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And we are talking down the force of the Atlanta Braves should carry fox sports south he joins us on the ticket John does slotted simply supplies manpower to. Hey guys so open your. Buick as they. Thank him as saying do you our first and foremost what I told the fans here in Charlotte this morning that's you were coming on and it usually does a strong braves showed strong breeze territory. And immediately I blew up with Tate asked chip. What are they gonna do with Ronald junior what should we expect to embassies are liable to level Mercer who accompanied defensive there you go. Well I could talks about what does not with between there are many in his system is with him. And it'll conclude we and those decisions. We're gonna be a lot of acoustical we will see him at some point. Other couple things employs a orbiting mud into the locals went really well in again have a good thing going and there's you know there's gonna be hatred of chemistry any top player. Our joint ballclub or is you know Mae own or someone else. Secondly there's been a lot about whether or triple Netscape model hasn't had that and get back. Currently have a he has couple yet so I'll ideally in any situation this is not just auto coup yet. You'd like to get its feet under you like that and what would it be like instrument about what having some success and they could go to the next level and I think all of those things are probably employed right now. And again I'm not general manager I don't know how how tell Alex what modesty luckily he does some after the broadcast. But I can probably should've went Ronald couldn't Israeli you'll be here on the call will be organization always go well you know orchard but don't write Costco. All popular vote our doors until. Governors are gonna say. But got a call. The part. The according organization is to get that player you're so we stay here it is let's go back out AAA and so. Ultimately the courage to do would best achieve best for the organization investor of player almost play it again on rocket series it is very special top gently that that whatever it. Nurture but I do my braves fans of this but for pro baseball fans or whoever that may not recalled that the John a couple of looks scandal in many resigned as a brave general manager and we were all expecting you know just a yet at least what we read. Obviously just an avalanche of punishment and fines and everything else it's gonna set the Braves back forth forever. But as most things here's a little bit hyperbole and inferiority and there's seven of five and this looks like an exciting team I don't know if we're gonna hang with the nets in the mess all yearlong chip but I mean does these guys are young they're athletic and their side. How well they are an and looks looks back at first party statement it was epic well salute those players who lose the money spent on the two have fewer once general manager banned for life. Are you baseball operations president not brought back those are those reflect what does the organization not the way the Braves have done things Nicole ever organization that other people like purity or. Opposite that the organization has moved orbit very excitable what Alex is doing all these arms system for the most part are still very much intact. A lot of the players that were lost were below our nobody sent into these out so called experts. A lot of those players want panning out all of us so highly by other people was appraised at them but all the time and so you know with such given my cap goes up comes ultimate player that. The impact of this situation what they got a lot more deeply and painfully what you should now that's something the organization can't control which don't have. It great core of young talent that's all the way. Are they have a very good group of guys in this locker room by the Kurdistan energized and excited to move forward. And as you said ultimately result to what matters at this level what the result goes up the spot start. The best start the last forty years so I'd like he's saying to people what they ask you what I think about gene. Until probably like yeah that's almost not an oncoming train about smash you with a and he lost bits. This is team that really is invited in the troubled young players it's gonna take stock tracts Tutu really ritual of the destination ultimately so that we are. Talking to chip carried force in the Atlanta Braves on fox sports south join us on the technique John just slide Freddy Freeman and at first Walter thinks Freddie looks like. I had to distribute legitimate MVP type your friend our friends are good for a while the did you sitting what 667 with runners in scoring position most walks in baseball tie with harper is getting on base it's obviously knew it well I'd first of all that's obviously exciting to brace fans but I think Dansby Swanson. It is just as exciting given the way that young man is playing back if I stork also do you play tonight watching him when the college World Series the committee may be historic at the Major League level and a new looks like he's got a turning a corner a little bit early. Yeah I think western settlement expansion there has been for all of us I don't think throughout baseball with him any favors were all. Publicity hype the critically to all our call on chip. Why don't change the franchise be people forget dance we've only had that extra hundred gained outside a high school I teach a major kitchen and being promoted as. One of the stars of the upgrades and that was an awful lot but a lot of cattle there's almost eager. Arms what they can go on probably what adjustments he needed to make she put tireless worker to speak. On both sides of the ball. Argued lob Washington are great third baseman people this coach until instructor other trump then this work applicable for which I think this is being seen on the field. And actually in speed now I think it does most doesn't have to cherry bowl all by himself I think once he got that other player. It is trying to hit a sick child home and it's actually took every at bat and that's why that the trouble really by the plight but he's a great kid he gets it is a coast pro. And I think he's going to create tremendously important part of this franchise or if we let him grow along with the treatment not expected to be Derek Jeter. But that's not who used that's not what is what's going to be the best dance we ought to keep the exhibit for the. If you could name one thing for the Braves that they improve on this year from last two to make a sustained run what would be. Consistent pitching cardinal this game that's pitching pitched ball pitcher will be secure and which don't get orbit. You know starting rotation has been a really good job the last upturn after rotation that test be sustained. On the other the despite that the organization is surge began pitching. That's gonna come up a bit and have their their trials and errors as they figure out how to pitch it is up again word union were my purse strings and oracle open world. I'd love to see the way it will go go out yet that that's trying to topple rotation number one guy substantive Jon Lester looked at least been they've dealt with Jerry Jerry had a truth bend toward these guys of the you know every fifth day that the chance that a veteran pitcher big game when you need to put the other guys struggling just there are I think that's something they're looking forward to having a homegrown. But I think for the players haven't and Jordan could do that on a consistent basis is it down your. And liquidity into the cups as a seven Jon Lester is mr. Jim Carrey voicing the brace fox sports south joining us here on the tiger come just like a simple to step outside of Atlanta for just a couple of minutes here just your thoughts on elsewhere Major League Baseball Shaw oh Tommy is. He's doing things that they're living baseball fans haven't seen before you do disguised it but the number last week was you know he was the first player since Babe Ruth in 1919 they hit three bonds between starts and we just we haven't seen this kind of stuff report savage he's basically bagging your organization to let him play more to DH more on the days that he's not pitching but I you know I would just love your take on what we're seeing right now and and where you think it's going to. Travel other you know I think the internationalization. Of our game continues to grow there's going to be. There's going to be epic making news San Juan Puerto Rico. Coming up in a week I think it is about such a plan one bit next year. You know how good the Dutch to invisible the world baseball clutch in the Caribbean World Series. The growth of our game and CD's players strong Japan and Korea. Coming to the United States and at which so yes I think is tremendously important that I love I opened my lifestyle much seat. Teams outside of North America. Are competing in the major leagues I think it would be wonderful book if there is an air travel speeded us more oral becomes. I think chance but I can't grow bigger as it is going to be there at straws a top concern reminds me of Ichiro and Seattle I was doing with the coach time. And I'll never forget cherry wood was pitching against matters in the spring trying to get in cherry respect the last start he just bought a PR fastballs Ichiro kept college weight over the dead. A little canola is sitting on the bench but we the Mariners dugout. And they called timeout he said he Cho Seung would you please pole vault just ones. Expect that to grow. Sits in the batter's box spells more popular outside and it's exciting night while our fast it's I've files to right field as a left can't get into crowds at second base looks. In Chile are banners dugout and they'll put on opposite street is that good enough and lose just go away dissents or do whatever you want done and I think the rest desist so. What their timing was setting your body up for arsenal that the talk well used to go to the minor leagues he's not ready yet which appear. Forty was pacing himself get ready for the blind at this level no one knows. But is that with the talk and it's great for the game people talk about it's fantastic Beatles took all that lottery. And they don't quite tremendous rush up his curveball well. In judgeship by this seems like there's a lot of things a draw people to baseball we watched the highlights is the home runs this distill into the bases as the highlight plays but it's also. The self policing is self policing necessary in baseball. Necessary I think a lot of it would be taken care of better by the players themselves because they know the code. I mean that Croats which its that there was by echoed off the field their rules of their holes that the goals are I think they police themselves very well I had a problem but give us they have this large to. You know brush back pitches and innings and all of us stop this. You know we think we know what intent goose but we really don't and we don't know somebody's -- some to Chernobyl to retreat here shall make no mistake there's a book. Pictures and letters to members who is due and there is say opportunity later ought to get even. The players know that it's can accommodate ticket and Obama and then they went by that so they're. I think. You know more often than not guys are hurt when it's done properly. And it between umpires out of a gigantic mass in future everybody. Everybody's got you're inserting themselves in situation to care. By the people involved that's happened that was for 130 years and aperture aperture exclude. Our sport. Continues its present form. No Wilson Wilson but. You know from beyoncé and I don't need to fight I don't need the brawls to to love the game and I'm sure you don't either. I'll know now but what game is and frankly if you guys don't these really aren't fights these are wrestling matches. Wrestling mistake entertainment based. Oh good couple right at him about not depressed what it is that entertainment and these guys are. There there run around there very few punches thrown and are now Molinaro Otto it'll after Cordoba yesterday and you know you're structural and makers you know maybe there's water to draw the the wrist injury for these guys went so if somebody can step but that's 90% of it or somebody get. Jammed up against it there at the the other quick walls and and and bashing Tippett of the corporate concrete blocks so. Especially one man's opinion but I Jakarta based all the fault of our baseball entertaining. You know as it is so they're seven gladiator or not entertain our people look. You know Jeff that this seems like the glove it's harder than the hand. I actually these sites. Right right yeah I mean it got him Matt and released video board are not that that's about it if you think the biggest disparities with yachts are well. And you know the middle take action out of the game felt any kind I think is that they at the moment that the games ceases to have. Our interest we strongly. Our game is about people became is about guys competed became his soul with restaurants testosterone filled 26 year old guys. We wanna go out to jail without exposing them and that's what sports is all about and in my opinion sometimes as the oceans get get in the way. Sometimes those emotions are really really help or guys rise above and find ways to do it's been so why they could do so. You know boy out of took exception to what happened the others took exception to what happened to them and previous into the series. What you saw what you saw and there will be ramification that luckily it appears almost hurt so we ought. I love it a last last thing simple Torre was we took too long enough but but in that same day. They're talking about the Red Sox yankees game yesterday again I. I need to fight but it was kind of a signal to me that this rivalry is back to where it's supposed to be just didn't feel the same result kind of all the last couple years. Did you inject Giancarlo stand into it and you got first fourth of Gardner and Stanton and judge in and Sanchez. Good I know in New York there there's a lot of hand wringing their angry there are you talking about trading state which is absurd that dude is felt like through the there's the rivalry had to return a little bit yesterday and I would also love your thoughts on Staten. Well first of all just what America needs another twenty minutes for these threats. Yeah us. I don't have a we suffered an opt for a you know ballot question is great player I was surprised more to the Yankees I think the you know the off the field stuff you're talking about is going to be very different than what happened in Miami which has been an idea I mean that there was very little interest in the outs there's etched step. Not the magnitude that he doesn't York. Are going up and Saint Louis shut up the cardinals wouldn't let go to discredit because they they're removed would have been below. And arguably the door as you know at York you're only as good as the best you know your last at bat. Mr. skilling it's two homers and he becomes almost a strikeout in the vehicle off the field so you you know he made a commitment to choice it's his choice is an absolute whether. But he's a terrific player he's going to you know he's gonna do this is damaged there. Animal New Yorkers a different place than Miami and an or else we all go. Glory that comes with being in pinstripes there's a gigantic level of expectation that don't like anyone else especially Miami and that's going to be I think the there's just got Carla or that and not just these fabulous player which meant to have weight and as we all know he can do a lot of damage quite what he's always right. No doubt about it Jim Carrey talks for itself the voice of the Atlanta Braves joining us on the technique job just Lundy aboard the sweet plus 97 to five and things looking up for the liberation Republican for this conversation that we appreciate you dot. My pleasure I'll be happy to join anytime that you locals who ballparks and.