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Wednesday, July 11th

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Bill both pad there's dot com joins us on the techno come guests lined build chuck Howard. Will Kennedy with the U have you met your new boss yet. Well I need finished. That Larry become a lovely trip back. I guess yeah I was wondering if the weather bunch of people lined up what Apple's yesterday heading hint. It Burmese timber. And. Experience were news or the wind and solar. It. I hope that the that it would be apple what a lovely. Little goodie and an odd jets to. Yeah. Where back in day. When he by a bar. Oh win at least. Yeah there so are human there. To a total Cleveland and Pittsburg or stop. And then he. Talk to sign the squeaked by not that's in the long conversation coupled either an article in more important things and check out these days. Did you say anything do you know what your thoughts on digital media both. We actually got music pretty much stuck in an elevator. The first day comedic and the order. So. Yeah that that credit goes of what he would start his first state and that it would stop. But about the digital social and gee you know important that so that's good yes but it's Hewitt who is a lot like. Like Ron Rivera used to do it to kids tellem what going. Shall previously he'd opened up to go to eat a whole lot about it. But he also knows that we toxic to actually be on. Well is on to see do. Eluded to the fact that he loves Kantor's dot com were just happy for you but I think you know hey yeah yeah yeah he did he does he know exists. I. So you know if I mean no no credit or the platform. For his players and in this chemical and that quote did you. To talk about post justice shouldn't. And stuff like that the EU wants. You really want you letting players use. Those flat or eat more so than they have over the last years about what they you'll all the field and you know that the Buccaneers get great court threw great and it's not going to be on our old others. You know players is if they think is that important. Then he couldn't support. But there go to open about it then they go do so. Then we need to share. Bill both Pampers dot com on our tech become guess line in all seriousness bill of course but it Bowie who did that we hammered the statue issued. And nausea this morning. I want your take away in general I I said yesterday you two will until listeners that. It was a very historic day yesterday you know I've been here from day one you've been in town for many years. And I bet a 100% sure people realize what really what what when doubt yesterday is David tepper. Ushered in the new error and there it that you mean he said a lot of really cool things should have fans excited. Yeah it. Really since Atlanta and I. Where literally to a two together if we keep hearing about eleven but what they'll say well Ortiz supposedly or according ports. And into and I don't know like Ehrlich might get a grasp on that kind of money you know op. What you start breaking it down Easter can get before lifting when he walked in Canada and and a she was the second richest owner and actually technically because Paul Allen and that the scrutiny. He was there just sort. Like you you're. I think more than double what Jerry jones' work in in that brings a certain amount of power and I think Kirk and it kind. The other that it did an inferiority complex and political order by the brewers struck. I think having an order with the potential. To have a good power ego portable votes but would that sort potential. I think should be exciting. So when Larry last night and if you like Mark Cuban at an anti doping compete. That are out there. But I think to be different and older that vote that he doesn't want to be but it's improperly. You take cried and he doesn't want to always say into the right thing. And in its own one myself but that like oh they. I expected by now with that I think there's a debate I think there's going to be some growing pains once that starts to happen when he doesn't. Always say and do the right things and down here in the bout yours but it's a lot like they've got to ride quality. Think the way BP should be done. And and I don't think it. Opened their. You didn't follow that book the weight being should be done. An aunt I get excited about that but I think it's and so some keys is over the next years what a honeymoon period is done is going to be. OK. Coming in doing that to stop that that could happen. Not quite genteel enough as they say in the self build both will facilitate a guess like a likely by the way the but nothing that was that was well played sir. That. Looking forward to veto some of the things that he that were discussed yesterday especially with facilities. Practice facilities and some other things how quickly build do you think did. He's gonna move their tempers gonna move on some of the stuff is weak we kind of feel like he's probably already ides of this and has some some plans in mind. Do you think well it is duty and it very. Had to a whole. We're but. Warned. That made so many. It is becoming your critics by you know it got good boat. It. You've got a fine and he he he gonna wanna be. Some big thing to have these Asians now how soon. Considering where we are in the calendar can those things be put into effect for twenty teen idol and so. But I think certainly by twelve in nineteen it would be at it I ice. Is our summons some of these changes with the development of the practice field so that critical flat out. That the practice Spielberg aperture sit main priority here or what where Urquhart. How he termed it. But. She's you know wanna make some sort of cricket is what that calendar year. Bill both on our ticket come guess slide from painters dot com had a ringside seat for David tempers. Announcement inaugural news conference yesterday Bank of America Stadium. Very high praise for Ron Rivera. Mention Norv Turner some folks in Texas Texas in earlier bill that. He didn't mention Marty hernia I said well. In that situation he was on the topic of coaches I personally said don't read anything into that would you concur. Yeah that report it and that though. You mentioned so they'll argue. Is the president in hires or target vote. Development are a separate all that. To me and it is such invite them both more important. More or port interpret in regard Kurt I didn't registry down to probably two people. Are and that to be dat gonna be this conclusion. I think that. The previous president here and it still under interior Asian and it was it was more conservative. Jet fuel tiny tiny. Bit thinking and I think it. This type of thinking is going to teach you big picture tight thinking is that the type of person gonna wanna bring in and that connects the tone for a lot of oh Lotto one. Carolina Panthers organization and a look like or anyway it's sort of football by. Yeah I competed in match and I think perhaps that some wishful thinking of people look and pay out there go that mean. Five. You know the truck in what is. Went to a lack went from our own network at all or you're such patient. I bet that the well. I am curious if if you look at Jimmy has that as for authority or. Partner a few years ago if you look at the patient to. And that guy has about what they bite you. Well a slow. Ever want app should like that Hewitt pat. He also he's I am I giving cat is going to be very aggressive while we gonna wanna you don't just. I think it's going to be very interesting if and when things don't go well on all sides which. You're bringing your you never know what things go well we'll see what Asian album of the year. Over the next year's black obviously for the upcoming seat any area that app market. In in he's ready to either being really really excited. About about what they have lined up now. It would when things don't go well how. Adding that an impossible question to answer now and shall. Beginning of July what's right around the corner of bill both as with a summits and become guess site. Bill how much can we expect do you think to see David tepper around training camp down Spartanburg will he be. You have pretty visibly thank. A couple days a week. Ice it is it is another job I think it's it's it's the and a Peta thing that really gets them go. Interestingly if you get a lot of cute the market to do whatever authority he's going to be bearing. I mean to a debt. But they'll be putting it will be splitting time. Between between areas so two or three times we may be will sit around and but hey that. It again more oil that'll be good did it seem you know all like that I think. One of the things that we we might need to start moving more focused toward those who is the president going to be. Because that person is going to be I think much more all. With that date today and how things you restart to shake out you keep. That the president in charge of taking separate grand vision and actually executing. And so it's going to be to the president to come up with so well early. And in so that person will be round of the day to day which. I would expect Caribbean plates in the next few weeks dep could be really interest in and that that was going to be the person who's I don't know. That's really you know setting the old for this organization. Bill would you anticipate the new president. The only the way the feeling I got from tepper yesterday was you know hey I am I'm a business guy I'm not really a football guy. I'm happy with things over there do you think the president he brings in May be a little bit more active. In the dated a football stuff than say David tepper will be. The football quite sure because. Any personal look at a couple or couple really what so and so I took a question I'm not sure if he'll give the president. Any power over there. In. I play again and I'm not quite sure but he he mentioned yesterday now. It is going to be somebody that that been involved in the work world I Italian though perhaps. One of these two people are both of them have that anecdote but I don't think it security. So. So there's there's there's data and also wants but it's. Experience what were development so I I have that in the seeking to I really should do more to be liquid and so. Toward the name. So I don't know who he's talking about. Why. And I'm I'm not sure we'll give them that power to really hear all that much football let the question. Hey before we let you run and it's kinda curious are a lot of folks at their building. Very. It's been a very emotional time for them a lot of long time and police who had. Long relationships. Would Jerry Richardson. In don't know demand like a lot of casual fans of course. What's the mood over there is it is it's. Melancholy. First some yet at the same time exciting knowing that it says it's a new beginning for the team. And the franchise and for the employees. I'm sure there's some melancholy or is some parts of the building I can only sell in digital apartment that I and I've been pretty proud well. There hasn't been like whispers and oh now what went what is means that you're gonna do is do your job to go out and hopefully you'll continue to have a job. It's so that it's it's a little. Arms and I'm completely fired up about that it's. I think change change but could it. If it is it is good thing I think changes in in heated around here I think. It it's there's been a lot of re active users has been really active conservatives for awhile. When it comes Tuesday. Or at least the digital part side thing and I think there's going to be an emphasis on unreal the rampant. So I couldn't be more. Good deal bill appreciate your time I get some rest here the next couple weeks Kazaa a things get real busy. Yeah somehow shut down in Spartanburg called training camp thanks your time my thanks bill.