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We don't let's get into and Chris Broussard fox sports covers the NBA he's joining us here in Charlotte on the second job just like Chris we appreciate it's our broad argument. I'm great how are you guys. It's a big day James Moreno has been I introduced as the elevenths coach in hornets history is also the first Hispanic American coach. In NBA history which is pretty significant but so I allowed just like your general take on this guy he's been on the on the Gregg Popovich benched for for a decade over two stents and had a little a little time as an interim head chose to what is your general take on a guy to most of us don't know what's on about. Yeah you know like you never know with the nets this bit how we gonna pan out at the air boats. Obviously some have gone on to be very good coaches got data bit they'll get a good job admit there's now a New York. You got my boot the vote there in Atlanta. Out of this saying you know tree if you will about their glory though is out you know there are out LT binge. Did you got doubt I remember what mark I've morality out of Phoenix too about how hot is this a bit name. All in the market and everybody would do sure you're going to be degraded culture and it didn't work out or else. You know they're been out there that it's been the same page so you don't know. But sure. Why we are you doing your homework. It looks like the hornet's got to go what you know he is the hottest. Archery out there is the Gregg Popovich street and as you've seen you know Becky Tami give an interview. That several had gotten their bat got interviews you know and will be considered even in the future ready edge out. Com so. You know admitted it would Gregg Popovich. I'll be darned if you are paying one of which is. Not like one of the best thing that that I liked about Popovich server Rego. Well we're used it graduate jets to a distress of your players. You're seeing Popovich. Played different style when he had bigger Robinson and Tim Duckett. Partnered win win dumping that would by himself without. Barker went dark and get older and Tony Parker become more to focal point purchase sometimes you focus more op bit. Four year didn't you go to be more but he does. There's poker game you know the year they beat Miami in a part of they were a lot of ball player good pre order issued a yeah when Duncan left and it was cold I'm Lynn and Lamar regarded him more isolation based on those two got. You know that so. That being to be stripped of your table rather than having your one shift some airports beating your players into it. Even if they don't build our air strip. But I like that how about probably not sure beret guys probably taken that probably you know. So you know outlet in bitterness sit there it's Geiger report shall player. I'll throw other coaches he'd worked with I think it was a very good I. In occurs those things are all true no doubt about it you know what you're saying is what every coach would dream scenario would be to be able to play to the strengths of their players unfortunately this team doesn't have any strikes and trust I don't know if you're looking at the title and the light is that way they're faced the wrong. Wrong way born in the wrong direction the question would be how do you get them turnarounds of the go towards alike right because that's the challenge I don't care if it's pop I don't care for Spoelstra I don't care you fill in the blank with whatever coach is out there. How does this work right and that's the problem that any coach would be faced with this that runs into the hornet's I know a bit hard on them what is the truth. Neither troop is troop you have to allow like you look at rap beat you have a great speed that. Involved then when they hired you know and number operate in the number of years basically gave mr. Bragg but they'd be big she. That would security to work they were going to allow him to have much of a coach K it. They were not allowed him to establish a culture and they were gonna take there were willing to take airlock. He established they're culture they new it would not take some time. That's what they have to do liberate god and what you but it may I make that play out back here in the east. The white tower plant okay. You know W fit today's NBA FO are very cute but you know kimbo walk rapid beat the play in need but to take it to another level and played better. But you know out of the realm of our ability that they can make the well. And RB Aaron. The goal British team its four or didn't do coaches staff to create 88 culture to show. Cutler. You don't have any money this book. Next number you win. You know the white card recoba probably kemba come W wrap money. So Boeing had done a number of 49 saying you don't want people to be at the look at that Charlotte hornet player. Agent donated can our ports so you want them to look at tech culture. Can't say they're bored in the right direction babe you want to defeat a player player heart. What in the seed implants so quickly you wore in the beat anyone at CNET Max it out and getting the most out of there ability. I'll pay you wanna do it beret did a good culture so. If that's what they're gold should be part bit first year underhill edit player being that not very it is solid beat. They're destination like that lakers or are they are probably not but if it doesn't mean you can't you be afraid it's not like about gotten. Good created and why would they what they do this summer but ever gotten everybody so you know you've got a great act culture. And then you know hope it's apple at all. What did you do it but we don't know remark it would happen next year I'll end their hope they're correct it could be about what he's young good luck. You know meant to be written. You know you obviously need player but one thing you Spain it Santonio. Is that even when their top player are how. They get it done now they're not winning a championship but this year they expect kind of in the third beta web without quietly under. You know the big debate why at a certain level. You know when they're bad players are how it you know we're now told they have more talent in timber right I don't know Arafat and a lot. Why that's the type approach you what to what they can maximize marginal or good talent. I were talking to Chris Broussard fox sports fox sports one jordin has on its segment John just slot in our Chris I think you hit right on the head you know at least my thought with this team you know moving forward you know different players right and he can't have a wing in this league didn't doesn't take three point shots you know and be successful in more detail he said that he's looking for better shooters. And you know listen I'm KG may be great defending may be good defender may be an average what are we think of him KG but he doesn't shoot it doesn't shoot outside the perimeter you can have a wing you know that that does that you know maybe develop young players but ultimately to me when you have a team still -- capped out players potential wise you've got to go find different players and those young players is the perfect opportunity to be able to do that to me it's developed that culture and that's word to me what is parade goes greatest value when it comes to developing these young talent that's we're gonna stream find out his work. Yeah no question like is they're I mean coming out of San Antonio we've seen them do that you know. You know thank god they didn't play well L where Build-A-Bear audio. And become key player in OJ yeah yeah I used to. Yeah it boards be out there an acre being Gary Neal Matt Bonner immediate access you know it's it's. You know that's what they do you Bob opening bit did you guys that they do I mean they've wrapped it well so far off this. You know they they got Manu Ginobili in respect Herrera Tony Parker late art. But they develop players do well obviously you hope the guy. Can do that I'll let you be. There's got to be better player like these that they got a huge shooting and added it or yoga sort of prop off there. Go you know debated impaired that you got. I don't shake bureaucrats. We've all hoped from a high impact bright eyed when you could be had a winning bid just with a heartfelt good rendered like him in the cat. The Dwight Howard game it kind of from a time that you know. But they do rap do you know it's not gonna happen this year. But going forward they got a fine. You know god picture it today's NBA and excel. And not think we're this year you obviously don't play the veterans who are or need big car big money contracts. But you gotta work if somebody young Yoo is actually what they did. You don't don't wanna go totally young you got to play a better player. But to op Bo how the spot a way to do both actually working poor among these young kids is that keeper. I'm Chris Broussard joins us on the segment John just like Chris couple quick things will turn you loose minutes Friday and you wanna get out here but it's I am curious what you think about one thing crew Rick Duchardt joined us on the show a couple of weeks back. And frank asked Rick he said you know didn't. It is Kimball wall crew guy. That you're gonna build around and signed to a maybe maybe got a Max deal with something close to it and build around him and Rick's Rick's answer was a pretty emphatic held no matter factor running it was a promo on the station right now and I'm curious what your take daughter on that is just it was going to be a free agent before we know what they do and some folks think they might even trade him before other the draft rules around. Well let me start at least shouldn't be untreatable. You know I am and Kimba shouldn't take better than info. There are no I mean it it may be LeBron James and incredible. But even here Beijing might be straight Mario got a note to take off but you know bottom player might use a bit everything. Technically. Campbell is not our number one guy. Won a championship team or even probably what makes it. Championship contender. That does that mean he's not you know are very good player. Aren't that habit many new campaign of big money keeping eager to Charlotte it really need clear what you don't put around the if you are Burton. Why did you got outweighing scorer that's up big current score. Things Kemba Walker could be your porn star you know if indeed it did in baseball what you got there. Shot it should definitely not lifted their flight where Kemba Walker staying. You guard number one. I mean you're gonna lead up to where we don't know kimbo is Papeete appropriate. I've got baited wall where I've got babies are only an average like. Yeah I can hit June MB a twenty point scorer what you're saying. You do it can't be the best player all yet they don't really to me is what are they don't bear the put around the you know heartbreaking I got better taking it some other big part court he shouldn't be illegal court. You know you can get another bout of scoreboard and it may be another data report about the bank vitriol. Out there and you know you might because did. Quite we know it is he if he can't be your best player audit our championship board contender. I don't know into it. No I'm right there with you on that our Chris last thing let's Dohmann got asked about Dwayne Casey because. This job I mean look quit any time you fire a coach you run the risk. Of not signing a guy as good or better right images joined Casey's done a really really good job of their franchise record number of wins this year this in his first in the division did four years running a minute please could justify this your desire to coast Americans are playing well again I know they've been not only this what are our last four years it's nuts though. Yeah every trade below it would start on my ballot ball for coach idiot you know what do voter. I quit cider at number one draft even if true story Casey three you saw their coaches voted KC coach of the year. Didn't by all means that all measures he did a fantastic job couldn't look better they're better can they got a barricade the bullet that. Toronto might be the second best team in the east. I'd be atop barber picks came in the league so. Did could meet are pretty. It'd stop definable number but why. But it is no indictment what so pepper on the way safety. People who are in the league who have been in the league for a long car who understandably. Get more mature about it. No bit an app like he could get a job if he wants it. He could get you should be able to get adopt why don't let's X and it did not this is not an indictment at all or you don't break dot you know would be a bit. Different needing they're used to being one. Really like you need another port. Okay you'll kick it and like you stay you can access the plight. You can't fire the player an even if you could you're and so worked well I am not ever ever been able to keep a superstar. There's Carter played in McGrady crypt rot they all. You got the harder road than not to superstar upstart well. You've got how loud would the journeyman before it got the collateral became a start there and not heed appreciative. Of being there and then you got up by its international role player who don't be any can't. So you have to build out our team is Toronto could not be a death that patient whether that American player wanna go right. Well even if you could change the players. It it might not be why don't they think can do you doubt it spell the IR are you a player. Paducah back next year with the same core player and you've got that I don't know why take the template per day of paid the big east. Carried no weight bear they do it every moment. You've got to. Bring in a different coat stood to pick dramatic a player rep I believe it'll be different definite. It's not the way Craig did not deserve to be fired. What I did it. Because that they put a new voice in there. Chris you know are gonna take our show on the road to you know I think a lot like let's go coach either new Yorker so let's go coaching The New Yorker street just aren't there I just I just got fired okay yeah. Hey hey. If you don't like Phoenix or bad thing about like that rabbit being A acting like rob. It is it's hard for anybody to exceed your apple everybody and air you. I problem but they've got you got Devin Booker you got good mother good young player not that they're out of these there rookie year. Age you're brain expediency historically been a great franchise. And it's a great city like player would go there. What you've got to change that culture. And it's so they do that in total older step back and let the basketball people beat a basketball people and Devin did in the mixed. They might struggle no matter who. They don't say listen this thing in exodus Chris Broussard just interest in ministries and Jocelyn in the Korean city Chris we we appreciate. You work thank you for your top. I doubt that it there you know Chris Broussard birds in the dust clears Charlie on Friday.