247 Sports' Brad Crawford: "This Is South Carolina's Best Chance To Get Back To The SEC Championship"

Brad Crawford from 247 Sports joins the Mac Attack to discuss everything involving SEC Football.

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Our next guests Brad Crawford works for 24/7 sports is the SEC editor. He just put a piece together. Might know they had him on farm I'm talking all about the power rankings of SEC teams as we head into another. Football season and let's focus on the SEC right now whisk. Brad Crawford from 447 sports. Here we dealt finally press the button correctly Brad what's going on brother are you doing. They take would have meant that part of leaders spent five years since we last saw a NCAA. Football game video game and try your anniversary but not have now I'm kind of set this morning. I didn't realize it was a date now really bummed about that man now that you've pulled me down what do you because they MIT go for some. College football nineteen whenever we would be right now. Its stores the SEC this season. I saw you Sweden a bunch about South Carolina the last couple days every tweet and a little bit of its. We got a lot of gamecocks fans as you can imagine here in Charlotte it seems like your pretty bullish on their new X I mean do you expect him to contend. For the SEC east how good can they date. You know a bit the last couple years that outfit on the gamecocks won lost record out back back years to the on last season they get out of five and apple in which other boats that are. Comes at a major or regular season. And then he'll win that game against Michigan I think now the momentum. Calm down play you know what much and doing their come popping the biggest thing in am pop in his. You know much yet has been able to. Kind of get those who woke players up front out of there and and get them biztalk archive like you want and ended on Canon law I mean those are difference maker passed by and yet you see in another game cup and remember when they made. You know three consecutive Stockton bishop under Spurrier. On not just Connor Shaw and now up and it was the past urged that really let that program so. Our topic again got beat it's going to be good this year and I'm really interested in seeing you know how the other side of the ball changes under prime Oakland direction. What do you mean how do you eat how do you view that our day like she. Are you are you want to our Europe person believes that the SEC east is lock the way to Georgia or do you think teams like South Carolina and 48 other teams have a shot to win this thing. That it became cups of Florida haven't shot it and it probably nine wins Matt mopping this is just based on what Gordon has coming back. Our offense that you know they. They are returned six starters defensively but let's be honest this is the team outside of Alabama that has just out recruited. I'm everybody during Kirby Smart and it's in there. A Georgia's schedule very deep. Really outside of that we do gaming Columbia and then made a home game against Auburn November. Doors probably a double digit favorite every game so stop it became thought schedule you know about our programs Sanders. It favorable well a lot of lot of doubt about it but the games are we at rice stadium in India always gonna have that as a stand by. Com Darko I think 79 win billing which you know ten wins with a bowl victory. That's still an improvement from Austria no. He's he's got a corner in the right direction there's no doubt about it where we're taught when Brad Crawford 24/7 sports easy SEC editor check out his piece. That he has up right now it's 147 sports about the use SEC power rankings and before I get over to the west side of things. I'm Florida totally investigators say a nineteen starters back most in the conference. Mulls a hell of a coach. Did he make some noise right away is it gonna take time how do you view what's going on in Gainesville. Epic if Florida felt better about quarterback situation coming and the 48 he visited CNET might might challenge for. You know that that atop the BS EC but with police tape frank bill there you know he's going to be big guy. And so it is being cavett three quarterback battle there in the spring and it'll be that way next companies are all camp. Are you going to be the starter for a going to be very good on defense as well and think that home game against South Carolina November will probably determine you know which one of those two programs. This is not a victory and indeed that number two spot behind Georgia. Bomb plot in the hardest Philippines that a talent wise while there it. It's not the portable and I think getting Dan Mullen arm is gonna change that is if there is a year of South Carolina to. A break in and then and give back to a lamp and upper bound to pony and on this again NBA beat Tennessee at Florida on going to be down along with what's at stake coaches. Lum let's go over to the west you obviously go with Alabama what Ed what do you think about K. The quarterback situation appeals to me like ultimately at some point it has to be too low because of the dimension that he gives them throwing down the seal what do you think about that. And on defense they've lost so much over the last two years does it matter and also in Alabama. This could start with to a he was my top right yet he's he quarterback coming at a regret that this aura that. But it is starting quarterback rankings to go I I took some flak for that considering he only played a couple of series last year. Army you know still I think yet eleven touchdown passes and and like six to parents and you know that. I've got a deal on opposite numbers at number two guy there Alabama but. But he's going to be the starter you you used it against Alabama did not play well last season and a lot of at a it would stay on hurt he might beat 46 into. Over the last two seasons but he is not a doubt dual threat in the table low against Alabama that in the mood over to defense. I'm despite losing you know booming historically. At a record prominent thought crap it. On the Alabama loaded on that side of the ball man that this is going to be several first round three. To come up at a defense Bob Dylan Moses and MacWorld and our our 25 star linebackers they're going to be Bert your starters do. Or just does not mean they're they're very athletic very talented and you know despite Alabama starring in part secondary I don't think it'll matter one not predicting it Alabama's gonna win. Every irregular beating game but double digits and I am unstick do. And I so anybody hoping that the defense trucks at dodger duke Toyota just stop open that I'm okay when you look at the contenders to bay Emma. I is all bird second to ask what about Mississippi State when they team up sits at quarterback with more heads offense and LSU I mean I've seen them down as Lois forced her systems division and some of the pre season magazines what do you think about the next few teams behind bam. Yes they did it the next two you know but mine ban as. And and some ranking it is they're gonna be ultimate the state are likely to be state went at least. Nine games this is happening developer you're coaches and yet the Joseph morehead steps into the best situation calm outside of Alabama. And the bulldogs at the four best starter. On Jeffrey seven it is a former pop star is probably going to be a first round pick he had a chance to win. As he beat defensive player of the year my opinion at Mississippi State word you know break into that can win range on Auburn detained but you know Peyton it's out yet or that. I jeers bit of an in depth now on we've you know they they open against Washington. In Atlanta walked in between but not big in the final four they've got to the point daughter back and a lot of doubt played in the playoffs two years ago so. I think it probably that he's an opening game you know they're they're backed authorities yet the proverbial wall and you you could it mean to you know finish is 88 or not in three so. It is fairly just Alabama in the way and then move and Baton Rouge you know it is dead overdrawn they had this big mistake and you'll be there much longer. No doubt about that idea here's a question from a list or it's a great question I had even thought us. The Heisman race feels like nationally could be wide open release go to indices it just feels like there's a lot of talent spread out. But the SEC Heisman candidates. Like would you go to load books. I'd probably go to a one yeah okay how would you give what you are there's three guys you know it's legitimate Heisman chances in the SEC. I think right now uptick from the guy who beat he's getting Ivan but but mopping his numbers just. Bomb are going to be you know fat and not really in in November to do more to act and I pray. And beyond very minute sort of start time back you know if it's either fourteen or 18100 yard back diet. You know has double digit touchdowns he's a gap between the conversation but you'd look at Alabama they they had to hide the winners since Tony Bennett running back. And it it if not you hairs standing here right now he'd RB want to present side but the it this spot start stop one not the air out of break out and played extremely well what what to a and then to adopt. I mean that that but two guys right there at the that a ban at twelve and oh yeah epic now look at their numbers and test it there worthy evident by. You know okay good stuff man good stuff and by the way it's a great follow your college football not SEC not Brad Crawford on Twitter at beat cross heard it. My 247 checked him out on Twitter gravel out to talk to you once we get things going this year thanks so much for coming on brother we appreciate.