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Friday, January 19th

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Talk a little and be able to orbit some of these rumors he's on a year after we get off the year bill writer writer than you on CBS Sports Radio CBS sports dot com. And he's got one of the great Twitter handles out there in the Twitter sphere at sports writer RV I TER for his lesson and bill are you doing man good to talk to you. I'm good I'm good thank god they threaten me. Yes so what are we make this is we're we're talking earlier and it's this way these things where you go to media gale like when I won't attaches his name to something it's like oh we better stop and listen these she's got that type both he's got that type of clout to him and so when a hornet's fancied today they Campbell walker being shopped. I think a resource to freak out and say men are blowing this team now how serious is this. And so we're trying to Parse through what's going on your below what was your reaction we saw the story this morning. You know our big critter right like what we went whoa orange attach it did name and that won't bomb monster. You you have to take it there's been a guy I I know loaded up front for the diet I can't remember a mapping ever gotten a story wrong in his career. And I understand why you wanna rebuild or Charlotte this makes sense I certainly understand the critic out. Org and nick for a ample other teams. You're you're celebrating the reader doesn't make that they'd be on the back they Kemba Walker is the spartans pulled it gains. The GM rich show the sort of a you know not very well kept secret is under an internal pressurized people I work in that organization. An organization. To try to get this ship in the right direction. And trading away for most important piece and hoping Michael Jordan and let him see you're rebuild it's just not a very good through viable move. Moved that you have. It's again it's quote I'd buy it well manned up there are a charge that organization it's probably not we move that our bill. There were talking to go writer CBS sports CBS Sports Radio CBS sports iconic you know I was saying this to bill from Mike did just the most. Basic Il level when you take control what it is a way because I think this is true but it's the same point you know we make we're Thomas earlier what's the lowest you guys in the NBA that are truly. Untreatable Kazakh deal honestly I think. I go five deep in October on a good Durant I go curried. I think the honest because of his age always proven to be an. And Horton and that it in Houston but other than that I mean I could make an argument for every other play look we saw the bush the random kind of report last week about very introductory things for Blake Griffin and Carly Tinny town so like to meet this isn't surprising either we eighteen and 25 if eighteen were calling say hey what I really intercity Marvin Williams are nicked a tumor Dwight Howard but -- walker guys pretty good what do you think like it's your job to listen right like the most basic level it's your job to think about there's just decisions if you're rich jail. It added that that did not mean that they can't point super rich right I mean those are beyond. Those aren't those guys that that you and both are bad contract settled their contract. They're going to be very hard to move and so if you're under pressure from your order if you're under pressure from Michael he's too pretty at all but it you are. The only way you do that as you move down but we do better I think. Anybody outside at the end up look guys you mentioned can be moved in the week we saw Paul George we've seen it before you normally those guys. Forcing their way out is very unusual organization. Particularly our market is not New York LA Chicago to have a guy and they cultured guy and a total player that you can build around. And to decide on your own right the organization. Let's move that do it usually goes the other way put them very. Or unusual situation you got to deal with the Charles. I'm bill writer for this at sportswriter on Twitter sports RE I TER bill writer from CBS sports dot com CBS Sports Radio is on the year after we get off your 7 o'clock tonight right here on WFAN see it and so this is the other thing like say what's what's play out the other scenario that this is realistically could have been I've Vinny got a searching in about the logistics of of the way the NBA trade rules work where you either over the salary caps sold. I know how to get it they gonna get within a certain percentage of dollars in dollars out and they're try to trade out bloated contracts with kemba attached to it so. You're taking back bad contracts so for its review to blow it up and have to be some sort of expiring bloated contracts in minute team would actually have to have use for those guys. First some Soros you know playoff push a bit like to me now we start trying to feed you makes it all the requirements of Melissa things that we need to happen have to be a playoff contender with stuff also over the salary cap also would bloated contracts who actually had to use for those players and Contra Iraq might bring what's the list on that deal what's the listed teams that would actually have views for for those types of guys. I mean what you need which is what makes it even harder do you almost certainly need up three way trade situation yeah got a thirteen. Who is taking non. There are contractor an extended period of active they're playing out and then the primary being here but we got a problem I had. The jets didn't make that the terms like he's built watchable it's like don't don't go out of their way to try to facilitate was Charlotte and somebody else. Just because they have tried yet tried so hard replaced Reggie Jackson the last two years. I mean the knicks certainly do about to go home Cleveland make that aren't bad but you really want great. That unprotected I would edit I get greater depth I'm not given that that's unprotected they're Kuwait if I think it was ready I think people are waiting. An art but what are our Charlotte but about double walker I validated the idea that fact but again you have to have a thirteen was a part of that deal. Both of the re seeing that for Levy make the most sense in terms of wanting double walker reader writes you battle. Almost certainly have to involve a third day in three way trade are very hard at all. Going up hurting you you mentioned an exciting there's what there's a story out there last week a couple weeks ago maybe I. A hypothetical both offering nearly eighteen and uptick for kemba and I understand that that is. I mean kemba did guardian. A New York City kid I mean he always plays his best ball at the garden and then maybe pairing with Chris stats like I get beat the one to one that but if you're a hornet's. I mean are you really gonna hitch your wagon did that frightened guillotine is gonna develop into something. Like kemba and then you're certain that that whatever their draft picks gonna be like to meet that doesn't make sense if you're the hornet's others that trade were realistic one. Don't defend you at that Filipino Abby I think you don't really ask a question mark to be developed into a great player or not. I don't know what I I would and New York yeah are there valid they're now. They loved it but everybody else about you know that Bob mellow I acted and yet I'm not fighting an average Joseph but it they if they get it done business. And Q you wouldn't trust. That guy who went by the bad contracts that require you to move the one great piece you have. To basically make that bet that there really is to question. Where organization and for Michael Jordan and on top of that about the edit art but a lot. You know what it did so well respected as a coach Jim Abbott hasn't that that I think he deserves as a coach. And it all the way that he responded when he came back right just like it offensive. Onslaught. Do you really want to make critical move but don't much uncertainty from Clint felt that you're obviously in depth and I don't know I don't differ from Charlotte because if you pull it that the trigger on the trade. You're talking they've long term you're talking at all what we did that aired out rebuilt now. Operate at Milwaukee for years did not wanna do that in there for years they were that were that is true. The spot and people up market hated that they are rightly that it finally made apathetic outlook you know they got to or whatever at the yacht it. Another variant and see but apple long term brought that at stake and fortitude from a fan base in an organization. Well I did end and then this is the the other question of if you don't do a trade I think fans are wondering what what is your long term viability but I actually got I mean. I don't know maybe I'm crazy on this bill I think sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make an eight you don't if you play out. This season maybe make the playoffs I think there's this home stands going to be big to try to do that. If you don't. You know you've taken eight to twelve again you know he got colleague mark eleven last year's kids still nineteen I think he's got capability. And then he's seen maybe another year of and KG trying to grow its offensive game he had an expiring deal mixture would Dwight which would be more tradable I think at this time next year and you try to hope that need the -- healthy bounce is back you know Cody Zeller can be a starting center near in your in your roster and then whatever your -- is this year may be landed in. I don't eat two meals and it's not a bad again right like obviously is grace is itself joy ride it out another your I don't. I don't think it's his darkest as people think it's if you if you just kind of ride the treadmill for another year at this point. I mean look at that Charlotte a lot of electric opera but it's all different paradigm. In terms of what you can be an end in and out. Should accept my arm went beyond belief and so are my guys off so quickly but we get a lot of stars stick side. To develop. If really it really depends on whether or not you believe that this is the scene that next year when they get right. Can be relative relevant it and it can't compete right I mean an all made it again our players yet referral for that organization. If it is I don't know speaking up but it you can get if you can get. On protecting its first round pick up a warm to Brooklyn. But now belongs to Cleveland you can get started to be a huge mistake Michael we all went in the cap that they decide to tell what that. Let's go all the let's try to do what brought an incredible what let championship the cab of the great for the Cleveland. There are probably in the body of a walker I think that I think part of value that particular pick and writing than that. Obviously don't have stayed in the work they have over the course the rest of the year they're not help either not very good and if you get a top three or four pick in the trap and drop right side there. You can get it franchise changer outside of that all likelihood I just don't he would be open and ebitda in the what will want Kemba Walker it was probably worth of. Bill writer writer that knew it's gonna be on 7 o'clock all right here on WS I see after we get off deer and I would overtime and does CBS sports CBS sports stock come on Twitter at sports writer RT IT ER and die he was suspicion sacks last night big sacks on the all star game any MPH this is a joke by the way they won't make this election for a public like why are they just gonna do like a public draft because they want some hurt did what her feelings what's going oh this. Are filtered it out like they need NBA all star and are incredibly. Didn't. Who. Operate others feel like probably don't talk it out here what brought gimme a break decorate a B outlook televised sit. Ticked higher every lap get a read the other for the first time of the generation they'd be all star game injured do you in India and how well those guys welcome grow up the. Part of the deal doubt they'll have to have fun tonight on the air we listen when I'm Robin also thanks to make it sounds good to talk to you with. It.