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We are now joined by the head coach of the Charlotte north Steve Clifford and don't George first and foremost welcome back it's been a while our. The world. OK guys thank you. Well first and foremost before isn't basketball stuff you're Dennis the first on Dakota confronted us and saw you know you had your your hiatus away from the game and into working on health things and such and we've we've heard about how you is possibly changed a little bit as an individual I even heard the word yoga tossed in there maybe some meditation. This. How is Steve Clifford the man that different than number before the hiatus before that so that Bridget took. A. I mean not a pepper I'm appropriate follow like changing or they're already off. I live differently calm as much as everything it and go from the hit song. There was a sweet dish U. Just don't like tests just like could you guys you know you can get. I guess so we throw to what you're doing. That at times huge you you don't listen to your body and arm you know since I got in the NBA. You know I've always been on staff sort started off on the steps of your cook big we chipped in on the trip go. Where we were Ole really early morning people and that's what I chamber and you know what I find out as 56 is a lot different. Water. And does sort thing going on for a couple of years and they're you know the other thing is hopefully nobody aircraft that deal with the art epics. And sleep are very much related in basically work what we've been doing is I've been getting bad headaches all home. Like you know current day and we were just kind of amusing. Are sure or hurt you know I guess are stronger medication to take cure period which. Doesn't take care of your headaches and and it got worse and worse and source plus plus some lesson. You're just a bit of that pleasure now so now I'm actually working on trying to trademark body sleep more. More kids' schools to do with our team doctor and then. Local neurologist doctor Jones doctor Garcia's are conduct their work Corey is actually more now that happen along continent. I've always to go but it's definitely changed my whole. You know coach. I'm glad to hear you have it to. Under control little bit easier in little bit better but you know kind of brings me to the question is that you believe that there is such a thing is over preparing because. Now knows the players sometimes in our got a good comfort level. Well hole with my opponent you go watch film you get prepared on the sometimes you start over prepared you start seeing goes suppan and thinking about things that. You know you might just remembering those types of things do you ever find that problem and basketball. I think probably. Not this much is Vienna helped put your home decision in between games. You know we're up more time to walk through that most of the most of the general planning and Carly. Really you do in September. On Orkut that you don't teach Olympic Games come so quickly what. This team I think the same. Challenge your petitions are human frank and support you mature basketball as calm. You don't how much what what can we live with France's defensively what can we take away. In the night when you try to do too much. You know what you say you know you cannot sit up more than it can help achieve play well on one of the things. They you know and and I within football probably some are just below normal about it but it basketball. It's still gets back to most good nights of sensible way home from basic principles you know fast break points second chance points. Points in the paint. And then there you know in the shooting percentages. So a lot of times. You know always in that particular point you have to make sure that your sticking with your basic principle retired or hope or. No coach you know boys head on his conversations and I'm not going to be any other way and no you don't as well so. Not just nasty some honest questions I know Kyle well as well because aren't I I'm I'm Sears I'm curious. You watch these teams play you look at the athletes that you guys have on the court I'm necessarily one important one guy out you know for you know a putsch in that position but. We have the athletes to compete defensively to move our feet to get him positioned to do the things it on a consistent basis that may be some of the teams are playing with. You know a you know around the league. Eyewitness RBI are believed that we do on her but are ominous it is weird not. Speed and quickness would not be straight to our group. All I believe intelligence is and I'd say. You know when you're on your game and you're Smart either you can do you have step quicker we. Went we've been writing. That's how we pan you know all along we've bandits frankly lifton. They it already. Has more responsibility. Four. But you know how inconsistent replay tonight do arm I've had a lot to do what it. Almost everyone of these guys come in here and then on my head toe so. There's nobody else that there has as big part of this side you and I are both stated by the fact that. I think this it is in in terms of just hours. Well or potential I think this is the best team. That that we tactical but we don't play well. Then. On its been incredibly frustrating for our players has been frustrating for me. For our staff. And you know book a lot of plays. You know. Our great half for you know a true great team of people we are just not sustained. Good play. It which is what this week is all about when you start the year you play 82 games. Every team's giving up some great when it's. And every Seymour are disappointing losses but it seems that apple way to play it open to the war. And stay with that and trust didn't trust their teammates that are going to win it. So do we have some weakness is we absolutely do we don't have an overpowering roster. And yes frank I mean. You know is just part coaching you know coaches. It's you know my responsibility. Is to get the most out of all actually are really for years previews this would really have. And this year we have not so far. Steve Clifford Rory says George joining us on the ticket John just like Steve why why wasn't this team more active in the trade deadline and why wasn't Kemba Walker treated. Well first first of all indicate nude in my opinion all. We can book. Is basketball starts at the top of your that the top of your roster. And he's our best player on. So to me. To treating him you'd have to care. To me an all star caliber player back armpit you call from an. Could bring everything sort team that he credit not only your best player. He's a great competitor is a great leader. He has the respect of everybody in the locker room in the sting is for all right today so. I think that would be. It anyways that was mark or I thought it would be nearly impossible. To trade him anywhere if we if we lost him you know obviously. That would be a major rebuilt and lecture getting somebody like such an equal equality act. Bomb in in the terms of the other part. Yet you know like I say that. You know certainly were very active on. You know you know I don't know how close these guys you know not all the real data date saying at all. You know they keep me oppressive praised India's cult like. It you know I I just think you know we're treated in our league is not that easy to make Cotto or you know our mutual but yep so are by and you know it just wasn't much there for us. Our Steve we asked you a lot of his direct questions because we've come to know that I have. I know enough about what people know and appreciate the fact. Your candor is the culminated and unfortunately a a comet Dylan in this industry and we appreciate that from your and that's why we shall cost blast these quick these questions like this in my next question would be how how do you get more out of Nick Punto because he's he's not been consistently good enough I don't think in that role you may disagree I don't know but tell me how you get more out of nick I don't. How frustrating is that for a guy like kemba who is the ultimate competitor and a guy that they watch employing you point out he's Knightley just given everything he hasn't. You know coach and we honestly mean that. I just we don't I don't see that the tomb. Well I yeah I mean he took me it did this to make sheet that's so our market. I think you. He came back or September. In. The best shape he's been in since he's been here and I think. In the best place mentally. If he had. No training camp. Com I don't make excuses as an art truly feel he had no training camp because he got hurt the first quarter the first preceding game. So and he was out I think are separate and perhaps weeks and the get a job but obviously there's only so much you can do any jump did. Being in the you know the hardest thing in our league is once you start playing. Our practices change. Drastically. You know because when you're playing 34 games every week which we are you don't do a lot of contact in practice so we're getting these guys ready. It's a Lotto. You don't five on all we're playing three on three years trying to keep those guys in rebel. That way in here and you know I think he came back on. You know he jumped in the air he got off to a two. You know ports start. In here these last two or three years he hasn't played as well it yet this away. I would say nine out of eleven games where you are really good. You know we have triple probably a 31000043. On and I fell and I feel. Like they're these getting into a rhythm more comfortable or you know what where it is gamed that. A home. And so I don't totally agree. Not happened the year that I think you would have had the other training camp but I do think it be getting to the point where he's playing at a period are up. Yeah you know maybe it's just things that we see on the outside the insular stuff and the results more than what you see on a daily basis which you have obviously a lot more. You know you're a lot more in tune with people ask this question all the time. And ask Nyberg you're insert you know privately you know we've had the bomb. And different things we've done with the station you've been involved with in. Thumb you know publicly you've probably address this well as well but you know why why is the young player. Why why is why is he having so much you know time league mark quite a while dismally small cabins so much difficulty getting out there on the court because. You know. I know this is it you learn from watching. But you learn more from doing. Yeah I mean to be honest with you frank just we have to play well we've been on the court. I mean that he's just willing to do work need to look at it wrong. Well right now I mean I think for his career to your stalker. I think he has appealed the play all but one and two. If you don't opposite we're playing him at the point. And I don't think there. More sinister right where I just don't think he has the hunt for what he doesn't mind playing here. 'cause you want to be on the floor but I I you know I almost feel like I put him early in the season in the position. Where are still difficult for him to play well most of play. And I think he is going to be a good player the bottom line is that that you don't look at that I know you guys are all the numbers. We didn't play well he and two we wait on the local we really struggled off branch of and I think a lot of that was because. You know what can he doesn't happen not upon comparable level. To play the point yet which I think you won't hurt right you get your troops for the game. In the second part is. So she's not gonna play the points. Then he has to play it to two. And I mean Germany Williams has been too good and oh we go into the trip. Germ vehicle was leading. Eastern Conference. A holy spirit cooperative points off the bench. So really that the situation I would get elected who leak is. He just turned twenty. Arm I know there are a lot of expectation which you two I think was hurt by. Not some relief not learning in the NBA game and you know purest of matchup issues there and that he you know that you sent to park is a big adjustment struggles art. If he's still learning that putt. You know in a nutshell. You know. He did get an opportunity deploy it actually a big role. The first fifteen games of the year and now we're the biggest problem is we struggled to play well when he was out there he'll he'll get another chance and it. And I am the one thing I think our total purse increase social couple weeks. There's nobody in this building that doesn't take you to repeat trip wire. Arm. I also have my experience is three years with younger players. In terms off. You know what I feel pastor going to they're playing well and sometimes. Arm be in a position where you can play well and has success. It is better it being out there and not being part of successful war. RC you've been really generous with its on solid on this one gets 45 games let's after the bridge Dublin more on Wednesday does Orlando and you know despite. Not being where you hope to be at this point early six and halfback event that eighth and final play else but what pastor changed. Between now and the end of the regular season for for you to get that final playoff spot. This this is it may sound simple but the sense they are poke player yes deputy it is simple we at the plate team we get to do to keep things better. We have the people we you have to play a game. When you play back to back when you play Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday whatever it. You have apple way to play everybody commits to everybody does their job their day. And that's when your team has typically consist solely and then individuals to I want to just the way that bought. To be honest would you have been the most frustrating thing. I think for being an offer some of the players. We have always been for four years here. I think. If you asked any other coach in the league Bret Stephens are all flash you wait you out there. They don't beat themselves and their heart to play against. To me that's a good formula for winning big canyon yet. We were like get your one you've been your true what we want is troops you're treated and lashed. We've always played it gaining that when you watch this play it was higher execution and purposeful. And that's what we have not content to. On the person the gimbal responsible for that it need. Our own you know we're working to try to fix it I know what the staff knows that the players call if we can do that. And if you look at our schedule all our kids to be a playoff team if we don't. All that we're gonna continue to be disappointed that it took the wrong reasons by the way because we do have enough. Steve Clifford orders said George joining us on the second job just like George were set and a few minutes ago and also in a tenth as two guys who typically say whatever respect and we we really appreciate always had a candor and your honesty and and these are fun questions answered but we're really appreciate your social source. Are you.