Top 5 Mac Attack Moments 6/25-6/29

Zack "Preppy" McGee
June 29, 2018 - 10:48 am

This week was full of ups and downs on the Mac Attack. The week started with T-Bone on probation for Gonging our boss, and finished with Jerry Richardson being fined by the NFL. Check out which hilarious moment came in #1.

5.) Tyler Hilinski Death Related to CTE

The situation surrounding Tyler Hilinski was very sad and brought up a lot of questions. Hilinski was a backup Quarterback at Washington State that committed suicide on January 16th. It is now being reported that Hilinski had a brain of a 65 year old due to CTE from playing Football. This brought up the question that everyone has been asking since CTE became a thing, which is “Would you let your child play Football?” Mac discusses why he would rather not have his kid play Football, and callers discussed why CTE can come from various sources.  

4.) T-Bone on Probation

This topic really made everyone laugh. Last Friday, T-Bone gonged the boss Tony the Hitman and it caused an uproar as to whether T-Bone would keep his job or not. After his meeting with Tony and HR, it was determined that T-Bone was able to stay with the station under a few conditions. For 2 days the conditions were that he wasn’t allowed to use the Gong, he could not rant on listeners, and he had to be nicer to Mac & I off the air. This was hilarious because T-Bone used a Zap instead of a Gong to get people off the air.

3.) Preppy Panther Quiz 2.0 

This topic has me feeling a bit ashamed. Mac loves to rag on me because I like to make a Cam Newton joke from time to time, so he wanted to prove to everyone that I am not a true Panthers fan. In this quiz, I went head to head with a caller and if the caller beat me, then they won concert tickets. Unfortunately, every caller besides one beat me. Not my proudest moment. If you missed the Preppy Panther Quiz 2.0, check out the link below.

Preppy Panther Quiz:

2.)  Jerry Richardson Fined by the NFL

This story was just on Friday, but took up almost the entire show. Jerry Richardson was fined $2.75 Million by the NFL, which is the most the NFL has ever sued a franchise. The reason this was such an interesting topic because it is the final thing involving Jerry Richardson and the Panthers. Callers discussed with Mac why they want Jerry’s statue taken down, as well as some that said he made a mistake but they are still on his side because he brought an NFL Franchise to Charlotte. I don’t know how anyone could still be on his side, but there were a lot of people that still were.

To hear any of this discussion, follow this link.

1.) Mac’s Man Card

This moment had to be the funniest of the week. Mac told everyone this week how at the McClain household, Mac’s Wife does most of the Grilling and Driving. This caused our text and phone line to go absolutely insane. Mac was being called every name in the book. It is pretty pathetic if I must say so myself. I am 20 years younger than Mac, and I am capable of doing both of those things easily. Mac kept pointing to the fact that he almost burnt the house down trying to cook Bacon, and has been in a bunch of fender benders, so that’s the reasoning behind this. Come on Mac. Be better.

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