DirecTV and the package in addition to my. To forty months cable bill if you are threatening you need to talk to hit an about I'm making changes I make you jaded I got my bill now down. But Arafat's spectrum from tooth fifty to sixty whatever was 280 sometimes. Now down to 200 dollars. Still outrageous as I'm clapping I look out eight dollars for Internet and I have a fire sick I negotiated down. The 200 dollars you can do that people don't know you totally can do that like if you is called Time Warner are stacked jam and threatened to cancel still lower your belt. Heard it here first America do more don't tell them I sent it out what why is the Internet so expensive to I had no idea I pay 60 dollars and I am fiber. I'm the fastest Internet really if deluxe and on how I don't feel that's all I have this. I also pay for a landline phone as part of the package on how to solve yes it's so like that's on the TV you got a phone number yeah. And it'll show because scalability it'll say like call from somewhere and it's never anybody that I didn't care about how much water that's really important it's probably not. Sort CD shops yeah it's back to topics I've got a less cash you tell BA or day. In on the days that he had when he won added near miss remind you about your Twitter and if you're new to Twitter to that I higher learning and I got to look it up is passing its act. My. Funds in their saying. That act First Lady is WS ten easy there yes. That's means an equally between Tim and had a look now we even said Blake. You know Max said like send me a pick up lines Aureus are rating them that I have only gotten one. It was a really got run and I is kind of proud of it I thought that that. But yeah I've only got on the line. Now and that she did ask in a roundabout way to possibly you have is babies that was more than a cabin last week. And higher applied any roundabout way that I am all sat on that and undecided but I appreciate the consideration and. I may have been up part of that that you that you may have yelled as you may have acted. All right modern same point yes that's what leadership yes I definitely much that I am up today and caught up on not on. I have to watch this week he had put out I'm I'm up today besides this week's news. How do you think it's the same show. That is always value they used to get ahead are still all in on. Ali and I I think it's. I think they might be at a plant where they're kind of ran out of stocks because it's not as funny. As it used to be when I first started I remember when it first started I'd be like crying laughing every week yet. And now it's like you get a little giggle out of that but it's. I think just the storyline to kids is a. Making eight they try to mix up the combinations of people atomic who's in what storewide righted now. Done everything they can lose Bob once they never bothers me about the shall pay attention this next time you crashed watched the opening of the show. The very beaten the like they're opening C grand opening sequence near what they do the credit to south. Why is Willie still we are. They don't like a eight iron and got everybody all the kids are what they are now. It's still cam and Mitchell holding Willie has made I've never never sat pay attention as a baby years like an instance like it agencies and our maybe I don't know how old she was but it's not her now play really. Jab well now she is she's like a little vary on TV Gerri on their she's a little. I feel like she's always trying too hard so we're good I martyrs and so although I think you may come to an end another year tips that's I don't know how much a life span it's got last but it's got a I wrote down a show called big standpoint it's not really did show up or else that's that we know logs IP LC show. Like a really fast family. Possibly oust try to write down modern family and Big Bang theory may be they're gonna come up with like my 600 pounds family. Moved my little my little lights debut last week and the LC. So it's funny you watch my little life and I watch my giant ice crack staff UCL physique. About the women satellite six die and gas and Joseph Alexander's account for a day I feel bad I got out I feel like unsolved murder all that I watch system like I have nothing to complain about all women scare me I'm all about little wasn't. Little women scare me well that's a problem that we have Big Bang theory is that what your show it's not a consistent that if it's on and I'm there's nothing else on I'll watch jet. This just they need to get you on TBS every four hours a day he studies every four hours and a deck top so when a Big Bang theory I think it's still pretty funny is that this got another. I think it's got no idea cyber two more years. It's not going away for awhile I think it's you can see where it may also write this up with it wind Emmys every single a year earlier. Still still weekly show for me yeah and I'll be sad when it goes. At the reruns a live on forever we mentioned me imagined what it well we match in little people NBA people I don't think you watch this one based off of FaceBook wives. Little people big world adults. Oklahoma State I know I had a girlfriend back in the mid 2000 to start this off for thirteen years and years. She started watching it in house like I wanna like care about the role lost and we mus little people wanna former org and how they're CF three regular kids moved in one small. Little kids. Why they would look at what's more mortal person news as it while we care about this. Thirteen years later years you know and shot their divorce. The kids Saturday at our kids are having babies demands hi I have grown up. With this Sam what's. I don't having a little babies are regular babies like which runs of the kids are married. Bob they're both they're both have a baby sort of what happened babies are here on the show they are now showing you would be regular size Jeremy. Who's a twin with a little person. Having a baby is that they be WB a regular size style crowd Zach in Torre. Zach is a little on Torre's above normal size woman moves stay married to date yet they added the last season on Jackson. And he's now he's a little pork. A crash like he'll be a little park. So. I wonder like what's over under is on and I like how are genetically guys. It shows any day like I mean it's like brown eyes yet not as common you know obviously event. They weren't sure leading up to it started they knew at some point they don't take a risk Ted Sy easy stuff. That's what much of your edit you don't I don't watch I shall they also have a wind assaults us. They've allied assaults on roll off form salts. NASCAR recently out really what I wanna go to the far. In our ads basically wanna move in with the fans. See you I mean there are other kid I did it I watch it saw no law. He wore arcs sometimes surprised by this. I do get away from sports sometimes when I do I want a ton of crime ships. Bob they ID chant meant to our mom Sarah channel date while I think. 48 hours yet I want don't dis of the missing person chose. All in on those shows there are some. That terrified me idea that I go that that's why denies this stuff just stayed away from Alan. It's not eyes and as is a real way and there's a number of shows right now you know what not doing it. But I watch a lot of it are you with the crime shows that now. Bob might like I sent my mom is my mom loves that stuff but then she'll watch it and so calming and they're like Diana used to be care fall. Don't meet a guy ray at the supermarket because you'll chop you up and EU and unlike. That's just that one guy it's not every line that you get guys like I was a guy still watch it and get it her head in and should get scared so I'm just like I am too impressionable. But I won't be able to sleep at night Abby curled the ball my couch like pay say and I it's yeah I just I like Garnett. There are some more than Asarco enough bodies yes I was right guy you know what does this not happened and also arena it's early still bad. If they think they solve that they are but I've watched so many now I know the narrator the voice is I tell you invited narrator like oh this guy's guts yeah but this is gonna be a good one. It's like lifetime movies I used to watch as a puzzle at all. In my chair one is no one would tell where it's DJ tanner and Fred Savage. Shockey Mironov and a lifetime movie shock and where was the who's the boss mama she got in there. And mom whose last known as white she's she's probably been a bunch around but he had those still like did teen ones were my favorite when I was younger like Tiffany Mathieson was in all of them have. CIA's watch though is diner Iraq's. Like daylight now that's just it's surreal the reenactment to too bad forges a new black yes. While this fall and said he airline comes back relatively soon I hope so Dana I ate their T lake. My name. Guilty of like danger watching stuff so I can't. I hate that everything comes out at once Kazaa and I feel like I have to watch all of them in 198 and I don't sleep for two days. And that's all I do is just watch that. Real will wait a year for one of these shows either a Netflix or Hulu and what waited years and no matter you'll get a life. All Google I did the data comes out Evan when it was a come out and then. Then it's over. And that style and you want an all in a day and a half and then you have nothing left Iraq. Storage is a new black would drop on a Friday noon and by Sunday afternoon on now yeah. I probably should white. Pasted out enjoy the show for awhile but those shows are did I love that you're now let's take a little bit of luck. But I got character turn want the way gas when the main character rom play by Taylor showing. That's like piper she's sort of light now just one all the cast right. It's really got mean and often yet because there's only so much of her story can towel and you know this woman but moves she's faced off five wrote a book but it's like how much. Can you extend this talk to make day it. I've really popular show that goes on for years it's a seemingly little lies on HBO this great book. There's a great buck this series has covered the whole block so it's like now you're curious of what they get a duke is now later on a book took off out of. Yeah exactly is a big little wise comes out at some point they're filming and now their film right out I'm not sure how that's gonna go now want to go all the book as you mentioned right. Four bit don't you want to show love one that's what I do not it's. I do not I've heard about it I haven't watched it do you watch Santa Clarita diet. I don't that's about eighty people rush your bare Gloria Terry or each resign is on the elite I don't watch shows a fuel recovery and. She I. I am yet photograph trek to little bloodied but it's kind of funny in the same way that was another run that they've put the new season on Netflix I watched the whole thing in today's. I need to I need to check out went out and it's got Grunwald is this is a series it just ended on Netflix it went for. Three seasons. Like it's over over yet star and they went for three teases you and they do not included hi it's really does. It's underrated and not a lot of people really may be necessary Newt is a jut out that's how I'll call saying it's. You know he stood witness for a little bit in the first eleven so it's it's about this screenwriter Hollywood. One of these. Movie director tied or he got and distort the guy that tries. To emit so. Work his way into the Hollywood C a little bit but he just he's so walk or an Andy meets. A spit ball firecracker girl who. They try to. Date a little bit and try to figure turnaround it's all about why did the dating wiped out there and it's ready it's really entertain your Abby selling it the best blitzer now. Look it up I just I hate that Netflix like will put out these really great shows and then it just and then like disjointed did you watch out I don't want aids. It's over and they'd kill their jerseys and or jail and I it was obsessed with that I loved. I actually looked at always sunny in Philadelphia yes they don't he started filming yesterday about that exact they started filming yesterday. I just started loving you last year and I went through. All what's he's an eye on that pulse and under some Sandy Alomar out Iron Man concept just it never says goes so fast that you haven't watched it shoddy probably in the minority. I I fought it off for a long time so the guys in the first season how wash some might oh. More Danny DeVito RI oh my god next lap next on an unbelievable. Ever I have never ends Caitlin Nelson posted I follow all right sir Graham she posted yesterday picture of you know hurt. The trailer door and it's a DN you're on it and my heart skipped to be a so excited these are coming I can't wait. Crashing and you watch crash you know what's crashing. That's about a door key. Standup comic in New York City know that and I guess well the whole thing but I eat his wife he catches wipe a dead with a man. And it's that's a ball I want to do this sets them off in this past. To our he's trying to war is trying to figure out himself time. It is trying to figure out it's comedy currently struggling a craggy interacts with all the comics around him or he ranks being on the show little. Bill burst on the show white it'd every episode of someone knew what what network is a Leo. As for two seasons it's it's really got cold it's not him try to navigate BMW world and he just he's gutsy vodka. Couches speaking of HBO KFC announced a date for game a Stearns yesterday. I don't watch him with no gods on anti game with 30 wait another year. Demons turns fans have to wait a year for the sick announcing you have a year to catch up it's a really good shout. Are you the one X. You can watch it the truth most. Are you gotta finish out a miniature it through its rate now at half staff know are you don't want to know no Ariel I I I had stopped watching MTV and I cut that card. I'm just not announced one yeah. On the beach debut last night that's on the beach. What is X is not a low. One of the president of amber is on it and she shaved the one that she didn't yes yup it's where they have these ten singles on an island in that they bring and there are ten non axis. It's considerable. It was such it to wield its drama it was terrible to watch what they did like the premiere last day of introducing people come. An accent I'm not watching this now I can't wait in the sweet I was daggers I zeevi are a series emptied challenged. I stopped watching us after like thirty Adam Barrett Bible at all and we know my history with the challenge you. You may have dated one election that I went on one date with one of them funnyman has now know. CK CG. He's so like when Anna David in the college I'll remember I'm from bomb hearing greatness I remembered where we went. And I said it was a diner in Rhode Island it was not it was a Denny's. Or any server eggs and it is any some easy heated heated Denny's yep. Cal he would do that you can Grand Slam at a lumberjack breakfast that I don't remember and lots of wiling out YPD. No. Staining. Know every practice started I hope it's the reality is why you stay home on Friday senator and I just like three hours of cops three hours would have a studio where it was noticeable. And it didn't they candidates' travel or are they fall around seven cities how does that entertaining. Discover and watch trust me it's and it's the greatest show on TV and final one the one we have the most in common got clothes hair and a real house. You watch you watch all of our all of that and I don't watch out when I don't watch our Potomac its arch to telmex is on I just started up again there's been two episodes NRA's. But New Jersey man wants new Jersey's ex I'm behind on New York City right now we'll tell you behind is only one episode. While once or Jill Stewart zones are washing a car some are sons who don't tell me what will ended yet. A lot did you steal away not answer Pattinson and eBay and really. Really. I never hold a sub did you divorce and rehab and stuff like geez it would not be Deng in the wins I have a this. But we both enjoy a I've watched Orange County since they want. It's OJ Bob Dickey. She I she is I can't let our camera her street gang. It's it's still a point right don't wanna watch anymore but much like little people big world each time I can't go away like that this is part of media. I feel like not only in my little person on TLC I feel like I could be in Orange County house went with someone yourself into I'm sick of Vicky same issue so moved everything. Yeah. She and I can't in every year she's about to quit and then it they heard. I am here she walks out and and cameras are terrors I didn't get the camera off me I'm done I'm done I'm done well then why why are you back again this week. Every week also you want her Reynolds yes I just caught up. I'm in the process gets number I just caught it's not my favorite Warren but I do I do I hate Tory party talks under eat she's anoint I hate her. I did you see I know it's a very strong word. I do not like her and he shows he didn't engineers do you watch (%expletive) creek. No I've heard about it you Casio. You have to you have to ask him. Somebody told me about it it's a thirty minute show. It's not any thing like totally time consuming and I watched the first three seasons in forty days really because I'd be in the press gazette. So it's Eugene Levy problem the American bar yeah. He is this like multimillionaire. With this family that's hysterical all and he and they lose their money. In the first three minutes of the episode so they have to move to this town called ship's Greek. That he bought for his son as a joke. Bang it. Just laughter ensues. Guy who plays his son on the show is a sudden realize they write the Schaub it is. Honestly it's one of the funny things I've got and probably six or seven people obsessed with that really demonstrated where I told you know watch dead and now come at me like two days later and I got my got a Marriott to season during. Prime mortgage ouch it's creaky knees screech it's Krieger said another podcast you can speak is in the way it spells in the past so it all right I had a great job or TV insider more time to return to handle out. It's act. First lady of WAS NC ECB is we just went in my entire DVR and analyze everything I have a few more shows bank near you you've covered it was and it was a one way out I watch the mixed with Kate little audited data that's. I guess I eat it's okay. She's exceeding the I just like watching our IE I have a voice on the DVR right now I have to tell all watched him at some point after guys like when I have to watch like right away and then I have like my drama shows like my dramatic stuff so what's that my watch all the Chicago's sire. Men and PD I want Chicago fire for the first three years I didn't want those things when I got. I got dot psi track and on so far behind I've got to I've got after a way to watch tomorrow I don't know what. What are streaming servers are on our did a roster reserves are that I watch them on Hulu deal who knew that I had on loan. But this is us I watched this is us I'm not IE. You have drug this disaster aid I have read pack of tissues in my letting her arm. Sure nice that I watch this is asking Lawrence just like in and the most embarrassing like I'm glad I watch it alone almost thirty for real man cries during the previous to this is I mean it's it's easy it's probably what you are absolutely insane then say yes let's talk about our dramatic shows on another broadcast. First Lady great job war I am ECB are faced McGwire NetSuite depth. Welcome back to the bone yard podcast excited to bring in my next guest. He is one of my Twitter best friends because in 2018. I don't have a whole lot of actual friends. He has Joseph Bruno. Reporter from WS so CTV. In all around good guy Joseph welcome to your first appearance on the Boehner the current debate here are so excited. In your career where does this rank in terms of milestones. Boy oh boy right about CNN meeting and not write all that account. We we we haven't really got much into that here in about never gonna get more in the City Council stuff and it's a waste. I before getting to sports to your big sports guy. But explain your journey to Charlotte and now you've got to I'd WS sincere sorrow. So I went to Elon University extremists are you on women's basketball team. And would we we we detained about every day journalism there. And I've met my future news director awards conference in Los Angeles. It's good news director bought forty at the time people onboard. And I stayed there for about a year and a lot bit and then Aceh on can call and I popped call straight. And I haven't looked back and buy an apple cultural but working air what four years ago four years ago. I didn't know it's been four years they bend their spree and I know I crate it or not. Tied time really flies when you're just tween people about Steve Clifford all day I get to that's what I thought was a must as a mile wide it is all right. There's always the last year I think it was. And I forget the exact. The exact off the person or are. For our rob forum that did they named you one of Charlotte's tender rising stars correct. Strong agenda all of those guys through a nicer out a couple of I woke up and bad I checked my download that. Like Twitter and people by the mainly how much gonna happen and not all that not every night so that very honored at. Now they're football you know at all because the. Treatment is pretty much better well I I checked it out not to check for your name I wanna see my name on there. And then. I know is how I feel like six of the people on there I'm all friends the job others. There's Niki wolf a guy I know just from Yelp hour. So I was scroll around white woman got a problem tomorrow on the way oh my god get out now I I like to say that I'm number eleven on the analysts that they didn't have a I agree I area. Check the methodology epic there the bears are now one thing we discussed what they we discussed off and on Twitter is not my knicks. Deny your Philadelphia 76ers now are running joke was about how bad they were. But there for the sixers have trusted the process they've gone through it how fired up for you to not only have your team in the playoffs within us while we're I think that they can. Elise get to the Eastern Conference finals and play the cavaliers. I've just been blown away about it holier because before it started I had always overly eager jumping back on the bandwagon sixers spam to our I. Obviously the third year I got a beer I hope our home court advantage apology is predicting them to go to conference final. And only other people other you know other spoke credit cut but I only got a couple of Obama welcomed. If you're the bulk of jokes you know got great speed would be perfect to. Do upbeat well in the playoffs and I will be a great year and that of course I don't and for some reason today. Permanently huge contender got a lot but I'm so happy about it but I did not that are coming at all. And I know I mean whoever thought that. The victors here you know premier ballots just having temelin they would actually. Get 52 wins in these subpoenas or. Another you know week eastern division let you know they'll they'll have little but it America. I feel like you left me behind now. I feel like we have this thing now can we had this thing gallon by the Nixon this Suzanne nice. We're what we're neck and neck Ehrlich were jima for awhile you know. After no learn sectors. They woke up the next did not. Connect RJ writes from Aldo. That's what got a clip. That's what they're what could forests is Gerri I'm sure that'll end well now I can your other team. The other other team in the city to Philadelphia Eagles have you climbed down from the white pole yet are these are you doing now is he doing this why from Kabul white for now. And could. I heard this very well further Eagles it's because you don't broke all of the origin and they'll help you are a group for the Panthers do though I. Them. I get an acute patient whoever promotes spot up. Just so excited for that I'm you know those other guys Doug Peterson nobody thought that you had about everything I'm look at him now on any ring in the bell the crap the first pitcher ability he gets a standing ovation other people do we'll Phillies manager native MR roaring ovation that. It was pretty funny so well built but. Just so happy that I'm open I can't program first Super Bowl and. Absolutely don't feel bad about rooting for more than one team I have three NFL team that's for another podcast or another day when I when I saw Doug Peterson's press this is why. When you watch a press there you try to judges coaches. Next five to ten years off oppressor you can fail miserably I watched Doug Peterson presser in house like Manny doesn't really have a handle on this like. They are gonna they're gonna run this slide tackle back on the air is that the right now Doug Peterson will not be the coach the Eagles next season. And then. I'm an upper body count up you know I don't Chip Kelly the what the park I was kind of chipped Taliban because. It was exciting it was doing to paint a pretty much dealt miserably but I like the excitement but he brought. But evidently tireless stuff Petersen guy aware of tiger patented air scrape up or how do you know it looks like. Your new top policy in the backyard and he just turn out to be amazed at I allow. You know the door he doll pats were that the ball guys aware that hat with the hair radio on the hat and that's what his hair was like a TV takes off he's going to be bald underneath I always feel that way and I watch him on TV. All right one more sing sweet sweet about often. Operas like give undertook a penalty for people. Mr. O'Connor WS seeing are Joseph Bruno the USOC not one person that. Now we bonded over is mark from gas stony. Part of it is or personally could not easily always Israel you know tomorrow. You know you'll be out there she yeah he'll be out there Saturday at our top golfer is birthday party you're one of the I think for people like different BR he won his fifty. As party I said more do you be why he was four I think you're one of the four or five there's actually confirmed. But he got me I called ahead and reserved a spot for his birthday because they're name pop gospel attack that we could get crazy where. They're currently being debt are for awhile for the. When he elevates not only tell you what he days he. He went through like a corporate of that person. And they gave Mike an estimate on the party did he any told the person he wanted to he had to be people there. If they get their friend added there was gonna cost 16100 dollars. And I told us 33 dollars a person and I said mark why can't you just walking why are you doing corporate event. So many figured it out he can walk in and yesterday I said mark you know. People might wanna golf DD year reserve a bag the golf day he said. They always just a sellout so. This they could end up docile Maura gast Dodi and not a top golf I'm afraid that. So although not that hot shots aren't more or put on the breaking news the hygienic. I've been there before now what drives through it's it's interesting what's going on how crazy that. Our parent site about it or Alex connect car guy that so deep in the restaurant it was by the pool tables. Why does the governor and tennis ball on the ground there are there any wishing was kept clustered scattered all over the war. I thought I went through quite a window defraud the NL I would get your does stuff that was posted in comic Dana is. Testing is like by the ball or buy a drink. I don't get put it nobody webpart that players may not only not that they got now but in the Alley but. I guess the type person people weren't there so an employee giving them on the ground to. I keep them from leaving the profits for academic or political Mercer trying to keep our troops. Aren't a book I I've been in their wallets that's the type of a joint where you get the sense that some bar fights don't want my. You admitted I was there at two in the afternoon once and I'm white I feel like I'm gonna fight somebody in your I never thought anybody much like. Let's play game of lot ten questions before gets yadier and questions talented a random question generator that I have now picked out and now more from Estonia. I got in trouble for are invited for the same questions for you could your respected TV journalist. God question number one favorite movie. They were you see I don't they can't lock well that's also one must never movies about it. I love it I watch every time Ortiz favorite TV show. They've achieved these shell out boy right now I mean it's going to be embarrassing right now the show I don't Mitt the American Idol. Who really think that I do believe this. You are you promoting our anybody we'd American Idol back. People are Jewish tradition are you promoting the mother ship right now is to don't know I'd I you know I I would also like other reboot or Roseanne. I guess I think it's British our show on the big map or shut them as well there but that it should juniors all right now the resilience and I don't know I don't really only watch on. News and sport. Luka Roseanne's been really good so far my only concern is that. We know of all the characters the most got the most we've seen a buddy to characters as John Goodman over the last forty years he was like he's Asian the last three months. How old is John do it now for trying to laugh so you know it is people and see vehicles. Number three pancakes or waffles. Oh boy I'm gonna go with waffles are up chicken and waffles. You know package aren't. I greeted them. Let up a pancake block although everybody pretty much get a handle it and you know what they've had a really good law. The problem with you on waffles FaceBook Twitter or ins to Graham. I thought all along but I think I'm like Twitter is the best. There's always something up on to quarters. On news going on and you get lost in a deep hole on Twitter FaceBook is kind of just. It'll help you conspiracy theory for me. I don't know start to see a lot more posts from people I don't really necessarily true that care about I'm only credible early in my. What my parents were FaceBook parents you know it. And you seem to try to stop the people post on FaceBook it. A lot salt into the grand title to brandy for me it's I Obama got a kick along their route to an app from target. Competent but I don't care about but on the Twitter. FaceBook was a good idea at first when you added everywhere he went to high school with do that was to I had a thirteen years ago so White House kind of fresh out of high school so. Oh yeah I'll act now I don't know ladies you already more salt. And then they just females get married and change how I kind of soak in fees on FaceBook about who was too. And I forget who people are numb and no comment on something you know Mike I know who that is it's got to the point I don't. People they don't think there are only wants baseball Charlie you know if you might know where they aren't but it is because nobody in the blowout they don't have no clue where they are. Favorite song. They were talking right now there's another. There but of people who shot it must be interpreted. As strong as our elected by party be clock we did I did not have you under the car to be found McCarty beef stand or at least at the moment. My allowance that signed as somebody I did not expect to listen I die you say your favorite song is like eye of the tiger some excellent author wait. I heard god now I've read I can do dreams and nightmares by me well let's play this song and Phil aren't number six the blue jeans. Right now bipartisan Carty be blue cheese or ranch number six. Branch obviously one I'm blue jays this great owns stakes from probably achieved from a blue cheese dressing guys reached a branch. Thank god preach your your rant start. Number seven most hated sports team. It took off wanna mention it is let's say. I don't cal horse person and that's everyone's answer. I'll. That might not know what the falcons either. There. You know. Not in the who also serious. Baseball wise trying to get behind any of them. You know I just let you know cowboys want to know what the south and he had a number serial. I'm fond of the patriot first met her but they're good you know I'm ready for a change in the top of the leaderboard there celebrity you most want to meet. Liberty boost or don't say and that Aviv there. That's been clashed in my city I want to tie poses an athlete are. They had sought. Judge well you made without a doubt absentees that character on Twitter for sure. Is great and people aren't the only dispute just being in order character out of superstar hopefully comes back and well. Now he is the process. Number nine UFO's real or not. I think the real I don't know how resilient but I think there's some stuff up there that out we don't know what. What exactly it's all about. You when marker that you didn't answer real some foreigners when Andy I. I know a lot of people who say they see you both overweight warm I don't know what it is the they've got a couple of my bears are well you know onshore. I'm sure there's. I thought I saw one a couple years ago when on the air and talked about it and then Brad candidates tweeting me and said I was completely false and gave me all this. Scientific. He's like it was the moon man I'm proud Garrick well that's. You know more than ID Brad your that are here that you're the guy up there that are nosy saints' top. Power there I wish I gave another celebrity element in wrecked Brad tennis so good diet the PE don't see a more DOC downtown he's like in his in his own little bunker. Yeah our last one as Stevie Wonder really born and I don't trust to prop up. I. Haven't or. Spurred by the jobs I've got proof on more he's probably aren't. He's joined Twitter last week or two weeks ago. He's doled out to avoid such I don't I don't doorknob to weeds like it's not than I did come on man. He challenged one time Tiger Woods to a golf out it. He don't salads tiger and this is like prime tiger what is a white. New tiger what this is like it is practiced he wanted to golfer against Tiger Woods and he said he had to be at night. So derby an advantage on why he's trying to hustle to I don't Joni right now. That make it C and you know what we all can't see what a fraud he's been the last 3040. It. We're opening. Controversy breeds of the news he's doing investigative report on an in my ditches somewhere doing digitally on our Imus story this evening so maybe this will be my approach. Bring it to David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas 12020s today artifact I recovered from a local reporter but they do somewhere on here. Stevie Wonder is on Twitter he's fired up two weeks police investigators are not doing a promise it'll be. But they're great. All right Joseph one more time give your Twitter handle when you when you when you only on TV analyst Joseph we're out WS seeing nine. I'm sure are lot tweets of DMG Kirk made national bureau only albeit there all right sounds goes forward to seeing him and they come on an act. Thank you so much time apart but banks.