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Monday, November 20th

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Another no big matchup tonight timberwolves in town with a best offenses in the NBA tonight and go we're joined now by associate head coach Stephen Silas coached at a talk DL you don't. And until little else do we we have big matchup tonight and you know here we are yet again and LA was one of the one of the best offenses in the NBA coming out Saturday guys really stifled them in the in the fourth quarter helped them what seventeen points I think what was the fourth quarter the other night sixteen points. Sixteen. So another another big challenge there on the second night of back to back they put her home last night tough loss for them but beat these games Ortiz is a pay extra treat guys right now. It is a big stretch especially after the road trip that we had so coming back Kim getting the win against the clippers as he used them to hold them to 87 points kind of get our defense of identity back a little bit and hopefully carries on the night especially. With those three guys wigand's Butler and towns are so tough one on one as well to our team defense has to be on point so it's like you said it's going to be good test for us tonight and we start with defense and that's with a threat to beat. But I know you guys may talk a lot Stephen Silas with this again points associate head coach and I we've got the call 7 o'clock tonight I got pregame at 630 hornets into rules we were talking. Over the last few weeks okay what are you what you put your finger on for some of these. Tight losses and you guys is a staff have been very matter of fact to say hey it's not the fourth quarter you don't want the started in the third quarter not pushing leaks out or not coming out with energy. The fourth quarter on Saturday night of you guys closed on what I think was at 23 to seven run in the fourth and I think they were held to what like two of eleven from the field see guys really clamp down on the in waiting time on it on Saturday and it really knew what that was who's on defense Darrell. As defense event I think a lot of it has to do with nick coming back to being. A little bit more in rhythm you know how it is the end come back to first game in near all hyped up or ready to go and then the next couple games it is China a play catch up and get back into rhythm so. Seem like at a clipper game he is a little bit more in rhythm and KG same thing with those two guys out there on the wings and then. Obviously can't bend the light out there with Marvin we have a chance to be pretty good defensive team so those guys coming back and then get back in rhythm will definitely help our deep. That's frank was asking me earlier coaches and what what was the difference on Saturday and this stuff is not part sometimes I mean it's it's that right it's. Playing to your identity and try to do that consistently. But it's also yours you have your best players have to be your best players you have an off night of course you will chemist and struggled to shoot the three ball until the last few games he's got to get that shot going again put. Nick come by Dwight were great for you guys on Saturday and they got a I mean they know that they got to continue to be great for you guys do it to be to a playoff team this year Fisher you. No it's a talent Lee gets much as we want excellent text and no it and and do all the different things dramatically. Comes down to your players and how they play in they have high potential to play really well. And reach that potential that you have the chance to win about two games that they don't have that quite content that potential but it's going to be hard so what do. Your best players are playing good that you really have a good chance of winter games so. Dwight had sixteen it's sixteen and it's the first time he's done that since the fifth game of the year he would you know we. He's played well at times but he he was pretty dominant the first couple weeks kind of got back to that on Saturday we'll what was the difference what would you see from him Saturday it's obvious is a big challenge. Going up gets the Andre I think he took that to heart probably put what's the key to to sustaining that I think could set that that is that's going to be big for you guys. I think that's a great point he was gone up against beyond drew in and felt a little bit of a one on one battle against him. Because they have played such a similar game and are compared all the time. But I think he sees that. What an important party is still what we do on both ends of the floor and it seeking grabbed double digit rebounds and and we can get out and run that if he's a big part of us getting stops so now we're not playing gets a set defense every time we get the ball he he sees that how important that is so hopefully it'll carry on a carry over to him. Tonight's game and that stuff doesn't happen overnight guys go figure out their roles and in thirteen fourteen games it takes a little bit oval of learning curve and learning process and hopefully start to get a little. Let's get does that sort of back to back possessions of one point on Saturday he he raced down the floor knicks found them great bounce pass legitimate stride laid it in. And then I think it was that you guys get a stop and I think on the next trip down before always with around he got deep post positioning. It was it relating to give a big I don't that's the struggle right is finding ways to. Get him involved within the the flow of the offense but those are two ways that are better should be staples of how it's evolved in the office. Actually we're trying to get him the ball with two feet in the paint Soliai seduced her tennis and and that playing with Mick helps him no. It was kemba who had to make all those plays to delay and now. With Mick out there and then Jeremy lamb continuing to do he does off the Benson and still able to make plays and and get the ball to Dwight some of the pain it makes it easier for him. And easier for everybody else on the floor cooks what Steve do we aboard on Jeremy lamb and at least he he went out again with a hamstring strain the other night as he could give to go to uniter we still wait on that we're still way not he went through shoot around today didn't seem to have too many problems told me I feel solid so I guess solid needs good spell hole. We'll see you have made it simple. Oppressive right Stephen Silas who's associate head coach hornets at several stood at 7 o'clock at the high we got pregame and the call starting at 630 here on SNC so he's been in double digits at all what one game so far this year. Any started what the first twelve games of the year went to the bench when nick came back. And he's kept it up he scored in double digits every one of those patriots seventeen of 31 that's what's the other night. People underestimate how hard that is in this league to being a role. Anyways logging. Gosh what W 28 minutes thirty minutes and I didn't have they even just reduced down to 2223 that's a big difference coming off the bench and he's kept that up that's that's not easy to do with a sleek. It's not easy at all year not only the minutes is you play with that completely different group. That you're playing with that at the start of the season sometimes it's easier to play were starters and now you're coming off the bench with a completely different group of guys so. For him to have that consistency that's all been looking for that's we've been talking about all summer with Jeremy and I am in the gym and him working and and trying to improve his game and they he tees down that consistency to the point where. He started it he was consistent now he's coming off the bench and is consistent and really feels comfortable in his role at. We're really proud of is to see them prove that he's had and I think he knows that. Hit it to those guys you're you're still trying to find there because there and do during different roles to. Frank Kaminsky Cody Zeller right those two guys are gonna play an important role off the bench and I think that still seems to be a bit of work of progress and and he's coached at last week's you know especially with guys like Cody. You played dependent position right somebody's got to get to the ball for you to be involved but that that still work in progress with with how that bench is gonna take shape. He had is you know we've. Had a few changes to the bench in what and CW playing a little bit more and family plan a little bit less. Things there's still a little bit in flux and changing and that sort of thing so. Like I said for us is starts on the defense abandoned if we can do some things on defense and then get some stops and it makes it easier for everybody on the offensive end but. People I have a tendency of looking at just offensive and we look at it. Pretty much the opposite so we're looking at the defense first submit then the offense. Well last time you guys went in on the on the second out of the back to back or write or speak to me they were playing the second at the back to back there were home plate when the temples that went 1294 loss. Two weeks ago you guys are home tonight is there on the second out of the back to back him. That's a tough way to lose less than 197. Jimmy Butler at the free throw line to tie it six seconds left to us voice do you think Reggie Jackson really affected is inhibit the free throw like he downplayed it last night after the game when what do you think happened there. Don't think so on me you know 333 doses aren't making a notice. Crucial time of the games though. Talk it out to this one of those times or missed the free throw it and so they're picked to re produce last night. I think they too much for what 66 but date they got very little bench production last night so. What what's the scatter report played a few weeks ago. They're still learning their way with Carly Tinny town to major Wiggins and Jimmy Butler said they getting a lot of veteran pieces come off the bench to Jeff Teague is did not. Shoot the ball particularly well last night which he he played really well if you guys a few weeks ago so what's the scouting report on these guys man. The one on one talents like you alluded to I mean the wigand's. 101 challenge the Butler of the towns and then Jamal Crawford coming up the Bentsen and as you said T get me. They are. Explosive powerful offensive team and for us we're really good at to get someone I want stops and hopefully that's been helped so much because when there's globalized in this helped in this driving kicks and then there's three point shots of cows so. As much as we can get 101 stops without. Really haven't scheming up too much the better for us and that's all we're good at anyway so we can really do start to get those one on one stops without as much help would be a good spot. And and a matchup to watch right is Carl Carl Anthony Townsend to wait in these are the combat ships that. Can be an issue for two white right having to go and they guard out of the perimeter. Yeah you know steal a little bit of that Barbara beyond some so we're discuss the kind of redid the bill the other game is going but. I like that and KG Butler match up that's who we gonna fund Watson may have it's that's kind of way NBA basketball about those those good match of such are excited to see if I'm excited to see that when I like to see him and KG go go against the. Best I tell you what I mean I can I get it stands always look at Martin in this delegate scored a points last night we did do this or did do that if you watched him. Solely on defense what he did against Blake Griffin on Saturday I mean he did he was doing yeoman work on Saturday night to drawback cover and I thought he did a pretty ill. Blake got going a little bit the second anti going to a guy that caliber is going to but I thought Mark Williams didn't really bang up job on punt defensively a boycott Saturday he really did. Mean a thing about Blake that's so different them when Chris Paul is there is. He does a lot more like kill those guards out let the ball to him he'll bring the ball up your floor. He'll handle bigger roles still set pick and rolls and Dennis find itself and I saw Melbourne in the polls so. Margaret had to do a little bit everything no perimeter defense post defense elbow defense and any did a good job of it you know it's hard. He's completely stop a guy but he did about as good job as he could've. Yet it is here's the thing right I mean you guys with US coast the fans obviously already in the meeting rooms they're not on there were unaware what the scouting report is what the team played is. Martin's shoes for these guys coach realized coach about this say they're a lot of fans have been Marvin. Doesn't perform up to what he showed BBC what he told that toward his teammate you be left out of the locker richer but Marvin is a that you could make a point that more pennies the most. Valuable defensive player of the scene because of his versatility right what he's able to do how many different players at positions he could've fed where you can defend on the floor. I mean they're at it finally there to start a lot of guys in the league who could do some of that stuff. I agree and a lot of it is attributed to this marks you know he's not the most athletic guy in the world is not the quickest fastest strongest strongest but he is the smartest and is able the use angles that and stick to a game plan MF. We're gonna switch its it'll be a switch every time we're gonna show on a pick and roll hill so every single time he's gonna be in the right spot so. That that veteran savvy that is that he has food is great image to competitive. Competitiveness that he shows is also but this marxism is what really the guy's point two as far as what makes him different. He tried to single ball I think on the baseline like the second quarter on Saturday and like you know how he is he lost his body just scream any attack. And I think guys some of the younger guys the other that you are not used to Marvin somewhere like. Really hit. Last summer you know you're just you just save the bonuses second corner that's more ready as that intensity of battle like that he does he does it's contagious in the morning either great teammate to those guys to coach it's good to see you are best luck on seeing a few hours and what was who happens tonight all right sounds good golf very much.