Bobby Petrino On Garcia And Bailey

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Thursday, July 19th

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We talk to the head coach of these little cordless Bobby Petrino was Georgia's zero radio wrote the ACC picked off coach Wright that have been great height on the good they're good it's first of all welcome back to Charlotte and I think always good to be in Charlotte we enjoyed it here we enjoyed doing that helpful when. I like coming here recruit so it's a great city like to talk of the five folks your throats we'll try to try to regale them with some good stories and take super couple minutes and I guess the most obvious what you did it everywhere since you got here. How to replace the market you know I never gonna replace the Mark Jackson you know only one of a kind guy in and was the best players ever played theaters to. But we're gonna move forward you know we've got a great quarterback draw on past. I really believe then throw it very athletic he can still run. Obviously will be a little bit different flavors in the Marin and what we did with Lamar. And we're gonna need some production from our running backs and their gonna have to carry the load and running the ball. I think you're on make up just fine and what we do in the passing game. But certainly we're gonna have to have guys get the yardage running double what you just a little bit different flavor. Vice believe that to take your offense than and we install it all at the big playbook. And then you molded around the starting quarterback you try to do what he does the make sure nobody knows what he doesn't do very well. And try to you know emphasize those things and obviously they're two different guys. So they'll be some different plays different philosophy that we have with him aren't talking about Katrina it knows the mobile portals to register on radio row. Once again very crowded Atlantic Division it is it's insane policy issues how talented this conference's. You know you guys vote for the statement you know Steve does you gotta help Ross to come back just north the north they figured that the the really tough. I look at it we talk about the SEC west and justifiably so was one of the best of his football Atlantic deserves discussion there yet no question about it now I'm excited about it I think it's great you know. Then that west conference in the SEC and yet it's a lot of fun you know you have to prepare and do a great job each week. I think that you know you don't get a break so you have to have. Really good depth. I got to develop depth as the year goes on because there are going to be injuries. So that's a good challenge Korea and then you gotta be in great shape because most of the game's going to be won or lost in the fourth quarter. All right tonight explores the other defense the I would what's the philosophy that debate question who just defense what is ST that's. You know we're going to be younger. Than men and less experience but I like her talent and big and physical up front. To have played a lot yet. We're going to be linebacker historian athletes come back and start their replay of the actor's true freshman. Jonathan Menard come back on the edge that's a really did player productive players great pass rusher. And that I like our secondary I think will be better in the second period and then since that then there. Network depth Morse the we got to come out and prove it but it all together. Be aggressive. Which the recruited well for a program of yours. And not happy long when you go back to your first and coach are a lot of guess Florida on the roster yes there was happy that I've got a lot of football radio for I get it I've got there Friday night facilities stated that you understand what it's been absolutely but it does. What is your primary. Yeah you know we wanna get the kids see you. Make sure that we take care of them and that we're gonna go south bird. The George lord Mississippi and Alabama. And recruit those guys. You know kids that grow up and every Friday Saturday and Sunday is all about football. You know they're they're dedicated. Athletes. We've had great success there. Continue to work there those areas. Tell everyone knows coach for the Jack Myers boys were ten and twelve. They started two days before we did. And there weekly schedule was Monday. Practice Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. At a team dinner and watch video on Friday nights and played games on Saturday morning. So it's huge football means a lot to those young men and the balls are you know he would be dedicated. Between school football. Study everything we've used up a lot of their time. Oh in Nazi invaders. There was little bit of a a commotion around here yesterday polar orbits comments about the holding under attack and such did you capture those sentiments of some coaches. Talk today that it really hero that he said let's as the people who have been the game of football attacked violently. Yeah I think that we're trying to make it safer for the players I think there's a lot of good things that went and went on to do that. You know some of the techniques that we're teaching now tactical thing. So the ability to have everyone have a quality trainers and doctors said. You know take the quarters to coaches out of it as soon as there's any concussion. Have protocol that they have to go to you to get back on the field. I think there's a lot of really good things that we've done to. And obviously it there's a lot of people care a lot about football. Anarchy continue to put the resources in this. To make sure that doesn't go away we talked about vitriol I've coached global court orders from radio row and we've got a couple more minutes here what's. Think about Bob Stoops. You know I get it up and to see it at enough doses to stressful. And on the trip which pasture but yours do you think about those things you know. When is enough going to be enough for just a habit for good side to the coach that now think about knowledge of yet I don't know what I would do if I was coaching yeah. Accidents like us feel that way I would say you know you walk away and also this on purpose you know you've seen it guys but it that need to bring down town not at all I think that bothered me a bit the you can watch any NFL we've got a lot of you really don't six you know one thing that you do get to do those study it in the off season. Has. We have agreement with Vienna that we get all their tapes. You know college football today he used to be the black market and we were good on the black market by the way I I tell everybody gets a half. So we do a lot of study and read write down. Top offenses top defense is yet to watch a lot of it. In the offseason which is great yeah coach we appreciate stuff about Ivan thanks so much rideau head coach of little sort of soft on talked to.