5 16 Hour 4: Steve Rannazzisi in studio

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Wednesday, May 16th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Comedian Steve Rannazzisi. 

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Hi we are back final. Hour of the Mac attack. We have to we'll get back canceled more on the Kansas we get out here David tepper on board. As the owner I mean as close as it can be too official just point and until it's approved next week do you owners' meetings. But right now all we have little slump right now Steve Brandt is easy is in that. From the league and he is in hanging out today ante on tonight's Thomas Davis standing dreams foundation event. And oh. And see music sector comedy zone. And then your plane Thursday Friday and Saturday there as well what's up Steve thanks for joining us good morning how are you hurried nor did have here in Charlotte by the way during the break. Steve Sewell New York so during the break after we spent a segment griping about the woe is me hornets you start getting in the routine on the nick. Course. Personal all wee weed cost about three times our tickets cost three times more than your tell us good point that's a very good point and and their pro arguably a worse team. Oh wait a worst team I think you got a point there and so you know how did you now he's frustrated you pay 400 dollars to watch. A JV team essentially go out there and try to run an up and down the court. Ridiculous instead is tell your anger felt good at making me feel little better like I company and I had company yeah we were talking about some some harsh measures to make the team better in the during the break. You know he's getting rid of some people one way or the other America. Well then you got to do it you know for both teams I wanna let myself on fire from November through April and basically that's right here's the way it slash knicks fan so what you stagger your head. I did it. It upgrade right now and a point who do you root for in the other scorcher in New York Giants Rangers yankees that's our breaks from the Kennedy tell you do it yeah let me ask you a great year for the Yankees it is all you guys are on fire editorial giants oral standard solar for us our rules a little five or six you I don't know I don't I don't. I think he's one of the best coaches in all sports now that's a great boss has great and so they're always like around 500. And they're a team we don't wanna play in September. Because they're not gonna just cash again and to host the Orioles and it's gonna mean a lot warmer afternoon between Boston yankees. And you know we will you don't have a great race one dumb idea of just question about a shoe polish color that's I don't know why why don't seem loan it is a stand up likes both the jets and the giants possible you all is that legal. Well New York sports rules you gotta she's one you've did you grow up there. Connecticut. Don't necessarily regular and irregular I could go on Reuters talks about it. You've got to figure out I just. It's religiously neutral grounds did you know wait are you part patriots and still no I don't I made a choice in the ninety's to the majors are so bad rousing young kid I said I'm gonna get a go jets yeah a lot of what we can't wait those patriots. And so be a heartbeat is a deal huge I tolerate the jets the jets are a dozen it's not like I hate them. I don't feel like your crosstown rock. But it just it's what stinks is when like the jets are three and held for some unnamed godly reason and the giants are already only three. And music sit there and watch the Federalist papers every day so she. Some say the best way it should be you choose your side and you've got to deal would have the other team's doing well. Tebow just simply talks about the team does doing the best loan against that's like a short it's called our president at Senegal we're talking to a guy guess are rooting for the Braves two weeks ago over here and macarena or my concerns first place so adult. It's a list goes on China's policy was rallying around them yeah. We do this for the company guys don't turn radio listeners are gone yeah and what are relevant to have their fun it was a tough loss last night though. There are plenty in the Braves also much young talent man they are pretty good Ari senator feminine national can be a good one man what do you all right so you're in town you're your performance for nice including the Thomas Davis and. After the Thomas Davis foundation. With Fred but he court McAllen and then tomorrow night by myself. Football enough fire myself but for me it's for the Sebring is easy to send your kids to college found. The weekend so yeah that's the rest of it's for me. How much humor do you get Amazon you're not Ellis died in military personal side. And there's nobody on zombie none of that's how much material I should say do you get from parenthood because there's so much they're due to the. Yes a lot every day's crazier things are happening and so yeah you can say it's almost a thing where you like our guy. Again of you know to work on other stuff rather than just like talking about the stuff it is happening to me every single day yeah. Because if you don't glass and you don't use it as humor deal it's gonna lead you down due to fatherhood right dead inside yeah it. Yeah that's your resiliency of those dads and just like inside there at the park and it just bugs just going through the motions here you can see a they have no outlet you can see him and we asked so this is sixers GM and all down. Playground it's therapy for you do to go on stage and say are yours and my kids there's a whites do and and exactly it's it gets out poison out. You're so error patriot fans. Is still what else what else are people gonna hear Sega C united by the way do I mentioned you see me who a lot of our listeners know is going to be the tonight's the best of the best again has hosted a source of Lamar station loved Q what do you well what else are they gonna hear tonight man you do sport will that. E. A. SPORTS stuff at all. I've I'll talk to them about Spiezio it's Thomas Davis foundation so yeah I'm sure it's a decent football talk but for the most part. I am sarcastic I'm I'm usually the brunt of my own jokes for the most under dumbest person all my stories of guys. And so yes so I'm I'm does self deprecating and bloody good time yeah yeah content in its full frontal nudity to him. I thought she wanted to show up for his opponent will. Be laid totally related usefulness. Of the actually out in droves it's it's it's just a hologram of me being an idea I leave during past like have to Michel and Paul Graham its full frontal nudity. And I can't get arrested or anything at all let's get. You can't do that no not me it's a robots are the. See rent is easy is with us tonight defending dreams foundation benefit event for TD on he'll be out there and then he's got Thursday Friday and Saturday shows. Buy tickets ads. CO2 companies are dot com or call 980321. 47020. Now I have to confess and this is where Steve you turn against me and you become friends with T bone OK Trippi thanks for I prepping us I only watched in tennis track I only watched really like parts of the first season of the league. These dudes are bigger fans of the league. Hoping to now look me you fall off I mean again it just wasn't my own way I was very. To have your bags and we've been the first season we like I just can't wash cents a I saw is that John Goodman who always that. A sword using a lot of shows and I never went back to that once I find how what she's really on right now. We're done and we did seven seas is set did you ever wrapped did you ever think he would get I mean it. What did you think going to end fantasy football which which I love I'm sure you love did you think I there's material here in the world fancy football for seven seasons cause us pretty freaking cold. I did not think that our creator sought the there was a world that we can remind a lot of comedies from. I knew that I was working whisked. The funniest people that I met before just because I didn't I'd audition against them before and another work they've been so. I always liked about doing the show with them and being able to be like park I was to eat. You know the the Horace grant of our team you know if it's just that did he dissed because we get dirty. Could get a couple of rebounds not the most talented but I knew I want to be part of this team so. Fantasy football. Was a great backdrop it really wasn't a lot of people used to get you know on a cell that was not saying this is weaker governments like the show was not about fantasy football. It was a sitcom. Base in the world of fantasy football yes but about us and our relations. Little concept first it was so many shows are kind of the same formula as I got that standard cable networks being on cable networks where who does not as much pressure for viewership right away you know it did they did give us a target a chance to grow up in and find her audience that was great what he did it is what are your fantasy do you have fantasy football stories like extreme and her extreme like success maybe better. I I was a commissioner of high school league once in two of our guys got into a fist fight to pumpkin patch. There are two different pumpkin patches. With their cans and the main argument got so big that they were like oh Wichita I'll come to your pumpkin patch and we can settle this right gentlemen please don't start fights I come on the message board yeah. As they're trying to get durable you have a class keys are LB that's closer to me I'll goody like they're they're little working on logistics of their final. Our fights could go to any over the message boards and I'm trying to like you know squash this thing before the two people got arrested at a. It fuels controller Roger Goodell feels control your league and that happens is. Roger and knows full well that. And overthrow my commissioner went aren't. Will he be easy way to full upheaval like people had not not been back since Arab Spring going on in his commercials. Remember they a year Collison went crazy so the touchdown record job. About midway through the season he makes a trade and get someone's team collusion with his girlfriend. Is already traded tauzin Hamill swallow your daughters should Dawson and dismantle Leo yeah you're right and bring it down it's been done idea access outlets not to hear him. As my good buddy orange Spears' sometimes he's gonna start overthrowing governments against our climate over the walls. And taking care to. Trying to sell off like RC except to trade. Yeah song gotta shut that lead down but these two tainted. One of those movies commission would have the company let late last stop playing in the league with co workers and stuff like that. Because I played. So we don't play moral. Since I stopped the show on it I'm gonna play this year. Because of my love for Cink Tom Barkley in my giants is renewed as a friend I stopped. Playing because of the bombs go watch my giants again imminent fall in love with football the way I did when I was a kid with you know. Having one team on Sunday watching that game being effect and then if you don't they've been a disaster for the last three years saws like now it's a Kwan I feel okay about it I'm going to be excited about fantasy football pants on him back into the. I stopped playing because don't they wouldn't pay out. I won the league multiple Todd got no money for us when he pay me out here about how these guys are down here you gave me any money team I was the commissioner that oh. The commissioner yeah. Happened to my mommy Mimi at the pump attached did you pocket so little money and then the rest until we talk to all of the ultra. They all say you. An erratic comments Steve. Oh my god Steve didn't come we don't never. Your sister Christian and collusion in the same show and we also by the way how much he NCAA over here might call from the comedy zone didn't wanna commit a crime to ensure that that the two never placed a no and get a match and I. Great and avoid the air because illusion is that this is as possible murder. And it's an early morning he's got the right guy but. You guys are playing down there yourself and your crew there yeah well I certainly gonna be getting off the and I had a lot of time to relax. Drinks this ridiculous I didn't ice for some reason forgot yours commissioner during those years I was the whole problem the years I want without the other tabs on business or how was one year by educated up you Dudley takes a little commissioner of our league this ice advantage and that's. It sounds are good friends and I think our current boss and was in charge. Apology seriously collusion murder to Mike call stories Aron as we can. That doesn't get a thirty for thirty minutes collection of I told you might call power what did you do you have an opinion and your busy working and torrents are so I don't know. Have you heard lots and Dave get many used to be our GM and he is now now Jim Clancy out and he is just like he has these words he uses that are just a triple called Molly's and. Casey's I haven't heard any of his dress policy at I just yeah I've watched. His work and so far happy with orders to drag it looks like early drafts that are really drafts him. I couldn't I've said it from the very beginning I didn't want you as quarterbacks I wasn't asks you know overly excited about any of them but I was excited about. Sake Tom Barkley. Even though Trent Richardson know he was on the league in disgrace but do you a bust in the first round I first round so this is not Trent Richardson this is he's a real solid start to think hopefully I I have got to giants Jersey with a running back to name on it since Joseph Moore so. You guys the other go hey I'm a throw Barkley on the back of my Jersey I only after ten years safety. He does around Penn State fan I love these guys are great kids who may angry yeah super nice thought let's let's see notable for we say good bye to Steve Steve Brandt is easy from the league which I need to now be did you watch it like crazy to get the guild is hitting me you're such a good dude don't really hitting me that I can't sit here and tell you I. Are you solo fight on the show by the way you can't get it I. I know you've done now they pull it from Netflix. Bells within that. Drew is awarded in everyone's got a chance to build their own all he knows I just give everything and F flicks are you get a FaceBook page to firewire or watch in the league and 'cause your MySpace account. You're good about ranking as the fans and you have. This is a local. Here is here's ABC's Steve denied you wanna go to be understanding dreams foundation benefit of their seat CD a lot of water on grass. In merchandise out there in style so you all can check that out 9803214702. Or go to CLT. Comedy zone dot com Steve and Steve the other night kind of. Look at it tonight. I just wanted to Mikey is go to college you come for the rest of the weakening can tow just only get rid of those little motors eventually percent of all count cedar demand rates thanks you guys thanks Brad reback all right when we come back I gotta tell you. We've got to tell you something about David tepper we have not talked about its indexing portion of this puzzle with a new owner and I can't wait any longer. We live for six away in these parts of the country you have to hear the audio from this video. I'm a bunch of clueless millennial speeding six life for the first time. What the heck is wrong with the use of America. Thousand dollars. The issue of Ernest tags even my non spell and behind its founders were right he AG tag. Next two to seven zoo where they want. Shot to win a thousand dollars in heaven so the top of the hour to text and it's a national contest message and data rates apply. Full contest rules available at W. Asked and Zeke. Dot com are techsters are kilo Tuesday a lot of good stuff on the panthers' early on there's a lot of LeBron debate people are jumping all over LeBron. First game in which he had 4212 and ten. I know that there were moments where I wanted him to attack more. But Jamie gotta look at that's supporting cast who got into that talked a lot tougher talk supported in what was are stressed and elevenths. And let's see we don't you just should play audio here in a minute or two I didn't wanna bring a C wanna bring something up its glory is. As far as. David tepper ghost going through my notes Cyril I got bill tell his friends colony after sloppy seconds again his friends called attack on our easy easy. Oh I'm sorry Larry did a story the test bone I don't think it's catching on but how low does go to Johnson caught just the trap. I would say especially coming off to Jerry situation elephant wanna go without knowing adjustments that's gonna work at all when I go to campaign Alaska harassing him. All right so here's the deal we hadn't thought much when it comes soon David Samper in regards to the stadium today. Nick carbonite Cianci. Rappaport and I think locked in for all reporting the same sort of thing. The ads David shepherd thinks a stadium a situation does need to be addressed. But it doesn't necessarily need to be addressed with a new stadium this this to be good news it wouldn't involve taxpayers. This city if you read the observer today. The city politicians city councils already secured bound 75 million dollars. Of funding. For renovations to David temporal want. How much David says they're not doing David tempers not even the owner of the team officially yet. That's going to hand him they're gonna say hello mr. zapper nice to meet shielding your nine million not billion you have left empty sped to the bathers. Here's 75 million do with it what you want. And I noted it mocked for being gay during it was marketable little bits but again I just I need answers in my life I think we need to handers in this city. And I do what you gotta do but I think it's good news if it's true. Contempt for just once more renovations are still finishing up this what wave of renovations but if that's true in the city is already budgeted 75 million I think it's very good news all of us man no stadium you know while seniors or anything did you hear about depending our radio show they're gonna do its job. Mr. tapper was set just to tell her. I thought I'll just premature. It's it's it's got to be it's imminent and Julius Peppers call happened to hapless. Now almost sail on a series does go I'm not saying a serious to appear. I'm not so. That's this there's a dagger don't itself. I'm not saying it did David separate ECB Jerry Jones and literally had his own radio show on Sports Radio station but. Mr. tapper we can do it right I can teach you in maybe 8 o'clock hour 1 morning everywhere every morning every week but it's. Bony I want him out there out the battle won a meeting greeting fans mingling with fans. I don't want him stocked up there in a box I want him to needed to do press conference is on these somewhat regular I need communication from my new owner he's not bashful. He loves to talk check out his interviews on CNBC. But and he says things when he talks. But I I just I need to hear from him this is just a media thing. This is a cancer same thing for all of us get the fans I want him to speak to us CBS sideline guy. You know Arthur Blank already old Marty you he walks down the sidelines and accusing him sob I got such as Jerry Jones movie isn't it man that's like. I don't wanna do all that there. I would like Jim to stay somewhere else to watch the game and an owner's box I'm not huge on the sidelines I want have a connection if he is on the sidelines. But I always think it's like they do people like bosses are coming alert while you're doing your jobs got to look at how I want it I what you don't hear what it meant comes in search looking over our shoulder you know I lot of I'm doing the right thing and our about what I want to watch on what I wanna show my greatness. He was they are not a citizen knowing that if you hit it as I can drive in ice adding isn't going equality the lawsuit anyway I would like can stay up there. All right I'm getting demands to get to the chicks like email saying it's a chick filet audio. Aren't doing your judge apartments are narrow I must else. Teachers a deal I once you guys soon. Listen a desk all the chicks delay so chick filet lovers out there right depreciate sweet to me. Those waffles prize. And the amazing chicken sandwich Alou on the strip guy Willamette on the strip man at six last easing but a short man. The particular budget but I want to react to this is about two minutes this a piece that is put together and it's it's on the it's all over social media. These are millennial soaks in their twenties were so maybe early thirties. They had never had chick filet before don't know where the hell they have come from in this country. But listen to their reaction on chick filet this is a solar. Smell like. Here yeah. Elementary school. This isn't there is out. My name is raven. It's. The world pays. Isaac Sowells. That explosion of fun there's very distinct like face masks flavor. Like hamburgers fast I had a big matches like him or not I. And played better than what I was a faster and I'm not really senate pickles but I think she announced in the sandwich is pretty and only you know yes. Is beautiful prize. From this tries her. Way better than another ostracized. Because I'm about their pretty good though is not too salty remain very standard size. A big fan of legs are being McDonald's Fries. And these are little Chris dare you know what are located is from. They try to Fries are done as an act allegedly and it's definitely it's. How Lucent do you like your warm. Qualifiers it's the people of AAA people are so very excited about it. But no one I just opener around the corner there is why he's still coming up adoring fans it's no wonder why but why. I'm not disappoint and but I'm not over the moon about it so I feel like. It went fast food coming up so obviously detrimental to mine the human body. I need to like left in order to really indulgent that tunnel and gonna finish this. What actually own these staple now okay so I have one guy says Mac this this is has to be stake. What what is a Sebelius says our world is doomed. What is going on bone in this piece I don't understand like. And everybody was bus so Mullen meals on Twitter yes they like listen these young kid as they don't know could chicken sandwich I don't know hundreds of players. But if you grow and America like my kids are eight and five day launch excellent. Like it's almost like they're aliens or something who the heck. Is that befuddled by the concept of a waffle Fries and chicken sandwich. I don't get what the hell was going on there but does from now Mac. Don't act nice you well play Manuel played. This thing says Mac those kids tasting should delay or clueless idiots they're lucky they are written both angles are dried never one of their homes. Yeah and smack on the very ground I will say it dated a vegetable tastes are plywood acts like that towards vegetables Ali what does what does this sexual what does this this elite college slash. Did they ask getting millennial straight man I don't want to let's stop it 2008 saying another and another on their. Boy the video this institute says I hate my generation probably does it make you us. Does it make you like that comment has sent you a great does that make you angry that this is like everybody is like these are the representatives for some reason. Amoled meals on chicks like and they seem like complete old rule. Out of it. Two weeks it's the same way I feel about people that are here you any in that other thing that we're about to discuss but I don't get it I just I don't give a logical way I don't you know you don't logical tomorrow millennial try Arby's like. Let me yields eat a hamburger tomorrow and they react they've never done before like what are these kids eat what we're eating when they were kids I don't understand like why would millennial not heavy chick filet. Unless it's a regional sense like was this filmed their region although the girl said there's a check so I around. Right around the search for my house and I don't know why people are where I don't hate filled it where they're making really potato we French try some more some more in the world will make him untried it's it's a potatoes Joseph says. Joseph says clearly their parents did not do the thing I do which is when you're in such a damn hurry running around. You have your kids eat dinner obsessive restaurants four times a week. Yeah we do a lot of that too whether it's good or bad a lot of quick meals and stuff like that's. Actually six flight Boni is not as bad as like McDonald's right. And now it is so I mean damn those good sauces and stuff on every dip anything and sauces this kind of bad for you so there. And it any of that sauce I don't notice the only place in Charlotte and donate the order Salave'a. Rabbani's death I get DI chicken seller to stretch extra stuff for this is the song that plays right hander chick far. They're smitten. Because you know I. Not only do you get great food you get the greatest service all of the bad and the history of the I come. Act if I leave this world and I comebacks a map alibi to be achieved flame pointless bit. Other than they're so nice those job. Its owners of a different planet still. I wanna send my son there because he's he's a nice kid but I think he's a little rough around the edges Kindle 2 that's when he's almost a work must send them there's a digitally rehab facility it turns your kid and like step for children like perfect. I'm telling you don't threaten best letters ever. Those kids are let's take a break we come back the start to get an idea of what people are saying. How do you do that how do you react to chancellor like that if those are the future leaders in America do we give up right now we just jump up. All right let's take a little break when we come back we'll read your responses on the chick filet millennial spratt. We've got another I what do you don't bring it to us and other emails texts and tweets. And trapping mentioned it we got something else silly it's floating around the Internet we gotta get your opinion on as well smacked attack. Until person Charlotte Observer writing the jury investigation still going on according city and a belt don't hold your breath. On anything really odd coming out of that. Multiple love sources saying hey David tempers got this you know Steelers organization he comes from and that's what he once the model it after I'm down with that that is as consistent. As they come in the NFL's 1000%. And have a district quickness sports gambling Tebow will start. Memorial Day weekend to stay in New Jersey. They got the blessing in the goal is the only state right now that is ready to do with it already had the blessing the license everything. They will began at Memorial Day weekend. Taken sports desk and it's gonna be a beautiful world there's already three guys played in a river and that I could read about it and assets. I guess it started early tonight Golden State Houston a game to rockets have to let go to rockets win this game tonight I'll tell you yes. A Felix or at least win in a game or two in this series and it's most likely to come at home. Desperation displaced and I would go with with this game tonight we'll see what happens house money for gold state they got there when on the road Adam don't call them the better team south. The Agassi maybe a let down from from Wilson as he semi final desperate. It's all because like let's go to emails texts and tweets course I thought. The cavs are gonna win last night so what do I know. Which is why my new text line is coming out of illegal gamblers don't opposite of me and wind billion was I was a braves game wanted to. Braves it's and I don't believe all of my get rained out when I'm here. You Parse this is an adult now has been on the area next has. In the last two weeks all of a sudden became. Tomahawk Mac. O'Sullivan assailants at the Orioles are so although they got hot lately but there's so bad it's like I wanna watch some good baseball so braves are wrong. Lot of listeners like the blades breaks a start getting into don't talk about a and there are little bit you texted me yesterday chop on. About just because you say I'm a big braves there writers I just play it up god has played a music shop audited are less crazy about but he says how broad I'll tell you that this is what you do doubt you're gonna be a that's how did you do member would you guys that he had this will be a fun thing for awhile facing you know look at me now you'll be. Eight hard core brace that at some points to Scott I know you know I saw your team it's a second saying we are saying by the way no how much job for last night caddie last night Acuna. A solid game one. And then they blew blew the lead and I dismantling of the game winning the last and Freddie need to be always there. Soon I think area. You don't own goal in Illinois on soon though armed in the post season Tobacco Road baseball. She no time dukes and can kick and now state all the goodies you give are good ones are easier is good to your boys are good to Carolina state Google ranks 678 in the country right now he sees thirty by the way for delegates these emails and I'm gonna play this audio clip that is in question at all across America we can't agree on what is heard in this audio clip I want you guys come to a two year. But real quick can I do this. Okay ski ski ski ski weeks Kevin keeps grams a former top fifty player former five star recruit Sasha can you Jones. From Kentucky is a transfer. He'll sit out this coming season has two years left that is a huge pool for Kevin Keith Smith love Leeson can teach your kids away the daddy I believe I I believe Jones is from Chapel Hill. And I'll say Augusta that he was late at some point to possibly going to Carolina I don't know what that was. Gonna happen obligated to dig out shuttle delicate play nine rightly know that. Next season not this season but the next we he's got to sit out one here I'm let's see here would be resort billing center Texans waste Vista says affairs Salem bronze a better passer than Toby. It assumes Kobe ever thrown pass which I never saw a backup at a site apparent passing skills of a quarterback get a kicker is that they're very odd omelets here TM Becker is Mets I'd say Al's girlfriend Mac O Canada makes a lot of sense than I know why hadn't seen around much at a let's see here Kobe fans are almost as delusional and annoying as cam cam haters almost. RC's Kelly story Tweeter email or tax it's easy to get out today as well iMac you sound like one of the kids on the summer spelling bee when your spelling those words of the contest I'm so worried I'm gonna spell a word wrong that I am like focusing so hard. On these words were giving them out. 'cause like a nice I screwed up the other would click. I'm gonna give an example want where's that. I lost sounds a shame you can you do you've lost your body used to and they're just play one that embarrassing Orioles I noticed when it is so. But all takes you to freaking nuts man Y July allowed to know. Us to make these seals slack a candidate for outages at. Our brands a couple of brass ones and I can't remember ever affect let's see here Thomas. No figure of speech though so. Figure out what I mean is he says things it's not just a bunch of Russell Russell Wilson and it flops he's actually saying something a strong innings opinion to do on the here's a here's the email to captain literal bat there here's emails on the chick filet style com are those kids are left wing Communist who hate Christians or anything politically right all right I didn't get that but OK okay I southern horrible taste intruder in black life experiences. This says assessor desire to be ironically different is greater than their desire to have the most delicious chicken in all of the alliance. So is that just hit printing your generation's always trying to be different. A duties I mean it is a generous and I don't think like these fools aren't you should enter the lol but you don't know how do you not understand and you're your they're your peers I I would I understand your generation better than the Dumont. There's like Freddie don't actor's own generation and you're angry manner like chanting anti millennial anger for memorial cells from marvelous easier what the hell my big my big Macs. Big Mac tastes like got chicken sandwiches. How do you get that from a big Mac it tastes like believed to heavenly greatness of chick filet sandwich I don't understand either how they issue saying part of its face like a big Mac. The bunny in the sauce not gonna disparage I Donald's writing these artists on their bit I don't compare the two. It's a big Mac is a hamburger want to shoot a sandwich and know what we're doing here and then we found the one ST don't we found the one so we'll try Matta this whole thing now resemble one. The service a chick filet is amazing but the food is average. It's chicken is high sodium in the comments made their by the colonial was accurate it's. Very guilty about we've found the one person that watched the millennial talking about chick filet and agree with him I would like to have Buchanan of bugs me imported from the southeast region of this country Cecil I would like dad that's it. Hey buddy you got to realize at the same time most of the truthfully worker's arm colonials as well that's true. Yeah you hate Woodland Hills are saying that you love they work those millennial sadly to tell the right ones that are mailed or things like Jen I'm unsure demand to be analyzed. The perfect care commercials and a little bit more still six away got its act opera because Texas days. They take your order rattled at all do this now but like de de have a flight ninety bulwark in the drive through wind like outside I pads there's a Condit there's a condiment station to drive up to me is. So Igor and a disabling the Jetsons. So far because they are here. By the way bone. Text line people want me to get their hacked off the Braves bandwagon they don't want me curse and crashed bandwagon it was a shot of the way out back up my job so well. Oh all right is tantamount or now most Sox are when we come back. Just Parcells gonna have the he has the exciting task of being a part of this as we hand it off we're gonna play this audio you have to tell me America is now fighting over one. You'll hear in this audio clip apparently our ears. Are different or something like an idol now it's coming up next America text audio experiment. It's something just for ourselves. Is here is a matter of fact just dump ourself and Damione Lewis both. If that was meant for Florida State would not be happy what's right we got a hokey here especially. DO. Both for sure what. It was. Before you handle me like you handled a guard back in the day all right let me just say this it was sort of braves because I'll start watching the Braves now because memorial stinks so bad and I need some team to watch it's entertaining and pretty entertaining young and playing well. So T bone is mocking me sane and jumped on the Braves man weddings and that's for the Braves cannot. Ask the seminoles steel we wouldn't do that Syria. OK I think now my mistake it was good in history did the break. This is going way back here the Braves. Took that. Because the Deion Sanders of forests say that's where it came from initially is that in Ecuador early ninety's Israeli mid ninety's is Deion was errant and instead of forcing edit first obviously in the blue bracelet and our belief that I was very difference me and well yeah you if you go around and told 200 sports fans than 99% of them are gonna say this Florida State's on their not gonna say that's a brace on right. Right numbers actually. Although I do remember nine east play offset things. You know the chance to go. Her you know Hugo but yeah I think it's more floors in a dealer who do you hate that like a lot of stands eighth in players take the sound of the opposing. Just like songs and Saku. It is when we got door closely week they were cleared in the locker room. We phone rarely hear especially on overruled Tallahassee. So you literally heard from Saturday night when we got off the books while last game. We were sin and we were you walk into the locker room and it's here or powered image on angry right on the radio just keep your hands on wall I'm not alone mental. It is about time you walk into don't gamble on Saturday you're now you. Design changes Tokyo where you are rated a good source of this. Do we read an army we're gonna go to blows that. The game has the story. Brawl that is good coach you know like a little tip little move there are bony let's do this could push this off the whole show so now the reason for dollar it's it's it's going to be big we're gonna carry on our attitudes is well under present day so all I think it's easy for for how I don't you wish I didn't earlier what do spread and Alexander now and we don't gonna do it soon but. But on the it's I want you guys tell us what you hear everybody out there listen you get Texas out. Tell us what you hear there there are two words and some people are hearing one some people there to. How does does do you know about did you hear some guy I know this is like audio version of an old dressed they they had float around social off what color is it. I listen to this and everybody let's talk about what word we hear talk like three times or Agilent. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah Bob pretty obvious to me want to work and it's there what is laurel that same cute then that's a little early one is laurel that you are you with it yeah. Okay that's laurel and nothing else is on there. That's got was it was thinking let's think the other word. Reform fight it and DC three years I'd deploy the other lower Purdue yeah. Yeah. OS coral still laurel asked the war and how. How what how are people hearing Yani some people are hearing the word yeah I saw out. Knew how setting and having or they line to slightly ahead in different bits is two different Sarah brits. Osu you sold this morning I only knew they were to bring you any earlier this is glorious to answer number. So what I saw somebody was trying to. Did change the pitch you literally take out like high frequencies of the end of the sound and you can hear laurel even more clearly where if you add in the high frequencies supposedly more people can hear you and I. Have a friend who says that he closes one year he hears laurel and if you closes another area here's DNA. He tells every area I. Settlements in the next four hours Ricky Blaine has our listeners because we need people away and I don't know I wonder how he. In America can hear you any you know he's crazy he brought me it would on its crazy to one out and discover that. Those port city of almost almost every. Now we've literally goes doubles we have a playoff basketball you're married and played a six play Maloney audio and and laurel in any discussions could you really every match puts a helium Heidi elicit the change anything. Still Laura. We'll zoom yeah what announcing that existed on sex says the answer Shani you can hear the Val sales. Thanks every moron my wife hurt and Danny last night when I heard laurel. Notion was used Jews call forgot anybody I play and obviously what. There's no. But if people are hearing these Johnny out of that what are they hearing were talking on the air. But he does and look like you're gonna say on the air I just say cheeseburger there's a way to settle two when the city's artistic. Don't know how sorting not your moral at all or are they hearing you Danny and Laura both. Like how. Do exist because I heard this morning. Yeah but I'm well. The fears it's okay. Yeah news or use this against Arizona so embed ads on which one you'll learn I think that's a girl Singapore today and. The hottest thing is Gloria they just keep let's get maybe they have changed my glory years era say. Oh no yeah no. Is there any any is nobody gets into. I don't Sears is flying here you any item is there. And obviously any index. It's 100 was dealing system close what is your who correctly what is your theory that people are messing with us and no one has ever. Yeah nanny but they're just saying that nationwide literacy and I think everybody's just messed around until it does to control got away with it's usually gets taxing it says they are getting delegates or any different. Yeah I think that's what I think they're trying to different and you want to primal needles and all comes back. All those factors that again aren't we around and I'll let you guys do to show litigious and actual sports talk although I have a feeling yet reverses laurel. Is going to appear did it isn't some growing again wells plugged is a conference finals or over the Western Conference finals are over so that. And it shall we that would that always goes for the rest of the show talk in laurel and our boys lessons on this is Johnny play keyboard. That's Yani Yani. Yeah I would cheer they're Johnny your payrolls are saying moral beyond me it's war planes keep order. I would guess well. I Gaza and I've got no real idea riady even really truly it this student says but he's a musician ranked Yani shore. He was somebody else knows what he's a sports eleven dude johnnies are we think it's a lot of people. I don't like but I don't have a discipline and dealer listeners the first clip Tebow played the guy hurting any the second clip laurel who knows. How. It's this is the first one laurel okay yes of course what is a second one. Today guy says hey body audio. And it's the same thing they saved its audio this guy says depends on the pitch that you hear the frequency used here and so is under from the. Aren't poor out of here man. This stuff. My this all started bother me now this is getting annoying when people are hearing you and the other candidates put Giuliani get to do so would anybody possibly. All right we're out here you've got Parcells and do you Lou gains for pros enjoy it will be back tomorrow on the Mac attack.