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My floor a pro football talk dot com and NBC a ball NFL media and we allowed to enter stuff to talk to combat and I know he's got strong opinion still. About the concussion protocol investigation of the banter say Mike what's going on brother you know hey how are you how I want doing all right man this us. Think about Norv Turner. If he is indeed the guy and I guess he's going to be here today whether it's an interview resort and hired is kind of conflicting yes. But north turns Cam Newton how does that strike you as the SE pairing. Well look. Norv Turner is one of the great offensive minds in football and Norv Turner is a guy who I believe we'll take what he has and make the most out of that and he would design an offense that is aimed at getting the most out of Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey and whoever else is going to be part of the offense Greg Olsen. Whatever receivers they have he will draw up an offense to get the most out of what they have so. I think it. That it it's something that should be encouraging prepared to chance but it's not all that much different than what Mike Shula was doing I remember interviewing runner her few years ago. When the offense was performing at a fairly high level and he said that Shula went back to. Auburn film. From. Mike Hsu up from Cam Newton rather and Mike Shula. Picks through things that Cam Newton did well and came up with the ideas that way that's what good coaching is finding what players. Who are available to you are good at doing and doing those things and figuring out what those players can't do not do those this. I guess my feet right there is a year talk people around football. There there there was a time where what Norv Turner did on offense you look it at a Dallas you look at San San Diego amazing offences. His last couple stints have not been great and he hasn't really had a quarterback. Like cam Agassi and Alex Smith for a year. But is he willing to embrace. You know using cam on designed runs in zone reaches I still silly you have to do that to get the most. Status came yeah I mean there's that constant tension between our they exposing him excessively and unnecessarily to injury. War. Are they getting you know what where where do you draw that balance where do you draw the line between saying we've got Superman let him fly verses. If you let him fly too much he's eventually gonna fly to a big mountain made out Kryptonite I mean that that's the challenge and and we saw that tension throughout the course of the year and they still haven't shorter issues. At the end of the season so. How do you how do you strategically use his skills his. Uncanny god given skills how do you use those to your advantage without putting him and unnecessary risk that's the case. Do you think the you know we had on Conroe or Sports Illustrated wrote articles saying that the tea he thinks of cancers of under achieved as good as a band that they've under achieved with KM. Do you feel like the Panthers have under achieved or is it on camera like how do you feel about that we got the most out of camp here. Look I don't know I don't know because. Met maybe this is just as good as it's going to be. Maybe this is the appropriate level of achievement maybe this is all the team is ever gonna do it it reminds me a lot of what's going on in green bag now they have a Super Bowl win from 2000 intent. But since then. They've under achieved it's easier to say they've under achieved because we know what they can do we know they're capable of winning a Super Bowl. With the Panthers maybe this is exactly where they're going to be and it's just going to be you're gonna be close to being good enough but you're never gonna actually. Finish the job and I wanna. Picking any old wounds but I did think a lot about the 2015 playoffs and just how bad the Broncos wore it really is a shock to the Broncos beat the Panthers really did like it. I believe you do and as you look at this it just get out of therapy Mike and in hindsight. You know it was with what patent pop gun arm Manning. I mean how in the world to the Panthers lose that game I know dude and have a belliard I'll go to displace Al go to start place when you how about the way that the Panthers beat. A team like Arizona that is way it was way more balance and way better. I would even argue Seattle minus battle and for how did they do that. That in destructive fashion you know life goes Wade Phillips Ruben game plan and Mike Shula now the ball comes back to Mike Shula was befuddled by the green dog blitzes and stuff so basically was fired two years to life and it. Let's get arguments I certainly here's an I didn't get Michael you'll. With all that's said and it's so rare that I'm right there I'm gonna I'm gonna continue to Wear groove in my back two years later I did pick the Broncos to win and I laid it out in exhaustive detail. And it was kinda close to laying out exactly how it. I now because you're going to a year because you told us a chance to monitor the truth and I piece of my T I don't ever told you this we were so cocky about that game. And we were literally talking about what to about what the preferred parade route in uptown Charlotte would be for the supreme. That eighty in this. Is that every year there's a sand base there's a team to get so caught up in that and I don't sense it this year. But you know that Dick insight and you know that nothing good comes from it. You know that you're just setting yourself up to make the heart breaking even worse than it otherwise would be but people can't help themselves. It's amazing here we couldn't that your humble slightly since that I would say Mike Florio's witnessed pro football talked. Dot com and NBC. The NBC Sports Radio show by the way it is Florio does every day you get the best of that seven and 9 AM here. On their stands a OK one other interesting and I got to ask you about the soap opera Al they're the alleged soap opera in New England. Armed but this concussion protocol investigation the NFL's looking into it I understand why they're looking into it the optics look bad. I tend to trust if Ron Rivera is willing to admit. That we told him in his headset to come over us and basically mile or sit down on the ground so granderson could have a few extra more passes. If there early to mid doing something deceit is deceitful like that I'm willing to take their story. Of BI injury you know and believe that do you think what what are your reactions kind of been strong do you think the Panthers violated something near what how do you feel. Out that well look I think the Panthers either didn't realize you didn't understand the consequences. Of telling you got to take a seat. And definitely a I don't wanna call it cheating 'cause I think everyone does it I think it's gamesmanship. It and it's gamesmanship that is very common take quarterback. Don't come to the sideline sit your butt down on the field so we give you back up a little more time to get ready. Now I don't know the fans at home of one of the game to get over with or be happy to know that that's actually what happens but it is what happens but now that they have changed the custom protocol. To have a provision that says basically if you stumbled the ground you're one of the locker room for concussion evaluation you don't have to factor that in. To your cost benefit analysis as to whether or not you're gonna had a quarterback fake it. Because the problem with lying to someone is this a chance they're gonna believe it. And why should the doctors why should the trainers why should be spotter. Who's watching everything that transpired why should that person be charged with thinking. All warm maybe he's faking it so is backup can get some more time to get ready. But think how ludicrous it is that that's the best argument the Panthers can come up with but that is their best play we were lying but we only now. Relishing but it might be really wasn't having cognitive issues. He we told him to sit down so we could buy more time for Derek Anderson and based on the article in the observer Vienna David essentially admitted that's what it was an. On sale may be is just the truth I mean I don't sounds different degree of lying would admit that some but yet but here's a thing. Once somebody says do you there'll liar once they declare do you who they are why are you gonna believe what they say next. That's gamesmanship Florida's where I view it that I know that still here's the problem it's a new world now and and you know I see all these stories about all the and a thoughtful of those in compulsion of violations this year and only two violations of the protocol. It's the ones that are in violation that are the most know a notorious and significant when we're sitting at home. And we know something's wrong. Right and like Russell Wilson the night that he went to the sideline and he got blown up in the job I Karlos Dansby and the referee said. Get your butt over there for concussion evaluation he ran back on zip everybody watching at home new. What was wrong the Tom savage play he's he's in the fence impostors they call where it looks like he's on the front end of the seizure yeah everybody who sought new. Meanwhile he's back in the game before they took him out. And and this thing with camp he got blown up he twister away from one saints defender he went face first into the chest of another. He had he had and add this I think where he squint one I Denise Quincy other I think which I am I supposed to be swimming so you think from the start he was fake that you I don't. Why doesn't get any and everything I think Pete I think is baloney FEV I think is a lie I think he was dazed I think he was rattled. I don't know that he had the fall to the ground. But I think he took a hit to the head that left him feeling dazed it went away clearly he was fine. Later but the talk is and here's here's the tension the NFL has deal with. Are we serious about protecting the players are we serious about erring on the side of player safety. Are we truly serious or is it just window dressing is it just stuff that we say. For the benefit of the parents the pundits and politicians who otherwise would be up or bots if we're not properly take care of the players. And I think in these moments we sought week one of the 2016 season. Big spot 25 million people watching sumo fifty rematch they didn't take him out for concussion evaluation. We've seen another playoff games I think in those big moments the NFL consciously or otherwise has decided. They'd rather have guys like me complaining about the absence of a proper concussion evaluation. Then all the people who would complain. If Cam Newton is removed from the field. Taken the locker room for ten to fifteen minutes of real time while the game continues. And Derek Anderson. Throws three interceptions in the saints have no chance for the painters have their chance to come back to beat the saints edges they're choosing that path. They'd rather they'd rather have the doughnut hole be people like us say. They should have aired on the side of caution like they claim that they do. Instead of having people say some doctor. Made a decision. The determine the outcome of the game because ultimately Cam Newton did have a concussion so we should have been available play I think they've made the choice strategically. That that's better for them your sake don't wanna be in a situation. Where their affecting the outcome of the game by keeping players from playing. I know in the sag and had to say this SATs import some dudes are literally blown their brains out right after their career because of damage that is done while there client. But I just look at this Gloria let them know the wording of that rule to Tom Sabbah general if you will write like you know if someone shows vertical instability. You have to be taken the locker room if you largely are ours if you sit down yourself and they're looking at your I would Q was it like. This is delisted unless. At least allege he wasn't when you bring in a drunk hey hey hey hey we didn't. Is that your plight is that your best like this so. There was no vertical instantly you know October that there still did not walk over and sit down he stumbled to the ground he put his head on the Mac I've watched this fifty times. Chris Simms and I fought about this the other day. Don't start down this rabbit hole with me glad he comes back right position that sets a bad position that is you seeing what you wanna see to defend the Panthers. I'm being objective job get no agenda one way or other I like the painters I like Ron Rivera but I also like truth and I also like. The NFL to be true to the policies and procedures of putting out there and I don't like people trying to have it both ways and that's what the Leach trying to do in these situations. And the Panthers put up this idea that they told him to sit down but why he didn't sit down he what he what he felt too is unique in that moment how is now. That moment as I was watching that game I said this guy's got a concussion. I didn't think he got poked in the guy he slipped. Now get his eyes were they not and help. Clear to us are in the 10:8 o'clock. Just standing yeah clear gunship oh OK I'm sure he had a rigorous concussion evaluation in the tent I've I'm sure he got. Something akin to how many fingers right thumb I'm showing you one right now by the mr. Sims but we tabled Chris Simms on the a lot of electricity they get prisons every Wednesday at 930 fine by me though. I liked it enough they he's got Chris Simms on Wednesday night. Now here's the. Here's the thing let's please not treat sports like we treat politics where we rally around whatever interpretation of facts. Supports how we want the facts to be let's be objective about what happened. Don't get so caught up and and do we really and maybe here's the truth. Maybe we don't care. About player health and safety is maybe if they don't care. We shouldn't care if they wanna play who we to stop Emery I know that mentality is out there and my problem is this. The NFL has a rule on the books and this is the rule that needs to be followed. And if you're not gonna follow the rules and if you know allow these exceptions to consume the rule thing get rid of the rules. Don't create a little there it is considering making people say I hate that and a fellow really cares about player opened safety and then whenever the rubber meets the road. You gonna accept whatever BS excuses given for letting the player avoid what should've been based upon their own rules and it appears what bothers me. The top savage thing was an embarrassment for NFL he was allowed back in the game. After he was in that sense imposter so they overreact and say anytime there's vertical instability you go to the locker room for concussion evaluation at his players a committee. What was it that was announced there and again I ask you to look at it objectively Mac and it isn't enough there I should trigger let's concussion evaluation their locker room. But did you think it's possible Florio that you listen I did it credit for this because you do care and I care about safety other arguments with stands numerous times that you've got to do these safety things even if it makes the game at. You know less physical you like it less because due whose lives are literally on the line. I just believe the panther story isn't it possible that you see these things and you are so on the NFL about how you do think they're hypocritical they don't take it seriously enough. And it's part of your passionate beliefs like I may Daschle would be the thing to pay answers you're right about that but for you I think you passion believe they NFL you're not doing this right. Well you know I look I feel like I'm always on guard to make sure that they are properly enforcing their rules but but I watch. Over and over again. And here's element I'll tell exactly what happened. Sunday night or I watched the game and the game men's and nobody's making a big deal about the some people's sense of things about our surrogate texts from people with other teams they say did you did well what when how why wasn't Camby and take a locker my thought if you. If you stumble to the ground is supposed to go locker room now. I went back and I watched it. Literally. Lip I I said fifty Euro. He wasn't fifty it was between seven and twelve. Thomas went back to watch applied to help the nightly segment explorer then to shut up and exaggerations for the sake of high hurdle. It's between seven and twelve times I'm sure anyone trigger unilaterally how many thank you Matt get somebody's fingers and show I believe gonna believe Exxon and and I I watched it. Real time IPR I mean before I came to the conclusion that something fishy was going on here. At and you know this whole idea of the Polk a year of are on even said it himself what do you I don't putt putt broke an odd but then again I have a by the summer like it was in the out it was the part of the helmets there we don't want us Obama senator let's jump into resides at Garcia has told me it happened to him all the time anyway. Have you watched. Cannes reaction he's quince with one eye Vinny sequence was the other I didn't senate even reaction when you get something in your pie is to butcher but that they he'll. Of your hand up against it and Robert I poked in the eye on lawyer Tebow since he was and not a city was can cost he was dazed. That's what happened I don't and everything after that is aimed at it getting us to talk about something else he loan says that we need to shut up right now and segment we even get to this and be ready I'll notice lives yeah that's why we need to shut up. Because we take a break. Take a break camp we'd like you have supply we ask you to. We have only. We have between seven and twelve sponsor page she boxers then I need to get a little bit more you know I look a little bit more you're right you're a bit more cabbage now that we don't get a status stats aren't Florida and you demand respect your opinion on it to you I don't know I. New York. Because you're looking out for safety I just think you're going lower and thus it listen. I it's enters this is the lawyer and made this this is this is we have to have a system overrules right. And if we're not gonna follow the rules that we change who doesn't drive you crazy about the rule book but we have the rule book and then they have the way the rules are forced and I said this to my purse of dean when duke guys. If this awaits enforced then change the rules let's make sure the rules mesh with the way the war that taste airport however worlds what we have. As a wherever he we have chaos which we have right now T don't try to enforce the rules of what to take a break I'm not familiar with any rural and it's somebody poked meaning I immediately the rules and. And you've got gathered at Florio we will talk genetics is rather hard there you go. I don't know if you enjoyed it a lot of people now wanna find Florio at his studio in west Virginian kill them all asked Dorsey about to see played game and what do you think of that cam knew. Situation catching the ball where you need to catches who does that for us if you watch and again most you don't want to put. Who is able to catch the ball where they need to catch it almost every time.