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Tuesday, December 12th

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When all this guy on Sirius XM NFL radio over the weekend on his radio show so he's gonna return the favor now former panther our pal Jeff Schwartz of SB nation longtime NFL that's. And Doug Schwartz agreed to talk to him and how you doing. I'm just looking at what sort of outlet my walk through go to the liquor. Yeah and by the way that's one of the fun things he does on Twitter is disrespectful blocks of the week Jewish seat at the SB nation as one of the fun things you put out there every week on SB nation and you know I think Ron guilty yesterday in his in his Monday press conference about what was so impressive. About about that game on Sunday you know every time. You know it would look the Panthers jumped out early right Schwartzman to get to the big pick on Tina Marley and move them off the spot human dignity they get to pick from Orly. Offense takes a ride down the field and scores. The Minnesota came right back down and tied the game and in the panthers' one and huge fourteen play drive again to make it 147. Lead the bulls the lead in the fourth they get right back with a big run from cam and a touchdown in every time theaters needed a play on offense or defense or driver stopped date they got an on Sunday against the vikings. Get a big play a game that they have deployed to really get the very rich even Minnesota they're all states but. The Panthers took a for the game went one of those holes you're one of mistakes were made which is important we all want our rejected these situations are not quite the most that you look at their cover. Good drive over the vikings committed to. If you are bit by you know they are healthy and export process that I should do when you get to thirty points so. You're thirty yards after the third point thirty yards so a lot of our ability and despite the physical special aren't. I was just Gloria acquired obligated to bite you back the other. These YouTube might be getting up and I'd love to watch a battle. Are so let's let's talk about this game a little bit and we'll get into some other stuff here but is to you when you when you look back at that game I does that. Show you something about the Panthers are ordered to you does that kind of confirm that yet you knew this painter he was pretty good incapable beat any team all along did you learn something new about a word order that just confirms some stuff for you. I know there weren't terribly emotional about the Olympic act opposite would all walk and that is that you do. Opportunity with the defense to all irons to ripple. Lebanese Shia are happier yet they went through some doubt it would look and a productive. But the people at any point he carried them to Wear it or not they are but it certainly. You don't usually you do you're gonna talk up or down play with the quarterbacks from games here are some games back betrayal of the game but just in cave that game. Up yeah elect mobile. It was there it went 530 billion dollar bet it was you. Well played game. But when you get three turnovers and then you rush for 250 yards and what that would outlaw took too long runs and Stuart long road. That's what and auto repair would want these so. When they put this well all they can beat anyone see just ten reporters are all we're really gonna blow in the soil. Well what was your what was the biggest Ted Turner from you though when you when you go back and either when you're watching the game alive would you turn on the table was the biggest thing that come out. May June you don't bring your head back a little bit your eyes open a little lottery really impressed you from the game wasn't. Well I think at the respect level that the vikings QQ have news or lack there were opportunities. Would look like you were more short couple but I portal on Twitter today which orchestra was walk run through it goes it in the mail field. Because received he trails can do it may even had a actual corner just very we're so they racial objective but now you done that recently. Warrior took our short boot shouting get sixty yards. And you know the long run that Kim had a number of break without a trial will be over now. A home and had no they didn't put it perfectly and stopped. They're. Not we'll be an outstanding job of adjusting his walk yet. They're Kim do you. He made an exit since they don't get in the video in the hole and he is. They don't continue to play like that if it was a very hard to beat its retrospectively into liking the amount of respect. If you can you do learn. I never seen Griffin last week Schwartz would just short list by the way for cancer NFL bad at on on Twitter at Jeff Schwartz as being patient series sex NFL radio he's always with us to write your prime time indeed he's joining us right now. On the technique on gas line and you'll ever see Griffin with Sam last week in a locker when this is no surprises is the this is the scouting report on Tim do you say we gotta hit them we got to him we got to hit don't we got to hit dome and I mean more often than not on Sundays take they couldn't hear what they couldn't catch can and can't get a good enough job the offensive line I thought did a good enough job of avoiding that contacted the vikings were always is kinda. Behind the eight ball and they never really could get that Castro is going the way they wanted to. Yes I think there will be an onset of its ports are well oil here because of the church or the like it is or. That they they did it back. And wait for things that happened which which is propagated through the open market that you are most sought. From that aspect of just giving Coolio giving your word that must stop all the ball. We're taught you don't you have talked often about. It would how important coming up this situation would anyone but also what does that had dug a pretty big result you've played well there. Don't be. Okay. Good team maybe they're great you know we've built great he wouldn't be good team. In Erie you have to win there and keep up your pace competitors are obviously what was say if you could stop a lot of earth you know maybe. It may be why it apparently is a button or more. Bill are popular corporate bonds so I want to complimentary. We're what do you think they stack right now in the NFC design which judging this thing is is pretty wide open and in the wind's injury I think relief. Throws the door open although I think they're gonna be finally that falls for a little while to I don't see them going and it's ankle were where do you see things shaking out right now and in the NFC playoff picture. Did but what is a great year I don't like the space. I think if you look at the Super Bowl now beaten the course record eagle putt went out. If you want to consistency. Attitude to promote him as their vikings. And that this big battle hardened law patent law or our cheapest over in boats corporate speak to mitigate. Since the go to the market but it certainly didn't walk game what would the state of the patent lawsuit. You don't want calculate quite terrible or whatever. Good things up the human spirit and attitude to have a big division on it would have some weapons it happens. But they're so balanced he made it on the Orwell. You know if you need to be appropriate we are here is don't you got. Defense that we were a lot of war back there are other movies come talked about secondary. Saw the look the states and never question your hope to have vanished. To be hard to go to US Britain wouldn't it won a lot of games. Do you think Eagles are aren't trouble without Wentz I mean I'd I I think server not maybe I'm crazy I think they're going to be. OK I don't expect a huge drop off with nick falls and he doesn't do some the F lettuce is and stuff but I think I think they're gonna be okay when it falls for a little while given the personnel they've got. Not I don't feel OK I I just. I don't know what how aggressive they'll continue to be an offense. I think that they know they were oh. Know they'll be okay as far as people from the ball there though booed off well it's our be impressive as they out. I know deal about being aggressive with the ball but it. Would obviously want in the top of what was here so I feel from my aspect I understand why you'd open there Adobe bat bat. Without him but. You know he used to depart within BP security hero or loser repeated failure you'll be spyware doctor. The truth aren't I Jim Schwartz will assume more things SB nation series sex NFL radio former. NFL bad and done you can follow him on Twitter at Jeff Schwartz he's with this right now. On the technique come guess like Christian McCaffrey how is C a better football player weeks fifteen and it was a week want Schwartz what EC with them. Well here at the poll more prepared a little bit of her future and the other big big debate thought it would. You can read a bit more traditional old and I've never understood that that indicate that they probably can't get. More open space here you know they go if it is okay people who are that he might not be a traditional one back at the moment. As far as what this doctor Burnett are. They could always use them and and I know he knew it become more popular vote out. About Shula and other people are I think you design and offers is the person nobody out it is hard to do it isn't coached. Be a part of god would he goes to. To design offered is that might not be their bread and butter. For the betterment of achievement so I think he's done that. And despite being you waited you to our religion in order that I thought would happen over I'd been bitter dispute got so your best schedule right now well. You'll be might be even more or block the. Aren't so Charlotte Observer dot com here's this piece George Rodrigue eroded over the weekend Hungary the quote I'd says such as speaking about Mac Khalili is performances 65 million dollar contract I just Schwartz quoted as saying quote. Are your former team about rolling back oil for your for your year and when you were Minnesota court TSE 11 or two plays a game where you just like it's just not good. And we pay premium money. Especially for left tackle you expect them to never have mistakes and it's not like mad as bad at the whole game and it's obviously not every game but there are games reset one or two plays Regis like. That's she's not very good and I think those stand out because offensive lineman things are magnified especially if they hit the quarterback. Or there's a sack fumble those are plays that people remember when they evaluated guy and in Chad writes in the buildings that are Tex lines I and he says crows don't let Schwartz he wiggle out from his comments are quotes an observer were pretty critical. I don't find these to be pretty critical actually fund than to be pretty fair and I'm confused why why why are people why is there peace between you and the cool you'll see and we right now what's going on with this was happening. Remotely critical. It's I don't know it seems nuanced and stared at me I don't know. And it and it also it potluck that the white boy can you draw on the other paragraph. It ended then that those were the money would suspect that iiroc because it. Well it would be disingenuous there aren't giving interview about I don't know that they are we well. Purdue because gender divide in an interview about that we know it is spill prevention but there are about placement on the spot despite. You know if I give been interviewed on my brother he just had a terrible game. He's you know he's binder open roll with the well Bhutto was sort of way right so. You wonder too about my ticket for the last time we'll preview what apple. The best ever expect no place game that the way to look at it there and so I don't forget that and I don't want to the shot of the Twitter Soviet. Arm and he talked to him since he did he talked now. But no I bought the ball club called. But. So you go to the people want to play well for the stupid to have him back compare this but I don't think that's what would that be I guess accurate that it. It put that what is certainly not good present. What do you proper or not deplore it don't you I don't I don't know open prospect that. You can't deny that there have been times where they've been don't put a little buddy I mean look we are open it up every day so. I think we've got out of Colorado apparently parents are more than aside it is to walk me because they don't like it might take a terrible time but. Can be whatever side I'm aren't we follow my assessment program. But I literally read a tweet from you earlier this sort of hold I want to find the sweet as before I let you I read a tweet from your early this morning saying you could not wait. To break down the tape on Cam Newton. And and what he did in the game yesterday's on Sundays like you you said you said quote I hope I have time today to get to a video of the vikings attempt to stop Cam Newton and how he's just better than a good scheme it's also like you don't I. People think he Cam Newton apparently now they think Jimmy Mac loyal to but yeah you're now means that I don't know meant to order. It is it is the market that the way it currently is. Every time I used to it that it's even megabyte is that probably I think a world right now a lot of these social media is that. It's either good or that but there's New York but you can't say. I like best buy don't like there's been a lot about politics but that's especially true about not know where you can't. And in biblical point of the art they look I don't like the way. Can you play in game Avery played well gave me. That's okay like you can say that I can and I don't like the way we're played a bit wired that way I don't I don't just. On pretty people. What absolute Osama I'm never I'm not out to a couple guys general or well watch film I want to know why are you are I'd I'd come what was. A determination of how are you about up over the period and that the change we do we because guess what player and he is an equation we do well. Aren't there you go Jeff Schwartz he hates Cam Newton now he hates mentally ill and you can read his work investigation here must serious sex him at a solar radio and with us and on Twitter if you wanna give Greece has said Jeff Schwartz. Towards you the best buddy talk to you soon thanks to make a timeout a man. Our spirit here.