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Tuesday, December 12th

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Treat younger and get it unless nitrate thanks for making time how you doing man. It is that correct decision and what happened last night to meals watching that game and it kind of felt like it looked like you guys were just he said enough we're sick of being pushed around we're sick and tired of being sick and tired you guys about their computer for four quarters last night. There are only chairman of the game do the rhetoric to clear the very moment and come together and you are and we empire. And homes we therefore we would want to do well there are good loan if she didn't really have a lot of firepower there but we are. And as you do when they're out there and do. We're talking trade and Green Hornet from portage forty's what to try to on the tactic on guess like all four all five stores like fourteen points or more last night and got it done as well trade led the guys off the bench twelve points for him three of three from the field he had a couple of boards in the sweet assist. As well on the hornets got the win over the thunder once sixteen. -- 2103. And you know when you when you go back in and look at that game I don't know coach cliff when when he's been talking about why does he has struggled in the fourth quarter he says a lot of its other times in the game it's not starting right it early on in the first quarter were coming at halftime prepared but I thought that's where you guys won the game last night I thought in the first and third quarters you guys brought the energy and kind of put put the game away in both of those quarters last night. Thomas started early camera off before the third quarter really silicone for. I have to bring more to come off well on the Clinton loses treat Andrea ultimately got the most part is trying to keep it on didn't. Where local restaurant menus you have grown daughters I have been gracious to gamble. When you when you look at that win obviously it's been tough dates straight road loss is yet one on the road since October 30 more than anything establishing an identity and I know that was really important last night but we just mentally iconic clear your mind and get that road win how important was out last night. Homer on corner where we went home oh so Miller school construed as we wanna go there and show people what you can do an actual and that I think than what we can do. Do you feel like you guys some analysts and wait what is that identity could you guys were didn't get an active on defense she forced a lot of turnovers and got out Randy is that hornets basketball so we need to see more afford to get back on the winning streak. Yeah palms are identical on our good friend our game plan or train that's what we normally do and it won a little too blown out there are doing that we've been. Home we could turn a couple days and trying to frame later saying there are gonna go well or is that there are organic. We're talking the tree on Gramm for your Charlotte hornets is with this right now on the on the technique come guests lined some had what what's it like when you hear that from your your your teammate junior captain Kemba Walker talking about she now weighs an anti trade plays the right way he's always ready always ready when his number's called I'm his daddy you've got security period that that that appreciation from your teammate like that. So great resort to door to door in my golf there's the mosquito could should or you know you graduate to the mud in order to. Also the older than it go to my source material won't go to a character that we don't so well bulky. And it is one our home go to daughter and cute comedy I am proud of him in our government and one. So what happened with this this players' meeting Trey it was this was this before Saturday or was this the other day one what happened here what was that. Follow orders go home he was there ever been just this who thought I would each other people's lives. So we had to do came on the warm my theory Prado Somalia Sudan. Is what was this before a because Michael Jordan supposedly talked to you guys is that correct. Was that separate from from enjoyed talking to you guys are resigned in the Sony. Almost ever chrome Mercury a certain is there a few more and moved on talked sort of them I've changed and the government so. And resolve civil Lama. I Tribune gradualist I think Martin was saying the other night that you don't. And there was an upset or anything correct hoosiers got a common Dana and Jimmy wanted to listen right he's asking us questions on Saturday. Here alone are not the drinkers there's too. Caught whether in her home dismissed them as good so I didn't want to know high school on my and you know ten. He also you guys and he any any tips or any pointers or any words of advice what to what he says. Allred there's there's no way you know we went through the use I don't know where you ordered a sort I don't do different going to hurt you could go to our growth of any. But mostly due to equipment console we had to trick I don't use you know. Going off more or from miniscule here could do. Ameritrade immigrants would just forge your Charlotte hornets being twelve point performers for him last night didn't win against the thunder 116103. Knocking them off last night I'll how would you say coach Silas is done and always in a tough spot trying to fill in for coach Clint Bolick what do you think he's done on the special for. Home you don't there on might have been trying to look you don't look so going up you know so there be no different now. Combination of players don't know or don't do these do don't go along COLT has been one of those just. He's he's much more quiet right he's a little bit more reserved and more which more more more to himself and coach close on the on the bench I think. There are more and more yeah absolutely no way can critical clues presumptive from the cold if I'm articulate it and home. You know if at all when you aware of course our Google can't. They talk their code but I hear that he'd been politically. A military order forever know we have to do our Google what enables talked to listen caller or no. I'm over. And where this girl. Most crucial period in certain there are certain people are world that are lost or. And eternal good great game last night and a means no rest for the weary and go play the rockets have won senator Roland Chris Paul James Harden haven't lost together what I mean this team is there're there are force offensively what what do you what do you do and you guys start starting right now black guy he's trying to slow those guys down to mourn our. Almost don't presume there were both really great from the good although I've seen a lot Carter's. So we all know the most produced out of the cult. We'll trade him or her. Betrayal. Trading on Graham forge your Charlotte hornets and updates full port performance for him last night perfect three of three from the field and a smile on the three point line and double take on the rockets tomorrow night just to be in 9:30 eastern time too often used in the back home for four game homestand starting with Miami on Friday nitrate great gay man in best luck tomorrow night okay.