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Tuesday, June 19th

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On Monday Morning Quarterback he's out of Briere but yeah. Content it's our feel like every time I talked to him some morals. And let's is that you pace yesterday talking about on Norv Turner and Cam Newton. And do you think you say in this as he says he told you look at it's it's going to be it's got to be a really perfect situation. He's a guy who has worked with Troy Aikman and Drew Brees and Philip Rivers and if you wed cam Cam Newton to that quartet one of those things it's not like the others. Why is this the right situation do you think for north. Much editing out there what about or what people they you know reverse back. Our man. Or I think the first thing at the ability. Or back coach who you know. Network equipment that Iraq or error. I get the chip or sought again I'll go on our anniversary bash it in court that other big art of it. Pop Alan and I big mature out of coaching so much like Jim Newton. He'll have to let you know argue that it. Tiger remember you are ready or not heard any men and I bet you know at certain way that. There were a big man that that I think well I don't ignore the very you are a little bit of challenging. Aren't I look at like the Al ribat beyond that can do some different banking. In due out there and seeing. Bad. You know so I did it all coming together well I eat diet they come back here. Bill junior I think you're of the mind that bet that he might beat down on them. You know that opportunity come all I know that hurt or. Well all the talk about it which is. Sort of you know how it all up ought be you know and I. RL. That pets or regenerate yet have any shot went IPO. Albert how much different do you think the offense is gonna beat for cam and you know Laura settle where you on the gunman try to keep some of the same verbiage in and they're gonna try to keep some of the same things that he's done. And norms got to our reputation and get the ball down the field. But then you know you also heard his son say look it's okay for cam there. You know wanted to take that check down to what what do you think it's gonna look like the offense this year with with with Cam Newton is gonna be markedly different. Then what we've seen in the past. Ally dealer the way. And a lot. Seven air pollution than people billionaire. And pretty obvious that. That there's going to be aerial option jet or got it under nor Jay Diego. You know so I shot peeing on chuck chuck chuck put an op that a lot of late north. Thank you go out or are you an idea Traficant out not being actually being as yet they get a lot. Couple Tampa for two years we can't guard really really set off. And all are they had to do they get them in a position where it right. And I truly revolutionary all that technology out or acute well. An option at any candidate or right hand man. Well build any and bing. You know. Candidate. Well keeping ought to be on top and white so. You know I just watcher norm it is aren't some. That they did it came out on. And that they did you did you yeah of course. You know I went a lot go to get a job and Mike Shula from our quarterbacks coach all carry over what I'll do it ought by the ear and Mike Shula. As well there's going to be our familiarity. Yeah I don't I don't think there's been any sort of used chain or wife or call eight. I like Oregon we are nor is one of the better political beliefs and on thirty year. And that should help. And then you know the way Egypt obviously revealed that there are what ot cheers Mike Shula endorsed. Our border Monday Morning Quarterback with us Albert. You know and you look at the weapons of cam has around him. You know and then they've got a couple nice guys in the back through Christian McCaffrey David take a CJ Anderson. I look at the the receivers. Now font just had a strong second half of the season last year they drafted DJ Moore. Did they have you don't like the right kind of pieces around cam all on these the kind of guys that. Maybe if if they're not perfect fits nor can just make them you know coach them up and make them better or how do you see the of the weapons around camp. As composed to may be you're past. Erica just think that it really it whether it Gelman operation more than anything L is you know on the track. And then go back. For five years or guerrilla better or getting big tall targets. There was sort of mitigate some of the actors the issue the damage. Look guys that could outfield are broken why it's so you know I think you know the way that that big element built that when he was first paralyzed. You know let's get guys should do. You and look Greg all that rain and much else that demand. And God's word yep can't doubt that need to throw it tight page. Guys to come down the ball. Yeah. And I 80 or ideal works for a few years and the problem what you start Germany and obviously after why can't treat them. Yet the surgery coming back at an issue. Too bad it's sort of change now in a way to get a Lotta that happen again. A huge check it out a way that that's dealers sort changed things around Roethlisberger. Out decade ago where now there's been more what you are getting guys in the building go hand. How can be a lot of mechanical. Error so. Really what the focus that you dot seventeen or big great delight trapped Christian chapel in the first round. Eckert should have no background. That got a little bit better at that that are built quiet page. And so you know at Brittany did you actually about the idea taken rejected out of what Scott nor Quantico and amp. Gotten there at that you know salt. He's still out the big targets and debit archived and Greg all send. Bad the last couple years I mean you've got beat. You know like Christian look at records and Neil you know about guys 48. Orchid target from the ball. And they can create up there well actually register mix there at 21 man. I think of course you know DJ Moore the other one where. You know he's more just a traditional hours beaver the belt but what you locks. Up to big strong target. I know we certainly look apart over the course this spring and so. I think it Debra maybe get to our idol champ capped around them. It is. But the idea or go to the idea like a lot there where you got short of the traditional hours Bieber and DJ Moore are the bigger target and add all senate budget and that you know about got a lot of potential McCaffery. All. Outer worked or what do you expect from the from the Panthers this year I FC south as a loaded division. How can they get to the top one near the top of the come NB a playoff team this year. I I you know I Belichick or it's somewhat there's quite a great optimism and I you know it's clearly been well no and end and when now session right. That trap caught last year I ran checked out Kamal. Our shot Lattimore markets all I am not deal that's going to be that the allegation of what they do an extra. Couple years. And I'm ready to all that might now traded on our staff or on draft night. And I am you know it. I negate ranch. Or the quarterback position are pretty. Enjoying himself being a championship or no and don't close today at the end of Egypt Egypt has got to be last year. On the docket and interior coming object to separate out there ought to ball. On a year another year under our act ultimately of Mexican. Yeah he's such a year better. The what it read to be optimistic and so I get one that's he truck division all. And I and AL on them where it can't go in their ability keep up that they doubt candidate is gonna boil down. As sort of always you are out there which is now. Can't take steps for channel golfing at a lower back prominent Norris got chart making it different. You know the way they coach. Out of Briere Monday Morning Quarterback where those on the ticket Comcast line. You fall on Twitter at Albert three year old mentally Monday Morning Quarterback always puts out some great stuff and meant how can cover in the NFL now I feel like you've been covering the NFL I ask you know you and and then like another classic hour. I know it gonna be. You. I got a goal fourteen recovering well. Too that's awesome fourteen years in the NFL and you know. It's you or you've you've done a terrific job you know firstly with SI announced Monday Morning Quarterback. Always on tricky job out of career with us on the tape and become gas line appreciate you buddy we'll catch him soon. I.