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If you had to bet. Whether or not Steve Clifford is the coach your mixture with what your remaining yours do what would you bet. I would bet that he would be that they would it did it would be a looks neat to determine whether he and Mitch can work together. Hadn't gotten any indication the man basically. What I am and Steve one. Essentially won the battle with with rich Cho when it came to. The Who who's running the show is making the decisions. And so he survived. Book that lie. Got Perry going into New York with fresh would get Puerto sect there yet just lost his job but. It wasn't a matter coming in and immediately changing things. Because of where that those princesses are now under I'm reading you leader of the cook so he's dumping the wreck that I know are back but. That the wreck you know about the subject which is T not somebody who makes rash quick decisions. Like to get delay of land so let the Michael Jordan saying. Well I'd like he'd change and I like the change now. My thought is that. Makes it's gonna have a conversation with Stevie can see whether they can work together and then they go forward there's a basic you guys noted go right to. It's changing out coaches there's a lot of work to be done with this team to get it to where they'd like to have. Yeah that's a great point and also you know I think you can add to that list. No why would Jordan pay somebody. To not be there that's gonna you know our new coach is going to be in the same situation next year. Yet now they they're exactly Q&A and look I you know for for everything gonna happen got right over the disputed that have been made in other guys that know that. You know Steve won it on seamen and didn't work out. I don't think he's he's a delegate counts and I think he's he's. He's sitting in the top half and so the issue is that income that the hornets have had. For me it's not about leopard ability to how much. Maybe it's about. Personnel decisions in what. They're management structure was light and Steve had a hand in that from what I understand he met. He gained some control. To make the decision that ultimately. Were good ones but. If you believe and it's gut check in his ability to get that part right and in the to have Steve back to doing what he does that with his coaching. And think you can have a potential win win situation. Talking to Rick nuclear joined us on the tech account just sly and wrecked our next year as you well know this team has about 48 million dollars tied up and Dwight Howard in the Apatow. And Dwight had a very good individual season underway to take that away from the NIC Batum really did not. And every bit but even into white's great individual year this team is nowhere close to winning championships so sort of plan for Mitch. There was a long term three to five to seven year plan to get this team to the Eastern Conference finals and beyond I can't imagine Dwight Howard figures and that it is certainly look like looks like nick platoon does not is there anyway. In the near term for this team to get out from underneath at least one or two of those contracts. I've seen that. The outrageous contracts get moved I don't think it's impossible to ever. I don't think there's been under movable contract I don't think it exists in the NBA I think it really comes down to. How argue that there and what are you going to get out a bit and in the short term for ray you are right now do you need to move one of those contracts what are you going to get an extinct or it. And where is that guy at the building block when it comes to your team and the way that you want clash. And I'm really surprised and I Geithner a better deal for the then then then I would but they're from the outside looking in. I'm. It's down weird this day but I feel like. Dwight Howard might get better. 80 let's play a more than nine president right now. Then that the two as far as the culture in the locker room there is some of the things that humans that. Don't don't land the right way and we can have passed their passive aggressive guy and I think sometimes wait like certainly all of them do into that camp. But the other if he's been humbled and a lot of ways to and I. I I don't think that he is it particularly at the money that he's making. Bet he is the ideal model for the way the game is played moving forward I think he's just. His type of player as a bit of the dinosaur in the way to game is playing thank. He still had he still has now they'll be part of a winning situation but he can't be a main. A main pot you're not gonna play through it and but. So I I I think it all comes down to yeah you could. But you really need to at this point can the state it as knowledge Charlotte didn't jump out there. Well it whatever cap room that there are able to create that there's nothing going to be a player on the free agent market it's it's it's building this team to the draft and moving one of those contracts. You're more than likely. Having to give up a draft pick as opposed to getting one if you move. In other certain players in this league that you build around you know you you go after you pay him the Max contract you surrounded him with pieces that are going to be similar. To help make their skill set you know stand out and there's still sets to help make you better is Kemba Walker good enough. To give him a Max contract that you can build around for the future. The raucous spamming is not gonna have be happy people at how alum now act note that. That that is a I guarantee that you are locked in the mediocrity wrap. And I lot of them and the difficulty I have been saying now Kemba Walker is the Kemba Walker is made in open to a meaningful player. You look at what what he is that has. For physical act that. He's eight and over cheaper and I and I want over achievers in my organization. But I can't pay them for over achievement I have to pay them based on not just what they'd do as far as their numbers are concerned. But how much better that this guy may everybody else on the tee and I and I sign lesser players. Because this guy is so good. Bet I can I can go on the cheap and other places that the kinda Max player that I want to die. So I I'm a very. But what Jimmy Butler in the same category probably ranked higher our way people view it. I look at Jimmy Butler but they know what he's he's a great individual player he's a great story. Does he make other guys that are that he may as well what did he bring. And and for me no he doesn't though I would I would be paid dearly Butler map contract. Now Richard don't you just to settle on orders fans around here and and I don't know you know that the desk to. I mean and and I and I understand that and I let it there this be if I am the key cabinet as well I think it's important that the GM and coach. Eight separate Tibetan coach living and dying with the diet much like the band living and dying with a guy he what he does. And all of what what does keep you look at your team and he delivering in a way nobody else and I get that. But it GM has to take a cold hard look at it today what is this asset. Really worked and ask yourself this. Not what you with KP did your gonna pay I am back. You are paying him and near the home team. You're paying him as much pretty emotional discount I mean that the emotional investment. Who only knows he. We go out there and offer Kemba Walker a Max contract and say we're gonna build around this guy going forward if you can show me. The court scene and it would have to be multiple things that you can always find one as a crazy like he. Multiple game that look we Kemba Walker that out yet that the Mac died. I without question I built around him because because what has been really good. I've gotten in the playoff I mean what did not match that of my bank account Max player. You'd sit at your team and on and arguably in the playoffs every year if you're from Mac play. You should have that kind of influence on your peak. It shouldn't be you're just the best team on this particular your best player on this particular team and so we're gonna give me a Mac contact I don't think Smart. Martina operate that way. Rick are you available for GM could it push just tired I don't. Because the truth hurts right the truth hurts and a lot of people don't like to hear the truth. You know because of the emotions. Yeah and and looked and that's adopt. Other yeah am. That it could be able to get that right as well is that there. There are and if you could use something like that and you you stay in the good graces of the fan. But ultimately. There's that aspect I don't deliberate they get tired of or wait a minute but you're the guy who gave them a bit. And have a short memory do like. They want that data today they want him to get it back that they let them back in by the ask don't they ban are the spending and thought well you know what. We we were they in the same day though it. Then then you hear the ban on what you should have known better that you had a tee up. Again I think it's fair some really quick relative to bushel all right I intend to get in this more playoff stuff for you this is great stuff so it's not a Max contract. I don't know gimme a number how much how much money years too much money your pay to pay Tim walker when Tom comes next year. You know it's I mean it it's. It's hard to look at that in a vacuum because. And not yet they don't have all of the Charlotte contract and not about all of all the contracts is an Emmy and what you have. Going out there are moving forward but com. Rick Rick good. Greg Google sourced contract Google worst contracts and MBA you'll find all the Charlotte hornets contracts and. You know what other other everything in populate at the other thing too is kind of knowing where is the salary cap go like. Is it gonna continue to ride out what is gonna continue to rise. But I would day. Faithfully if I campaign Campbell walked back if they want activate amber if he's eighteen year. And and I would hope that he would be happy with that and I think I live with that. Are at Rick before religion don't need these playoffs figure to be. Pretty entertaining and you know Minnesota's and for the first time in well over a decade Houston I mean look this this. It's James Harden Chris Paul merit just turn into something that I've got to be honest a lasted the trade when it capitalized cirrus admitted they've gotten. No closer to winning a title I was wrong about that. Are there there's there's there's an interesting teams or what what is the one thing may be outside of Golden State in Cleveland and then I'll throw this Joost and out of there too because they departed from historic you know what what's the one thing we should be talking about when these two as he's played all star filly. Well another thing this is what really intriguing is that whether it's Billy or if you didn't. And I even Oklahoma City what we're going to see I mean you could almost down don't lie. You can look at every one of these scene in want to Wear the other units say okay we see in the that the regular speed MP. What are they gonna be. As a playoff team and I think that is why it was so important from Minnesota get an expert Balaguer Philadelphia no matter what happens. To be in the position that there and is that there is a learning curve here for a lot of young players in the league. Now we get to discover. Who is Carl Anthony town. For real food Andrew weekend. For real. Who is Donovan Mitchell for real because. And and honestly. Chris Paul and being part is that combination. For real because don't know regular season. You can make things happen but we all know their history. Of those two in the post season and may have something to lipped out with a quiet like in early and hey you know what we've had a great regular beat you we don't want to get into a and it doesn't discount what we've done. And in the regular season. We hear that sound good in a philosophical standpoint I like I think that. But you're not dealing with reality here there are reputation to be live down Mike being Tony has one of them. About what they do in the code in and when it comes to measuring players. Again it's that kind of where you know would take the back of the Kemba Walker thing that Bob and Max guys. Canada via regular even back in I gotta be a guy who could win playoff game three. You can't find that out truly about who then they're vintage Olympia or any of these jumpstart our. Until you see them in the post season in team can drill down and say we're taken away the past few things you do what else he dot. And then you really find out whether. The where with all. To be a superstar. On every day that exists in the NBA they'll. That for me is what makes it's really tantalizing is that I look across the board. And there is is that going to be a you know to mark a discovery. About who a lot of guys really are and let's not kid ourselves we we we now have the opportunity Steagall these guys really ought. All right Rick dutrow Bleacher Report senior writer and Doug cohost of the Vijay and you can podcast you can also catch him on NBA radio Rick awesome man we've kept you want an upper really appreciate you talks on. We gotta.