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All right as promised Andrew Brandt Monday Morning Quarterback most of the business of sports podcast former VP of the Green Bay Packers is a former agents as well there's not much this guy hasn't done you can also find him at Villanova law Yoshiro. In the neighborhood ginger bread is joining us on the second job just like here in Charlotte interest rates had a back from our events. There are always good in theory because how much is it yeah. I had just start considering some and near where. They wanna bring me honored as a consultant about a lot of burning its grip. But there were Turk than how much you make further in new career do you think or thought. But you know I get it good they're not a lot of people out there that can talk about that that are you know which teams are being activated yet. Hey Andrew before it's of the actual love a topical brought joy and for the sale the printers and get your opinion on on tanking in the NBA because you're you're Smart guy knows the business of sports podcast I have to believe that attacking intentionally losing has some business ramifications on not just organizations but also leagues and here we are charlatans hardness come check if our new coach and no we're talking about whether or not they may strip this thing down and start over and they go through a couple of rough years and if you've seen this happen it's team tanks what kind of business impact does that have on both the team in the league. I think we got to be clear beyond inherent built out there are aware that the search just went on a great run for years to get there. And what happened why they tore down exactly what you said all the way to the in the build up again they're trying to do that we creek number Iran they're trying to do that with certainty around that number we expect. Castro or Arctic Circle that baseball. But the bottom line is that players play it you know especially and took a lawyer ought to tackle. You know taking way. Its management and more management does that play young buyers. Because they've decided. And that that the new experience sports. There's no value to mediocrity. There is no but I used to seeing Nace Pete in the playoffs there's no value. Is being Nate Nate a faulty. So what is their value but I knew it being really better early go to. Though it now more valuable exports to the future success of your team. To be very bad that it is to be average. And that has been curve so. A different plot Ehrlich tanking I think what what management people call it is. Going where young player. Which is clearly not not a hundred Google. This what you say is no difference during the ninth in the eighth seed. You need another entry in the spokesman apparent speed it just all morale of mediocrity. And I became a learning and there's nobody that. A resort manager Brett Monday Morning Quarterback former VP of the Packers joining us on the technique job just like let's talk about the characters in the sale and David separates it appears that so the owners have spoken you know certainly to some degree and definitely in light of of the Jerry Richardson scandal that they want to proven businessman and the guy they cited the do they know and just so happens also to do with the most money. Education though about the factors that go into bedding who's going to be that no honor. But as you just mentioned that in the biggest factor is resources. And it's not so obvious why but. Just think about it you know that the NFL's partners get together and their ventures they wanna get involved and they're ways they want to expand their brand. There are things they wanna do with their stadium like can now LA like in Dallas that make them bigger than football stadiums and what is that were off that requires a lot of money. So the more recruits and you have the better for not only the team but they're the whole program. So I don't know mr. tapper I don't know war you know compared to be others but. Just seeing the network compared to the other steps to me is the biggest facts are. You know I know there's a lot of times you start looking at new potential of of you know gain a Super Bowl and what that means to a franchise he'll build in a new stadium things like that but if you're going to be the the highest bidder but you're coming in your put 2.4 billion down and you're amongst the 31 other owners throw patent on the back saying thank you because they're property value just went up you think that there may be potential ultimately. That when that they may be a warden the the Carolinas a Super Bowl. Oh sure I can then you know that could be in the mix somewhere but you just set you know when you're talking a looking around that table. And Hugo black guys 300 million Mac gut one point four that guys 2.5. And this new guy from Carolina's like ten or eleven billion Compaq a case that gets your attention you know it's important of these guys. So in all business dealing that would help. You know I would think three vapor ten years we didn't have an order and I always felt as we all felt kind of an inferiority complex. We have the NFL even though were good in the putting us on Sunday Monday Night Football all that stuff. But since we didn't have that seat at the table. We just felt like yes there are things that we didn't get that other. Now I know everyone's got that complex about definitely. Sides. Money by the militant stand can't key. Never went owners' meetings never did much in the league. Pretty get tell. Why did he get LA open the other over. San Diego and Oakland the world compete guts Gupta writes would be what the wallet. Are talking major brands joining us on the second job just slides at just as an aside really quickly did you talk about the Packers you know and in big publicly don't know if he had a token could attest to that it does toothpaste back to mr. music they would. Or sure it's a and they were tarred in 1922 bed with. That order. No I think sort of took our and so so here's my question then is it with what was stadium's right now we see in the NFL for for 25 years now the the standard operating procedure has been paid to tell city we got we need public money we need your help subsidize us build this new stadium and that's what this thing's gonna happen and we're gonna move well there's less San Diego they love Saint Louis other leaving Oakland. And Speedo and I would look around the country and drew even though the NFL is still -- the best inventory on CB raising money in left and right there are a lot of us who look around us we will there's not really many other places that they can run and we're saying you know more and more places say noted pushed back a little bit on that we see some very successful privately financed stadiums didn't you notice a trend in that direction and Donna you don't know necessarily the Charlotte landscape like somebody like frank carruthers listing to the show do but your general take on that because it does seem like eight as a push back and beef there's been a lot of success in privately financed in these stadiums and. Yeah and that's where eleven billion competent right besides. You can throw you can throw ability and at a stadium. So I think bit the I think. For twenty years twenty years. LA with a stalking horse in negotiations. And I saw it in the league what I got to league it was already people are talking about. With their local legislators say you know subtly. We don't get or we want there's no way. And I think that was discussions in Jacksonville and up below Minnesota. Maybe New Orleans. You know and now LA itself so there's no stalking horse. I can be Toronto. And the three cities who just loss teams so I don't think they've gone back through San Diego a single electoral court. So I don't see the market. So there's no leverage really I mean unless you guys know about a market but it's or is that too dark course for the Panthers sides don't Shia. Well I was instant about it to a somebody says San Antonio the other day Terry Jones and Bob McNair not allow for a third franchise in the state of Texas doesn't make any sense for them Jerry Jones swings too much power your biggest stick to let that happen anytime soon. Yes men and an owner of Panthers would want that either because both teams kept to big shadow. Over that area and I just don't see it I mean again. Negotiations are negotiations. But. The legislatures. The city and state legislators there don't have to worry about Ella it. Toward a Las Vegas which would have been another stalking horse for the year skirts. The raiders didn't get that that being part of every negotiation. I was talking to Andrew Brent Monday morning quarterbacks former VP of the Green Bay Packers join us on the ticket John just log in and drive loosely year's super Smart guy you're a lawyer you know legalities of which do with this I'm not sure how familiar are with the PS cells known here for the Panthers but no one of the concerns that you know I'm sure fans have even though the TVQ cells may be tied to the stadium new owner comes in and does away with that contract blows everything up. And takes PS cells how likely is that happened I know I is that the view from happening and I'm not sure what your familiarity whiz is with that piers sellers those contracts but. If you could just elaborate on May be how that process works. Yeah I'm not familiar like you said because in Green Day we never had to work. Where it works and hundreds of thousands of people and people. And literally in the iron delivery room of the maternity ward calling with their names to be placed on the waiting what's I am. I guess so our contract like you said so whatever it says. And unless there's some clause about new ownership yanking it away I don't think that's problem. But these things have limits I think they have times like you know Booth that they met teams want it blank on the country like. When you so guys sweets when you so low which has been boxes. You want blank. Because. She can't get bad. And buyers look at skybox people walk away. Some people want you know teams won 21456. Year deal. Buyers want one or two or three year deal so naturally negotiation but whatever look contract says at all. The contracts that would be tied to the the stadium but if they blew the stadium up or move the stadium I mean there's an empty stadium by yourself. You know. Again no orders are being heavily involved in now on. There's no doubt they are your most regulars on this mr. gray stuff but I I am just genuinely curious are you enter backgrounds and so falling just you weren't agent and and you do the business of sports and others gonna be Olin business getting done a Major League Baseball over the next couple years because rob Manfred said that they wanna be a 32 team league and obviously here in Charlotte there's some talk about and interest to your Bob Mexico City are moderated dug a Montreal and certainly Daschle also come up when I'm curious what you think about Major League Baseball expanding to 32 riches. In a prologue time we are baseball was died but you look up to make in ten billion dollars a year the most you're doing all right. Yeah and of course meant for dancers to the owners then usually owners want the size small soft balls so they get a bigger piece. But I have heard and read what you're talking about so business is booming. In the sport. You know if you told me that I'm I would say well what about the morning because it does trend older and it does skew older and MySpace both. Attracting younger fans I don't know about I think the real challenge called east sports works. Is attracting and maintaining younger viewers and that's going to be mobile and it's going to be different ways to have. Putting out product we got baseball getting in the FaceBook only games I'd committed to meet at commute Trant. And good for baseball. Were to them. Sort of seeing the future and getting out of it. Demirel trend that I I think baseball in good shape because. They're embracing the new technologies. What does this is a quick addition to that do you think that the younger generation those colonials and emergency or do you think they don't like sports is my church are still they did they don't watch. The trick question I have two teenage boys and they look at that TV in the living room Mike what's that. I'm going to have to with the campaign. Everything affect everything it's on their screen. But I. That's battle lie and here's the difference between sports and everything out with everything else is bendable. And sports is not you've got to be applied you've got to feel was. And that's what makes sports such a great property. I don't think immediately turned trouble with the media contracts. I think traditional media is in trouble with media contracts. I think the traditionally gets cans and NBC's and a species. Are going to faced these digital media giants should and these digital media giants have a lot more money than they do. You're exactly right about the network come up. I mean so tools that. I think so too that's interest and stuff Andrew Brent Monday Morning Quarterback Villanova loss former VP of the Green Bay Packers joining us on its second John just like this is what we bring you on there we appreciate your. My heritage are injured Brett.