Austin Proehl On Primetime

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Tuesday, January 16th

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North Carolina tar healing is coming out in the NFL draft is with this right now on the tech become just like Austin you don't make good to talk to you. Right we're doing good we're still talking about the end of that that saints game did you get a chance to watch that lie the other night that the saints vikings game is and ended. In you know it was great Udall in game. Can you imagine what as a competitor and obviously it's hard to put yourself right Marcus Williams shoes put. As you ever had a moment like that we like man this is it's on me and guys are gonna say it's not on me but it is on me and just have to try and move on from that would so like is a competitor cassettes that's gotta be brutal for Marcus Williams right now. I mean it Dabney is you know I think every new competitors in that situation. I'm but it that they won a thing or. You know you gotta look on you gotta go back work in and do what you gotta do it never let it happen again and I think I edit that out competitor you want to think that. You just got to continue to work and out what a fine view and come back to make the next play. They also has Damione Lewis. They know what did your daddy say I know you talk to your boss about this what are the unsure about Detroit. It the National Football League I mean it is the pro in LA and despite what you put on what are what got talking about and knew the pro you know it's a but it you know ultimatum they do and I know are idiot and a value out value put it ain't so it's gonna think they don't believe in and that truck and and then. You know moment I think they began. Are talking Austin for always with a straight on the technique I'm just like North Carolina target wide receivers played in the NFL be able lot away induct coming out of the NFL draft and after Jason helped a wide receiver maybe he's a got a Panthers could be looking at is they start to draft process how you feel an Aussie do you think he dealt with some some little Nixon in dings throughout the course the especially with the shoulder are you feeling right now. So very on a sort of great my you know how to backing a week from my collarbone injury and have a surgery much certain that a great job. My trainer did a great doubles in the back in a spot when able to and a black became the airplane and my team and in our senior Dana get in data big robbery was you know it all for me and obviously and it sort of a break your career at Carolina would applaud for me. Well as you get ready for the NFL draft he might have one of the most valuable resources and Jamie was just talked about we saw last year as Kershaw McCaffery to his dad Ed but to have your dad and have have Rickey former panther former Graham Ricky Proehl as as it as a as a resource for you we should get ready for the NFL draft that's got to mean so much for you over the next few much as you deal with this process. It doesn't mean he's a great app that I mean a great coach we have a great relationship. You know it was definitely a lot while I think my coach and then we about it on my dad so. You know we got that relate every extremely hard I mean we continue to work can get better each and every day as we trained it'd brought this in. You know just continue to work. Don't know what the most important thing to parlay a walking tour you're ready to go to Tacoma and endorsement stuff in target with the things. Is when he asked you what are you would ask that you three football team what are you feel like you're gonna bring to an insurance. Got to bring I want to do well again you know you can run routes and our goal and used it beat it straight separation. Great hands and into old many you know to help the demon anyway and going to ain't been. You know my dream always been in our been a lot to both being what it that way and spot floor for a vote and once I've been a lot of the ball. And I think degraded have a daughter so you know my ultimate dream of playing one of those and win one and and that's what I wanna bring it seemed it anyway back in health. And yup but I dream out this. Cost controls with this right now North Carolina wide receivers went in the NFL PA bull and I coming on the NFL draft is with this right now on the tech become just like who I know you guys get so busy throughout the course of the year it's hard to watch it a ton of NFL football on Sundays with. Everything you get out you gotta go well which with the team and and and your school work but when you are watching football on Sundays who's the wide receiver. Ralston trolls like he had that guy's gonna maybe it is easy isn't even a star odd that people would point to the USA football we're like yeah I like to weigh that do plays a guy can play wide receiver who is that guy for you. Problem and a lot of them are like Sony are like settlement and end all are the element. Unfortunately with urban and injury all year and then you watch you know out of the end this year had a great year. Com you know coming out. And now what slot might dabble darts you know punch it in you know again in a go to New Orleans but did you know continue to watch those guys do you know I try to model my game after. I'll watch all that much he got what you've met in my dad. You know continued try to affect my game and get better each and every area. Are you would you consider yourself a painter cents. Army in I'm I'm let whoever what makes me. It's okay. Eddie I know it's hard to do this is there are 32 teams that is lawyer Annette are but it have you put your your mind and that's bottom man that would be that'd be pretty special that be pretty cool to be able to play here in Carolina and it put on the same uniform is dead have you thought about that at all or you try to block that out. I mean absolutely and it's hard not to think about but I got Ed you know god but in a perfect play in and I got the almost most state and that and you know where Barack Obama given everything I got well Carolina had a thirty point gain. I'm now slap shot that I'm looking order just thought that it brought there and given it my everything and I continue to show people I'm about. Also what's the saying that you feel like man people don't give enough credit for this should not gonna brag on yourself feeling man I'm good at this I know I am a people just don't talk about it enough and they act like I'm not good at that part of my game what's that thing in your game do you think your better out to people even give you credit for. Despite big impact people beat you know I can go deep I want folks I run nine. And and it sort of thing get it being strongly that I think you know people are gonna. Soon you realize that I really do that I level. Aren't Austin best of luck and and enjoy the NFL PA Boland. I keep checking it was over the next few months would look to keep up with it thanks to make into a force. Thank you got the art.