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Thursday, November 16th

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On the sector job just lines you would talk about the college football player also in the rankings released. I just two nights ago bill Howard thank you for your time. I'm great guys thank you for inviting me to be ought. Well we appreciate it and I saw the rankings this weekend but a guy I tend to agree with what you guys are spit out on Tuesday night but there's been some controversy Clemson and number 2 when I am gets three in Oklahoma in their foreign you don't watch how do you leave an unbeaten with sky so many questions and honestly bill I mean this is. People wanna argue and debate fight about this stuff but it's great for the sport right and all those conversations go to college football. Well we know we love all talk about sports. That the debate is great and also that the committee gets an opportunity to review the change every week. And Patrick that would help them prepare for selection we can't. Don't know what's the biggest concern you know heading into the final four when you start looking at you know two teams from the same conference does that concern you or is it just we're looking to find the four best teams regardless of what conference play they play them. We don't even think of that conference affiliation. One of the great things about the playoff is that it comes with no strings attached. Just the best for changed at all a committee has to worry about. Okay all right so it in with that in mind if you look at it a couple of these teams right now from the ACC Clemson Miami Lou throws an aerial watcher writes that of these teams are gonna meet next month here in Charlotte for the ACC championship game and let's assume they they made unbeaten the rest of the way and you know Clemson with the one loss to searchers Miami's unbeaten right now how would you look at it seemed like job like -- clubs are Miami I should say a state they take off field goal loss stood to Clemson here in the the ACC championship game how much what do what do loss like that hurt them because you start talking about the thirteenth that important teams play for our conference championship or another might not you know our lob Ohio State last year maybe Alabama this year. Yeah it all depends on what happens to the other change around them. So you can't I can't take a question I can't think about what might happen if one team does something you have to consider scenario sure about. I don't know greatest note I have dozen or more changed so wish I can answer the question but I just can't they're still committee games to be polite. You did answer the question I think is that that's that's what sort of getting out here brokers were all asking these questions every single day which you did answer you know it's tough to to really know until other dominoes fall and I totally fed bill and and it showed that the other thing that I kinda had in my mind this week is that they are there some people saying why Alabama comes in at number one and they've employed some people out there -- not as good as some other teams out there and I know you guys stress every year we talked to Frank Beamer last week about looking at each season at a fraction you know not taking into consideration what team has done the year before that happens how difficult is that to do for the members of this committee do you think. It's not hard it's not heard all we are so much data to review so many games that we've all seen on. I'm on video that is it's it's just really not hard to it is separate decision. That's part of our culture. And we talk about it every week we start with a clean sheet of paper. The committee is aware of it and it's just not an issue. Immediately is throughout another scenario we do not know you love talking about these things that are you know potentially gonna happen but I. I'm not tough you know because that's that's we all do right remain but let's say our Auburn in the Iron Bowl beats Alabama by a field goal ends up to the SEC championship against Georgia and Wisconsin men's of the winning and running the table and you still have Clemson in Oklahoma are there. Those your floor you're the quarterback of the winner of that game that would Alabama be out of the floor even though I think a lot of people so that one of the best for. You know I've got a really good trial here plus. Valiant effort it's just socialism by an effort I mean our Jennifer would get you a little boy. I love a Levin we got bill Hancock executive director of the college football playoff joining us here on the take the job just like all Hollister won that down to nothing gonna to disown but I think maybe you'll have a better shot than try to figure out some of these scenarios. Willy we'll an undefeated tower five team ever be left out of the oil and my answer would have to be no. You never say never and it can't really hitting a golf course after the front and won't go to break play. Word they play the games how they performed during the season and what did the other teams do that were around. If it's it's easy this right now but we just can't dream up and up scenarios to consider hit every situation. You know bill we aren't sorry yeah. Yeah that's branding branding you'll for a university has got to be a human element that we all considered when you start looking at this. You know because if we are talking about let's say Alabama or Ohio State. And they do happen to be right there on the cusp. They have to have the of the ability to get them because of their resume you know not only this year but what they've done in years past that has to be a critical part in some of these guys decision because we are human and we all play that Alabama deserves it because of their resume. What they've done. Term from time to time during this case and the committee members wolf sorry okay well let's. Let's say we don't know this team yes let's look at derived from re enact and a blog read about it. And see how we feel about these two or three things together in in a blind Reza my situation. Branding if she is just not a factor and and the that's another thing we emphasize in the committee room. Don't think about that it does not matter about the brand it's what have they done this season. It's pretty simple for the committee what have they done this cease. No I'd I'd look I think. I really address a lot of questions that are trying to ease the Arab or trying to get something out of your literally a really good job. A lot of us. Don't break somebody's tackles so we can appreciate that at least Billy has used to things let's go to Europe and you got Pryor gives candidates a periods or what what is the most compelling arguments. For and against expanding to 63 tapes. It's what I escape with people that say about that I straight why do you want church very. And generally they have to change first of all they sure it would be easier for the committee. And that's just not the case it wouldn't be any easier at all. The break between four and five would be this time as a bridge between 89 except in my opinion be more change that would you like they were good at number eight. I don't come down for Russia that really have only been a little bit looking car that wrecked our habits it's probably should've been AM. This TP war began in 1918 deal I can seeking 910 and eleven all making good cases so that that part that part doesn't hold any water. And the other part would be who would be detained in the term. We can conferences that they are on our board that manages the event. And how would you decide which conference is could have automatic works well Mattie Burke worked suffering person that in the BCS space. I would wanna go back and that's the beauty of what we have now is there are no automatic first. Of this compelling compelling on the four is. The regular season is so strong. I don't know why we were more much you have buy side by going to some larger OC internalized that that could take away some of the importance on the regular season. Last thing you've got a team out there like UCF right now unbeaten South Florida have a good season they're gonna square off and you know UCF might run the table we have these conversations in the past about about Houston and about Boise State soared and so forth. But some I I've had a different take on as maybe I don't know what your opinion is does the group of five minutes on oil. Won't do a very good question there are all our stuff off to a little long history of really good change spectacular on offense. But comparing the committee comparison they played against these symbols of a change Boyd. And it's not decide. Our group of five playoff wolf commissioners are so they don't want it. They've they've they wanna be in the NCP. The revenue came from CP is tremendous. And they just show they don't want it. A bill that would be my argument against that and just no real quickly maybe you give me Syrian side. The fact that we put ECF to start the season so low they never have a chance to get it and so why do we have. Have these polls come out. Out so early instead of saying you know what if there were number ten or number nine or number eight to start the season they're real legitimate chance they could get into that final four. Well I agree with your merely street Paul well we don't usually we only talk about how we do we think about that's why we don't start until a light week of the season. Those polls are fun for fans. For talk show vote before he got it they're meaningless as far as the committee's concern. Billiard good man's putting out of the questions we appreciate you buddy and thanks for its own. You guys are great we always have solid litigants there.