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Thursday, March 22nd

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Great Bob McCann up head coach at Davidson make in time force on the technique on guess my coach being too aggressive are great here you don't win. I'm doing great Kris thank you how worried are canoe and doing well cards thanks we're doing well I think it I will talk about this season and a second coach I can actually start here I wanna I wanna know about your first season where you won four games can you take me back to 1989 for a little bit I wanna know about that your. You know it's it is a good memory. I remembered except being Atwood was catching my wife to dinner. It doesn't know hardly cash saved her first victory was over Wofford. And at that time Wofford was division to a on the way home from. But not curry can Australia portal I can't. They write data to send and of course he was very kind. Just sit there he really speed limits cornea because duke 25 with thirty. True or if your memory that the left very cool and went fourteen to tinker only division one would make you would certainly asking me in Central Florida. And that was in March so. A memory that they're has blasted day embedded in my mind. Do you leave that season coach thank you and hey I know our record doesn't show it but we're going to be good this thing's gonna work eventually maybe fans don't see of this thing's gonna come together did you have that conviction. Absolutely not. That I was scared stiff. I was a young would be that would be how many years speak case thinking ahead America's squandered. Middle that I realized that many quantity of work in it took me a couple of years figured out. Kyra brought to my knees and then one of the greatest experiences in my life that you being to be protein need shell. When you went to the moment happened coach Staley Bobby kill us witnessed by the way Davidson went eight you you didn't have your first winning season until. It's a four years later went did happen then there was it is it was a somewhere in between along the way. He you know within its most remarkable thing Larry I read a book is that Myrtle Beach and I read a book and I bet I'm not a avid reader books what to. I read a book about the championships he's in 1988 at Notre Dame in who hold so spoke that are. Trust care commitment to beginning of that season and that became the foundation upon which he built their season and I stole it. And at that point they took it upon months to two other top status code or honor and I I would go a decent eight. I Fortier my contract. We lose lose the torture of my contract is what Colin. Remarkably returned miracle 1414. And it's been pretty good ever since. Well that is that's life in general but that's coaching too right where you just kind of take you know I like with this guys work with this this might work for me to all this is someone borrowed and in some way in some way shape or form. Yeah absolutely and and you know it won't start thinking we know goal and medical writer actuary cosa. Com I'm 6744. Point five years in this profession and I'm I'm constantly learning and it was a great choice I have is that black players and my staff teach me. If we get these there they're their absolute. Stores in terms of what they teach me and I'm very fortunate to beat in that position. We're talking to the all time great Bob the kill a head coach Davidson the all time leader in wins coaching years in games coached these with this right now off third tournament appearance of we're gonna talk about the moment but he's with us on the tactic on guess life. But I'm getting curious in talking about the longevity I mean because basketball such a copycat sport are you surprised Tories say here is there like a high major school we are you think someone could. Pick a coach and lead in the air for generations. And give on the tennis stability you've enjoyed it Davidson and where that could work where turn over seems to be the norm anymore. When you look at Mike dent in the yes. You know he's had quite a bit alone jetty area to culture heritage and they have him up that Syracuse and Ricky Byrd at at Belmont. I'm sure missed some. I realize that the two place is Kansas in them in Carolina. There are a number of guys who have sort of establish a culture we established culture. Either of these very careful that. You don't put it on. Automatic. The you have to every year adapt and adjust he could still rules change please change your emotions change. Upon check engine. I think candidates why you know might Ugandan and have been growing and Ricky and that's a great jobs because they have adapted like if it have you ever come close to leaving on your own accord. Yeah I did. I did one time and term. First fourteen I didn't correct. What was supposed to situation if you don't mind yes if it was just I was very unsettled hear about things. I wish given tremendous opportunity. And that can keep be shocked we're wars it was a State University of New York story cork. Really it was a family drawers anyways significant. Financial attraction to that. It was tremendous stability. The athletic director Louis. Those trends. Sort. I pay strongly considered decision here a week during. A lot of man that's crazy like slice about the decision you don't make sometimes all right you could argue have you ever been happier than you've been over these last 101520 years. I'm. Here it's his last ten years have been you have been destroyed him. Could there have been a lot of things are factored into that it it's obviously. Without having success and about a school court that. He you know the longer you stay here that won't sums you have and the little summons there'll families and all those payments become part of your family. I haven't actually seen them you know China Telecom industry and talent to children that permit saying it comes toward seeing this two children. But it would usually around with his daughter much and that's an assistant in meaning door in and out. The they actually that you keep the course of the basketball coaching experience it. How fortunate that those things continue to be a theory as vital and significant part of my life. Grateful that this man and our own backyard has been doing great work at Davidson 29 years next year over year number thirties gonna make some more moments wars right now on the technique I'm guess slimy grip on the killed with us. Right now daring can't Chris crow over its prime time. Where powered by ortho Carolina that was Dave Odom in our opened coach and I've got to know Dave over the last couple years he's got such a great tremendous passion and fire for the game in. His son Ryan has done an incredible job and I would wonder and in in your profession what did you take almost any sort of pride. In seeing Ryan and you NBC do what they did in Charlotte last week and had eight did you experience them becoming the first sixteen to ever beat a one seed in the tournament. Well there would be visit Ukraine and I've been running after. So many many years. So there was a lot of Julian not so much seeing him he could change at the scene on achieved such success in. And to do so convincingly. The court don't go with a report that the teams that that that was a very convincing victory against. An outstanding team and and it couldn't and we play Beijing China route could be war. Did you ever think it would happen in our in our lifetime I mean the law of averages would say eventually right coast but did you ever think you'd see a sixteen beetle one. Grow want stupidity I could've happened before and I got when George and I got beat by Princeton at 16 more but I am discipline not. Do you think looking to maybe it was a fifteen to dad do you think for that to happen that it may be Virginia's style played into it a little bit about B and deliberate by shortening games you're possessions. They were almost more susceptible to that and another team might have been. Well I don't think the fact that or Ryan orchestrating speaking kindly gave. If I could be spread them out and the fact that the guy wouldn't hurt the global you know it's not get back that that was terrific players that you know you're. But I think Brian's team play in terms of position past couple bullets killed in the attack mode and that's a very difficult than to. To merit to you you're the heat pack over the playing possession basketball. And having that kind of balance is clearly this statement that coach got great discipline and escalators. We're talking a bomber killed paid coach Davis and you guys had a a great run in you know kind of similar to UN BC coach it really started this year. In that Atlantic ten tournament and rip it out even say before that we guys beat Rhode Island to end the reg regular season and then you go into the A ten tournament then you do it again. I that seem to propel that rise affair it seemed like you guys really started your post season a couple weeks early. We exercised some of the demons and were the first ones that he got out of our mind was species who and BC youth league for years. And upbeat scenario creation to not keep them there. Anyway it could be healing at a thirteen point bit trio in the middle of the week the. And that's an electric current difficult place to where we shall see it can't keep our guys a little bit of a boost. And then we thought there's saint Bonaventure and that we played it cool all we're convenience and I'm not one up there and pay triple the current war in which we pull back that there are numerous key engine. Made big plays at big times when he came a little bit more confidence and only come here controller I would have since seen billion. Our people our colonial intent it was an electric craft for us. And we will be seen in the last minute of the game because we meats and spectacular place. Well we walked into 810 torment thinking and it's just take this one game occur that we can beat anybody here and sure enough that's going to clear out. And you guys got up a pretty good fight with Kentucky I'm just I'm always blown away one of the most fascinating things I think about your style of play coach what you do and Kentucky had had had a to their credit did a very good job I thought defensively but your intricate screening patterns I mean that's normally were you guys can make teams pay and you had some success but I thought. A Kentucky defended it pretty well but you guys played an incredible game and were right there in the final couple minutes to take that one from a. Know he had a position to plead not three in the gap the more important to point lead it might have put a little bit more pressure on them for the quality echo beat. They didn't feel he intense pressure. In this 256 to go in the gaming we missed the three from the corner repaired to that point we may get shut. It's one point. Lead for us and he just never know how to exposition with a clean out prepared and thrust defensively. But in a wonderful thing I. And really feel about the Kentucky he was. Got the job cal Perry it's. A lot of criticism that he's just a recruiter he's not coach how to tell you what he he's done a magnificent job with that team. And it is kind of depressed he was he's got all these terrific talents but he can still happy. And I think a lot of us do with the way he managed him in coach is standing to credit to him. To reuse it were you impressed or surprised at all by their level of defense in that game that's been something that's been up and down they founded in the last month or so here but were you surprised how. I mean they were pretty good repair pretty. Serb about their ability to defend the rim and immediately it's definitely ups and first kept it didn't GoDaddy to gives it at a piece of it. And an again and it's cons dust Whitney's ability apparently there was I was in the towel. You eat you know the undercarriage are being involved in an airport at the chance but within the download is a little bit on the side it's six firms that. I mean he he he just kind of article Christmas and he and he just kept to three of shots I didn't know. Aimed at them so their defense were superb. I'm Bobby kill a Swedish see he's got a she's chewing away 611 or crew trying to make some not moments for right now on the technical I guess Lal last question on this let's talk about Davidson again for a second but just knowing what's left in the field coach I mean I think. To my layman's eyes adding Duke's a game is as good as any in the country in their defense still doesn't get talked about enough. But what do you see the field of what's led Villanova is right there as well but Kentucky's it's got that talent and they're starting to find it is well IDC the field with what's left with sixteen. He you know so officially we would be rooting for Kentucky because they beat us speed up that's how you wanna see the team that knocked you out control. Come back and and I think they haven't changed it and I think elections became discrete period and I used to come up with duke is that great has been an excellent yet. Until get Loyola Chicago Nevada whoever wins that keeping at it who Clayton garner Nevada is very well coached and undersized but interchangeable parts that make it difficult to Gartner. But I I won't do accused is clicking at the right time and it so. Something that he knew was gonna happen. Not reaching out stepped up the depleted as a lead here and not which stood a ballot didn't even worse deleted because it's still in good ones in making the good ones. Their defense to clean it to increase zone and it's. Who is I think my equipment 23 zone but he it was to a very effectively. And of course you know where they've got the experience of having been national champions which really. It's a layup. And and they're they're tough as nails defensively. And that could you discount chances and ensure that somebody oh hole scoring put commission Michigan's got a chance to. I'm so afraid of miss somebody apologized that there. I do know that you can and could do northern Kentucky kid has and Google are rubbish general medical. Oil. Will coach as you know it's ten years this week it was actually ten years ago yesterday the U guys stormed into the tournament EB can zag in the opening round and staff goes for 48 of ten from on the three point line he scores a 118 points on und in four games I think he shot 2352. From three in the tournament and those four games which is. That's staff and you guys come up just short against Kansas the eventual national champion meg here at night I saw you guys up close and personal. A couple of times especially booed when I was in school that year where we got a good team you guys were even better that season. At an apple action stay put does it feel like it's been ten years and people forget what a great team that what you guys were seven deep coach. And who feels like yesterday and and perhaps that the course those. Memories are so firmly etched into our memories in their search trigger it church parts of our experience here. And those guys have forever. This spirit just anger out here of course. Stefan spirit is Syrian fingerprints are old Hayley and it happens at this institution. And he's in great living color. Television. So that that that. Seemed like it happened yesterday. What what is he the moment that is always gonna stand the test of time for you of even if it's a slight thing Mitsui seared in your memory from that run me even if it wasn't during a game if there was a practice served. We're something in the locker who does anything stand out above everything else. AP theories there's countless memories. And every one of them and look at where tremendous sense of glee and joy and satisfaction because it's. That was a very special time as a coach and as part of a program that's part of this school. My goodness it was magical and I have so many fond memories and of course going to catapult that it was that the offensive rebound by into account the big. The seconds to go instead hold the ball for one shot corners that play into fired it to step at the all American art. Step varied history we have a three point lead and insider rushed to an expedition we lit and scored again you know and that was the separatist Pringle. When incredible round ten years ago it feels like he really does feel like he was just yesterday and coach you're still doing such an incredible job it's funded to talk to you guys we have Payton on last week and he's such an incredible player and I think he's got a future at the next level to. I think so too. I I think it's got to be very special opportunity in the NBA could could make it there. But there's there's some people would think that and can make that transition from being an undersized four and to treat any MBA with a tremendous work ethic and I Q and and so balanced it is patients confrontation at the highest it's ever been but it's not a whole truth upon his return to humility he cares so far. Well coach guy you know we think the world you around here and congratulations on what's been 29 years of being nice thirtieth anniversary next year and congrats on a great season thanks thanks for making time and and talking to us for a little support to agree with you guys thank you so much Hillary and watch your speed when you're driving today -- be careful this time important five point.