Top 5 Mac Attack Moments 6/4-6/8

Zack "Preppy" McGee
June 08, 2018 - 10:56 am

This week was our annual Mac Attack Theme Week. During our theme week we take each day to focus on a specific local school and have guests recall their best times at their school. Thanks to T-Bone we had great guests stop by such as Mack Brown, Dan Reeves, Jim Grobe, and even the ole ball coach, Steve Spurrier. One of those made this week’s Top 5 Moments, so scroll down to find out which!

5.) Best Athlete Without A Championship

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 NHL Championships. Alexander Ovechkin got his first Championship. This happening brought us to the topic in all of Sports as to which athletes would help their legacy the most by having a Championship. Being a Pitt fan, I immediately thought of a guy that really deserves it, Larry Fitzgerald. Mac and T-Bone of course threw in Panther players such as Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly, and there is no denying that a Super Bowl would help their legacies tremendously. Other names mentioned were Chris Paul, Philip Rivers, Mike Trout, and Carmelo Anthony.

4.) Vinnie Iyer QB Ranking List  

This topic has to be the one Mac got most enraged about all week. Sporting News Writer Vinnie Iyer made a list ranking NFL QB’s from #1 to #32. He had Cam Newton as the 19th rated QB in the NFL. 19th. That has to be some sort of joke. What could be even more ridiculous is who Iyer has in front of Cam. Just to name a few, he had Tyrod Taylor, DeShaun Watson, and Jameis Winston all ranked ahead of Cam. I am personally a fan of the Buffalo Bills and there is no way Tyrod and Cam should ever even be compared, let alone someone say Tyrod is better. Ludicrous.

Here is the entire list:

3.) Mac Triggered About LeBron On Bench Video

This was another topic that made Mac go crazy. A few days after Game 1, there was a video released where LeBron James asks Cavs Coach Tryon Lue is they had any timeouts when JR Smith messed everything up, and Lue said they had one remaining.  LeBron then slumped in his chair and put his hands over his head, which made Mac go crazy. Mac thinks LeBron should have been more of a leader in that situation, but how could you when that had just happened? I more blame LeBron for not showing up in Overtime, and the Cavs now being down 3-0.

2.)  Preppy Panther Quiz

This did not go as well as I thought. Mac loves to give me a hard time because he doesn’t believe I am a Panthers fan, so he decided to come up with 10 Panthers Quiz questions. I was really excited for this, because I thought my Panther knowledge was definitely up to par. Well it was not. I only answered 4 out of the 10 questions correctly, and now Mac has more ammunition to fire at me for my Panthers fandom.

If you missed this, here is the Audio:

1.) Steve Spurrier Recalls His Duke Days

This moment had all of us laughing so hard we almost cried. The Ole Ball Coach Steve Spurrier joined the show on Duke day, to discuss his memorable moments as the Blue Devils Coach. Coach was telling us stories about embarrassing UNC 41-0, taking pictures in front of the scoreboard and plenty of others. Coach Spurrier always seems to be in a good mood, and it really showed in the Interview. I would love to explain more, but listen below to have a laugh for yourself.

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