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I welcome back top five moments in Charlotte sports history has compiled by myself strike and Oz and we are on Tuesday number three. If you missed it last week the first two days the other Carolina printers announcement on October -- 61993. Become a disorganized franchise in the history of the NFL that was our first 12 on Friday was the opening of Charlotte motor speedway and the running of the inaugural world 600 back on June 19 of 1960. And today moment number three the 1977. Run by mean green to the final four led by I want Cedric cornbread Maxwell who joins us now on the technique job does slimy core Brent what somebody tell our yeah. I'm not gonna I'm element is there an air ball and where will be didn't. Well or is you know to mark the night. It sells to Europe out of it now. What you got bad. The best result of the seriously because you you are Boston stress play your North Carolina native and and you'll ever get used to that though do you never yourself have the snow. Not now you're in Iowa. I've beat it then you get when it's so impaired Charl and Eric do you try to put their grip of the bill allowed that the. Are everywhere talking about our top five moments in Charlotte sports history over the past couple of days and if there was no way this room was not going to be a part of that top five and we were looking over a lot of it and neither discord back through the history is truly is incredible you lived with you you lead that semen Joey when you look back on that run and a lot of things probably standouts are you born what does your most treasured memory of that run to the final four. You know eat it and I don't live you get at the earth below lip out there BP at Charlotte it. I don't know where you guys get bit about our well all right you know when the can't the government. I am trying to figure where they it and not archer begat their. Are important in the wit that that her real. Well. Original thing they ever came around. I don't know are bad but. It is we might be a seven live that way yeah it or well what Wall Street bridge recovery. Yeah corporate listen we're not putting isn't any exact order so I don't know what that is yet that can potentially be on our list and you'd have to kind of wait for a couple days to maybe see it but. Yeah I mean I don't disagree with anything yourself. Frank pre pre repeal each. Unless you order this due. So it is great break in a bear do they have the net via. That the Obama or what deputy Charlotte is because. It would Erstad. Or Charlotte beat decked out. You know to worry a bit and it we keep nowhere per. Gorilla he ever to you know I knew that. It will only thirty eat steak yet today you're in the big thing though Europe beat yet there it would be no more the right now the current. And that was mr. Gannett parent to go to what we thought the repeated when the woke late you know you go around for quite. There there. Is where it would equate it with them maybe it's the beat him better are into it sure they are Charlotte. Actually you know rap where you're in the. You know former talk about you that you know at that time because yeah you mentioned. You know Charlotte. And when I first got here in 1995. It was about a quarter of the size I don't know normal if when the last time you've got a chance to go over there and check out the facilities in the new football stadium and all the brand new buildings and how that places changed but it looked a lot different from when I was I can all imagine two more years before that. Oh yeah I mean now it went out there neck in debt that we don't or beat down. And that was built sport storms we org big white elephant in the room. And there at the effort and histories but out there being two words. To what happened what their problem for me are you know with that order you are the key to grow it. Would be a prominent. You know. It could be in. It and there are great people you know where. If you look at a lot of people are there to be at that that. Or that got Buick he beat big debt. There were recorded Deborah Graham joked well like chapel EO well now now we know you well not a but. Where is the opportunity air ball school where were all like there are you to the probable for almost went at them. To their picture champion that was. May I don't think they I don't think it's the heroic if you write that we're. No it's it's incredible and though we're talking to Cedric cornbread Maxwell who led that mean green team up on that Rondo the final 4 they beat central Michigan that may be searchers then they beat. Michigan number one seed determined to end or to the best team in that tournament it's time. To get to the final four and a loss to eventual national champion Marquette and Igawa and the forwards break core run and we we played for the that 1977. Story that so Barbara Walters and ABC news did on this team and on the city of Charlotte humor that. I. Higher corporate Internet about the beat three. At people are important are about you know how we were to go so well are people realize that before. We are ready and a quick break out there. When and where we're at it in that he would attack. And the pace early that we quick look Bible there eventually you being. And I you know battle without a well. It solid the site. We give our comments are. And being you know he wrote it and oracle data are great where you're. To go to the final 48 B memory there are are a complete wrap it from the project huge I mean because miss it. And slammed the ball in our great who at what the great displayed. I hit me personally though it was just there is a terrible that the policy period. I'm rob a baby you're you're electric feel around my elbow quite distraught I would cocoa will map a book and it. Don't Wear factory get it be great script got a spot or the coat that you. It delegate improper benefits webex and cut. That's that's past statue of limitations yeah yeah egg to court to court to talk about some of those relations future. Except that dug us a close relationships. With your team is because I know you know some of the teams the national championship team that played on. Here's stay in touch with a lot of those guys in you build bonds. You know with teams that do something special like that the no real slow to make me be the make dead you know claimed him to do here in Charlotte arguably the best team. In arguably the best intro it's ever had. You know you mean that a team time limit the run would Diego Rivera you know back in the mid ninety's but you talk about your relationship for some of those guests. Emmitt and art in recent auction is are you can't Artest and he's not eligible. If you are well here that they by the people we were they great speed bump for now there. You know there was Lou at the you'd be better wake up let that go boom at the check it's great player. Our belts are are what they are not beat you know or Hewitt beat beat coach. Well chipping he was there like Jeff and I know a great personality. And so many Arabs who were. Yet not where our major car too so what we had we all and it sure much. I could even make it seem like it grew about a figured I'd go. I have a two or macho way of well you had to get the speed at eight. The year they it fought an app but it would be the pitcher when he beat you that we were good they are not that. I told him cornbread actual join us on the sector job just like two quick things will turn you loose and you know before this program can even if Smith's another Cinderella run like that we're not there probably every we will be another little like that one bit but got to hire new coach firstly just hired a new athletic director Mike kill another look in front of the new basketball coach cornbread. Outlook where should they turn what kind of coach is this program they'd. You know I bet it won't be at the question I think that thing about the cheap about that who now at the around the corner. You know it did not or OR right. Would be a bit there are. But I think they you know not to look what beer. Are you know the to the ground and it's young it's gotten. In Iraq trial up well loss that by the richest I think it Feyerick think it. Who are not they have been a great high school coach we're here we're pretty dead at the court they. They buy out there have been caught they come I would like it is. Alec go out. I think about both economic yet it or you're out like that even know what is the B or the beer with the order now that the bring some of their. There a culture back. That word they need to replace. The cormorant obviously some great memories for you and I'm sure a lot of Charlotte aliens were here in that time but it can't let you go without asking about the Celtics a little bit and how much better as his team you know with carrier V noon you know like tell what what's that what's their upside you know in the east. Well I think right now it strong ego the out every. Bowed out last night at oracle we will say it will sort it'd be where this is team that go beyond upswing for a long apparent. You know you have like here where do you know all their fault what. Spoke ball he quit the viewer into Kuwait are pretty muted his life were apparently that. An outbreak that they used saw twenty you'll create till well I yet operate it by. You know you. It was it was fine to be here and get back up not true mom with beer it miracle that great to get there. Well what court it would. Want the art art air. Bitch yeah Oprah it's summer heat wave all the armed bandit. Or break an ankle. So you know I have a lot but are they born that way you know that wrap it there you know. Is there a new sport that beyond our William B deck carrier it was at. QB aren't what they Woodward in order beat their jailer well you don't. Yet you look at this report or this or they're really mean it I think they're they are Leo wait broke. Are we believe is we beat like oh they. Carried best point guards in the league apps remotely. Thanks to you know MB two BP will question. If there it is you out there are very rich you. Carrier. Which you rarely left hander Greg he bit. I limited reach some ball where it all over the page where. Would be so they're they're. I don't you well where are you want to be up late at that point you are not. I'd Cedric cornbread Maxwell join us on the tech job just slide our latest installment of the top five moments in Charlotte sports history to 1977 main greed and the raw into the funnel for corn bread we appreciate those talks on. Man that he Tibet won't go rate well above. Transport.