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Richt and L Charlotte Observer covers the order season joining us on the tech job does slime. Rick good morning I thought this is what I thought we would find out today but I did not think we signed up this quickly. I'll frankly idea. Why I mean guys. Do you know that I. It'd always been my style to under state grip and overstate. Up what I set this morning that I don't think clip is going to be to coach next season. I was still win with ball and really strongly and I had a feeling it might be a short meeting. Well it's so I guess. No we talked to cliff on Wednesday I asked him utility need to sell yourself it sounds like he didn't even get a chance to really sell himself and his cups or smile was already made up. Are more importantly I don't know that that. Steve felt that he should need to do that and I. I don't think anybody who are they one thing I know for certain nobody is leaving this situation that he hurt dealing. It might be best record. I think that. I think that there what charismatic. Set on Twitter yet today is is both accurate and fair. Is that the most important. Thing was to get this resolved or where the other it's obviously they're going to be a lot of options but they're up there and a lot of other opening bout they're. I'm I think it's probably best for everybody to make a fresh start. And dom I get put on get that is I don't think that. I don't think what happened today will come and neither surprised. More are an insult to step to deceive I think it's probably just. You know unfortunately what happens sometimes. You know situation gets stale and that's one bit and and it's been eaten the night talk about the other day. I would compare this to. At least they avoided the sort of the star Wayne ducks' situation that the standard went through which on fox. Yeah I agree with that erect and you know I I like what you said about you this investor both parties disclose an opportunity do you know get out there and you test the waters as well but. Does that me and said give me the name of another coach. Right that would just come in here and done things differently. And had a better winning percentage with this roster includes. I'm the wrong partner that question. What I'm saying is what I'm saying it that they I think. I think at fifteen and flawed and that. It's been in the proper the coaching staff and I'm not I'm not implying that he. He's the perfect coach I'm not saying he infallible. I am I am saying that I think that the situation. I think he'd. I think she did that depth with a broad street that were handed to him now that does not mean by the way and he would agree that beyond their. You know let's not make it. Sound like you know likely keep that but hostage situation that he get over it yet no say in who was here because as paper and that. Deep buried bizarre alliance even an experience what they at least as much. Are they clip thing as anyone out there are back with general. With a personal the most miss giving about doing that so. It is not they are in any way cattlemen and I'm not implying any but he is doing at it's not in there in any way to to get that. Anything and everything it's gone wrong let by year's average Joes all. Talking Eric Goodell Charlotte Observer covers a hornets joining us on the tiger come just slide. Do you get the sense that maybe you know mr. object already has got his back pocket there that he would prefer to be the next head coach of this team it's and also. Does it give you any indication as to what they might do beyond this. You know. Kyle I I heard you saying you wonder if there was more it was an additional indication of a pot Campbell's departure. I don't think whether Steve is or isn't coaches necessarily related to. Crap that does not mean that I disagree with you. That it had a very distinct possibility that Campbell is not here and the and probably the biggest reason that he might not be here if he's not here. Is because. It polluting it misery to him and that's an admirable thing and I just don't know after everything he put up with that at this point it's career. If he is going to be okay. We're. We've signing on for something that inevitably is gonna have to get broken down before they get put back together. You know in gut I think in some ways the most interesting thing about that and apple it's been underway. Is. If they're going to you know there are only I know all the talk about you know there are only thirty of these jobs that ball up and the end of the day. I think whatever interaction they cap with coaches is gonna be a much about if they want our great coat. They have to sell him on what. What this job is much he'd have that guy would have to sell him. To them on why he what they want Ireland but if I think I mean they're they're going to be some significant challenges and being the next coach not want. Does Michael Jordan those sands a conversation. Are no it would be one. Let's get it doesn't. I've got fifth fifth but. You already got once saw as we haven't got a single phone calls he got way behind us. You're you're right here and that's how I like get. It's. I. But it does he does owe the fans that brick and eager and I would argue that he does. I don't act. I'll put it this way. I I have Bartlett problem with them with. We've got Michael Jordan or part of band that I it would affect think your analog sound good together the conversation about a lot of things so you know I'm saying it's. He he he is. My Michael is is that is easily be the second. At least acceptable order in this town so I'm not gonna make us about. Thinking favorite I saw you close to the article and I would imagine you've probably had this one in the can for a little while but either side of fox five the titular coaches for the hornets had to whip this up to the last forty minutes or so but so what their names on there davis' DOT's popping up obviously we don't like Stephen Silas Jerry Stackhouse is named keeps coming up talk to me about some of the names on his list. Com my friends who were around at the raptors and end and conduct met so unfortunate my upper right now architect does a fantastic job. Are covering them. Duck has talked to me again and again and again and I have huge respect for Doug opinion. Opt out. How impressed everybody in the rafters organization is witness staff and I won't tell you bump and you guys know. Well I thought what what was so it really cool up Patrick Ewing is somebody who has a massive amount of money would never have to work in the in his life. Patrick really want want it to be a coach and deep deep you know he knows nothing was too good for him to do you know what I'm saying. And that's what I care about Jerry Stackhouse is. He is devoted to wanting to your coach and he doesn't think this is name is name recognition. Allowed him to take short cut. That's cool that somebody who it if I were them. If you're doing your due diligence here is no way to carry decked out in not somebody you're checking out. In Rick it's funny you know literally about fifteen minutes go dies and Pozen are going back and forth yelling screaming each other and I'm like OK if you're gonna bring Jerry Stackhouse and let's Cisco and higher. Are the entire tar hill organization to come here and and coach and you know I I dice bright after that brought up Patrick Ewing. Is Patrick Ewing name potential in this conversation as well. I trying to. I don't know but to be honest with you and I think that well our global audience were related question that last about twelve. I wonder whether Steven filer whose association. With the current you know with the current coaching staff. Would. Make it more complicated for them to hiring him that nifty was. Currently working someplace else. And they're not and that's. Every good just a little Saturday coach officer. No no no no I'm I'm I'm just saying is it your Mitch Kupchak. You know do you want eight completely fresh set of with no attachment to anything from the current the current regime. Involved cannot I don't I'm bound to end up in the reading mine when I say that but YouTube is doing and saying yes. I think the hiring somebody who as a pre existing group waking ship with a group that has coach just in the last five years. Derek Derek some people who would have misgivings about that I would. It never gives us some then last time you're on and I tell you hit the nail right on the head. Head and it was about you know whose conversations you have with you know you start with you win when cup jet came here and you said that Kemba Walker would be first on your list. I couldn't agree more with you know the direction as that conversation taken place. And eight conversation has been has taken place I don't know what the conversation has taken blitz what I mean by that is. The first priority permits in the very logical thing to do is and you know. He he had all of the exit here into the player before he and ten. And clip you know ever had a hat they're based debate so what do you get their ideas. I'm sure that he has talked kemba. But I don't know what that conversation with any more involved or substantive. Than the conversation he had with any of the other. You know fifteen guys have fourteen guys so so what I'm saying it. What Derek come to Jesus meeting I don't know I just know that there was a meeting like there was with everybody else. Does that conversation sound differently now that the cliffs not here because I got to believe that there was they were tied at them. I you know there is no question that kemba is fiercely loyal to. Two cliff and they're about a it is important that a lot of people or. Are fiercely loyal to Clinton. I'm just a matter fact you know I think that that's you know I think probably. If if if I admit that's what kind of maybe one of the recent that I you know that that I go ahead and do it is that. Bomb that nature of the relationship between that the current players in the and cliff may be such that he wants they hold do you know principal. You know sit in you know in the school. But but. I don't having said that. Neither frank at the end of the day. I think it I think that what's important there that what's important to kemba. Beyond that if he has really fallen in love with this town. Is she wants to wait and and an ending you know you can say that anybody but it that different level I think when Alvin Gentry that the many months ago. Broke when he was around Campbell this summer that he has can't hopi life in his you know in his competitiveness. That is not invent a small thing for somebody I really respect you know what can I mention that because. You know. You know there expression everybody loves to win that only you people hate to lose campus that guy. A red dragon two quick things will turn you loose on terror all day here but first of all on this list you mentioned Jay Wright's name. That's fascinating debate and I would I would just mean look we saw Oklahoma City go to college ranks to get a coach. We wish him the Celtics doing that it what what about Jay Wright what about Tony Bennett and Ira was probably some of the shots been knocked off Tony for a lot of people because they just lost to a sixteen seed here in Charlotte you don't put a couple of names like that would be interest in Tony did play here. Well. I'd I don't know what I don't know whether Tony Bennett it's been being an NBA coach or not but I will. I'm influencing that random game to UN BC would be the difference on whether or not you would put in my. He went whether whether general manager would consider my not mean that that would struck me it's as fully agree but but more or. More importantly to to gay rights. You know can't you what there's an arena you know that but I don't think these guys what this year. And what I'm saying if I have been around Jerry I know out the way to. I mentioned that very specifically because if you'd ask me that question by years ago. I would have said the exact same thing which is that you know jedi personality. The way that he interacts with people. The way to the hypnotic control freaks the wave that. Deacons have relationships with people more ads. Tears and laughs and you know authority figures. GA. Pie is much more like what an NBA coach needs to be. That whole law of NBA coaches and a lot of college coaches would be he would fit into that culture. You know very very different way and by the way. That it thinks that clay what Danny gate and saw. In Brad Stevens that the wave that Brad interact with people was more like how an NBA coach interacts with people then that typical. I can pull my thumb on an eighteen year old kid and tell him how high job. Rick what do you think this team strategy is as they had the draft. Obama. By you know of all the things that. I mean and you know but I didn't see the I conference with Kupchak was frustrating because. Come up all the time that he it will only been here today but I do it would be interesting. When he was asked about it pellet Lleyton style and he sat. That. He would and if there was any significant difference. Between. How he graded somebody's talent. That position would not matter that he would only take somebody in a situation of need. If they get a different team that player another player works so court. But that it was you know that that that it was almost indiscernible. This draft is going to be full. Wing like you know you mentioned go in at both the britches kids and and and Kevin Knox if I am a little nervous but Kevin knocked movie soon. But. You know what I'm saying when I heard that I thought to myself well. I think just to use the guide that I used I think guilt is still there under. Would certainly it paid a much greater need than any of those other by four guys that I mentioned but if mr. Trudeau what he said. I'm not sure chair whether you killed just so what then there will be a safer bet than somebody else that might be available. For Fidel Charlotte Observer covers the hornets guided it to give us some time on short notice Rick's phenomenal stuff there we appreciate you so much. Thing critic.