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Monday, November 20th

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Go to the tech become guess life not talking college football this got very easily make it some time for CBS sports CBS sports dot com and your moment Thomas Sirius XM radio as well there what do we solve it I'm just not that. I can't get that outraged about this from for baker may feel probably a knucklehead decision but I feel like it's just that it's an uncle a decision on Saturday. So well on video of that division and he got he let emotion get the best of and it started with everything. And it would be political as wrong as well and I don't think it started off being with not ticketed and I'm. The look and you were were yet not to get really descriptive but if we're getting mad about that kind of Jeff you're. And we're not getting mad about what goes on to bully in the middle of piled with her the fumble that willingly did you hear me troubled Europe knowing. There's a little I ask I don't know what players so Vila this over the weekend period there is a global player who's caught making a gesture. Near his area to what it was my it was my worst of a baker makes you updating it like it. And I give it its maker mayfield Heisman candidate at Oklahoma he's a quarterback the rules are little different but still got I don't know I just this is hard for me to get outraged about it's a mistake it's a college kid making a mistake. But like the idea build that jumping off point that some people brought up about Candice needs to factor into his Heisman candidacy like get the heck out a year what do we been talking about is it there's no way that so connected that could keep him from one guy's been in my mind. Well let me get it you're you're having people dig up like they're dirty and bloody career. And it's what got don't want to that add him wearing a traitor certainly played Texas Tech that's plenty but I'm sorry that's funny thanks mark I. I'm noted that the U lighted Woodard didn't get that but. He's he's he's a college kid doing dumb college think now there at that fit that's. Mean that he deserves the same sort of criticism. He served at the height and who would come to declare the claws and keep it. Didn't do you know we couldn't we could talk all day long what they're eager to do what you could do you cook that it mattered is who votes votes were back. Thirty inside looking thing he weeded out. And and that the important thing that it won't eat it aren't we will baker that. We're talking repaired silly on Twitter at Barrett silly on CBS sports stock obviously and you want Sirius XM radio as well. With a stride on the tech become guess like so UCLA actually showed some fight against USC on Saturday but they could still go down that's three straight losses to the crosstown rival and you'll after some pretty good years under Jim Mora junior day they decide to fire on Sunday after after six years on the job. And if this just reeks Barrett of hey we heard Chip Kelly want to get hired to we need to fire our coaching getting all the sweepstakes or is there something else other other to that big in terms of them get ready Jim Mora junior was some games still left. Well yeah the other thing is that Jim Mora it matters Joker yeah. It does so that's the other thing not that well and honestly that's that's sports sports beach but it. Jim Moret and I. You know basically under chief medical. It will be under achieving yet always keep under chief cook you know that that's that's the bigger issue could find it Heidi Levitt. Yeah it absolutely that he would get Kelly because you know you've we can all read the report noted that Florida flew somewhere Scott's circle that they reported a fellow late night. Flying back from somewhere late last night. That's the word probably New Hampshire where he worked at Philly probably quite. There. Yeah I need you guys I think he's yet lyrics I'd say you know work awkward fit here sort of in our thumb can't afford without giving it jumped. On a guy you wanted to few through. Gotta go do it and an upbeat leader or not guilty plea was to go to probably to. Yeah I directly related to that you know it it does that mean he's going to one or the other I'd. I don't know I mean I I think it's just a matter of going to be their number one choice I don't think he'd voted number one so it's but he's the only guy that that ordered it off Teamsters feeling great today. Now we got to go we got to go eat foot in the door at the Greek right now. Well if you're chipping you could make arguments and other side in this what's interesting but it's it's all things recalling you could have either job. I think people. People acting like Chip Kelly won't be really good at getting college football I think are just sorely mistaken they don't they they don't want we definitely you always. The big one with no less than twelve games all but one of that one of the season he was it an organ when you they didn't want ten games like this guy the pac twelve to me it's a no brainer but it isn't lit I mean it. I don't look at it both ways America's reveal what it organ UConn recruit organs. I feel like you should be able to recruit UCLA and when he UCLA but you are dealing with US secret USC's not. Still quite the US seals of fifteen years ago and Florida ultimately still is the SEC knew walking up let me get a five star recruit so they are all things prequel what's the better job between the two right now. Particularly keep the LA and I did a great forty if you. You don't want got to let it applies to recruit at port at the did you actually get the pleasure immaculate record it but it's not that good that's the reason for it not good vision that talent gap that the not that it had. Active right now Florida sue YouTube Kelly here's a guy who. As flat out today he did not like to recruit. Phil yeah you reported that it be. Red flags there and that's where what what you are where you war and it looked a little mortgage brokers go out that it looks a bit of an. Penalty kill cause that also got away but that was because of the holy I don't that you Clark duke. You know ray it's one of those issues we're OK I need you really want to throw your hat in the ring with another offensive guru who's very good at a ditto. Who doesn't like to recruit and who depend on coaching cleared off. And it might want to leave most of the recruiting that it staff helped up which is battling. And it didn't work out now Chip Kelly good to go about it differently offensively which is good because for a need to run the spread because that's what we're article did you. But I I think the better move for chipped it keeps the LA I'd better move for toward it somebody audited Chip Kelly. Because there are a lot of shots. You don't Chip Kelly didn't think it Oregon it was somewhat unique and you know authorities picked up with a Mike Bellotti. Where my flight left off. That's great you work there oh my god deputy exact same thing from that you point. But there are a lot better recruiter doubt they're ones specifically do it coaching at work right now. Well what's he what's the lists throughout third silly with a CBS sports dot com ESP and you want serious XM radio B if you're if you're giving me a group because it often works is right here like you said the media have a tough target but there's a group of guys you think you could be comfortable with depending on who you all tomorrow relates to what what is the group which the circle of coaches for Florida right now that they're trying to hone in on there are some available yet some not that they think would be a good citizen next head coach which the group. I think there are four or five letting the floor articulate and obviously. Feed the dog and not brought up that little wait until after yeah HTTP two. But it might have to. You know he could look at the end Moline because of familiarity with Scott Strickland over their relationship it's a little different times. I think you're looking. At Mac people at Iowa State. Did you get the even though it beat he's probably a few of them recruit and happy you're looking at really staggered organs. In that didn't go to sort of thick that the group that debt load has toned down don't look back you know sort of TV. But that did that that group that sort of fallback option or they're last year doctor. I don't think that that it. Pretty much signed off on by everybody within overdraft I think they're pretty much comfortable. With all of that at bat that he did a great compliment to how Scott Strickland has approached this whole thing they're. He'd he'd orchestrated it and away with a they've kind of core group that everybody's sort of favorite affinity yet there are others play into the spectrum. They want younger and and he'd gotten judge couldn't do it mattered at that point I think yeah hundred. What he's the I don't understand like I've been following this for years spirit I dicier I still not wrap my head around what the fascination as we are uncertain and Thomas in Tennessee look at what's the fascination what's the hang up on this guy for false and it's. Well beyond waited severe clearly there's my theory got to start coaching I did not three but every the last decade it yeah. We're a little bit. I thought. So yeah I mean it was I think the biggest thing is it's what day they call them quite. They have not won for the fences with the polite but he basically gone for the doubles the united. I think that he's the defeat you keep the fact that you know he's he's obviously entered bitter we keep main characters. And Patrick who with a record. Life John Curry did a week for the record the he's gonna say no. I think the questioning is this John. Or did. Make him a note now because the last heat. He needn't be on along a bit pat junker Rio with a network or they can kind of built up because they journal world apart duke. I think that's what's going on it. I think it you have him on their back pocket I think you're re gorgeous there and they ought to do feel like that you perhaps get back in a bowler Geoff from somebody like that beat him on. But oldest guy to your good work because of the way you don't. Very does lose and learn from campus penetrate how you doing. Good are you doing well they so we're talking about earlier about this fourteen playoff picture and looking at the last two weeks Auburn against Alabama and then Alabama having to play in the SEC championship. Do you think that after this year we're going to have to look at an 88 team playoff and just because you're not gonna be able to be satisfied with having just four teams win when one of them might be left out with 11 loss on him maybe somebody's going to be included with a two loss record at what what he said. I don't think god that they got communicate at all like relatively clean comfortable yet they have. A one off Alabama left outer yogurt cup stuff like Garrett but it. I think those words are thought OK. Situation. The playoff committee I think you'd spit out there the lightweight here you freak fat Greek passion and that you the national beauty tip that something. That is. You. You're very very perky is more prestigious than any other. I don't need it appeared bored because it's. It'd be confident that based on the landscape of every specific you're not determined by a company arbitrary like conference affiliation or professional sport. Geographical division it's determined by. So wouldn't they have. Don't dot the landscape like last year he either didn't win a conference championship but hadn't thoroughly read they like Ohio State did. In other other times you may be in a situation where you and I let it keep it pretty darn good he left out life. A lot to beware if you were created. Think you've seen that don't deserve a shot a legitimate shot at something that they did not and that's what happened and expanded playoff because of the credit playoff with the eighteen. It would that the only way that it signed off on in that situation. Would be here without power buy copper and keep their upkeep and which may not even be a good feet. At all. I if there's an odd that the opportunity that came Gigi did the best group of five keeping it going throughout the plot that I've got. You don't hear what he does it's well that these are great dark. He police force basically point northern Illinois all would have gotten shot. And the number or he or you would have been left out at Notre Dame wouldn't. We're talking a very silly one last thing there were a lot of off the hook a CBS sports dot com EST and you want serious XM radio as well with this right now the technique come guess life are we were discussing this earlier to Barrett you know the game because you talk about this on Saturday morning we had this dialogue in college football for years now what. It seems like because of the playoff hero and college football every week it just must watch TV. Really outside this past Saturday to see if these cupcake games you get you know I'll be in every teams do when it's not a single out any programmer at a conference put. Feel I was remarking earlier what's the likelihood and everybody's gotta agree on this obviously for the power front side of things what's the likelihood. There's some sort of agreement go steal what if you wanna play an NF CS we get one. If you wanna play an unknown conference game with a group taught school you get wind and Eddie gotta go step out of at a at a conference to play one power five comfort Steve. And at play nine conference games across the board or we were gonna get to that Soros you know uniformity across the board and scheduling their college footballers that could be hard to come by. We gotta get get different landscape very conference that's really wanted to come I think how. You know had a few car quiet the power 58888. That it would play cock in their real late night. I think what you're more likely get at the dude got the gentleman's agreement that didn't look. You you can't have that second last weekend of the regular you can be anything other then conference be because. You know if you have EPA and yet you eat yet the real rabbit copper plated mid November that that's not really don't wait this out. You know I think even their different read no rule that act play I'd South Carolina to. Quite a bit South Carolina. The played at yet school every year at law other people have that there. Yeah I. All of that is it dole why don't they let it there. The easy thing to do with the Connecticut will be gutter that it was delivered straight to our sport at its decadent and but you'd have to Wear a copper games the second collapse we get the regular you can or just the month of November the general because. Our others because there's no reason that basically hand over a weekend. In a sport where every week doesn't matter. It was it's a bad feeling like is like I look I have Tom I admittedly answered this for awhile now a more liberal guy but I'm in love with college football right now to where there's I mean Saturdays arm on weekend and I still watched on Saturday but they're the urgency we've had over the last month or so every single Saturday. I mean it it just came to a screeching halt this past week that's not good for the sport is what work were so busy about talking about it all the implications each and every weekend. He just finally keep them moving indicate that that just wiley didn't happen on Saturday. No I think it is frustrating half but it yet each student and maintaining Egypt scheduling determine the best at this stuff yes it's. But it's really hard to do that you know it didn't it go don't exactly it it's impossible to do that. Sioux City you know I think it's gonna be at each school that it looked. You look at our schedule at that are scheduled a lot to whatever but the conferences are gonna get together at peak at some point they're okay. Because we cannot we can't just let this thing what are your regular seat in Europe that that's just that bad. It are barely let you go out quick thirty seconds or less I like your falcons tonight among the NF hopefully on the road I like derives about how you feel about your birds. Well in general hurt us tonight. I believe that night. Not only quality and SL Leno yeah analysts are really patriots although it's divided I think they're not great but you gotta go little the day. Well you look you're the best man nobody works harder than news so. I know you're you're gonna spent some time with family enjoy enjoy the rest and I enjoy the Thanksgiving and it's good to talk dia. I can't get a appreciated.