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And he sitting four strokes back of leader Aiken south Carolina's having kids there and we go to the tech become guest Juan welcome in that Adams from the Golf Channel because. We knew that right now Kevin kissed her four strokes ahead of everybody else as we try to wind on this Friday quail hollow club that was to be expected correct. He Christian Richard you know what it is not to be unexpected from Kevin history he's one of these guys yep today was. Flying under the radar not by his own a house but simply because. There was so much attention paid and rightfully so to. That means that you would expect Jordan's speech at least it accomplished career Grand Slam that would Rory McIlroy continue this success. Then he sat at quail hollow would Dustin Johnson returned to his world number one form which. Jason Day once again channel the player that. He has been to the perhaps we're Brooks kept up on this after the US open victory all these big story line too big personalities. That dominate the game would've been Ricky time. And yet here you haven't haven't seen Isner who it's funny because even Georgia Bulldog and he plays like a ball thought he says quieter. He doesn't give up he grew up on Bermuda grass so. Instead of hearing that instead of complaining about it he's great is that she loves it he says he's able to read and as a result. Atop the leaderboard. Talking to Matt Adams from the gulf to Italy's with this right now in the tech become guest on his so we talked 99 PGA championship again it's like having kids there. I'll with the lead as he's in the clubhouse back to back 67 to open up Rickie Fowler today I got to follow Rickie for a little bit and Ricky. He he looks comfortable out there any posted a one under seventy today after a 69 yesterday but Rickie Fowler very much in the hunt and here we go into the weekend this would this is not a an unfamiliar story line that Rickie Fowler in the hunt with a chance to win his first major. And he's got to close that it shows some metal down the stretch. Ricky sneaky long rap thing about Ricky got a lot of people don't realize both spoke peace side. He's Serb important stroke which is very impressive indeed there's no doubt. About that the one thing is I was talking about getting cheers Stewart apple Slater to Rickie Fowler's advantage was that. Kevin doesn't have great language is Kevin has said look if it gets where here if it rains commander has just started she's now on the golf course gets soft. And there's going to be a problem for jet and sister did that make you well of course it's already a monster play. Even more so we're as Rickie Fowler who has to get the distance off to teach. If he had that audience stroke that's reliable you could tighten up quite a bit if the weather leadership says it looks like he met. What's been the most surprising thing do you through through two days as we knew some of the stuff was gonna. I'll play out that this course was going to be pretty Darlene maybe even more difficult in some fashion than the way the US open played out this year. But what's something that you really didn't see coming so far through two days. Well it can stressing he has the question that that way Christie does. It actually happened here is that. In some way to PGA championship in the US open has switched positions. 27 G quail hollow was playing like eight US open golf course right now. Lightning fast greens that are hard as a rock of golf course that is along a golf course it's defined by hitting fairways if you don't you know settle down and some. Thick rough if you may or may not have a lie in that you can get debts ball towards decree vs just. Playing out safely in the very once again tree lined a community that's coming out of your operation of the way that they are the tickets that are record sales and bodies of Roche. Everything about this event speaks to a US open. Verses which normally PGA championship scenario of formula which is set the golf course up top but set it up there'll or in whatever they shoot out there. They shoot up if that's not what's happening this year so. I am surprised by that I have to say I'm delighted by that because I loved quail hollow like it to great golf course and I think it's is it speaks to. Just how good a golf course that it is that the players are route if he challenged such as they are. But other than that I would have to point to Rory McIlroy I think with the success that each attic well how well. The fact that you struggled. Through his first two rounds as he had EEU will make the cut it will be around. For the weekend but he used to he's gonna have to do some of his worried about growing region actually achieve two very good round to try to get into your. Our top ten or better at this point. And when I look at Rory is one of the things and I'm looking at but I hadn't heard a lot of people talk about that was mentioned it the other night at central because. He ever would think it's about Rory is part of it is I'm not tonight. However if you look at Rory in scrambling some twenty to thirty yards let's say compared to 4014 when he won. It's his last two major championships if you compare that your this year he's often the problems that won't deny that by. 2030 yard scramble and he's way off greens in regulation he was eight that you additionally doctor something cute stairway to each. Proximity to hole he was eighth this year he's somewhere door of 150 and so he's he's skiing that he news channel accuracy and. What I feel all that is not to panic and everybody else sees however that the last time we saw a drop off in. Ball striking proficiency. From Rory McIlroy it was in 2013. What happened 2013 you know wholesale change equipment. This year not only did he get married not only these chili with the injuries. Thought he had a wholesale change in equipment so I actually think that what it's all said and done we're gonna look back on. Point seventies Rory McIlroy look upon it as a transitional year. And I I do think he's going to be fine I just don't think he's going to be finding. So well it man out of what this from a Golf Channel again you can follow up Matt on Twitter it's met at Matt Adams FOL. I'm so a lots been made other guy he beat in Tiger Woods for good reason of is this guy ever gonna come back again bully ever win any tournament let alone a major but. Eight what doesn't seem to be talked about maybe enough met. Is Phil Mickelson and now this is too straight majors he's gonna miss the cut and it's the first time since 95 he's missed the cut at the PGA championship. Our meanwhile. I should not be under sold fifty year old Steve Stricker making his 26 consecutive major championship Ron green junior tweet that out earlier. Bomb didn't Billy's he he was I mean I watched him earlier and Phil arm was saying I think I'm paraphrasing here. It's not that he's hitting that shot she's just missing but he's missing. That met at media he he looked really rough out there on in terms of flaws some of his his approach shots and what are you Stewart off the tee so. From what what what can we ever expect from Phil Mickelson moving forward because this is this is an. Don't release your games you mentioned Phil Mickelson you mentioned Steve Stricker I want to start the latter first because. That you are not tethered just because of their age in terms of all how they approach it. Steve Stricker hit stairways Randi stricker hit screens in your happy at fairway you have to eat greens this week we realized that what's. The way to setup is at quail hollow so. In my surprising anyway that Steve Stricker and it is going to make the cut now absolutely I am not he's been playing very well he's kept himself. BJP at a reduced schedule he has for a few years that he keeps himself brash. On top of that so the burdens of being the president or the captain of the United States presidents cup he'd certainly has not. Taking away the visibility to perform at that they spoke to him. Earlier this week and said hey how much brought wind this thing you've been you've really got a question you got to take your cap space on the if you qualify. For your team and he said that the impact that he lap that was the end of the conversation. Now we're talking about Phil Mickelson. I think it's different do you are talking about. Steve Stricker who two guys actually couple years older than bill. At 47 years old I think that father time might be catching up with Phil Mickelson who build its doors dealt with some. Our three key issues over the last few years and the type of game that he had it unlike Steve Stricker to match the game but Phil Mickelson is a power game. In the power Gaby you're not hitting it. Get on the target that that you're aiming at which receive this week he's not. That's what he was talking lobsters eating the wrong place you're gonna get yourself in trouble gonna get in that Robin you're gonna have those Katie lies that may or may not be able would say it's all. Towards all and if you are. You might get a clump of grass behind that the club face which will get what happens is is that. Agree with the ball and rats and class in the NB a water that's in the grass especially now answers some always this guy as well. Fill up the grooves on the club and as a result you get what's called wire. It is very hard to control to go what did this is going to be able flyer eighty it would compete what you're actually be going to get one because the flight attendant. So those variables that add to the difficulty getting out of that particular crop so the fact that facility wayward on a shot it's not like he ever didn't. Particularly accurate with the driver each just this is a golf course that he had not been wayward he just. TX. And so it's not it's not the most golf courses the waiters set up on the PGA tour as it's called bomb and gouge which means it wherever you bloody well please. And these wedges onto degrees take it so that look at last week it could it be. A World Golf Championship Bridgestone invitational coming into the final round Thomas Peters tie for the lead keywords. Second how lacked in the field in fairways hit or that show you that the way the course sets up deeper courses is that. The abrupt. Distance or the rock. Yep he is short enough. But at the players hit it good it did erupt they can still get away Johnny get it on the green and obviously make a lot of birdies but not the case this week is this is set up. To the major championship and degree I think it's awesome I think it's on everybody's seen this kind of golf. A couple of times a year and I do you think that's the recipe book this weeks or two still. Demise. Met will let you go with this it's been the question do sure ferocity Charlotte he had this week is everybody comes in. I'll what's the future for quail hollow club as a relates to other golf circuit both the PGA tour and then now. Also as a relates to majors and things like presidents cups and and Ryder Cup movement for what's the future this well yeah. Have to understand at quail hollow was already tremendously respected and you're always has been so there's no question about that the changes that have many debates of the golf course. I didn't get it into it now constant and consistent conversation. As the host venue for major championships. I think happening here is that. I think quail hollow is graduated to a new level it's always been a great PGA tour golf course there's great merit to that in and of itself but now I think it's at a different level I think now. Whether you're talking about US GA. Or whether you're talking about the PGA. There's merit in having conversation maybe the Ryder Cup is merits. Solutions don't. You know what what about quail hollow we should think about that and believe me it's not just the golf course when you're gonna bring a major championship into the city. There have to be specific headcount there have to be restaurants are actually hospitality there have to be pop good natured yet to corporate support. If you look at the tickets this week for for this event. 50% of the ticket sales came from North Carolina the other 50% Q from all over the country. 49 of fifty states in fact that supported. This PGA championship so. If if there are it merit or a pat on the back in the certainly is it's not just the golf course to golf courses at a different level it was before. But the city of Charlotte deserves a great deal of credit reporting knock it out. Guitar now we love it man it's been it's been full on grown up here it's cool to see major golf come to Charlotte I never thought I'd see today and get to. Here we are mad it's a pleasure to talk to amend this is fun enjoy the rest your weekend thanks for the time. Thank you so much but I.